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  1. Lucas, Prince Of Darkness had other ideas Checking a car for the MOT and we had a 380 stop lamp out. new bulb fitted, all good. checked the new bulb on the morning of MOT, blown again WTF put another bulb in, all good. Run it down the test centre Tester puts it on the ramp and I immediately notice the bloody bulb has blown AGAIN FFS No 2 & 3 were from my garage shelf stock, had them a good while, didn’t realise that they had a ‘best before date’ or ‘use by date’.
  2. Looks like grief and aggro for a modern photo card thingy. I’ve just renewed my Mums photocard license on-line and it was straightforward and arrived in a few days. There was something about loosing some category entitlement iirc, but it was for something obscure (for her) and I don’t really want her driving a tank or caterpillar track type whatever it was, if that is what it was. Reminded me why I resolutely refuse to have a photocard license. I got a paper one when I was sixteen and it’s done me just fine. That was quite some time ago. Must renew my passport though as I’m a bit stuffed if I need some date valid photo I’d.
  3. So our little MGZR has found iteslef unexpectedly pushed into front line service meaning that there are some maintenance jobs that really should be done. I've not got the balls for a full on cambelt roulette like some of you guys, so given they were replaced in 2013 and 63,000 miles ago, the boundaries are being pushed for a K series. i order up the parts and the tensioner that arrives is in a re-sealed box, inside of which is a broken tensioner, looks as though someone has snapped it by the Allen key adjuster, so that has to go back, we weren't doing cambelt this weekend then. i'll stick the alt belt and pas belt on because a good mechanic friend of Mike once told be, if they let go, they can take he cambelt with them if the get tangled. many moons ago, I noticed that the lower alt adjuster 'bolt and spacer' had disappeared and berated myself for obvs having left it loose. So I made up a spacer from a piece of copper pipe and replaced the bot as a temporary measure. Made a mental note to get a spacer next time I was down the scrappies. I did indeed source a spacer and put it somewhere safe. I checked the 'temporary' lower mount and as all was well, left it alone. lo and behold, came to the alternator yesterday and the temporary lower mount has 'gone'. Lightening strikes twice. I can't recall ever swopping the copper pipe for the proper spacer, so spend well over an hour trying to find the replacement from the scrappy. Obviously some where safe is very safe, Murphy's law, found all my other stuff, but not the spacer. Fabricate another and remind myself what a real faff it is to adjust the alternator. Looking at the adjuster bracket and comparing it to memory of earlier Rover 400's tells me there must be something missing. a look at the parts diagram on Rimming Brothers, just shows and adjuster bolt seeming fitted to thin air. Mmmmm, lets have another google. Turns out, the lower bolt and spacer going missing due to either snapping or coming looses is a common problem. So maybe it wasn't me leaving it loose after all. the race guys use a nice rose jointed effort to replace the stock adjuster which that basically label as a 'pile of shite', I think I can work out what is missing from the standard adjuster in addition to the lower spacer. Rather than a 40 mile round. trip down to the local yard with no guarantees of finding the bits needed, the rose jointed replacement looks like it wins the day. what should have been a simple job and all of that.
  4. So back in 2003 we purchased an MGZR. It wasn’t the most pristine example, been painted down one side and was a bit tatty inside, some splitting of the drivers seat and the odd bit of trim missing, but it was at the lower end of the price range and the 69,000 miles stacked up on service and MOT history. Shortly after purchase, about three months and 3000 miles, it developed a nasty noise from the cambelt area. It looked as though it had had a belt and tensioner in the not too distant past. Turned out the tensioner had been put on ‘upside down’ and was the cause of the noise, bearing failing, a common fault which a specialist told me, the tensioner positioning is actually wrong in some manuals 😲 I put a new cambelt, tensioner, alt and PAS belt on. Then the clutch release bearing collapsed, so I put a three part clutch in it. Then the waterpump started leaking badly. Wisdom says ‘always change pump when fitting belt etc’, which I didn’t. So on went a new pump. Then it needed a track rod end and a couple of tyres for the MOT. Youth then decided he wanted a different car and went out and bought a Fester ST. The MGZR was ‘sorted’ by that time, so I thought it best to keep it whilst the ST was in our ‘shakedown’ period. Good decision, as youth blows up the gearbox in the ST, snaps the mainshaft. So the MGZR was pressed back into daily service. Words such as ‘keep it to sensible speed on the Motorway were ignored’ and just as I was finishing the ST gearbox rebuild, the MGZR arrived on a low loader, head gasket was toast. tBH, it was on its last legs anyway and youth finished it off. It was a MLS gasket that had just rotted, the thing fell apart. I cleaned up the head and block and put it all back together with a std elastomer gasket as I felt the liner heights were a bit to close the tolerance for another MLS gasket. since then, I used the car as my second car, putting 60,000 miles on it, without any work other than a couple of CV gaiters. I also put in a set of mint seats from a car down the scrapyard. March 2021 and it was ‘Covid Carryforward’ on the MOT. Oct 2021 and the week before MOT, the screen washers packed up, I ordered a new pump with the intention of ‘sorting it’. But some subsequent illnes in the family meant I just sorned it and parked it up. I wasn’t really using one car let alone two. Fast forward 12 months and due to an unfortunate incident involving a Deer, avoid and a hedge, youth finds himself without at car. The MG was just sitting there and potentially was a much easier fix, just that washer pump and MOT. So, washer pump replaced and MOT passed, MGZR back in service. Folk always say, watch out for the ‘Free Car’ as they can often turn out to be far from free. This little MGZR owes us nothing. So, it is now 8 years and 60k miles since cambelt, tensioner, waterpump, alt and pass belts. Whilst it is not a true cambelt roulette, the belt is bang on mileage change interval and slightly past date change interval, based on absolute history. It could also do with a new battery, physical oversize currently fitted. A couple of new tyres as well. So, do I replace the belts and leave the tensioner and waterpump, or do I do the lot again ? My experience of ‘not changing waterpumps’ Is 50/50, so i’m thinking, belts and tensioner, run the pump a second time if it looks and feels OK. It’s not a big job the dive back in for the pump at a later date. Bangernonics might say ‘just run it till it goes bang’ but you are then left trying to find something else the fill the void. It could be a few weeks before the ‘hedge trimmer’ is fixed.
  5. Fag in one hand, mobile phone 'on call' in the other whilst venting to Atmosphere. i thought it was a windup when I heard 'through a chicken drinker' as I'd never heard of such a device.
  6. Might be of interest to classic car owners. Taking the Ethanol out of Petrol.
  7. An acquaintance had one of those in black V6 estate form. Everyone called it a hearse, wouldn't be seen dead in it. He just laughed it off and was gutted when he got a job with a company car and the Ventura had to go. as for the push iron outside the station with the racing slicks on it and the yellow cow horns, I hope that front brake cable doesn't let go as he comes down station hill at Mach 10
  8. I have had a 2.0 Pezza V6 that i’ve taken to 220k miles and it’s on the original clutch. in that time, it needed tyres, pads, front discs, wiper blades, waterpump, rear arb droplink, 2 * heated oxygen sensors a set of sparkplugs and an expansion tank. A sill repair damn fine cars i don’t know how involved the subframe is. MOT Tester strikes me as very ‘keen’
  9. LMFAO, sounds monty, goes like shit of a shovel
  10. Excellent initial diagnosis. Hadn't someone had a crack at trying to find a vacuum leak in this ? Maybe they CBA to spend any time on it
  11. A good old school scrappy that allows you to rummage and remove is great if they have a good stock cars. the last major component I had out of our old school yard was a Rover 25 gearbox. The forklift driver just dragged the car out for me and tipped it on its side, easiest gearbox removal I've ever done. i remember years ago at a different yard, I phoned about a gearbox for a car I'd seen on the pile. The response was so strange and convoluted I was left wondering if I'd dialled the local,supermarket or something. In the end I just said to the geezer "tell you what mate, just fuck off" to which I got a response, so I repeated "I said just fuck off mate" put the phone down 'click' and never went back there ever again. That was 30 years ago mind. I think they did fuck off as well, went bust I think, not surprised, all I asked was how much for the gearbox and would you take the car off the top,of the pile. i got my gearbox a couple of days later from a private guy who was dismantling his car, he'd had an off in it. In fact I had the gearbox, prop, back axle and a rake of stuff for peanuts. I had to take it out myself though. I piled my engine crane into an old MK3 Cortina Estate, went round and hoisted the lot out on his drive, then piled it all into the MK3 Cortina, it was a bit low on the rear suspension mind you with all the weight in it.
  12. Isaac Hunt

    E10 Fuel

    There will soon be a time when you put more additives in the tank than fuel. In with your lead replacement additive and in with your E10 stabiliser.
  13. Midlands registered, one heck of a bit of kit. I remember being given a lift to Harpenden in a 51 Plate with full leather and all the toys. Found myself looking at them for months thinking they were quite a bit of kit with leather etc
  14. I hope Mr Boll is orite, there’s mega amount of views in anticipation of the re-launch from dry dock. Perhaps it was the other thread offering him another Bedford Horsebox with a super front spoiler that is keeping him away.
  15. A whizz over with some stone chip and a rattle can of Toyota Plum will see that tidy. Leave out the 1970’s Escrot approach of that dry grainy Tetrisyl underseal with front valance and doors to match, like a high tide mark cheap car that
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