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  1. I remember when a 'Van Den Plar Type R' was considered a big car. Dwarfed by the Zafira Meriva thingy
  2. Ahah, the talking Maestro in MG Flavour. First of all with the R Series Engine, a 'refinement'. (If that is the right word) of the Maxi E'series turned back to front with the plugs at the back of the engine. Then the later S series engine, a further refinement with a cambelt and plugs at the front. I've lived with both 'Bing Bong, Headlights On, Bing Bong, Washer Fluid Low...........it was always a novelty at first, then after I while it was Ding Ding, shut the fuck up will you. reminds me, must top up my washer fluid cos I've had a silent movie running on my dash for a few days now, it won't be too long before I'm totally old skool and topping up because it is empty. you've took it on the chin with at base really. I'd have gaffer taped that roof up, taken the fuse out and smoked it until the MOT was out. Then moved it on for the few tokens. However, can also understand the wanting rid.
  3. A lick of Silver Wheels on those steelies and on the exhaust, followed by some tyre black shine and she'll look mint.
  4. Ooooph, takes me back to the days of Cannons re-paint. I only ever used Cannons re-paint under the wheel arches, it gave a colour match and being quite a soft enamel, it provided good protection against stone chips. When it got a bit shabby, one just wiped it down with petrol and gave it another coat. i never painted any of the main body shell innit though. I did once help someone undertake a quick prep and wipe down with petrol before squirting some knacker lacquer over it, looked OK from several feet away. If it doesn't work out, you can always 'bare metal........errrr bare plastic' it again and run over it with something like single pack coach enamel. I've seen a few cars painted in the single pack coach enamel. A very reasonable finish can be achieved with good prep, a really good quality brush and good technique. I can understand the not liking of the wheel barrow green, did it once belong to a gardener ?
  5. Looks to me that those rear windows are standard tint, are you going to get them done in Limo Tint for the stereotypical look
  6. Ooooph, sounds like a right mare. And there was the EU pressing for us to adopt the Euro style number plate system. Sound to me like the UK ought to be pressing all EU member startes to adopt the U.K. System. Maybe even the DVSA could run it for them and charge them accordingly, after all, they pulled in NI into the south walls system. Must admit that the DVSA on-line access to MOT history is very good and the system for on-line transfer of VRN is fantastic, all done from your armchair in seconds.
  7. Don’t forget the wire mesh and take the date off the newspaper
  8. Great photos, some of those reg plates still show as belonging to the cars in the photo's, one or two no grace something different. 1YWC is no on a Merc and 1AAH is now on a Disco
  9. ANY1 spotted on the Fosse Way. My book of numbers has it down as Jeffrey Archer as an owner, although the book is a few years old. It could be Anyone, but whoever itvis might like to get their Bee Em MOT'd
  10. SU Carbs are quite easy to set up. First have a good look at the jets to see if there is any ovalitty, replace if there is. Check the needles for correct code. Set both jets flush to the bridge and then take them 1.5 turns down. Adjust down or up trying to keep them at the same height. Early carbs had a lifting pin to lift the piston, if engine speed increases and stays high, it is a bit rich, if it dies it is a bit weak. Revs should rise momentarily then falter a bit. A Gunsons carb balancer is useful
  11. They keep em going over there for sure. I remember seeing a guy on the tV, might have been Top Gear where he fashioned a wing by hand out of an old roof panel using a hammer and a chissel. Proper make do and mend
  12. Thank you Learnt few things today as this was might first 'messingwith these high pressure in tank fuel pumps. i plumped it all in, wired it up (no modifications needed to the original wiring even though it was a cheepey aftermarket pump). Turned on ignition, pump whirred but no fuel from the filter. That surprised me, I was expecting to see petrol pumping out with the ignition on. So I thought I would give it a crank. That did the trick, fuel pumped out into the fuel can that I had run a pipe into from the fuel filter. connected up the fuel pipe to the filter outlet and gave her another crank, burst into life. tightedened up the Locking ring and cracked out the gaffer tape for the time being to drop the 'plate' back in the hole. Some of that bitumen type sound deadening along each joint would really finish it of nice, but gaffer tape for the moment. dimsantling the pump assemble in situ to just replace the pump unit is quite easy. I assume it is the same on Ford Focus and the like. A Focus Petrolwith a dead fuel pump could be a good buy for a shitter. I cost me £10 for the pump module. I just weren't for a cheepy pump as part of the fault finding diagnostic. Car seems to run ok. i also modified the front plastic seat clips. They are a real swine to unclip and I destroyed one getting the seat base out. Fortunately whilst is was down the scrapyard for something else, a x-type yielded useable clip.
  13. Good advice, but I thought if I am careful like ....... Ooops Anyway, new pump fitted to existing pump housing, we are running
  14. We are in folks. I changed form cold chisel to a dremel disk in cordless drill to join the dots (my cordless dremel is goosed and no access to 240v at cars location). Metal is very thin and the drilling and cutting took a whole, but less of a while than I thought. A little less ‘gung ho’ than our friends stateside, see vid.
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