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  1. The controversial Sandero I had earlier in the year was a pretty decent car, much better than I expected. It had only been a taxi for 2 years, but the owner managed to pop about 70k on it in that time and it still drove very well. The only complaint I had about it was someone had previously smoked in it on a regular basis, which was a surprise for a taxi, but a very thorough clean later and it was as right as rain. I'd definitely buy another taxi again if the price was right, but have now got into an ex-police car to see how shit they are in comparison.
  2. I'm still good for tomorrow, but will need to nip off by 13:00, as I've now got to go in to do a late shift due to the number of people off at work. I will probably be there by 11:00 if it's going ahead for tomorrow, but if numbers are looking too low, next Saturday would also work here.
  3. Just bumping this up to see if anyone has any particular date they'd be up for this as we're in October?
  4. That was an absolute bargain and looks much better than any sub £200 I've seen for a while; great work on snapping it up. Like you I haven't been a fan of them in the past, but they've aged very well and now look much more interesting than most things on the road. Reckon that's the perfect first car for your lad to learn in and tool around in for several years afterwards. Cheap to insure, tax and drive about in, and should last forever, can't think of a better car as an introduction to driving.
  5. A shame that it was initially relegated to the modern car park, but at least you were able to get it onto the show field, where it belonged, later on in the day. These have disappeared very quickly, especially the pre-facelift ones, so it was nice to see one again. Unfortunately didn't get to speak to you in person, but very pleased to have seen it (not that you'd be able to miss it in such a bright and undeniably 90s colour.)
  6. It was very nice and looked like it was in pretty decent condition. It's brilliant to know the backstory about this. Great work in saving it from being scrapped.
  7. Traffic issues aside, it was a pretty good show. Lots of good cars and it was great to catch up with a lot of people there. The day started with myself and £95 Peugeot meeting with quite a few others off here and convoying from the truck stop down to the Castle. I was behind Kiltox's Eco Astra for a while in the traffic, until we got to the main driveway leading up to the Castle. I switched the engine off and I managed to drain the battery of the Orion by listening to the radio when we were stuck for another 20 minutes. After getting it pushed out of the way, the chap who had the Mondeo V6 in the concourse gave me a jump start and I managed to get to the parking area without anymore issues. There were simply too many good cars to photograph there, but there are a number of highlights for me. First one was this Fiat Argenta which was parked directly behind me With a Montego and Renault 9 parked on either side of the same row Further down the field, an Avenger, Solara, early Mondeo, Proton and Mk2 Escort were all parked next to each other With a base spec, Astra steering-wheeled, Mk3 Cavalier a few cars away, strangely with a 1.6 engine and auto gearbox With an equally appearing Mk2 Cavalier further down Along with some interesting far eastern offerings from the 90s A 212k 127 Late Maestro van Pair of lovely Renaults and a 504 104 that I followed back towards the A1 The Sapporo left fairly early but was very nice to see Alfasud E34 525iX estate 320's extremely grim, but also strangely appealing, Toledo Wartburg police car Trio of early Espaces
  8. Thanks, got it earlier this year and have to say it's brilliant. Bottom of the range with a beige on brown interior, so should fit the show perfectly.
  9. Cheers, really appreciate the offer. No response yet, but we will hopefully see over the next few days...
  10. Unfortunately not, didn't refresh fast enough and missed out. Still will be messaging the seller, in case the highest bidder doesn't follow through.
  11. I should really avoid this thread.
  12. That's a shame. I always liked seeing that around Ipswich. I doubt it will happen, but it would be nice if he was able to carry on with it.
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