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  1. Could have been. I get the feeling the car was driven around by family members other than the person on the V5
  2. Does alan gold browse autoshite? I look at his flickr page from time to time. I'll send you a PM about the ramp as I do want to have a look at this rust
  3. Update : Someone took a picture of my car while I was parking it in the Henderson Sreet area of leith today. in other news the gearbox oil leak is slightly worse than I thought.. slightly concerned it's all going through the speedo cable and I won't have any gearbox oil left lol but for now its still driving. Going to take labrats advice when I can get a proper look at the car which i just haven't had time yet. In the meantime I ordered a copy of the haynes book of dreams which I hope will arrive in the next few days.
  4. This sounds like it could be the problem. Speedo seems to bounce around at 20mph as well.. So either its been "fixed" at some point and theres still the smell hanging around from when it leaked.. or it's still leaking.. hmm. Weather has been terrible I'll try getting a better look at things when I can get out and have a look around the car properly.
  5. Is it near the sea haha you could look over the garage and 100m down the road all you see is the sea. I've been recommended a welder so I'll look into that as I don't even have the garage, space or equipment to even if I wanted to start learning.
  6. Just have to be quick. missed out on a very cheap berlingo van with a years mot that went within about an hour of advertised I have a script setup that will refresh gumtree for cheap shit in a 50mile+ radius on my second monitor and glance it at from time to time, seen this thing pop up at some daft hour. When I do sell it i'll give you first look at it.
  7. From the paperwork they keep putting 10/40 Semi in it, while I only have 10/40 full. I guess I should use semi when doing an oil change to avoid more oil leaks.. On the same sheet it just says "CHECK TIMING BELT HISTORY" and the battery and pads have been done after that date, 2015. Just not sure if the belt was as well.
  8. Yup. It's the crappy 1.6. I'm not sure what the deal is other than they leak oil a bit... which this is doing slightly... are they prone to HGF? I thought it was a chain for some reason as well but no, its just a belt? I can't see any timing belt change done in its life from the paperwork but I suppose I can phone the garage tomorrow and ask if they've ever done it..
  9. I found this on gumtree just before christmas (I think) in the Aberdour area of fife. Sold on behalf of an old lady who has had to very reluctantly gave up her driving. I believe she was the original owner of the car and she was still on the V5C. I was the first one to look at it and I checked the previous night before I went to view and had found out on CarTakeBack that car had already been valued for scrap by the seller... the site gave me a warning the car had already been valued at a certain postcode - so I put the sellers postcode in and there it was. Part of the sellers email was visible for me to see with the price he was quoted. (A good tip to anyone looking at a car btw) He was asking for a lot more than £81. Judging by the posts on here the car is only worth about £300 in good condition at most. He was asking more than that. I thought fair enough. I'll have a look anyway as it's not far away from me and I'll have all my expectations dropped to the floor. Seller picked me up from Aberdour train station. Very friendly and gave me a tour of the local train station as it was an award winning station... I have to say it looks very nice a little kept garden and stuff. So that was all good... but then wondering if he doesn't want me to see this car haha. After the tour he took me to the owners garage where the car looks like it's spent all of it's 21 years in. First impressions seems good other than the tape. I'll need to have a look under that tape asap. By the looks of the paperwork it hinted about this and the seller seemed to think the tape was so it could pass the MOT without the sharp edges fail. I did agree that was probably that might be why the tape was on it but wasn't sure. Car itself has done about 37,300 miles. Registered in March 1999. One of the first T plates. So I eventually told the seller is this why you got valued it for scrap because of the rust? and he gave me a brief poker face look then telling me he wanted to check the lowest price he could get for it so he could work out what to put it on gumtree or something incase someone discovered a major fault he hadn't seen and had to lower the price. Which after he seen all the rust under the tape we agreed on £100 and I would probably drive it around a bit and scrap it myself when the MOT ran out in February. Done about 200 miles or so driving in it and lots of recent paperwork showing it has been serviced with some big bills to show and it did seem to drive quite good (with a very high clutch mind) So I decided to put it in for an early MOT to see what comes up (with the arches taped back up again) So I'm about £150 into this so far and the Skoda now has a fresh MOT until January next year but there is work that needs to be done.. but i'm not sure how much I would need to spend to get it all fixed up and more importantly is it worth it? I'll run down all the issues from most important and I'll see what you guys think. Worn old lady driver clutch? - it's very high and sometimes something makes a squealing sound when you take off from 2nd gear. I suspect its on the way out, Rear aches need replacement I don't think they can be saved. Advice on where to find any cheap panels to put on it? The garage that did the MOT can't find the parts for it and advised that it might be able to be bodged up but I would rather do a proper job of it if possible. It also is stinking of what is gearbox oil. (I thought it was a fuel leak or something) the garage that has had it for years and years says its "always been like that" so I suppose its leaked somewhere at some point in its life and now its just stinking the car up. Let me know what you think and I'll take any advice. thanks. Some more pics : You need this stone to turn the radio on.. and guess what dash lights that are out and may or may not have been working correctly at the time of the MOT test* *something else to add to my list of stuff to fix
  10. I can only imagine the embarrassment and shame when ur MOT tester tells you that the tax has ran out. 😂
  11. If you do a dvla vehicle information check online I've noticed it gives you slightly more information than before? (Or maybe it's always been and I've never noticed) There's a revenue weight category and the last V5C issued date which is useful to see how long someone has had the car for.. Is this a new thing they've added? I can't remember seeing it before...
  12. Problem with the FM transmitter versions that never get mentioned is if you are traveling through a lot of cities, doing a lot of miles.. then you will probably end up clashing with a local TX near or on your set frequency which will cause interference..
  13. I'm able to borrow trade plates. I'll try this. I assume it gets mot'd as normal with the cars reg etc? Sent from my FS8010 using Tapatalk
  14. And in another lidl car park... I was told by a passerby "the owner is as old as the car"
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