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  1. Rave if you can't  find a taker for this I could  come take a look. I am only in Deptford. 

    Hopefully one of this crew will take it. Shame to see it scrapped.

    Cheers. Mark

    1. Rave


      Hi Mark,

      Thanks, will keep you informed then. I have a few other expressions of interest, and I'm still hopeful of being able to weld up my 106 on Sunday and stick it in for an MOT on Monday, which would free up a driveway space for the jag. The tightwad in me is still bridling at the idea of letting it go for scrap value when I've spent more than that on parts for it, but my rational brain is still telling me that I'll never get round to doing anything with it...


    2. lesapandre


      OK Rich. 👍 I hope somebody takes it and gives it a future.

      I don't  need or want it but will act as a last resort if the scrap man beckons. I already have too many vehicles...😂

      The idea wd be to do a quick MoT & then roadtrip it to Spain and write it up here.  I need to go and this wd be a fun way.

  2. sorted! Thanks folks

  3. how do I upload pics??

    1. lesapandre


      Any help welcome

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