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  1. After seeiing a 'MUF' plate the other day, made me smile. I just had a look, DVSA have CL10 MUF for £250, now that's worth buying a Clio for
  2. Chuffing excellent. I've on,y done one Bnager Rally, to Maranello and Back, great fun, really enjoyed it. Some of the themes that folk come up with are very creative. I like the Star Wreck, the guys in the outfits made me smile, brilliant.
  3. MUF919 sported today, the Chap getting out of it looked like a proper Diva 😃
  4. Agree with the OP's, excellent job on that arch. It will slow down any further deterioration whilst making it look super tidy.
  5. Nice Jag (Dailmler). it reminds me of the forum bike, looks as though it wears some slightly different shades od burgundy red, not unsurprising given the age.
  6. Awesome buy this. I saw it, saw the miles and figured it must have had some care to get to those sort of miles. Then I learn it isn't on a replacement lump, top winnah. Car will respond to a really good clean, DIY, why pay more at a MegaWash Superstore. Mind you that tyre is coming to the end of its trailblazing days. Could Loose Vroom Too.
  7. You've blinged that nice. Now now that is all Shrite and Biney it's ceeentuates that OSF wing. I would not want to be taking a mota to the body shop that fitted that OSf wing. Panel gap is a wide as the runway at Heathro..I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on the flat paint and assume that they managed to get a shine on the fucckker before the lacquer degraded.
  8. Excellent progress, Nuch Micer. Even if it is temporary, a bit of wag in those rear arechs and a whizz over with an Aerosol to put on some Tigger style paintwork and this will look concourse. Proper 80's style Ford 'wanna be' a Jaguer but didn't quite make it interior wood
  9. Ducking Bell, a thread would be awesome. That is a a lot of Jag
  10. Congrats on the MOT pass and well done on the 'clunk and click' elimination investment. great to see the bike surface again.
  11. Much vapourisation of Bikes. The Red Jag The Blue Jag The White Rover 220 (although we anticpated some hibernation due to the work required The Rover 45 KV6
  12. Sellers of 'shiters' left or been banned ?
  13. Its note pre Dec 78 then, no interstate tax no MOT, no money back no guarantee. my lad had been looking at Beemers, trying to get my head around what model was what, I gov mot'd checked the odd one I saw locally. A couple of 15 platers came up with no MOT, expired you see. i stopped short of saying to one chap, excuse me guv, but thought you might like to know you are out of MOT. These days it is fifty fifty as to whether you get "really, oh my gosh, how did you know, thank you so much" or "feck off mate, its feck all to do with you, go spot the fekkin trains" GooD luck
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