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  1. I basically just removed all the bits that make a discovery better on road than a defender ?. I keep it motd but I mainly use mine off road. Converted airbags to coils, removed ACE and both anti roll bars, abs pump removed and brakes repiped, SLABS ecu removed, TC and hill descent disabled. When off road I manually operate the diff lock. Probably not the route you'd want to take if your using it as a road car but as I say I mainly use mine off road and it works well for me.
  2. The early Td5 discos didn't have manual diff lock lever (gearbox internals were present) and relied on electronics to operate diff lock. If the lock was manually engaged it threw up abs tc fault lights. Can be bypassed using a later SLABS ecu which disables abs tc with diff lock engaged. I initially ran mine with the faults with diff locked but have since removed all the electronics to run a set up like early disco / defender which causes less issues.
  3. Nice Discovery. I've got one also that im in middle of fitting the same lift kit to. Had few problems with rusted bolts. Both of my rear shock top bolts snapped which was fun but got everything I need to reassemble it tomorrow. Yours should have the locking centre diff on it at that age I'd assume?
  4. Yeah I've got 2 also that's why this one is for sale. Advertised currently at £4000. It is. Registered as Defender same year that Discovery was launched. It wasn't. Originally fitted with a 2.5TD engine it was retrofitted with its current 200tdi Disco engine.
  5. You don't want another early defender 110 to keep it company do you? Full MoT. Or I'm at least giving you the opportunity to finally say no ?
  6. The modular socket sets all contain 6 sided sockets if anyone specifically wants them in preference to the 12 sided ones. Maybe work out little bit more expensive I'd imagine. Like others on here I've got various sets of halfords pro/advanced tools which get heavy use and hold up really well to be fair. Any items that I have broken, couple of sockets and a ratchet, have been replaced without an issue. Good value, capable tools with lifetime guarantee can't be argued with.
  7. Hi. Regards your starting issues it could well be the ignition switch or battery charge as already suggested but couple things that spring to mind from experience on these cars for non starting are the braided earth from gear box to passenger side chassis leg. They can look good but provide really poor connection. There's also another earth at the wiper motor under the scuttle that can cause non starting issues. Dont worry about fuel pump / injection etc until you know you have reliable electrics.
  8. You're not wrong there. I bought a driver's side rear quarter off them for the same price I bought a full CD spec mk2 a few months later. Still, they've not quite reached the prices of ford parts from same era.
  9. If you're feeling flush these guys are a great source of genuine new GM parts. https://www.copeparts.nl/en/shop/ascona-c-en/sub,3/gid,11
  10. Great to see you making progress on this old girl. Re the pictures of the boot floor and the signs of rust on driver's side. This is directly above the chassis leg and upper spring mount - you can see the 2 lines of parallel spot welds in boot floor. Have a good look at the chassis leg and mount as its a very common rust area and replacement panels have not been readily available for a few years but they can be formed out of sheet steel if necessary. Wings should be easy enough to find on eBay. I've recently got rid of most of my spares but I've a few odds and ends if you're short of anyth
  11. Yeah I wouldn’t auction that for 99p either. Do as above with a best offer option and then post a link into a few Facebook pages. I doubt it’s a common conversion but folk used to cut floor pans out calibras and graft them into astras etc so you never know. I can share to a few pages I’m a member of once it’s listed. My old mk2 actually went to a potential new home today. Lad in the owners club crashed his last week so I’ve given him a loan of mine for a bit until he finds out what’s happening with his.
  12. Scruffy Bodger. It had a full repair panel riveted and fibre glassed over the arches and had continued to rust underneath it. I realised how bad it was but I was after some spares for another calibra and this had what I needed.
  13. I bought this one to break about 18 months ago and it was completely rotten. I initially thought it was lowered at the rear but the chassis legs had actually rotted through then collapsed under weight of the car. That was one really bad car and it actually had valid mot certificate.
  14. I offered an indicator switch to the new owner of this car. I’m sure I’ll have a suitable wiper switch too if it turns out to be at fault.
  15. You’re welcome. It will be one less part for me to rehome.
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