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  1. That’s the exact pose I seem to adopt when my back gives me shit after an hour or more bending under a bonnet. I could post a similar picture upon request.
  2. “You can’t park there mate”
  3. Nice one for picking yerself up and getting your life back on track. It’s a big step mentally. Hope your back has been self-patted for that.
  4. I remember trying to change the points on the one I had - By the time I got it all apart the overwhelming consensus of “fuck that for a game of soldiers” drove me into the arms of one of the electronic ignition kit sellers - Other than that it was a fun car to work on, no way would I daily one for anything beyond short urban trips mind - it felt like a death trap at anything over 35mph!
  5. Main lesson of this thread appears to be don’t even consider dailying anything French of any age 🤯
  6. And to add to that last comment - if you (OP) have the luxury of a garage then that would swing things firmly in favour of “do it” for me. If not then see my comment about going as modern as possible above.
  7. Agree with this post ^, if you need to do proper miles then I can recommend erring on the side of more modern whilst still feeling you’re in something interesting. Comfort, economy, parts availability and reliability are all of key importance as has been noted. It would be different if you’re only doing mostly shorter journeys daily, I would then say get a backup car on the go and go madly classic as you like, swapping between them as needed when one breaks / needs work.
  8. It’s probably pushed the fuel sender to now-uncharted territory on its resistor scale or sommat. Dare say normal service will resume around the halfway mark? amazing to think that’s a 50 year old car!
  9. I’ve never bought anything other than NGK for plugs and I’ve not had one instance in messing about with engines of all descriptions in the last 30 odd years that has made me regret it - so no idea what other brands are like. Like you, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Bosch brand has been whored out to the point where it’s now meaningless in terms of appliances and tools. I will still only buy Bosch (or genuine) engine sensors for my VAG vehicles however.
  10. Only the very early 3 main crank version of the B’s engine will be a direct swap as things stand. That’s why I mentioned the the Riley 1.5 lump - it pumps out decent output (about +30% over standard), is a direct swap and if installed along with a matching diff / axle; this has the tallest available ratio as well (3.7:1) which would drop the revs down on longer journeys, as 65mph would equate to 3500rpm.
  11. Dj_efk

    Audi A2

    Yeah it’s part of the appeal actually - all the advantages the marque comes with such as good build quality and an upmarket, plush interior (on examples with decent spec anyway), but coupled with a pure focus on efficiency of space and fuel above all else, rather than on aesthetics and “look at me” image. I love mine for just how out of step with the modern Audi image it is.
  12. Yes Howard! Lovely bloke. When I was in my teens a best friend of mine worked there for a time on Saturday mornings. There was a drunk, semi-homeless codger with questionable personal hygiene (mostly thankfully masked by his chain-smoking) called Merv - last time I went in there just before he moved Howard mentioned he’d passed on not that long after my mate left, unsurprisingly. Such a fascinating shop - it was basically a bonkers hoarders paradise for classic car parts where everything was for sale. My mate’s recollections of swimming in “the hose room” - an upstairs bedroom literally waist-deep in radiator hoses - was one of my favourite stories. There must be some pictures of the place on here somewhere. Anyway, back to the Austin - in terms of electronic ignition, back in the day my standard A or B series upgrade was one of those Accu-Spark magnetic / Hall effect jobbies in the distributor, a Lucas gold (high output) coil, NGK spark plus with 0.8mm gaps and 8mm silicone HT leads. Fairly cheap, always reliable in my personal experience and usually bumped the car’s fuel efficiency up by a measurable amount - but for me removing the need to faff around with points and the timing gun every few thousand miles was the biggest draw on a daily. With good quality engine oils and if doing mostly longer journeys you can then do up to say 5000 miles without having to lift the bonnet apart from fluid level checks (hopefully). In terms of exhaust, realistically getting a stainless one made up is probably the best long-term option - Again I’d be tempted to get a slightly fruitier manifold if you can find / afford one - then get whoever was making the exhaust to make it freer-flowing without being appreciably noisier - the original design would have been pretty awful from a flow point of view so some decent efficiency gains should be possible.
  13. Don’t know if he’s still going but Collectors car parts who used to be in Sipson next to heathrow airport was my go-to for exhausts for 50s and 60s stuff. Might be worth a google.
  14. Nice steed. Any plans beyond rust proofing it to the nines? If it was to be my daily driver I’d be thinking birthday-service and upgraded ignition. If a Riley 1.5 Engine and back axle came up I’d be tempted to lob them in too.
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