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  1. My bad then, I always understood Bangernomics was the economics of running and older car. 10 years in considered 'end of life' and judging by the number of 10 year old cars in my local yard and thus anything over 10 years is banger territory. What is the pedantic definition these days then?
  2. Our MGZR came to us in 2013 for £650. 60k Miles, 6 Former keepers. It had some good MOT and was pushed straight into service. First MOT required a couple of Tyres and. Track Rod End. Then the clutch release bearing failed, so we threw a new three part clutch at it. A cambelt and waterpump was also undertaken. A headgasket at 82k and other than a few sets of brake pads and a set of four tyres, it needed nothing more than a couple of CV Gaiters and a set of spark plugs, a clutch cable, that is all it has needed. it was laid up for a year during the pandemic and pressed back into service 12 months ago. Reluctantly, I've just scrapped it today. It needed a section of still splashing with a welder. It also needed a nsf strut assembly after a uhnfortunate altercation with a kerb. Add onto that a set of four tyres as they were all on the limit. MOT is up the end of next week and the local Scrapyard offered £400. I hated driving it over to the scrapyard, but it's really surplus to requirements. The lacquer and paint was hanging off one side where it had been painted at some time, so it looked a real mess down the one side. Heart still said fix it up and keep it going, but head said at £250 depreciation plus running costs, we've had our value out of it. It was just about to turn 140k
  3. Good show, I nearly shouted out loud "There's the Dacia" but the other occupants would not have known the significance of the 'spot' @dollywobbler
  4. A443 near Tenbury, there it was @catsinthewelder @hub but
  5. She's gone up in the world, it's on a Astin Marton now, silver of course, shaken not stirred
  6. Good job you didn't go to Liverpool, you'd have list all four hubcaps
  7. Good tyres are those Falkens. I've worn out three sets of four on three different cars. Although they were 914's or 514's (or something similar). They did strike me to have crept up in price over the years, so our last car that wore out its Falkens got a set of Avons.
  8. I’m aware of both the slowing down hand signal and the left turn hand signal. As for a left turn whilst slowing down, the only person I’ve seen do that is the Queen, although ironically she was been driven at the time
  9. I often wonder how long it takes updates to the Highway Code to reach community immunity. I was following a van the other day, not too close, and it seemed to slow down, no brake lights shown. Then it was clear it was slowing significantly, easily measured by the diminishing gap in front of me. I then noticed the drivers hand out of the drivers window, the arm and hand being rotated in a circular motion. I thought, ahah, brake lights an indicators are out, it's not often you see hand signals these days, well not a left turn hand signal anyway, plenty of others. I relayed the story to a variety of age folk, and demonstrated the hand signal. not one knew what the hand signal was. Many offered more modern examples of hand signals that they had seen.
  10. In relative terms, the increase is huge. I can remember paying £650 in 2013 for an up and together 2003 MGZR, which was 10yr old at the time, 67000 miles Then in 2014, paid £2500 for a 2005 Fester ST150, which was 9 year old. Better paintwork examples were £3500. Miles were 90,000 The guys at Salavage Rebuids have just rebuild a 2013 Fester ST which was an unrecorded total loss, but they have priced accordingly to its history, at £7500 ish it is almost that everything has doubled in the last 10 years, what was a £750 10 year old is now £1500 and so on. Low end stuff is flying off the forecourts if you listen to the likes of Chops Garage on YouTube. Tyre Kickers on YouTube has just rattled out a 62 Insignia, which admittedly is a top spec, low mileage, well presented (after issues were sorted) for what I consider to be an obscene amount of money for the age and model, £7500 ish. 12 Months advisory free MOt and one of those ''covers everything but normal wear and tear warranties where unfortunately the item that has failed is normal wear and tear' but as long as people are paying it then the market price level is set. The thing is, there to be thousands of cars for sale, so is it really supply and demand. There must be a rake of 2018's dropping of a 4 year pcp, 2019's dropping of 3 year pcps. Sure, not so many 2020's dropping off 2 year deals. Wait for interest rates to rise and then we might see some market correction. My daughter has just purchased a replacement car, five years old and it was a jaw dropping amount of money. She has been running an old car for 6 years and felt she wanted something newer. She's put if off several times but didn't want to wait for market correction, which might be a long time happening, or might not.
  11. It was all good stuff. I see from his twitter he has got the Zephyr running and had the Volvo in bits. Good to see he appears to be well and still pulling things apart and fixerating. HNY Boll
  12. I never knew Nora Batty worked in the VAG Trimshop
  13. Wot the OP's say is correct, you will normally find the donor vehicle is issued an age related plate, I seem to recall rather undesirable Combinations such a KSU are used and marked as non transferable to stop,you flogging the replacement plate to Keith Simon Unwin. The donor vehicle with the 911 plate needs to meet all the requirements for transfer. years ago, circa 1963 vehicles go a A suffix plate. A mate of mine flogged the dateless plate of his traveller and it ended up and a AAAnnnA typeface plate, which just looked so shit. Not sure if the the DVSA still do that sort of shit or if the just go for the KSU style. it is a bit of a shame when a car looses its original plate says he who has several pre 63 plates. Although many of them had been transferred to moderns when I bought them. I've got one 1962 plate that was on an Astra Estate before I got hold of it and another that was on a 1994 Jag, so the 'deed' from the original vehicle was done many moons ago. I think I may be guilty of taking a couple off their original vehicles, but years ago you couldn't tell. I did ask the dealer what one came off 'an old land rover he thought'. I wasn't entirely convinced that it wasn't just a standard line he used on the off chance anyone ever asked him.
  14. Lucas, Prince Of Darkness had other ideas Checking a car for the MOT and we had a 380 stop lamp out. new bulb fitted, all good. checked the new bulb on the morning of MOT, blown again WTF put another bulb in, all good. Run it down the test centre Tester puts it on the ramp and I immediately notice the bloody bulb has blown AGAIN FFS No 2 & 3 were from my garage shelf stock, had them a good while, didn’t realise that they had a ‘best before date’ or ‘use by date’.
  15. So our little MGZR has found iteslef unexpectedly pushed into front line service meaning that there are some maintenance jobs that really should be done. I've not got the balls for a full on cambelt roulette like some of you guys, so given they were replaced in 2013 and 63,000 miles ago, the boundaries are being pushed for a K series. i order up the parts and the tensioner that arrives is in a re-sealed box, inside of which is a broken tensioner, looks as though someone has snapped it by the Allen key adjuster, so that has to go back, we weren't doing cambelt this weekend then. i'll stick the alt belt and pas belt on because a good mechanic friend of Mike once told be, if they let go, they can take he cambelt with them if the get tangled. many moons ago, I noticed that the lower alt adjuster 'bolt and spacer' had disappeared and berated myself for obvs having left it loose. So I made up a spacer from a piece of copper pipe and replaced the bot as a temporary measure. Made a mental note to get a spacer next time I was down the scrappies. I did indeed source a spacer and put it somewhere safe. I checked the 'temporary' lower mount and as all was well, left it alone. lo and behold, came to the alternator yesterday and the temporary lower mount has 'gone'. Lightening strikes twice. I can't recall ever swopping the copper pipe for the proper spacer, so spend well over an hour trying to find the replacement from the scrappy. Obviously some where safe is very safe, Murphy's law, found all my other stuff, but not the spacer. Fabricate another and remind myself what a real faff it is to adjust the alternator. Looking at the adjuster bracket and comparing it to memory of earlier Rover 400's tells me there must be something missing. a look at the parts diagram on Rimming Brothers, just shows and adjuster bolt seeming fitted to thin air. Mmmmm, lets have another google. Turns out, the lower bolt and spacer going missing due to either snapping or coming looses is a common problem. So maybe it wasn't me leaving it loose after all. the race guys use a nice rose jointed effort to replace the stock adjuster which that basically label as a 'pile of shite', I think I can work out what is missing from the standard adjuster in addition to the lower spacer. Rather than a 40 mile round. trip down to the local yard with no guarantees of finding the bits needed, the rose jointed replacement looks like it wins the day. what should have been a simple job and all of that.
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