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  1. a very useful repair guide the hbol doesnt come close
  2. im tempted,surely a 127 wont be rotten.
  3. try atf in the dashpot.20/50 is too thick remove dashpot damper and air filter; try to get a finger under the slide and push up to remove excess 20/50 repeat the above and re assemble taking care not to cross thread on dashpot. put atf fluid in,and its should be fine
  4. he is the spitting image of my bruno. best dog ever
  5. this might explain a dvd i recieved last year,not sure how this works. BUT IM IN. but could someone please explain it to me??
  6. thats it dave_q,very useful info.thanks for that.
  7. possibly,not thought of that,will try to find a local ally welder.
  8. if anyone might have one,im in urgent need of a clutch basket for the above,the bikes a 1998 model. its not my bike,just one ive fooked fitting a new clutch,the bit where the clutch spring bolts screw in has sheared off. anyone know if other years,or models fit.
  9. its ok they have my cc on the jiffy logbook down as 4hp.
  10. matty879


    i used to run my rover 200 on asdas finest,often neat,the only problem i had was primer bulbs going soft and sucking in.and countless empty 3l bottles everywhere
  11. ive recently gone back to my local factors,ok pads are a couple of quid dearer,but overall im saving money,£80 saved over euros price on a timing chain kit last week.
  12. this might be a good place to ask if anyone has a spare throttle body for a 9-3 turbo.2001 2.0 i think,replaced the dic,but it seems over revvy,and cuts out.
  13. im looking for a 4-1 exhaust to fit a suzuki gsx 750 es,a long shot i know,or something i could make fit. im also looking for a rust bucket japanese bike,for winter project,the seized scabby basket case variety is probably where i want to be. any offers?
  14. my ldv recovery truck would look great in those,on the doors and bonnet,resized of course.we could make it the official autoshite recovery truck.
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