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  1. 2007 don’t use it much if I’m honest Will do. Im enjoying the camping stuff BTW, I kinda reminds me of our camping adventures good and bad lol. FYI our honeymoon was camping in a frame tent in Cornwall travelling down in a diesel early C15 van! we got attacked by snails if I remember rightly! No pun intended. The XUD didn’t miss a beat but did use some oil but at nearly 200k it was excused.
  2. Ian, if your ever back Cambridgeshire way my Monza you drove it for CCW, a low HP TDI T4 van (so hubnut) and a eGolf to compliment The MG EV review are all available for review. james.
  3. As a follower of this thread and the AMC Renault from early on I wish you well getting everything back to somewhere near normality Phil. James.
  4. They are still a very nice place to be, can’t wait to get my Monza back on the road, sadly I don’t use mine anywhere near enough.
  5. Nothing more frightening than doing 75 on the interstate in a centre lane and have a big rig either side of you passing at breakneck speed. The box trailers have no chassis or under run protection let alone mudguards, Europe has a lot more safety precautions then a the states.
  6. Seeing as I drive a beige Amarok pickup I guess in 79 it would have been one of these puppies.
  7. My favourite thread on here. Fantastic work. When we visit the states Velocity channel now Motor Trend is my channel of choice, to my wife’s disgust especially All Girl Garage. Lol. Car maintenance seems to be much more a hobbyist pastime over there than the uk.
  8. I just use my plain white T4 transporter for general waste to the tip. I’m a sparky and usually go in work apparel if they say anything I ask if the rubbish is electrical which it isn’t and they let me tip. Took about 1/4 tonne of ferrous metal last week as I couldn’t be bothered with the faff at EMR or the risk of a puncture. I do have a carriers liecence too.
  9. Of course it will make flames it probably puts more fuel into the exhaust than it uses to move. I had a friend (RIP) with a Pontiac collection over here and they all made your eyes water on tickover. Well the pre emmissions ones anyway.
  10. Local to me is a rental company who specialise in renting bangers to Recently arrived USAF personnel. Hondas and rovers are favourite, this is before some of the Servicemen’s own inappropriate USA domestic market chod is flown in to have the lights europeanised and hog the roads.
  11. I made a purchase just before Christmas nice bit of kit. Just need this bloody weather to get better. Feel sure it was the right way up when I took the picture!
  12. Lotta love for Monzas here.
  13. Hero, as we know all Vauxhall’s are brilliant!
  14. Hero, as we know all Vauxhall’s are brilliant!
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