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    HarmonicCheeseburger got a reaction from Tamworthbay in The grumpy thread   
    No consequence for being an anti social selfish cunt.   
    Add minimal help or understanding for those with mental disabilities from Joe public & yobbos.
    Finally add in panic and fear, and you get a boiling pot.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger got a reaction from paulplom in The grumpy thread   
    No consequence for being an anti social selfish cunt.   
    Add minimal help or understanding for those with mental disabilities from Joe public & yobbos.
    Finally add in panic and fear, and you get a boiling pot.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to Eyersey1234 in The new news 24 thread   
    National Express are cutting services right back from Tuesday as a result of coronavirus, so I'm temporarily transferring back to local bus to help out. 
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to Flashband in The grumpy thread   
    In a previous iteration I was a support worker for peeps with learning difficulties 
    One of the more able ones once rocked up to shared house with a new cycle from Halfords complete with rigid forks backwards, non functioning rear brake and no batteries in front or rear lights.
    More than a little incensed I rounded up the troops into the mini bus we had, threw the bike in the back and returned to Halfords.
    The staff were adamant someone had fucked with the bike and weren't keen to do much about it.
    To the manager I  pointed out the chaos which his store had descended into. Two were playing a version of pooh stick with bicycle tyres in the isles, a lad with adhd was running around the store with his arms held out making engine noises having a whale of a time, another lad obsessive with prices was in the process of taking every single item to the till for a price check.
    To the manager I said quietly, the longer you fuck me about the longer this lot destroy your store.
    Told me to come back in a hour when all would be sorted and would chuck in accessories as well.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to Cavcraft in The grumpy thread   
    Every day there seems to be a new kick in the bollocks from somewhere. Is it possible to have a break in life now and then?
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to Skut in Dumped cars in your area   
    Some abandoned student transport outside a halls of residence.

    They certainly got their moneys worth out of the front tyres. 

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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to TheDoctor in The Doctor's travels through time - Chapter 2 - XUD Turbo inside   
    ... Bosch fuel pump? 

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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to loserone in The Doctor's travels through time - Chapter 2 - XUD Turbo inside   
    If there ever any doubt as to @TheDoctor's autoshite hero status, I suggest that list should put some wingebags in their boxes.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to TheDoctor in The Doctor's travels through time - Chapter 2 - XUD Turbo inside   
    Anyone wondered what 113 cars I've owned? No? Well here they are anyway, straight from the Excel file I have them stored in.
    Reg Make  Model Engine Body Colour C Austin Metro 1000 Hatchback Beige F155AYD Austin Metro 1300 Hatchback Black F Austin Metro 1000 Hatchback Red F Austin Metro 1000 Hatchback Red M818MHX BMW 320i 2000 Coupe Green D Chevrolet Celebrity 2800 Estate Gold G Citroen AX 1100 Hatchback Blue K176XHP Citroen AX 1100 Hatchback Green R Citroen Xantia 1900 Hatchback White 2017 plate Dacia Logan MCV 900 Estate Black WJ05VCL Daewoo Matiz 1000 Hatchback Yellow Y374MNM Daewoo Tacuma 1800 Estate Silver X744VHK Daihatsu Cuoure 1000 Hatchback Silver T418FAP Daihatsu Move 850 Hatchback Red R73VNO Daihatsu Move 850 Hatchback Silver L Daihatsu Sportrack 1600 Hatchback Green H495REX Fiat Panda 903 Hatchback Black M Fiat Panda 1000 Hatchback Blue H502DRT Fiat Panda 903 Hatchback Red D Fiat Panda 1000 Hatchback White F577VEV Fiat  Tipo 1400 Hatchback Black NML722X Ford Escort 1300 Hatchback Blue M Ford Escort 1400 Hatchback Green R Ford Escort 1600 Hatchback Red R448FHK Ford Fiesta 1300 Hatchback Blue H Ford Fiesta 1100 Hatchback Blue W278UCE Ford Fiesta 1300 Hatchback Red F50SNO Ford Fiesta 1100 Hatchback Red R770FEX Ford Galaxy 2000 Estate Red K Ford Sierra 1800 Saloon Blue K365UFJ Ford Sierra 1600 Saloon Blue SB52NSZ Honda Civic 1400 Hatchback Silver A307VEP Honda Jazz 1300 Hatchback Silver H Hyundai Scoupe 1500 Coupe Red J Hyundai X2 Pony 1500 Saloon Red M816FVK Hyundai X2 Pony 1300 Saloon Silver E128XUG Lada 1200s 1200 Saloon Grey K Lada Riva 1500 Estate Beige P352GON Lada Riva 1500 Saloon Red H197GFH Lada Riva 1300 Saloon Red G124XMH Lada Riva 1300 Estate Red K927CGS Lada Samara 1500 Hatchback Beige G Lada Samara 1300 Hatchback Beige F186LMX Mazda 121 1300 Hatchback Red F759EEW Mazda 323 1500 Hatchback Red B317CJN Mazda 929 2000 Estate Grey K814SKL Mazda 323F 1600 Hatchback Red H Mazda 323F 1600 Hatchback White H Mercedes 190E 1800 Saloon White B413RPR Mercedes 230E 2300 Saloon Blue L388FOB Mercedes E220 2200 Saloon Black RY07RMU Mini Cooper 1600 Hatchback White D Mitsubishi Legnum 1900 Estate Green W118JTY Nissan Almera 1500 Hatchback Silver E Nissan Bluebird 1900 Hatchback Green F352SRD Nissan Bluebird 1800 Hatchback Silver H702VCA Nissan Micra 1000 Hatchback White J29BGP Nissan Prairie 2000 Estate Blue D Nissan Sunny 1400 Hatchback Grey G480SFG Nissan Sunny 1400 Hatchback Grey D520CLL Nissan  Prairie 1800 Estate Green AE54SVP Perodua Kelisa 989 Hatchback Silver W946ULK Perodua Nippa 850 Hatchback Pink   Perodua Nippa 850 Hatchback Pink   Perodua Nippa 850 Hatchback Purple F354KKJ Peugeot 205 1100 Hatchback Red   Peugeot 206 1400 Hatchback Grey OV02UGO Peugeot 306 1800 Cabriolet Red P428NLU Peugeot 406 1800 Saloon Green H299NPU Proton Saga 1300 Hatchback Silver N236EYA Renault Clio 1200 Hatchback Blue   Renault Grand Scenic 2000 Estate Red R517NLJ Renault Megane 1600 Hatchback Red   Renault Scenic 1900 Estate Grey H Rover 416 1600 Saloon Red M624FRG Rover 218D 1900 Hatchback Green/Black L353XPM Rover 416 Gsi 1600 Saloon Blue  L565TAP Rover 416 Si 1600 Saloon White K353XPM Rover 416SLi 1600 Saloon Silver WX14YJK Seat Ibiza 1200 Hatchback Black G908XBM Seat Marbella 900 Hatchback Black   Skoda Felicia 1600 Estate Blue   Skoda Felicia 1300 Hatchback Green D306ANR Suzuki Alto 700 Hatchback Red Y Suzuki Liana 1600 Estate Silver   Suzuki Swift 1000 Hatchback Blue T463JPV Suzuki Wagon R 1000 Hatchback Silver Y615RNV Suzuki Wagon R+ 1300 Hatchback Silver ******V Talbot Avenger 1600 Saloon Red OBC512W Talbot Horizon 1100 Hatchback Beige J88KLL Toyota Corolla 1600 Liftback Green A241OTT Triumph Acclaim 1300 Saloon Gold NG03SVR Vauxhall Astra 1600 Hatchback Blue D578LFX Vauxhall Astra 1300 Estate Blue 2005 Plate Vauxhall Astra 1700 Hatchback Silver H Vauxhall Astra 1800 Estate White G194UYJ Vauxhall Cavalier 1800 Saloon Blue R657CGP Vauxhall Corsa 1400 Hatchback Blue R Vauxhall Corsa 1000 Hatchback Blue P161PVS Vauxhall Corsa 1400 Hatchback Green 2003 plate Vauxhall Meriva 1700 Estate Grey K Vauxhall Nova 1200 Hatchback Red E Volkswagen Golf 1600 Hatchback Black N691GPU Volkswagen Golf 1600 Hatchback Red J Volkswagen Passat 1800 Hatchback Red F Volkswagen Polo 1043 Hatchback Blue B Volkswagen Polo 1043 Hatchback Blue D504WJN Volkswagen Polo 1043 Hatchback Blue C330RRY Volkswagen Polo 1043 Hatchback Red   Volvo 340 1400 Hatchback Red L622WUY Volvo 440 1700 Hatchback Green G801MKR Volvo 740 2300 Estate Blue K275DUX Volvo 940 2000 Saloon Silver
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to rusty_vw_man in The Doctor's travels through time - Chapter 2 - XUD Turbo inside   
    Oh thank Christ for that, finally you’re going to get that yaris you’ve always secretly craved.....
    I enjoy your tales of motoring madness, look forward to the next instalment. 
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to TheDoctor in The Doctor's travels through time - Chapter 2 - XUD Turbo inside   
    I'm starting a new thread, and hopefully turning over a new leaf (no, I'm not getting a bloody electric car). 
    From now on, I'm going to buy and run what the hell I want, and have fun doing so.
    I realise that a lot of what I do isn't exactly the 'Autoshite way', but then I've always been a bit of a inbetweener, not cool enough for Retro Rides, too nice for Piston heads, too childish for Autoshite, and too random for any one make sites. 
    So yeah, I might spray a bonnet or wheels in Poundland rattle cans, or add a tacky roof rack, but that's just me, take it or leave it. 
    I do have a car being delivered this weekend, so no collection thread I'm afraid. But wait and see what 'horror' appears next! 
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to paulplom in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I rescued the entire North Shields fish quay on Saturday morning while out with the dog.
    I spotted the jetty bit on fire and rang the brigade. I used what 3 words and they turned up in 5 minutes flat.
    Not all heroes wear capes (spiderman for instance).

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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to PhilA in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Crazed bog roll purchase?

    Nope. Lady stole a bunch of baby clothes, hoofed it in the parking lot to make a swift getaway, hit a pole and upended her car.
    She got as far as... The front door. Way to go.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to Semi-C in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to NorthernMonkey in Grotty old Bentley Eight - should I?   
    Excellent plan. 
    I’ll send you the postcode of my yard for fly tipping purposes 😉
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to Zelandeth in Grotty old Bentley Eight - should I?   
    No money...then no.  Run away.
    An overhaul of the front brakes alone can run into four figures...never mind anything else.
    They are biblically expensive to sort, and let's not forget that they enjoy rusting too.
    There's inevitably a reason it was parked up in the first place too.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to Parky in The grumpy thread   
    Boss mails us at 6.30pm telling us we need to have all our sales plans redrafted by 9am tomorrow to reflect how client meetings will fall owing to Corona stuff.  
    Made it quite clear that as we are working from home activity levels will be closely monitored and there are no excuses for failing to be busy.  In fact as we won’t have to commute our hours will now be 8am to 7pm and he will be calling on video to check we are at our workstations in the mornings and evenings.
    What an absolute fucking prick.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to LightBulbFun in Small Car Big Engine   
    One could argue that AC's own Model 70 also belongs in this thread 
    given it replaced the very similar Looking Model 67 much like the Cobra replaced the Ace!
    with the Model 67 having a 8.5Hp 197cc single cylinder Villiers engine and a top speed of about 45Mph, compared to the Model 70's 20HP 493cc flat twin and a top speed of 82Mph!
    if we look at it regarding percentages, it actually matches the Ace vs Cobra quite well, for example both the Cobra and the Model 70 had over twice the amount of power the model they replaced
    the Model 70 even had flared wheel arches like the Cobra LOL
    Model 67

    Model 70

    its all relative I guess LOL
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    HarmonicCheeseburger got a reaction from stonedagain in What happens if you drive a car with a faulty HT lead? Answers enclosed.   
    Whole new meaning to fire sale.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to UltraWomble in Shiteing with Covid-19   
    Bollocks to that.
    Wont stop me. Unless Megabus stop running. Then Im fucked.
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to Zelandeth in The grumpy thread   
    Sadly Nurofen Plus has codeine in and as such is pharmacy only.
    I did eventually manage to get through to the GP surgery this afternoon on the phone.  They currently aren't booking anything whatsoever (phone or otherwise) other than for emergencies, and cannot advise when they will be changing that. 
    They've also advised that as I am officially firmly in an "at risk" group, that I should be immediately taking action.  Their advice is that I should immediately cut off all contact with the outside world (including isolating myself from my housemates as they're still having to venture to work at the moment, especially Abby who's still having to take the train into Central London daily), and plan on not setting foot out the door for at least the next 12 weeks unless it's a matter of life or death.
    Um...Yeah.  Let's see how that goes...
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    HarmonicCheeseburger reacted to TheDoctor in What happens if you drive a car with a faulty HT lead? Answers enclosed.   
    I went to see a car yesterday, but it was misfiring, EML was on, and an HT lead was arcing out. 
    Obviously I turned it down, but someone else bought it. 
    So what happens if you attempt to drive a car with this issue? Buyer is trying to recoup his losses on this... 

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