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  1. My neighbour works for BeeEm and all his company cars are Yx Prefix. He had a 2 Series M Sport (the FWD mini people carrier thingy) and my lad had the same model on Rental for work (Thrifty I think). Anyway, the Reg numbers were pretty close. Both were high spec leather trim etc. Exact same model. So I would say it is luck of the draw if you buy secondhand ad to if you get an ex management car or a daily rental. But as the OP’s say, ten years on it is of little significance.
  2. An Essex Boy. I think a lot of those the Fords that drop onto an Essex Plate are Ford 'Fleet Cars'. In days gone by, that would probably have meant it started it's life as a Management Car Scheme Car. More lateral is isn't quite so clearly defined, it may have gone out to a Rental Feet. i take it this one keeps its cool
  3. Take the stat out, cut it in half, put in back in and top up with k seal, you be reeet
  4. If he moves quick on the fix and that Alfa books irself before you Roffle it..............You could find yourself back in the Mundano Of Doubt
  5. Ahhh FFS. Looks like the engine rebuild could have consisted of a ‘cut n shut’ on the stat, a tin of K Seal, an engine bay pressure wash and a spray of clear engine lacquer. I suppose a HG job is quite time consuming on one of these.
  6. I see it wears an appropriate reg plate, YS, Yorkshire Shite.......no offence to the shire county, nice part of the UK, just refers to this car. with 2/150 you are a proper bullet dodger. as chaps say, it may well be the pump and the thermostat chop might just be cos someone couldn't be arsed todo anything more than k seal it and short stat it. Sometimes the history doesn't make sense, full engine rebuild ? Maybe the seller was pukka and the seller has been had over and just got sick of it.
  7. Just watching Salvage Hunters Classic CArs. Their Ovlov Nozama is on reg SFF235. Now my book tells me FF was is a Merionethshire Issue, so probs not a massive volume of cars registered in this part of the UK. My other book tells me SFF sequence was never issued. This tells me SFF235 could be a non-transfereabke reg, issued when the original dateless plate was removed.
  8. What happened to the Mark 3 Monday ?...... I know, do try and keep up.
  9. I’ve got a Dec 79 registered car and thought that I need to get stuck into getting it tax exempt. I am sure I read something on Gov Uk about having to wait 3 months. As for MOT and insurance, I don’t know. But the reason cars fail MOT’s is because in 12 months and several thousand miles, stuff wears out and breaks. So it is all a load of bollocks really other than on the day it is tested. A car with a valid MOT at 11.9 months, is no safer on the day before the MOT than it is on the day of failure. But, because it has a valid MOT the perception is that it is safer. How many of us are guilty of ‘I need to get that done for the MOT. Really that means the car ain’t roadworthy and we’ve known about it for a while and are only getting our arse into gear cos we want a new ticket. at least once a year, stuff gets brought up to a standard and that is a good thing. If MOT’s were not around, feck knows what would be on the roads
  10. Webasto Folding Fabric Sunroof on the Imp. Very popular in the days of sunshine, nowadays it just seems to piss it down with rain most days.
  11. I would be thinking that someone you spoke to is balking tollocks and speak with forked tongue. i’ve put cherished plates on cars and taken them off, never seen the ‘non transferable’ label appear. My understanding was that of the OP. If you transfer an original Reg off a car, the car may well be allocated with a non transferable number. If it was a dateless Reg that was removed, the car would get a replacement ‘non transferable dateless reg’ I’ve seen that happen and normally the Reg is of some shite combination that would have very limited appeal (although if the 1AN tale is a true one lthen PMSL if it is true) If you subsequently apply a cherished Reg, the non transferable Reg gets put on ice to be re-allocated when the cherished Reg is taken back off. mind you, the rules can be changed by those who make the rules whenever they want. i’ve just had a fill of it this eve. My lad bought a car in 2016. In 2018 he put his ‘plate’ on it. In late 2019 he sorned the car a put it up for sale. Finds a buyer, so the new buyer taxes the car. We then dive on-line to process the VRN to retention and I says ‘not poss on-line, please call’. The lady says ‘you can’t do it on-line because the car has spent some time ‘in the trade’ in it’s life. WTF. She say, you need to fill out a V317 and sent the form in with a cheque. A cheque !!. My lad has never had a cheque book in his life, so that would be a right feck about for him. Fortunately, I still have a cheque book. So I go to print the form. My printer won’t print until I put a new colour cartridge in, even if I just want B&W. So I feck off down to the supermarket and get a colour cartridge, fit it, then print the form in b&w. So what should have been a 2 min job has taken the best parts of 4 hours elapsed time. A fair bit of which was also finding my cheque book. I could have sent him down the Post Office for a Postal Order.......furkinnhell, now that is retro, proper old skool. i can only think that his car has not been continually taxed or sorned in the last five years....although it has for the last 3 years 3 months. Previously i’ve been well impressed with the online Transfer capability, tonight i’ve been ‘effin and jeffin’ big time
  12. A failing battery can cause odd symptoms. I had a Fester throw an EML a few years ago, then the battery showed signs of failing without actually failing, if you get my drift. A new battery and all was well and has been ever since.
  13. Your BiL is good at dodging bullets. He took a nasty.flesh wound on that Volvo but dodged the next bullet by getting rid. My oh my, did the next owner have some grief getting it sorted. the Beemer would have been alright if it was alright, but you gotta smile at the wad of paperwork looks like your BIL dodged another bullet.
  14. And there's your answer, probably replaced at 120k, so didn't need doing again at 100k later
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