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  1. Fun but terrifying. Especially when it ran out of mph overtaking a coach with a truck coming towards me on the A143. Happy days.
  2. Numbers 13, 28 and 42 for both please, although quite what I'd do with either I don't know...
  3. Lives on as the Metroline/Westbus wedding/funeral/bar mitzvah private hire Routemaster. Usually parked up at Holloway garage, provides a nice place for a couple of hours sleep on a spreadover.
  4. E17 is my patch. I'm out of the country atm but could get round there next Tuesday or Wednesday if you've not run them to ground by then.
  5. Mr S Davies would be me. Got carried away in all the excitement.
  6. I'll take two if I may. The missus is still in a strop with me for turning up in the ex-Station Merc so I've got nothing (much) to lose.
  7. It'll be tomorrow according to the wife. Could you let me know where to go once I reach Chester?
  8. Nice one. I'll check train times/prices when I get home and get back to you.
  9. I could collect ideally Tuesday or Wednesday at a push if that's good for you? Otherwise I'm in to the middle of next month with a strange shift pattern and family commitments... Email smd13(replace this bit with an @)gmx.com or message me for my mobile number.
  10. I'd like to buy this if it's still available. I'm not a Nigerian Prince (sadly).
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