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  1. It was cleaned off in the picture the seller sent.
  2. Arthur would have been pleased with the money Terry's Motor made, 55k, Kinell. shame to see it like this. that should restore alright, but the owner might have to work hard to make sure it isn't written off
  3. If they dig up the car park in a few hundred years time, they will find all,sorts of relics that have fallen off visiting chod. Those V6 engines are an inlet manifold off to change the rear bank of 3 plugs, well it is when the engine is in an x-Type. It is not a bad job if you are methodical
  4. I’ve had a Fiesta ST150 Box in bits and back together but can’t recall exactly how many connections there are to the gearbox. But if the sensor reads flywheel speed, would that not be RPM as opposed to vehicle speed
  5. I don’t suppose many 2.0 Ital’s survived. I had a 1.7SL Estate once that thought it was a 2.0, it had a really sweet engine in it, we called it the rocket and it got driven hard. A mate of mine, who was in the trade ‘proper’ reckoned it would get to 80k and go ‘Bang’ Late one night, having done a good stretch of the M6 and M42 ‘flat’ it developed a slight miss, then a cough, flames out the zorst and ‘Bang’ followed by a nasty rattle, I just kept my foot in, almost got it home. Head of a valve had dropped off and smashed the piston and head proper like. whist I was fixing it, neighbour with the 2.0 wandered over for a chat “I’ve blown this one up, let me know if you need yours test driving again 😂” I had an S60 as a fleet car for a few months, my first and only Volvo. It had the D5 diesel and I was well impressed with that car and engine. Yours has come together well and should serve you well for some time.
  6. Two separate people got in my car whilst I had the rumble and both said ‘you got a wheel bearing gone on this’ within a few yards. it isn’t just us shitters that get it wrong. When I was a 17, a neighbour witnessed me pulling engines out and all sorts. He wandered over one evening and I thought I was gonna get a lecture about fixing cars in the street, but no, he wanted me to test drive his Morris Ital 2.0 Auto. He explained he had an annoying rattle and the main stealers had replaced discs, pads, bearings, shocks and the whole nine yards, emptied his wallet and told him nowt wrong. Anyway, grabbed my toolbox and off we went. After half a mile I pulled into the lay-by, got out and had a look at the NSF. I said to you mind if I take the wheel trims off. He said ‘fine’ so off they came. When we set back off, the rattle had gone. He was real chuffed and was off to tell the main stealers what he thought. In all fairness, I had a head start as just about everything had already been replaced.
  7. Mini Clubman or 1275GT Sidelight
  8. Deffo worth checking, I had a nasty drone that I put down to a wheel bearing, I was convinced. Then I shoved a couple of new tyres on and it was silent. As soon as I removed one wheel, I could see an undulating water pattern on the inner edge of the tyre and immediately concluded ‘bet that is the cause of the noise’ and it was. I’ve knocked up 5000 miles since the tyre swap and all is silent.
  9. I always clean the bore with some fine wet'n'dry and some wd40. I get some wooden dowel, wrap it in kitchen roll and masking tape so that when the wet'dry' is wrapped around it, it is a good fit in the bore. Often they clean up very well.
  10. Chaps probs thinking I got home without anyone noticing, until he logs on here and finds he’s been tracked across the UK
  11. Was it not around this time that they knocked out some white ones with a pink roof, very chic. if it was white and pink you can understand a young lad Tango’ing it.
  12. 😳 Fekkin ell he's broken down in the North Circular, but the North Orbital ent the North Circula is it, presumably a bit better place to break down. Did the very nice man not bother whipping the cover off or were the two new injectors not in the boot ? so they''be lifted and shifted you" all the way back home where you have fixed the problem quite quickly.
  13. You guys got stuck into that. Fair play on making a quick ‘new to me car assessment’ and then lobbing the cash and time at it. WTF is that on the steering wheel 😲
  14. Why would your car fail at 18 months as opposed to 12 months if you look after it and keep it maintained. I am always disappointed if one of my vehicle fails, it tells me I was not thorough enough in my checks. (Granted emissions and brake balance are not easy to check ) I’ve just put two new front tyres on a car in May (socialist distanced mobile fitter) , I don’t have to wait until August to be told. The MOT works to minimum standards, so they would have been pass and advise. I do understand that many folk lack the mechanical ability to maintain a car, but I for sure was grateful of the recent extensions. Fast forward a few months and I think businesses are far more prepared and coravirusaware. In April and May, i didn’t want to go anywhere near a member of the public and I still won’t go near a supermarket. Home delivery for me. An August extension would have been nice (hopefully uk virus infections will be down to an even lower level by then) but i’m A lot more comfortable taking a car in for a test in Aug than I was in April, May, June i think the DVSA and Gov have struck the right balance with Aug 1st.
  15. Yes, if you have been granted an extension, the extended expiry date still stands. HOWEVER, if you present your vehicle early, and it fails, you do not get the extended expiry. It takes getting some head around, so try this scenario. As I understand it original MOT expiry was 4th May. this was extended until 4th Nov if you were to present the vehicle on the 15th Oct, and it failed, your fekked, your MOT extension has just Vapourised, youv'e not got no mot if you were to present on the 15th Oct and you pass, your new expiry is 4th Nov 2021 Testing Times.
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