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    Air con leak

    Kwik fit do a thing where if they can't get the air cooler you owe them nothing, leaks included they put the dye in to My new astra, was my grandads. It had absolutely no gas in and only 1ml of oil they charged it and it all works perfectly no leaks! The refrigerate leaks on all ac system, something like 10% a year is not uncommon
  2. On xuds it common to replace the black hose from the top fuel filter to the fuel pump with a clear piece of hose, as said a air leak could cause this and you'd be able to see any air getting in
  3. She left mine today! Hope that the drive to Wales went okay Lovely guy and sounds like she will be looked after well!
  4. Sounds pleasant! Thanks for the offer il keep you in mind, just see if there's anything closer
  5. Hello all As the title said Sold the 406 coupe on Roffle last week but my new car isn't ready for a few weeks Oops! It's not life or death as I can get the bus to work, but if anyone has a car I can tax and insurance for a few weeks it would be most appreciated!! Many thanks
  6. It does say they haven't read the message so maybe they haven't seen the notification, cause they've logged on since but not checked there messages
  7. who every wins will love it especially the almost like a turbo kick when you hit 4000rpm
  8. Iv fired off a second message to the people yet to pay hopefully they are getting the notification from it!!
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