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  1. Some dad to dad advice: don't give him the option! If you think it's the right thing for him to do, make him do it, tell him there's no alternative. Tell him it's a requirement and there's no compromise. Everything else he will want to do will be bad, this is modern societies will. It ain't like it was when we were kids.
  2. This is my life with my (nearly) 15 year old boy. Genuinely doesn't care and has zero interest in anything but his Xbox. I have tried everything. Really. My advice is for you to get on it now. Do something drastic, for yours and your boys sake. Be ruthless. Force him against his will to do something, a club, a hobby, after school activities, something, anything! When you're where I am with mine it's too late and you will only blame yourself, I know I do. Anyone who says "he's fine, he likes his Xbox, it makes him happy", is wrong, they don't understand that happy now, means miserable later. Unmotivated, uneducated, selfish, single minded, unhealthy and immature is where the Xbox generation is heading. My boy and his peers are no different. <edit: read it as your son, not nephew> Do your best.
  3. Aye, they are. Series also have one stamped on the chassis rail just by the front spring hanger, conveniently where they rust like hell...
  4. New registrations include imports made in that year I believe. So it is possible to see a new registration of a long forgotten model. But otherwise the figures are about as reliable as an MP's promise. My Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign 4.0 LWB is simply registered as a "Jaguar" - that's it, nothing else, even though the is a correct category for the full moniker.
  5. Turns out to be a false alarm, completely the wrong LPG kit! Spank you anyways!
  6. Might have found a new unused LPG kit for the shaguar. It's unfortunately many many miles away in Boston (lincs). The seller may be unwilling to pack it up and post it. I'd be happy to generously deposit beer (or 10w40) tokens if anyone's in a position to pick it up, box it and ship it down to Pasty land. Nothings carved in stone yet but need options!
  7. Same symptoms as a friends Goona 125 Privilege that spat the turbot out, no EML either. Took 4 hours to change including I/C cleanout.
  8. Thought permitted development was 25m2? Up to 2.4m high within 2m of a boundary and 4m high elsewhere?
  9. Surely a couple of bags of cement could sort out the ramp issue? Strapped go-jacks are surprisingly nimble on the bumpy stuff!
  10. Feck it, in for a penny... Got a brand new downpipe and centre section for a CVH Sierra here in Cornwall. Gratis.
  11. I bought the paint for the leather on both my Jags on eBay. Matched the colour code, applied easily, has lasted brilliantly and an invisible repair. Just remember not to use leather cream on it afterwards!
  12. I liked yours but the lack of a Bog puts a lot of people off. Can't really be self-sufficient without one.
  13. Funny old world. Couldn't shift this at a grand... Yesterday a couple missioned over from Kent and paid £1600 cash without so much as a haggle and I've been beating punters off with a stick for a couple of days! What a difference a few weeks make!
  14. I've had various successes with lefties so they do work in certain circumstances. Small extractors never work if the stud itself is stuck, they're not strong enough (engineering 101), but... I would usually drill the pilot hole out with a decent drill bit, then insert a similarly sized blunt (or masonry) bit and keep drilling to build up heat as far as I dare. This is normally when smoke appears from the thread. The extractor will then normally wind it out. Has worked MANY more times than it has failed, it's all about building up the heat in a confined space - something you can't do with a blowtorch.
  15. If she's a confident driver I've a 4ltr X300 Jag Sovereign here, recently shifted to my current weekend car. It isn't frugal at all, but it's the sort of place I'd like to spend my latter time of life if the clock were ticking. Under the circumstances I'd be happy to loan indefinitely.
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