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  1. Old Etonians only may apply...but nice
  2. Right you lot...don't be silly or the old Citroen gets it
  3. This was designed by Roy Axe after he left Ford - hence the similarities with the Mk3 Cortina. Wasn't long before BLMC reverted to the old slab of wood treatment - which was kinda retrograde if you look at say what VW did with the Mk1 Golf etc.
  4. This does deserve to live on - if not just to piss off know it alls at car shows when you tell them straight-faced that its a coachbuilt conversion by MIESEN of Bonn - for the Shar of Iran so he could carry his hunting beagles to his mountain retreat and has recently been liberated from its secret underground garage...
  5. I dont have the log book but if you do a vehicle check you will see it has no previous keepers, didnt want to register it in my name as this would add another owner - errrrrr could you repeat that again from the beginning?
  6. Is this a reason to buy it now? - * We are going to advertisethis car as it is but are sourcing parts to repair and these arrive we are going to do the work and ask overĀ£10,000 for the car
  7. You are spoiling us Monsieur Fawlty
  8. Yes indeeede eet iz in the gud owl USA...'boroughamisation' to bee correct - to turn your bland mobile with added geejaws into this (still goes on in Florida apparently)
  9. Complete with ejector seat by the look of it...
  10. I need to find a happy home 'Cause I can't do this on my own Since you're by my side I'll be down to ride Untill the day I'm dead and gone
  11. They put you down, they say I'm wrong You tacky thing, you put them on Rebel Rebel, you've torn your dress Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess Rebel Rebel, how could they know? Hot tramp, I love you so!
  12. Nice house...parked there for photoshoot ( really in a lock-up behind the kebab shop) or it's home drive?
  13. You may find the bug at the post office too as they use a similar system. You will need to apply for a new log book V5C alas and keep it off the public highway. We have a clamping epidemic in London...virtually every street has a yellow clamped car. Its alright having a good reason to not be taxed but once its clamped its clamped and expensive to get off and then try to get your money back...slim chance and lots of trouble. They don't enter private land but I'd still keep it out of view if possible.
  14. Where is this one for sale?
  15. Fun car...these are great to drive...but why not say why its not got a MoT...or am I just too logical?
  16. Photobombed bya Reliant Robin
  17. This is very interesting...
  18. This is interesting... .. .
  19. Last one to the golf club bar pays for the drinks...
  20. Strap on a supercharger and you get this...
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