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  1. Reminded me of a uk registration transfer years ago. The first one it did, I had to go to the DVLA office in centre of Birmingham. Proper dingy place it was. You walk in and all of a sudden all these faces are staring at you. Then you realise it’s cos they've all been waiting for so long, they are bored shitless. No smart phones back then to loose yourself in for a hour. you take a numbered ticket and dump your arse into one of those plastic chairs and join the long wait. when your number is ready, you were called to one of the counters where ‘Ms’ with a face like a bulldo
  2. Something ‘not quite right’ i’ve Been thinking with these here 110 things. I had a Honda SS50 5 Speed 77 on the R plate and that used to 47mph and it was only 49cc. These things must be restricted to feck if they only do 55mph
  3. Been done before hasn’t it,,around the world on a Honda C50 stepthrough. Mind you,,not sure how much was left when they got back, had the frame welded at the side of the road at the Honda agent in somewhereintherebekistan, not the neatest of welds but it held. Frame now looks like it was made from angle iron
  4. If you do get it sorted, I was gonna say ‘drive it like you stole it’ but it looks like the PO already done that.
  5. Having a phone that is worth more than your car, not cool.
  6. There was always the odd person, like me, who had a car they liked and didn’t like anything on the replacement list (not all cars were always available) so you didn’t put your order form in the internal mail. That gave you some time before the chase came. You then took more time to get the form in. I would hazard a guess that this was probably one of the last Sprints on the scheme and something like a Triumph Acclaim CD with all the toys did not appeal as a replacement. I had a Rover 216GSI for Mrs Hunt, someone ran her off the road and she took out a signpost. Car was about 4 weeks old.
  7. MCP = Management Car Plan, available to anyone of a Management (Non Clerical Grade) who did not qualify for a Business Car. Two years not, about 6 to 9 months. Sometimes one had to order your next car when you collected a new one. 6 to 9 months and it would be back in and on its way to the dealer network as nearly new. As one moved up the grades, ones entitlement increased. At one stage I had a business car, and MCP car for the wife and a second MCP car for the FIL. It was a bit like a modern day PCP, so much a month. BL ran the same scheme. By the time I arriv
  8. The excitement of the new car is swiftly forgotten on the first FTP, i’m sure it will be fine. LUK’s share price has just dived now they have learnt the receipt for the clutch is in the car.
  9. Having now seen the copy of the original ref document, there you have it, Unipart MCP scheme.
  10. That is the Dogs Danglies for sure and has benefitted from the Trig Treatment. There is an extremely high probability that it was a Unipart Management Car Plan car, they were very popular on the scheme ‘in the day’.
  11. And I can’t help feeling the poncy officials at Wimbledon missed a trick really. I mean, all they really managed was to get the Wombles associated, how common. Great progress on the resto. Good video as well
  12. Shame it got a bit hot. If the welding gets done for free, then as the chaps say, an interior should not come to big pounds. There is the faffing about time factor though, finding one. My MGZR has a near mint full set of Monaco Half leathers ex breakers yard. Cost me £40. Kin struggle to get the drivers seat out though, cos bolt TADTS rusts in on drivers side by the exhaust tunnel. Hammer and cold chisel soon had the chunk of floor cut out. Then the same sheared off on mine, had to drill it out. I even got a mint headlining out of another one. Both were ‘stu
  13. Proper poverty spec is that. I seem to recall a mate of mine getting a job as a photocopier salesman back in the early 80's. He was mighty pissed off when they gave him one of these as his company car.
  14. Just find the nearest 'suitably low bridge' and Bob's yer Uncle
  15. Lurching, might be the throttle pot. I had that on a Rover (not a 620Ti but I have a feeling the part is the same). The track wears or breaks and thus the signal to the ECU is not progressive. Mine was better some days than others. It played up bad on my lads driving test, started kangarooing and the examiner said “ steady on” to which my lad replied, “its the car not me”. It must have settled down because he passed.
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