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  1. I think V50s are great. We have just bought our second. I put 35k on a 2005 2 litre diesel a couple of years ago and we have now got a 2009 1.8 petrol. For me they are a useful size, have a nice interior, are reliable, fairly easy to work on and pretty nice to drive. What's not to like? The only pain in the neck for routine maintenance is a pollen filter change. You'll know what I mean after you have done it for the first time.....
  2. Captain 70s, perhaps you could also consider a v40 or s40 from around 2000? Quite a lot around in your price range and pretty OK to work on. Bits are available and not bad to drive.
  3. These seem good but I think I remember reading something about the gearboxes of the petrol engined models. I thought that the oil seals leaked, emptying the lubricant and leading to problems. Maybe check it?
  4. Am I right in thinking that Lotus used the same door handles in the Esprit?
  5. During the 1990s I had a Cavalier CD, so it had lots of toys fitted. I couldn't work out why there were still so many switch blanks.
  6. Six-cylinder, If you are prepared to go for a 90s car, what about an Audi 80 B4? These are starting to be seen as a bit of a "classic in the making" now and the 5 and 6 cylinder ones are a nice drive.
  7. I have been cycling for a few years and have accumulated some spares. If you let me know what you are short of I will help if I can. I would second the comment about avoiding rucksack with any real weight in.
  8. Niffleman


    I know it is wrong but I have always liked these. Never owned one though.
  9. I had one four years ago. It had 156k on when I bought it and it was a 2 litre turbo petrol. It was absolutely solid as a rock in terms of trim, bodywork, paint, electrics etc. However, watch out for suspension knocks. They are heavy front wheel drive cars and they need a regular suspension refresh. Also, whe you test drive listen for a whistle sound which increases when the brakes are operated. The brake servo can leak and it is difficult to change on a RID model. In addition, it is a Volvo only part and so pretty expensive, about 250 to 300 pounds as I recall.
  10. May I choose a Lynx Eventer in dark blue with a manual gearbox? I think they make about £85k. I would also need a team to look after it.
  11. Top buying skills. I think these V40s are excellent. I have had two, a diesel and a petrol, although the petrol was the 2 litre. The cup holder problem can be easily solved. The first one I had did not have cup holders by the handbrake but they were an option. If you go on ebay and keep looking a cup holder handbrake surround will come up. Then you simply undo a few screws and change them over. Have a look at ebay item number 323250024614.
  12. I am definitely in the minority here but I hated the one we had. It was a 5 door 1.6 zetec on a 51 plate and it was noisy, the seats were uncomfortable, I hated the interior, I hated the ride and handling, the gearbox could be obstructive, the radio broke and the build quality seemed pretty so-so. We replaced it with a Volvo S60 which I liked much more. I know that amongst keen drivers these mk 1 Focus zetecs are considered to be really sweet cars and people rave about the handling. Not for me though..........Ironically enough I am back in a Focus now as we have a Volvo V50 estate, which I
  13. My younger brother works for JLR, and doesn't drive one. He tells me that some of the problems in design engineering are caused by: 1) An obsession with weight saving which is unhealthy. They are given unbelievably tight weight targets for all new designs and that is a key driver in decision making. 2) Very tight time restrictions for the launch of new vehicles which can mean that unsuitable designs from previous products are recycled into new applications. 3) Surprisingly frequent changes in first tier partner suppliers and a relationship which is not always as mutually helpful as it should
  14. Dad's crash repair garage had one of those Felicia's as a hack in about 2005. They "modified" the tray to take a larger capacity battery and it could not be killed, despite extensive abuse. It was dead basic; wind up windows, no central locking but it was 100% reliable in all situations. They loved it.
  15. A well sorted S60 is a lovely thing and can calm you in a way I have not come across in other cars. I ran an 2000 S60 2.0T petrol as my first Volvo and have stuck with the brand since, albeit with estates. The turning circle is too large and the there is too little space inside, given their size on the outside, but the build quality is the best I have seen on a mainstream car and they wear miles fabulously as a result. I will get another one eventually but the newer models leave me cold; too aerodynamic and flimsy looking to my eyes. I am very envious of yours as it looks like the perfect
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