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  1. Just find the nearest 'suitably low bridge' and Bob's yer Uncle
  2. Lurching, might be the throttle pot. I had that on a Rover (not a 620Ti but I have a feeling the part is the same). The track wears or breaks and thus the signal to the ECU is not progressive. Mine was better some days than others. It played up bad on my lads driving test, started kangarooing and the examiner said “ steady on” to which my lad replied, “its the car not me”. It must have settled down because he passed.
  3. I was expecting to read the dealer told you to FRO, but cashback, that is very reasonable of him. His name isn’t Daley then.
  4. Great work. The Cooper ‘was it or wasn't it a S’ that sold through Mathewson Auctions, fekkin hell, they had to sweep half of it up with a broom and dustpan, I swear they left about £2k’s worth sitting on the floor. i’ve never Owned one, but a few mates did back in the day, proper good fun unless it’s five up all the way up to Blackpool, Kinell, alright for the first mile but not the 150 that followed it.
  5. Serves the Zebedee"s right for trying to have your pants down Owen to their CBA level of customer service. Given another firm managed to fix the issue, you just gotta wonder why Mr Owen couldn't keep up with the Joneses.
  6. Fekkmee those sun visors haven’t seen much glasnost in the last few decades.
  7. Those headrest tubes were a pain the arse when the cars were new / nearly new. People hang onto the headrest when they climb out the back seat like it is a grab handle, they alsways used to break. They are a real fiddle,to get the remenants out sometimes, I seem to recall. The ageing of the plastic will have done the new old stock few favours, I'm not surprised you broke a fekker tbh. i like your use of creaping fluid sealant to find the route of that water track. I also like your use of arbomast as a non setting sealant. Keep pushing that in. It used to be Dum Dum in the day
  8. The Diamonds in the lemon are worth more than the car, proper job.
  9. I pulled the fuse out on my headlamp washers and left it out. A waste of fekkin time imho especially if you haven’t got mini wipers on headlamps. The Velshatis might have, but i can’t see them, could be hidden. all headlamp washers do is increase the amount of times you have to top up the washer bottle. In the winter they freeze ‘half hanging out the bumper’ and if you are down on luck the little bumper cap goes walkies
  10. Proper ‘short arse’ version. I always had them down as a bit of a hairdressers car tbh but it looks like you have a good spec
  11. Leyland Special Tuning did a ST Kit for the Princess 1800, my Dad fitted one to his 1800HL in 1978. It had twin 1/34 SU's and a LCB Exhaust Manifold.
  12. Then you will have to store the milk outside
  13. Not cheap. If the clips are available, what is the pipe in between made of ? Is it that hard type plastic
  14. Looks ideal for the ‘coventry method’ of fuel pipe retention ‘a la fuel filter stylie’.
  15. Great to hear the pump rebuild got it going.
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