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  1. We have 3 family cars now running on the 6 Month extension. This was useful to avoid fekkin about in the Lockdown. only downside is they are now November expiry. That doesn’t suit me, Nov to Feb MOT’s, fekkin about in the cold and rain if anything needs fixing, so i’ll get them done in late Sept / Early Oct. Then next time round, a ‘28 day’ early MOT will be early Sept with chances of fine weather if there is fixing to do. Cars should be OK, but like last year, my own personal pre-MOT check identified a split ( road debris sliced) Inner CV Gaiter. So that had to be addressed before shoving it in for test.
  2. Isaac Hunt

    Morris 1300

    Fekkin typical Ennit, you buy a new condenser to attempt to sort rough running and end up introducing more problems due to shite parts.
  3. Those plates really set off the engine bay. a good call on the tyres, I'm not at whitewall fan and you have done well to leave it to the Dutch.
  4. Loving the repair to the floor when the column goes through. The whole lot in blue looks brill. had to laugh at your comment ref nuts and bolts. Reminded me and my Dad had several big tins. A first token rummage often yielded nowt. So then the whole fekking tin got up ended. Given the qty available, generally a match was secured. One was only Bolluxed if you wanted a set of matching, always at least one short. why do they never fit back in tin. I now know this to be Dom’s law, once you’ve had the lid off, it is difficult to put it back on
  5. Agree, in 2014 I had a 2002 car chalked up as a 'beyond economical repair' due to a split front bumper and a dented NSF wing. You should have seen the estimate. I accepted a cash settlement and kept the car. I got a coloured matched bumper and wing from a scrapyard for £75 and fixed it myself. Wing bolted on. it doesn't take much to 'write off' an oldie
  6. Rotor Arm. Having seen your pic of the 'little red number' of a Rotor Arm reminded me of a conversation I had with a classic car specialist a few months ago. He was explaining to me that he kept a Genuine Lucas 'original old stock' rotor arm to hand. As soon a second he had a classic in that was running rough, he dropped his genuine OE arm on and went on to proclaim that 9/10 times, the rough running was down to someone shite aftermarket rotor arm. i've never seen a 'little red number before' and I'm not saying the modern day 'Sulac' units are any better than some other shite form a far away land. Worth checking
  7. Looks like a good solid car. Tahiti Blue is a favourite colour of mine, although I'm not sure I would have used it on a 67 1100 but it does look kind of cute. My Grandparents had a Maroon over Grey Wolseley 1100. When that got painted, my Mum chose Limeflower Green. I was mortified, but my Dad reckoned it would have cost too much to maintain the two colours. A popular 'mod' was to make an insulated bonnet for that rocker cover using the thick 1970's sound deadening material. The mayonnaise I'd caused by condensation from short runs. The insulated cover for the decker cover eliminates the mayo problem.
  8. The testvstation I've been using for the last twenty years does not charge for a re-test. I've always been back with a repaired vehicle within a few days. Not that I have had many failures.
  9. Get on to the DVSA see if they have C4DDY for sale, proper pimp my ride
  10. Whatever you do., don't graft a cozy coupe front end on it, it is just not fair to the kids. I mean, who needs to start out in life with your front wheel alignment all skewwift
  11. Car looks ACE. I’d get stuck into that steering wheel though, looks like a proper Covid Catcher does that.
  12. Nice Job @Andyrew what brand paint did you use ?
  13. After the lockdown, nip it up to @paulplom he has mastered the 'Small Merdium Area Repair Technique' and will blow that bumper giffer guff in, you won't notice.
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