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  1. Failing that then the 1800S landcrab has both the carbs and a fancy exhaust manifold that would be as good I think. If it were me then I would find / have a manifold made but keep the single carb personally, to stay faithful with my modifying ethos mentioned above. Ignition-wise, a 123 setup is available and coupled with a high output coil and 8mm silicone HT leads would give you a noticeable bump in efficiency over the standard setup even if you left everything else well alone.
  2. Oh don’t get me wrong, I would never want to build a “serious” sleeper out of one of these, it would seem against the character of the car (and the handling would be seriously shown up badly too). My aim was to improve its current character, by both making it a bit more torquey and also improving the fuel economy on a long run by say 10% or so through the addition of upgraded head plus electronic / updated ignition system - This would over time start to payback a little of the outlay plus do away with the points and condenser - which as everyone knows these days is a no-brained thanks to
  3. Really enjoying this thread - I’ve had two of these in the past, both were the Mk1 1800 version like yours. I bought them for a laugh in both cases when BL tat was still pretty cheap, then I was pleasantly surprised both times by what capable cars they were and actually they were pretty well designed (if not always as well built). The one thing I remember is how tall the gearing in 4th is: It might not have a 5 speed box but 70mph is genuinely refined and comfortable, it was one of the few classics I’ve had that didn’t want for another / taller gears, this also made them pretty easy on th
  4. I've just had a Haynes Manual for an Ambassador turn up in my hands - A previous owner has scrawled their reg in it: XFH 658X, purchased in 1990 with 60k miles on the clock and some neat maintenance / repair work chronicled from then until 1994 (including a decoke - remember them?!). This is what comes up when I type in the reg, looks like it was a 1700 of some description in forum colour scheme that was then sold in that year and died the following summer:
  5. I know exactly what you mean, I think I have too, hence my being fairly sure it’s konichi-wa in origin.
  6. Next up, another rev counter - Think this one might also be an accessory (adjustable redline marker) and Japanese at that - I've lobbed it on ebay with the others but would be interesting if anyone here recognises it:
  7. I say sir! Good shot sir! Very very close, but not quite, unless they did more than one version of the dial: I think the answer is it's an accessory, similar to Smiths etc. - they did them as standard fit on some cars (such as the Kadett in this case), but there was a generic version for retro boy racers back in the day to gain 75 BHP on their NSU Prinz or VW Karmann Ghia, just as you could with a Smiths version to enjoy neck-snapping gear changes on your Hillman Imp or Vauxhall Victor!
  8. It is! I bought it as an additional gauge for a 1969 BMW - But was it orginally standard fitment on some old Merc or sommat? Or was it sold as an accessory from new only? We need a German old-school shiter / fanboi to tell us.
  9. Next up, I assume this is off something German and 60s or early 70s? It measures about 58mm across its diameter.
  10. Well done sir on the clutch cable, I’m not sure how I managed to miss that - I even looked at a google image of what I thought was a viva clutch cable - perhaps the one in the pic I looked at was for the bigger engine variants or sommat. Thanks - I may well be along shortly with more, has anyone else got mystery parts cluttering up their shed they want to throw in here?
  11. Next up - What's this clutch cable from? Cars I've owned in the past include Vivas, Mk1 escorts and Mk3 Cortinas, yet none of thoe are right according to google. It's 125mm long if that helps.
  12. Well it's definitely from a mid-late 70's Leyland product, I've typed in all the usual suspects along with the word "dashboard" into google images to visually check the headlamp switch, which was sadly rather a fun way to waste 3/4 of an hour - but was ultimately unsuccessful. ADU4778 is from a Mini Mk3 - so close and yet so far! http://geros1968.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6_23&products_id=2791
  13. Hmm the part number is different in both cases though, ADU4788 vs what I have - ADU4777. I would expect the part number to match if it's the same fitment.
  14. Hmm they certainly look similar in both cases (same pic in both auctions?) - although the area with the logo looks slightly different. Better picture:
  15. Hi all, I am finally clearing out my parents' garage after many years of using it as a dumping ground storage facility for all my old tat. As is the norm, the mists of time have hidden the crucial infomation as to what carsome of the bits are for! I couldn't see a thread dedicated to leveraging the combined AS community's tat encyclopedia / visual parts lookup power so thought I'd start one and let's see how it goes. First up - It's British Leyland, but what from? Part number as you can see is APU4777, I can't find any reference to a vehicle on the net....
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