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  1. seen this just sitting outside Arnold Clark out of all places..
  2. The old rover p4 100 hasn't moved I guess since its the weekend. However the range rover has..
  3. Sure send a PM please and I'll maybe take it around there for a quote for some work that needs done anyway. (non-bodywork related)
  4. Does he do bodywork repair?
  5. Yeah. Gordon street. Filled with dodgy backstreet garages that look like you just turn up with some money rolled up and hand it over to fix your shitter, which sounds good to me as my skoda has been in a collision recently.. the big L plates give a hint it wasn't me driving at the time
  6. It's been repainted since Alan took a Pic of it in 2018
  7. I feel like these pictures I took just now are worthy of news 24 seeing this led me down this street to find..
  8. Welcome to autoshite street. An ignis thats probably going to fail its MOT in march and never be seen again. 1987 SAAB 900 1983 bm 525... took 3 months to fix all the problems on its last MOT all randomly parked on the same street. how about that.
  9. It has had a new reg plate on the front as well for some reason. alan took a pic of it in 2016.
  10. T plate Wednesday wtf is a mazda demio MOT history is v.clean for age
  11. Going to keep an eye on this page and see what comes up since I need some random bits. The skoda pictured has had a hard life by the looks of it. 10. yes TEN owners rip. I'll see if a petrol model and same type as mine pops up. The script should warn me and send me an email if the word "Yesterday" (since upull it only has limited search options) appears in the Felicia search and i'll jump into action!
  12. Tyre drama seems like they won't send them out cos I used an ebay discount code lol whatever m8 Are these any good? I'd rather have the rainexpert since 99% of the time its pissing down in scotland but I feel a bit miffed about the discount code thing.. so I don't want to buy them even if they are still cheap. in other (better) news I got my oil! £7.94 for 5L of oil.. nice I had some left over full synthetic but I decided to get this cos it was cheap and less chance of there being more leaks cos its used semi synthetic all its life . Need to get a replacement fog front bulb now and whatever else I need to fix this running too cool problem.
  13. What are your plans for the chevette you are currently restoring if you buy that one?
  14. He likes the Chevette. I followed him in it when I went to his garage place to get a look at my shit skoda. smoki'n 😂😂 or as the MOT man would say
  15. It's a continuous and worrying trend that's going on now. Started with London and Edinburgh was supposed to follow but we ended up getting the trams instead. Governments way of getting rid of old perfectly good cars without doing another scrapage scheme.. Shitters banned from : London, Birmingham From 2022-24 onwards : Glasgow Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen (proposals) The list will grow in the next few years as local councils find a new way to make money..
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