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    1.9 GTX Automatic, with 11 months MOT. Looks like it might be a few shades of red, judging by the indoor photos and 2 bottles of t-cut in the back seat. Still a lovely thing


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    Cor, look at this BMW 2000.

    Underground car park treasure, last taxed in 1994.
    Starting bid isn’t outrageous at £1500.
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    Nothing better than reading a good book on a nice evening. 100% pleased that we moved out of the city - even if the pandemic may leave my recent purchase significantly devalued.

    May have to build some sort of raised decking area so I get a better view than just a mound in the back field.

    Decided that the MGB needs to come back out tomorrow. 
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    Anyway, since I'm not getting my 75 this weekend, I decided to try out this new spray wax I got from eBay on the Audi. It's not like it's not already had a polish and 2 coats of sealant! 
    It's good stuff though, you need to buff it off somewhat with a second microfibre.

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    It'll be going back to the same mot tester, it's the same place I take all of my cars and had previously mentioned to him the Chevette was hanging. Looking at the bigger picture, he has done me a favour by giving me a comprehensive list of stuff to work through and the end result will be a better and safer car. I feel like I'm having to constantly defend the tester from people saying he's an arsehole for failing it and I should have taken the car elsewhere. It was fucked, no mot tester would have passed it. 
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    OK, found a few more hidden in the dark recesses of my hard drive.

    Iveco 75E15 Eurocargo. I was surprised to be offered this as I'd only bid £500 on it and got comprehensively outbid, but a couple of weeks later I had a second chance offer through and thought that at that price it was too good to pass up. It was an interesting contrast to the Roadrunner - the build quality was abysmal and the gearbox was rather unpleasant, but it was even faster than the Leyland and handled far better.

    Mk1 Espace. Bought for £80 out of a local scrappy. I never really did much with it (had several issues with the rest of the fleet at around that time and didn't have time for it) and eventually sold it on to a chap who drove it all the way back to Cambridge.


    Two more pics of the Simca van, showing the front suspension issue - it's not as obvious on the other pic as the front wing is resting on the OSF tyre so the ride height hasn't dropped as much as it might.

    A better pic of the Vauxhall Ten.


    Two more pics of the early 99 - this was before I polished it so the paint is dull, but gives a better view of the car as a whole.

    This was a fun thing - a Saab 99 GL with a 9000 Turbo engine and 5-speed box shoehorned in. It also had PAS and central locking, which 99s never got from the factory. It was a proper sleeper, but the home-made brackets for mounting some of the ancillaries left a lot to be desired so it ate fanbelts at a rate of knots.


    My second Hunter on the back of the Daily recovery truck. This was a 1968 car which I bought from somewhere in Essex - had great fun racing (and beating) a chavved-up Clio away from several sets of traffic lights. I love Hunters - they're just such a useable car.

    My first Hunter, a 1976 Topaz. Lovely car this was - it had overdrive which made it a brilliant long-distance car. Paid £50 for it with MoT and a genuine 75K on the clock - possibly the bargain of my car-buying life. It ended up as a victim of the scrappage scheme.

    The interior of the Maserati - thought this was worth posting. Clock is missing in this pic for some reason, but I did have it.

    Another Rover 825D - facelift model this time.

    Honda CB400A - that's A for automatic. Very odd machine.
    And finally (for now) - four more pics of the Toyota 1000 estate.




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    My second QX. This was a 3-litre and went rather better than the other one. Sold it to a mate, who wrote it off in a 60mph head-on with a Transit van.

    Toyota Enema. I was actually quite impressed with this, other than the fuel consumption. It was quicker than I thought it would be - why do these always seem to be driven everywhere at 40mph? Actually, see my comment above re fuel consumption. This one would do the ton though, and it was 4 wheel drive.

    Marea 2.4 JTD. The fastest diesel I have ever driven, and the best sounding too.

    Hyundai Coupe. Another surprisingly pleasant car to drive. Bargain too at £150, although the rear arches were rather scabby.

    Rover 3500 auto. Should probably have kept this a bit longer, but just couldn't afford to run it at the time.

    Honda CBR600. This was quite an early one and wasn't actually that nice to ride, so I sold it and bought a Suzuki GS500 instead.

    The 21 Turbo at Marham. This was an epically fast car but needed a lot of work to get it roadworthy again. Should probably still have kept it though.

    Subaru Justy - my current daily. Bought for £71 having failed the MoT on four tyres, a missing sidelight and a burst brake pipe. I had four tyres to go on so just had to pay to get them swapped over and balanced. £7.99 for a roll of brake pipe and £3.18 for two trailer sidelights and it went straight through a test. It was GR16 in the OMGSNOKAOS as well.

    Merc 190E manual. Bought cheap, didn't particularly like it, sold on cheap.
    And that is pretty much the contents of my Photobucket account, at least the photos that would be of any interest on here - I've left out the boring modern crap that I've owned. I'm sure I've got more photos of cars somewhere (the Mk1 Espace is one that springs to mind) but I'm not sure where they are. If they were on my phone I'm screwed as I lost that on the way home from France after Christmas.
    Anyway, hope you enjoyed my moment of self-indulgence. I know I did - I've been sat here doing this for four hours now.
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    Scirocco. This was a 1.8 auto, but surprisingly good to drive despite that.

    Colt. This was a 1.5 auto, pleasant enough to drive but hopelessly thirsty (22mpg). It was also quite rusty. It got nicked about two days before the MoT ran out - it would only have got weighed in anyway.

    Carlton 2.6i CDX. I bought this needing a few jobs doing to get it useable. Did said jobs, then sold it on to Garycox of this parish. It eventually failed its MoT on rust - seems to be a bit of a theme with Carltons...

    My faithful old diesel Espace - paid £185 for this with loads of tax, used it as a daily / van / motorbike transporter etc. for several months and it never missed a beat. Heater didn't work though, which was a pain.

    The CZ180, bought off a mate of Spottedlaurel's. This is actually surprisingly good to ride.

    Dodge 50 camper. I bought this from Cardiff. Cardiff is a long way from Norwich when you're in a Dodge 50.
    Appear to have missed a few off an earlier page, so here they are now:

    Transit 2.0 twin cam. Scruffy as hell but bloody quick - the only large van I've ever owned that would do the ton.

    Rover 825D. 2.5 litres of VM powah. Brilliant tow car, used it to tow home...

    My second Sud. This was a 5M and was a bit of a bargain, as the seller had listed it in the normal cars section of eBay rather than Classics, and had also forgotten to mention that it was still MoT'd for three months. It was a lovely little thing to drive, very nippy for a 1.2, although it did need the clutch bleeding every few weeks.
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    Humber Hawk. This was a lovely old thing, and I wish I'd kept it and forked out for the necessary work. It was a 4-speed column shift manual with overdrive, which meant that 75mph was about 3000rpm, so it was an amazingly relaxed motorway cruiser for a 50-year-old car, and it wasn't overly thirsty either for what it was. Didn't handle though.

    406 1.9 TD. Not particularly fast, but utterly reliable (cost me £1.49 in maintenance in 7 months). Was a bargain as was advertised on the Bay as a non-runner but the seller got it running again shortly before the end of the listing - appears most people didn't look further than the big red "THIS CAR IS A NON-RUNNER" to see the small black "the car now runs fine" at the bottom of the page. So £155 with plenty of T&T, and a thoroughly pleasant car to drive as well, as long as one wasn't in a hurry.

    My first QX. This was a 2-litre V6 auto, and its bark was very much worse than its bite.

    Saab 9000. This was a 2.3 full pressure turbo which had been mildly tweaked, and went like hell despite its 270K miles. Didn't cope with Marham too well though - handling wasn't that great.

    Dolomite 1850, fitted with a Sprint engine. Was very solid but I never could get it running right, and the clutch was on the way out too so I sold it on to a chap from RR.

    Another Fourtrak - this one was a 2-litre petrol.

    The Austin Ten - bought this as a non-runner, did the head gasket and got it running reasonably smoothly again, but it was never 100% right. It was also rather unpleasant to drive (not that I went very far in it) so I sold it.

    Talbot Alpine Minx. Another car I probably should have kept, and would have if I'd had more space available at the time. Really very nice to drive, comfortable, quick and handled well, and the best headlights of any '80s car I've owned.

    Toyota Townace. Drove this back from Sheffield in the OMGSNOKAOS at the end of 2009. It was 4-wheel-drive so brilliant in the snow, went OK for what it was and didn't overheat. It was also very easy to drive. I'd have another of these.

    104. Drove this back from near Oxford on New Year's Eve 2009. It drove fine apart from a binding NSF brake, and I used it as a daily for a few weeks, but then it started to become a royal PITA, with one thing after another going wrong. Not unexpected really from a car which had stood for several years, but still annoying. Once I got it running properly again I sold it to a RR-er.
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    300ZX. This had some issues (note the angle of the rear wheel) but was bloody quick. I'll have another one one day, although I'll try to go for a manual next time.

    Rover 620 SLDi. This was actually a surprisingly good car. Quite quick for a diesel too.

    Astra TD. I paid £150 for this with loads of T&T. It was a low-blow GM engine but managed better than I'd expected, and did 60mpg.

    Rover 3500 auto. Made the mistake of picking this up in the dark and wet and couldn't be arsed to check it over before handing over the cash - turned out the sills were mostly made of underseal. A mate welded it all up for me but then it lost reverse gear. Eventually sold to a German chap.

    Honda Accord. This was a top-of-the-range 2-litre 16 valve job with all the toys (aircon, cruise control, four electric windows, ABS, electric sunroof etc) and being a Honda they all worked. It was bloody fast too (0-60 in 8.2 sec according to the Autocar road test of the time) and enormous fun at Marham. Unfortunately it developed major ABS issues which were going to preclude it getting an MoT without serious expenditure, so I sold it to another chap who was going to use it for track days. I often think I should have kept this one though - I'm sure I could have shoehorned it in somewhere.

    Magentis. This was a 2.5 V6 with a 4-speed tiptronic 'box, and was a seriously impressive car - comfy, well equipped (even if the interior plastics were a bit tacky), handled superbly and was bloody fast - to the point of giving an Impreza WRX a hard time down my favourite local B-road. If a manual one of these came up at the right money I'd go for it.

    Slightly later Colt. This was a 1.5 manual and was a pleasant enough thing, but didn't have the character of the older car.

    Galant. This was lovely to drive but had the usual gearbox whine. I'd have another one of these though, preferably a V6.

    The Yiben Warrior. This is a 125 and I actually used it to buzz to work and back on for a couple of months. It's now stood up with a broken throttle cable.

    A trio of shite - Citroën CX Pallas, Morris Minor and Rover 2600. The 2600 was local, the CX came from London and the Minor I drove home from Buckinghamshire (losing most of the exhaust just north of Cambridge). I bought all three of these the same weekend.
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    This was my second Marea. It was a 155HLX with the 2-litre 20v 5-pot - went like shit off a shovel and sounded gorgeous.

    Renault 5 GTL. This was hopelessly overgeared for its 1.1-litre engine, but it was in good nick and drove nicely enough - was my daily for about three months, doing the 30-mile round trip to work without a hitch.

    Saab 900 T16S. I still own this car, although the head gasket has recently gone.

    Cresta rally car. Another one I should probably have kept, although its prodigious thirst and lack of a heater (I bought it in November) didn't help. It went like the clappers though. I'd have another PB in a flash, although I'd probably go for a standard one.

    Skoda 130LSE. This was a one-old-biddy-from-new car which my mate was offered and he passed it on to me knowing I like these things. It was a lot slower than the 120 though, and I eventually sold it to a chap who came down from Scotland and drove it home.

    Subaru Legacy. This was only a 2-litre GL, but acquitted itself remarkably well at Marham.

    Toyota MR2. Brilliant little car - I loved this thing.

    Innocenti. Those of you who were at Stondon in September will have seen this in the metal (what little there is of it).

    9000 Carlsson. This was by far the best handling 9000 I've ever owned. It was a bit down on power though unfortunately, although still pretty quick.

    Colt. This really was a gorgeous little car. Paid £250 for it with a year's test, drove it back from Sussex in the snow and used it as my daily for months. It wasn't particularly economical, being a 1.4 auto, but it was nippy enough, drove beautifully and had a great heater.
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    Iveco Turbo Daily camper van. This was an automatic, so wonderfully easy to drive, but it suffered from only being a 3-speed - the ratios were like 2nd, 3rd and 4th on a manual Daily, so it was sluggish off the line and ran out of revs at 63, but went like the clappers in between. Sold it when I moved house as I decided my new neighbours probably wouldn't appreciate something that size parked outside my house.

    Another BOGOF photo - my Patrol (2.8-litre petrol) towing (just about...) a JU250 van which I'd just collected from York. Patrol got written off by a mate whom I'd lent it to; JU250 proved very useful in taking stuff to the dump in preparation for the move, and turned some heads at the council tip.

    Here's the JU van on its own.

    Skoda Estelle 120L Jubilee. Currently sat on my driveway. I've owned this for four years now.

    Omega GLS V6 manual. GR8 4 drifting. It's parked at the top of the hill as the starter motor was borked.

    BMC ambulance with 2 litre Perkins Prima. This snapped its propshaft on the A52 just outside Derby when the underslung spare wheel carrier collapsed and dropped the wheel onto the prop at 50mph. This locked up the rear wheels, which was interesting in a '60s van with no PAS or seatbelts and loads of play in the steering. It also severed the brake pipes and the handbrake cable, and cracked the bellhousing. We dragged it off the dual carriageway with my Trooper and the AA towed it home.

    My second X1/9. This had been sat in a garage for years but soon fired up and I had great fun whizzing around in it for a few days before selling it to a mate. Cortina was owned by said mate - it was a 2 litre manual, and bloody quick.

    Giulietta. Trailered this home from somewhere in Notts, soon got it running and driving, and it was surprisingly solid too. GR8, thinks I, this one's looking like a keeper. Except it got stolen.

    This was fun. 3.5-tonne Saviem tipper trailered back from Gloucestershire behind my Trooper. The weight did for one of the tyres on the trailer after a few miles; I'd already used the spare when another tyre blew while towing the Giulietta the previous day, so I had to call the AA who took it to a garage to have two new tyres fitted (at great expense). The recovery driver ended up pulling the trailer, with Saviem still on it, up onto the back of his tilt'n'slide Renault Midlum. The ensemble leaned amusingly round roundabouts. Once the tyres had been replaced I towed it the rest of the way home without issue though. It was surprisingly nice to drive - quite nippy being a 2.6 petrol, handled well and rode surprisingly well too due to coil springs all round.

    Cinquecento. I paid £80 for this with 6 months' test and used it as a daily for quite a while.
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    Volvo 460 Turbo. This car pretty much defined the term "sleeper". It went like hell - my 900 T16S struggled to keep up with it.

    Renault 5 auto. This was actually pretty well shagged - the steering rack had dangerous amounts of play (and auto racks are pretty much unobtainable), the electrics were all over the shop, it was a bugger to start from cold and guzzled petrol like it was going out of fashion, and everything just felt worn out despite the lowish mileage. When the gearbox computer failed for the second time and locked the thing in third gear it was the final straw, and I'm sorry to say it got weighed in.

    My second ADO16. I drove this back from Hull one February night, and was freezing my bits off the whole way home as it had no heater. Imagine my consternation the next day when I discovered that it was just the cable that had snapped and pulling the heater valve under the bonnet resulted in a lovely flow of warm air. Great little car though.

    My second Metrocab. This was a manual, and far better to drive than the first one (not that that's saying much...)

    Renner Twelve. Bought this off Torsten. Was thoroughly impressed by how nice it was to drive - a lot like the 304, but a lot quicker.

    Toyota Celsior. This remains the best-equipped car I've ever owned (auto headlights, height-adjustable air suspension, electric massaging rear seats, separate stereo in rear centre armrest), and unusually for a Celsior it all worked. I sold this to gtvsaviour off Retro Rides, because I bought...

    Cadillac STS. I loved this car - it was so tacky it was brilliant. Northstar V8 was absolutely epic, and amazingly it coped with 300bhp through the front wheels with little apparent difficulty. Cornering wasn't its strong point though. But it did have this interior.


    Built-in minidisc player.

    Mazda MX3. This broke down three times on the way home from Maidstone, but was great fun to drive when it was working, and sounded lovely being a 1.8 V6.
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    My first 166. I went all the way to Cardiff for this, but it was the cheapest one I'd seen for sale at that time. It was a 2.0 TS and the variator was noisy, but it drove fine for a big car with a relatively small engine.

    Renault 9 Turbo. I bought this on the same day as the 166 above. I kept it for a while and then sold it to a mate - I don't like to talk about what he did with it.


    Early 900 Turbo, with the wrong back lights and an amusingly blue interior. I kept this for quite a while, sold it during the big house move - I think it went to Ireland. It only had a four-speed box, with a massive gap between third and fourth, so high-speed overtaking was interesting.

    The 304 - I bought this from Reading, with a little assistance from R.Welfare of this parish who picked me up from the station. It was a lovely thing to drive, and I used it as my daily for a while, even giving Spottedlaurel a lift to the Ace Café and back in it. Heater was pants though. The Justy next to it was also mine - brilliant to drive, but rotten as a pear.

    2-litre Pinto-engined Transit - this was bloody quick, but suffered from fuel starvation issues.

    Rover 214 Si.

    Mazda 323 auto. This was a sweet little car, had a blown head gasket but still ran and drove OK. It got vandalised though when some drunken twat decided to jump on the roof, and I sold it to Utterpiffle / The_Scrapman, who was going to drop the body onto a modified MX5 floorpan.

    Renault 9 Boston. This was a surprisingly pleasant car to drive.

    My baby. This was one of the few cars that I decided from the moment I first saw it on the Bay that I was going to own it no matter what, and nothing - not even a bidding war with Pog - was going to stop me. I probably paid too much for it - it appeared fairly solid, but on closer inspection a lot of the repairs had been done with metal of a similar gauge to tin foil, and the repair to the NSR trailing arm mount soon failed - but I don't regret a penny. It drove back from Kent when I bought it, and made it up to the bubble car museum at Newark and back without missing a beat. It still starts every time, even after sitting in the garage for a couple of months. I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago after Bo11ox posted the Gazoline article and gave it a good going over, which involved removing various bits of trim and used the best part of a bottle of Kurust. But that wasn't unexpected...
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    Bargain XJ40 - £320 if memory serves.

    2.6 petrol Shogun - this was amusing in the wet.

    My first ADO16 - this was bought off a professional John Cleese lookalike, and had a wire rigged up under the dash linked to a shotgun cartridge under the bonnet so it could be made to "backfire" at will.

    Carlton auto estate, bought off a certain Viva-loving shiter. Lovely-looking old car, drove nicely too.

    Volvo 245. This was a 2.1i auto, in wonderfully battle-scarred condition. This was destined for the Dungeon, but unfortunately got nicked at the height of the scrap price silliness.

    Hillman Minx. I drove this back from Melksham, in the pouring rain, with no wipers. Turned out the entire wiper linkage was seized to buggery, so I swapped it after a week or so for...

    Cavalier 1.6L. This was great fun - I'll definitely have another Mk1 Cav one day, hopefully a 2 litre GL.

    Mazda 323 Turbo. I think I paid £150 for this - it was barely running when I got it and was advertised as losing water, but a change of plugs and a new distributor cap (the one on there was all furred up) had it purring, and a bottle of Radweld cured the water loss. Unfortunately it suffered from overboosting, which would suddenly and quite brutally cut the fuelling. After exhausting my (extremely limited) knowledge trying to sort the problem, I eventually gave up and sold it.

    Mazda 121. I bought this on the same day as the 323 above. I loved this car - it was my daily for ages. Went like hell - would sit at the ton quite happily, and saw off a variety of 3 series and A4s in traffic light grands prix. I only sold it when I moved house - it was out of T&T by then and needed some work, and I didn't have space for it.

    Mk3 Zephyr. I could never get this bloody thing to run right - I sold it to a mate in the end.
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    Ford LTD wagon. This allegedly had a 6.6-litre V8, but was no quicker than a 1.3 Escort. Still a good laugh to drive though, and would seat 10 at a pinch.

    XM estate. This was my second XM. Don't really remember much about it, so it must have been OK.

    Master van. I bought this after selling the slidey-door LDV 400 - it felt like a dragster after that, although it was slow compared to a modern van. It was also the least manoeuvrable van I've ever owned - I sold it after getting completely stuck trying to turn round at the end of a narrow cul-de-sac.

    Triumph 1300 FWD. I bought this from Dover, and it drove home a treat. Lovely little car - would definitely have another.

    Two for the price of one - this is my old diesel Fourtrak (non-turbo, no PAS) towing a Sigma estate. The Sigma was bought from Doncaster and was advertised as being solid, but it soon transpired that much of the underside was being held together by the underseal. I paid far too much for it, sold it to Mr_Bo11ox for half what it owed me, but I think it proved too rusty for even his shite-fixing skillz. It did drive OK though.


    Looks OK from a distance, doesn't it?

    The Rayton, as seen in the eBay Bargains thread.

    My beloved 164. I've owned this for 7 1/2 years now, although it's been off the road for the last three years due solely to bone-idleness on my part. I got as far as fitting a new fuel pump last week, so it's on the button again now, but it needs new brakes all round and welding on the driver's side sill. I need to get the Skoda off the driveway really and bring the Volvo home - it's far more likely to get fixed here than at my garage 15 miles away.
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    Princess. This was a 2200HL manual, lovely to drive, but needed more work for a test than I was prepared to shell out for at the time, so got sold on.

    This was my second A40. This one had a 1275cc Midget engine fitted and went like poo off a spade. This photo was taken after I'd sold it - it didn't have the number on the side during my ownership.

    Vanden Plas 1500 auto. I actually owned this twice - I originally bought it for £70 at a classic car auction, it was MoT'd and running but in a bit of a state. I kept it for a year or so then gave it to a mate who did it up, and I eventually had it back off him. Hopelessly slow, but very comfortable and handled far better than I'd expected.

    Triumph 2000 auto. I drove this back from Kent, but the engine started knocking soon after I bought it, so I sold it on.

    1938 Vauxhall Ten. This was in the spares section on the Bay so I got it for £400. It'd been off the road since 1968 (one previous owner from new!) but actually didn't take much to get it up and running, although the water pump was leaking and the wipers were seized solid. Drove quite nicely for a '30s car. Eventually sold to someone in Germany.

    Honda Spacy. I loved this bike - used it to go to work on until the clutch disintegrated.

    Renault Novaquatre. Another one I should have kept. I paid £1000 for this, which was a bargain for an up'n'running vintage car. Drove beautifully too - had a 2.4-litre sidevalve engine which wasn't hugely powerful but had loads of torque, and the car would cruise at 60 quite happily. Handled amazingly well for something on beam axles too, with a comfortable ride and a good turning circle. Unfortunately it had a water leak that I wasn't aware of and I cooked it. Thinking that I'd never be able to get bits for it I sold it on - I later found out that the same engine was fitted to the Prairie / Colorale (of which Mr. Bickle owns one) well into the '50s, and there are still plenty of those languishing in French scrapyards. Oh well.

    Subaru MV pickup. I loved this truck, but it got pikey'd.

    Volvo 940 TD estate. I bought this for the specific purpose of driving down to the south of France and picking up a load of stuff from my parents' place, including my old Mobylette and their Mirror dinghy. It managed it faultlessly.

    Saab 99. This was one of the first four-door 99s into the country, and was used by Motor magazine for their road test. It had been stood for years when I bought it; it ran OK but the braking system needed a full rebuild, and bits were made of unobtainium (completely different to later 99s) so I eventually sold it.
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    Series III Sovereign. This was actually a really nice car, dodgy bonnet hinge notwithstanding. 4.2 auto so a bit thirsty, but surprisingly quick.

    FB Victor. Amazingly this was actually completely rot free, but it had a column gear change that I could never get to work properly, so I eventually got frustrated and sold it. Turned out there was a bush missing in the linkage.

    Saab 900 Turbo auto. Bit of an epic journey to collect this one - it was in Thoralby (N. Yorks, near the Cumbrian border) and the first time I went up with a van'n'trailer the van did a driveshaft just north of Ripon, and I had to drive home, sans Saab, at 35mph. I then had to borrow a car and go back the following weekend to pick it up. So it ended up owing me far more than it was worth. Was basically a sound car though, and had a delightful red velour interior.

    Toyota Hiace camper. I bought this from Bicester and drove it home. It hadn't moved from the bloke's driveway in two years and the clutch was slipping like an arse - at one point I could take my foot off the throttle in second gear and the revs would just drop to idle. Negotiating Luton was fun. Then it started raining and the nut holding the driver's side wiper arm came loose, so I had to look out the passenger side to see where I was going. Then it got dark and I found I had no dipped beams. It still made it back to Norwich under its own power though - Japanese engineering FTW.

    Ford Taurus. This was a 3.0 V6 and went bloody well - handled surprisingly nicely too. Had a pimptastic bright red velour interior.

    Iveco Daily recovery truck. Bought for £300 with loads of test - seller had put it in the wrong section on eBay, and it also needed Easistart to start from cold. I put it back on eBay after a couple of months as it was attracting too much pikey interest - made the mistake of listing it with the starting problem, then going out and buying new glow plugs for it which made it start on the button, so the buyer got a bit of a bargain. I still made a profit though.

    Commer Walkthrough burger van. I swapped this for a Volvo 480. It was a great old bus, with a Perkins 4.236 that started on the button. Only did about 48mph flat out and was impossibly noisy, but would pull a house down and could also be slung round corners surprisingly well. I sold it to a chap from Cornwall, who came up on the train, arrived in Norwich at 1.45am, jumped in and headed for home - 400 miles at 48mph with a 4.236 hammering away next to his left knee, braver man than me.

    OMG RWD OSF. This was a 1.6 Ghia - OSF tax was already on its way up when I bought this, but for some reason this particular car seems to have missed out, as I paid £350 for it with plenty of T&T. Had been mildly tuned and fitted with a 1600GT gearbox and went like the clappers, until it melted a piston at 100mph on the A47 - still kept up with traffic even running on three though. Another one I should have kept and fixed.

    Freight Rover 350 recovery truck. This had a 2.5 Land Rover diesel and was painfully slow, but was useful for shifting cars around locally. Eventually sold to some neighbours of Pog's.

    This slightly boring-looking Renault 21 was actually an ultra-rare Quadra, complete with 12-valve 2-litre engine, rear diff lock and ridiculously low gearing. Cornered like it was on rails, as you would expect.
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    100E Prefect. This would have been quite pleasant to drive if it had had a proper gearbox - it handled well enough and made a lovely noise.

    D Series recovery truck. This was a proper heap, but still great fun to drive, at anything above walking pace at least (no PAS).


    Pair of Frogeye Scorpios. The estate was a 24v Cosworth, the saloon was a VM-engined TD. Both a complete PITA with electrical gremlins, and the diesel had a leaky heater matrix too.

    Rascal van. This was great fun, and possibly the most terrifying way to do 70mph that I've ever experienced.

    635CSi. This wasn't as good as it looked, and I lost a lot of money on it. Snapped its propshaft two days after I bought it, racing a Punto GT away from the lights. Great to drive while it lasted though.

    My first Alfasud, a 1.5 Ti. I drove this back from Sheffield, and used it as my daily for a while - never gave me any trouble, and went like the clappers too. Eventually sold it when the MoT ran out and it needed lots of welding in awkward places to pass.

    CX GTI Turbo. I loved this car - it really was quite incongruously fast for something with only 165bhp.

    Toyota 1000 estate. This is one I really should have kept. Great little thing to drive around town, if hopelessly low-geared on the open road.

    Merc 230TE. Bought out of the Freeads for £150 with long MoT, this was a better car than I was expecting - was my first W124, but probably won't be my last.
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    Last night I was searching through my Photobucket account to try and find pictures of my old Rayton, and in the process I spent a happy half hour reminiscing about some of the gems I've owned over the years. I thought some on here might appreciate pictures of some of them - I haven't got photos of anything like all the cars I've owned (didn't get a digital camera till 2003, and even then I only took pics of cars when I was selling them, and I didn't always keep the pics), but below are some of the more interesting ones I do have, in roughly chronological order.
    I'm not sure how many pics you can fit in one post, so I'm going to do ten per post.

    Jetta 1.5 GLS auto. Bought before the heady days of OMG DUB SCENE TAX YO, I purchased this tidy two-owner 70k-mile car from Sheffield for £250 with a year's test. It was a lovely thing to drive - I used it as my daily for some time.

    Citroën CX 25RI Familiale. This was my third CX, and I used it as my tow car for several months.

    Merc 230E. Bought from a mate and sold two days before Christmas 2006 to two blokes whose car had died and who needed it to get home.

    Saab 99. This one wasn't particularly interesting, but it was cheap.

    HA Viva. I loved this car - it had had a 1256cc Chevette engine fitted and went like the clappers. Was my daily for ages. Bought for £175 BIN off the Bay, the bloke delivered it from Yorkshire for an extra £75 as he needed it out the way. Needed a bit of work for its test, but nothing excessive, and was solid as a rock.

    Hyundai S Coupe. Bought purely because it was dirt cheap, this was actually a surprisingly pleasant car.

    Dolomite 1850 auto. The autobox ruined it, but it drove nicely apart from that. Paid £100 for it - no T&T though.

    Maserati Biturbo - I bought this on a bit of a whim. It was up in Leeds, and I trailered it home despite it being T&T'd. Not the most reliable car I've ever owned, but good fun when it was working properly, if a little hairy at times - RWD, twin turbos, no PAS and a wood-rim steering wheel are not always an ideal combination. Sold it to some bloke in Germany in the end.

    LDV 400. Bought purely because it was the first 400 I'd seen for sale with slidey doors. It was painfully slow though, so I sold it after a couple of months.

    My first Metrocab. It had just had an expensive gearbox rebuild, but whoever rebuilt it didn't put enough ATF in it, so it was on its way out again by the time I bought it.
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    To go with the big stupid Toyota Supra. Which decided to drop one of its repeater lenses on a road somewhere.. after randomly losing its nose badge at 70mph.. which are £100 used. Fucksake.
    ANYWAY, this is about another big stupid dumb white car with terrible MPG because I sure do love buying four hundred gallons of petrol at a time.
    I put my Range Rover L322 Supercharged on eBay because I fucking hate the thing and its millions of computers that throw a fit if the battery drops below a perfect voltage. Got very little in the way of interest, I had it priced correctly but no one is buying expensive RR's right now.
    Then some random bloke in Leeds messaged me with "you wouldn't happen to fancy a swap for a Cadillac would you?".
    So, messaging happened, time arranged and off to Wetherby services I go as it's roughly a half way point and easy to get to, with plenty of parking since most of its services are closed. Met the bloke, we both liked each others vehicles so the V5's were filled out and we both went on our merry way in the swapped vehicles.
    THEN the Cadillac overheated, when it had driven there flawlessly.
    THEN he called me and told me the RR was throwing up gearbox faults, when it had driven there flawlessly.
    THEN the services I was cooling down at (half way home) with its lovely quiet car park suddenly had four police interceptors in it boxing in a druggie VW Golf. Right next to me. I did not take pictures, I did not think the angry looking officers would appreciate it... and the caddy was on another persons insurance temporarily so I didn't want them looking too closely at me anyway.
    THEN I got home, the radiator pin-holed and the rad cap failed. Explains the overheating at least. It's not a Northstar engine thank God so the HG's in this are pretty bullet proof. It's the 4.9L version of the wonderfully named "Cadillac High Technology Engine".
    So I left the gorgeous, hateful, wonderful, spiteful fucking thing in the workshop to be looked at another day. Will need a new radiator, may as well do the pump and thermostat and flush the tits off it too since the current coolant mix is 50/50 tap water/sand.
    Oh I should probably tell you what it is.
    It's a 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood, import so LHD, came from Florida and is pretty much rust free. Guy had young kids so it needs a deep clean, everything is sticky and disgusting.
    I only have the pics he sent me as I'm a lazy bastard and didn't take any of my own. I probably should at some point.
    My head tells me I need to sell it and recoup the money that was unwisely spent on the RR it replaced. But my heart tells me to keep it held in a death-grip and hiss like a xenomorph at anyone who tells me to sell it.

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    Found a pic of my old one.

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    I know i posted about this on the News 24 thread but i thought i'd start it's own thread, just because.
    I've known the car for a few years as it's owner and his wife took it to all the local car shows and came to our East Coast Retros car meet every month without fail, sadly his lovely wife passed away in January and the owner couldn't bear driving it anymore so did what all grieving widows do and put it up for sale and bought a immaculate 1975 Jaguar XJ6L. This was where i got involved, it got posted onto my FB group for a good price, Mrs Trigger saw it and declared her love for it and i don't need much persuasion to buy a car!.

    The purchase was a bit odd, normally i wouldn't have gone under current circumstances but it was a good price and wasn't far away so i took the risk, i put a mask on, kept my distance and did all the payment via online banking and even did the V5 online, it was quite easy really, to save anymore risk though a friend who does car recoverys offered to collect it for me and swap it with my Marina and take that to a farm near my dads so that i didn't have to drive it.   

    It's very pretty! Mrs Trigger is over the moon with it too so that's extra brownie points!

    There's lots of little jobs to do, someone was excitable with the wood screws so I've got some stainless ones on order.

    There's a bit of rust here and there

    and the wings dented.

    But all in all it's very tidy for the money i paid, there's not a lot of old history with it but I do know it was a A reg once until it lost it's plate around 2003 time, the same time as it was involved in a  accident and became a donor car for Danny Hopkins in PC magazine but it was deemed too nice to break, someone did spend a lot of money on it back in 2007 though!.

    I've already started a few little jobs, the wipers have been swapped for original old stock chrome ones i had with new rubbers to replace the modern plastic ones with the ugly black clips.
    Front number plate straightened and a few bulbs replaced.

    and some stickers removed.

    I do plan on getting the wheels repainted, I'm thinking cream with the chrome caps although they need replacing too, underseal the underside, the steering is very wandery, not sure if that's the box or bushes yet and i definitely need to fit some front and rear seat belts but we both love it so car, Mrs T drove it today for the first time now it's insured and took to the 3 on the tree gearbox straight away which was good as it was her first time with that kind of box.
    I took it up the lane around the back for some photos with my nice camera.

    So there you go, and before anyone else asks, I still haven't decided on the headlight lips!
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