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    Landy Mann reacted to Ghosty in Repatriation Not Necessary - 1987 Volvo 740 GLE   
    There's no collection epic for this one as the car was only 12 miles away, and had 2/3 of a tank of petrol left.
    PM'd the seller on eBay last night, arranged to go over, and did.
    We were greeted with this:

    The seller was a nice older bloke, ex mounted police. He'd had the car to tow a caravan and such, bought it in 1997. The previous owner to that got it in 1990, and was also in Hazel Grove.
    Old Man checked everything over, the cambelt is probably due on age (but is non-interference), ICV needs cleaning as it's been pissing oil everywhere, and there's a rust bleb round the sunroof, but that's it.

    Green velour it's lovely inside and hardly anything is broken. Sunroof might be stiff/stuck and the headlining is fucked as someone's tried to reglue it but that's just to be expected.

    Original Volvo plastic mats. Covered with carpet too which is nice.
    That blob on the steering cowl is a button for the starter.

    The X3 in the background is his other car, he just doesn't need this any more.

    Police watch sticker - and it's got an alarm too. All the glass is etched with the reg.
    Note also the carpet covering the load space.
    Under that is an orginal vinyl load space cover, and under that is a virtually new carpet.
    The adjustable suspension is not Nivomat fortunately.

    Cubby hole full of odds and sods. Boxes of screws nuts and bolts, 3 in 1, chemical metal, fast glass and such. And obligatory tights.
    The toolkits are all there and complete.

    Double electric towbar.

    Only bleb on it.

    'Above All For Volvo'

    Even came with a Stoplock.

    Lots of keys.

    Twenty years of history, an HBOL and quite a few brochures.

    It's smooth, runs well maybe slightly high idling but easy to sort.
    No major pieces of trim are broken.
    No clunks or rattles.
    All the electrics work.
    All the gauges work.
    It's absolutely bloody lovely.

    It was £650.
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    Landy Mann reacted to Ghosty in Annoying shite during prospective vehicle viewing   
    When I bought the Rover the seller was all 'OMG HONDA ENGINE STARTS 1ST TIME' etc. 
    You all know the story by now.
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from UltraWomble in 2005 Rover 25 1.4 with HGF for sale (or 4 good 175/165R14 tires & Rover R3 towbar for sale come with free car)   
    Good evening,
    My ex-Wuvvum Rover 25 is now for sale, 1.4K series, it seems to have HGF between exhaust and coolant resulting in a pressurized cooling system. I've tried a new inlet manifold gasket with no luck. If you take a look at http://autoshite.com/topic/23846-landy-manns-project-deprive-july-17-update-hot-kettle-action/?do=findComment&comment=984872 you'll see I don't declare HGF lightly. A Volvo forces sale.
    Good points:
    MOT till 4th December
    Taxed till the end of the month
    New thermostat housing
    New Coolant rail
    New Saab valve
    Serviced in January
    New CAT
    4x good tires (2 Avon ZT5’s & 2 Kumho’s)
    Genuine Rover 200 mats
    Towbar (genuinely used once!)
    Leather seats
    Icecold aircon
    ~87k miles
    New pads & drivers side caliper
    Electric windows and central locking work
    No hurry to collect
    Probably get you home
    Bad points:
    Every panel dented
    Damage to sills (vactaning required)
    Sometimes only starts on 2 or 3 cylinders
    Front bumper was from a silver car
    No service history apart from old MOT’s
    Terrible looks
    Insult me around the £150 mark...
    Just of J15 M1
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from phil_lihp in Landy Mann's July 20 UPDATE: Return of the 110   
    In the last couple of months the 25 has had new front pads and a new brake calliper, A full service and been greenlaning. Since doing the coolant rail it hasn't lost any coolant! Although it does need a wash...

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    Landy Mann reacted to Angrydicky in Aus Rüsselsheim mit Liebe: Vauxhall Royale content.   
    I'd like to introduce fellow 'shiters to my latest automotive purchase. I've always liked the look of these big Vauxhalls and have hankered after a shovelnose Carlton since I found one in the scrapyard in 2007. I'd never seen one before, and I fell in love with the interior.
    I'd been following this Royale since I saw it on RR back in 2013. It was for sale in Rochford and the chap struggled to sell it due to the obscurity. I couldn't afford it then so forgot all about it.
    Fast forward four years and three more owners and the chap from Rochford has it again. Although with seven classic Minis he had no time to work on the poor Royale, so it just sat there on his drive looking sorry for itself. Eventually it came up for sale. I agonised because I'd been saving up for a pre-war car and this would be a fair chunk of my budget, but then I thought 'sod it' went along for a look, and after a test drive and a bit of haggling, I bought it there and then!
    No collection thread as such as it was one of the shortest journeys I've ever made to buy a car. Suffice to say it was running on fumes when I picked it up, and I managed to lose my dad on the way to the petrol station who was following me in the Maestro. My wallet, keys and phone were all in said Maestro. I was forced to press on to home, fortunately it made it...
    It's in pretty good nick for a 37 year old Vauxhall/Opel, worst bits are on the bottom of the front wings and the rear valance. It's been well looked after considering it's been through a lot of hands in the past few years. Every piece of glass, including the headlights and even the windscreen, is original and etched with the registration. Original dealer plates too.
    Plans are a new rocker cover gasket to stem the flow of oil, a set of new tyres as the ones on it are ancient budget brands which are very perished, and a good service. Sadly the original radio was ripped out in favour of the ghastly modern CD player it's got at the moment. I'm on the look out for a Philips 460 at a sensible price, but the CD player does sound excellent and at least I can play my 80s tunes in it!
    It drives very nicely with plenty of power. It was running far too rich so dad backed it off and got it running better. It's been converted to a manual choke Weber at some point. The autobox is super smooth, about the only problems with the running are an occasional squeak from the OSF wheel which disappears under braking (sticking caliper perhaps) and a clunking noise when manoeuvring on full lock. It's got power steering, electric windows, central locking, solenoid-operated boot release and sunroof, all of which work perfectly, and headlight wipers, which need looking at along with the single wipe function on the stalk.
    Have some pictures. The whitewalls will be going, since I can get new Michelins sans whitewalls for cheaper than budgets with whitewalls. The gold lower half has also been added at some point, but all the paintwork seems to have been done professionally. There's no stonechips or OAP touchups. There's the odd car park ding and a scrape and scratch on one of the doors but it's definitely one of the smarter cars I've owned. It was very dirty after being sat since September, but has cleaned up very nicely. I'm chuffed to bits with it!




    When I first got it home, pre-wash:







    Original dealer plates:

    Loads of fake wood


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    Landy Mann reacted to 2MB in Modern shite and corrosion   
    I have to say I've found 306s to be rather corrosion resistant. Even the one that went into a barrier backwards and got left caked in salt for months didn't start to go on the exposed metal. Trebor extra strong mints on my tongue dissolve slower than a Disco 1 though
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    Landy Mann reacted to Slartibartfast in Peugeot 306. Open surgery   
    Well this old banger is a known quantity. I'm guessing he's examined it thoroughly, knows all of its quirks and has probably done a decent amount of work to keep it running. A new old banger is going to have a whole number of problems that will almost certainly take longer (and cost more) to sort than a couple of days spent welding that panel.
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    Landy Mann reacted to Cavcraft in Thursday is...   
    ...viewing day.

    Genuine mileage and to be fair, a bit of a cracker.

    The 'problem' is no MOT, it's thrown enough water out of the exhaust to flood several counties and the heater isn't getting hot. I don't think it's HGF (no signs, aside from v.smokey exhaust, and that's probably just the steam from condensation of exhaust water). It's getting to temp, fan cutting in and not over heating. Eventually (probably a good 30 mins) all the hoses were red hot, ditto the exhaust steam, but still no heat in heater. I reckon an Italian tune up would clear it, but could it be something worse than simply being an old car that's sat for quite a while? The smoke did get better after a while, by the way...

    Bodywork was fabulous, slight scrape to o/s/r arch (and a giffer paint touch up) and the odd tiny mark or scratch, interior was a treat and engine bay and underside etc seem great. There's a tough of surface rust forming on the bottom leading edge of sills, but a quick sandpaper and touch up would hide that. 
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    Landy Mann reacted to phil_lihp in 45 Bits of Rover   
    I'm calling that a success.  It'd been sat outside a local garage for 18 months following a head gasket replacement, the garage started it up and immediately noticed a rattling noise from the engine.  The owner, a friend of mine, had only had it a week and wasn't impressed with it's behaviour so he told them to leave it and bought a rather nasty Clio off his brother instead.  So it's done 0 miles on the new head gasket allegedly but has been sat outside for a fair amount of time, partly on grass and with the lid off the header tank, which was empty.  A good sign, I'm sure you'll agree.
    The owner offered it to me for free as it needed to go away and naturally I agreed to rehome it so this morning at 10AM, the rescue commenced.

    I'm not used to having a co-pilot but as the car was only 9 miles away it was ideal as he could then drive my car back and act as support vehicle should anything go wrong.
    Ten minutes later, the car was waiting with anticipation for the freedom it had been longing for.




    The old battery out of RobT's Astra, although left on charge overnight, when combined with my knackered jump leads did not produce great results so the Octavia was brought in to assist.  The header tank proved to be empty but only took a litre or so, which was a reasonably promising sign.
    My assistant inserted a can of fresh petrol to dilute the 1/4 tank of stale muck that was in the car already...

    and a few reluctant coughs eventually produced noise and a huge amount of blue smoke, a superb start.  The smoke died away, it idled reasonably well once the cleaner petrol started coming through and most of the electrics worked, although the car's own battery was completely dead, not surprising really.  

    The engine noise is a distinct top-end rattling which may be hydraulic lifter noise, something these engines are known for.  It quietened down a bit once it had warmed up and didn't sound too terrible so I've decided to see if a bit of use and an oil change will sort it, assuming it earns a fresh MOT first of course.
    Once it had warmed up a little, the handbrake eventually let go on the 4th attempt and she was free.



    Anyone who knows these engines knows what a pain they are to bleed and this one was no different.  It took an hour of faffing about before the worst of the airlocks cleared and the header tank settled down, alas having used all the water I brought with me.  

    Whilst we waited for it to warm up, we had a chance to admire the slightly minging interior.

    Seen and smelt worse, mind.  Brakes look rough...

    But at least all the tyres had around 30psi and plenty of tread.  A quick wipe with some waterless wash removed the most obvious green muck and the scuttle panel was excavated.

    Tidy enough for free!

    It was keeping superb company in the yard.


    Coolant now a bit low but pretty clear of air, a short run up and down the industrial estate to confirm the car drove quote well and the brakes worked, time to hit the road and get it 9 miles to my local tame mechanic for a chance at an MOT.
    Success!  It got a little warm in traffic near the end, the fan cut in though and the temperature gauge reads very low, I'll be over to it during the week with a spare battery (my spare is too large), some new wiper blades and enough water to top up and properly bleed the coolant system but overall, not bad.  It is a little low on power and not 100% smooth but it's still running on mostly ancient petrol so it did well enough and you can't hear the top-end rattle on the move.  


    A pre-MOT assessment is happening later this week if he gets time, nothing obvious is wrong so we'll see what happens.
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    Landy Mann reacted to scruff in Nee naw. Nee naw   
    A few weeks ago a mate of mine, who runs a small Land Rover based business from a farmyard near here, had a bloke stick his head in the door and offer a wanky old Discovery for £not much. Not really my pal's thing but it was very local so he went for a look. Anyway he happened to wander past a shed-behind-a-shed and nearly fell over when he saw the contents. I will add he is a weapons-grade Series LR pervert with a particular fancy for the 2.6 six cylinders, ex-Forces, and also is big into fire service equipment. All boxes ticked.

    The story goes it was one of a batch the army bought and upon demob had been farting about and doing a bit of motorsport support. The current owner had it about 15 years and not done a squat with it. A "sold as seen" deal was done without my mate even looking inside, so getting the keys today was like opening a tomb - all tools, hoses, standpipes etc are in there; bulkhead and chassis look mintola. 
    It was literally a mile away but in a very muddy bombholed site with crap access, these things are also supa heavy, so I opted to use our tractor and trailer for this very short collection saga.

    I had to go and do some proper work and shoot off but will grab a few more porno shots if anyone wants them. It should be running fairly easily, might even go to a show next month - WTF he will do with it after that I'm not sure 
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    Landy Mann reacted to scruff in Range Rovers.   
    Flipping smashing things to drive on and off tarmac. As long as they belong to someone else 
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    Landy Mann reacted to wuvvum in eBay tat volume 3.   
    One for the Late Registration Madness thread.

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    Landy Mann reacted to dieselnutjob in Might have done a save   
    was destined for the crusher

    towed it from north London to Ruislip using SWMBOs freelander using a rope.
    Note flashing amber light on the roof, trailer board and hi-vis coat.
    My interest in it is only as a diagnostics test bed for a few weeks, however this appears to have saved it long enough for someone else to find longer term storage for it.
    There was no oil or coolant in it.....  just a coating of sludge on everything.
    The new owner who is eventually taking it off of my drive is not afraid of K series OMGHG.
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    Landy Mann reacted to JayW in Early Freelander. Keepage Quandary???   

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    Landy Mann reacted to cros in The future of dieselshite: is it bleak, or bollocks?   
    A lot of people seem to believe that small diesel engines are much nastier pro rata than lorries, especially for Nitrogen Oxide (or 'deadly gas' as scientists call it) emissions. The BBC, Guardian and Telegraph say so but since the figures bandied about vary wildly the only thing you can rely on is that they all distort the truth. The underlying message from the wankers is to throw away anything old and buy the latest flavour. You're only allowed something old if it has been 'upcycled'- painted stupid colours and the price quadrupled by some cunt on daytime TV.
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    Landy Mann reacted to Pillock in BEIGE SHERPA scampervan and old Honda motorbike.   
    That Sherpa is lovely outside, lovelier inside, and aren't you tall?
    £2000 is a barg, that's exactly the kind of thing I'd want if I had somewhere to put it. Quick enough not to infuriate other road users (i.e. not a VW T2), unfashionable enough to be cheap (i.e. not a VW T2), plenty of room inside (i.e. not a VW T2) and hasn't been wankjizzed over by a hipster with "zany" ideas about patina and upgrades (i.e. you get the idea)
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    Landy Mann reacted to BorniteIdentity in The Autoshite holy grail is now one of us!   
    Well now we do!
    This afternoon, I did something to the car I swore I never would.
    For the first time since circa 1987, the car saw polish.
    Now, in mitigation, there was an issue. The old boy who owns the mansion where the car is stored has just had his garage doors painted. I’m not sure by which method, but my money is on 10 litres of Hamerite delivered via Cuprinol sprayer. The car has been left with a mist coating of green powder; some of which required T-Cut.
    The other reason for a little polish? Well, at some stage there will be a couple of new panels added to the Base. Matching new paint to old will only be possible by improving neighbouring coachwork.
    Anyway, it’s come up suprisingly well. I’ve only done the front because I’m a lazy oaf.

    Heaven only knows what a proper machine and some G3 or whatever would do. Anyway, we’ll never know.
    It can get you down a bit this car. Wherever you look, there’s something ready to nick a few more quid off of you. Rusty car doors, awkward bonnet catch, couple of holes. Anyways, not to worry – fortunately we’re not in a rush (!)
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    Landy Mann reacted to HMC in EXPRESS delivery: 2 seater MG (van) returns to maker   
    These MG Rover curiosities have long been on my radar. I'd love to have been at a board meeting where the case to build these was put. I suppose development costs were nill as the base vehicle ( Rover commerce) and all the running gear ( mg ZR) already existed. Maybe the boys on the night shift had been on the old speckled hen as the build data for this and the few other examples Ive got build data on all show as rolling off the assembly line in the wee small hours. At any rate, only just over 300 were made, this being the 167th out of longbridge.....

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    Landy Mann reacted to BorniteIdentity in The Autoshite holy grail is now one of us!   
    So, this time last year - it all began with these simple words.
    And just over 24 hours later - we were at THIS point.
    And a further 24 hours, and it was sat in the car park at work.
    Being a sentimental old fool, I thought its first anniversary in the fold deserved some level of recognition.  So I recovered it from garage at the mansion, and decided to press it into action immediately.  I felt that if the Sierra would do the journey so ably this time last year, there was no reason to doubt it a year later.  
    So we left home at 0430, my first work engagement being 50 miles away.  As expected, it didn't miss a beat.  The next appointment for both me and the car was to visit my lovely friend Emma, who drove me on collection day.  Despite an entire year passing, she hadn't seen the car since we picked it up from Clapton.  Truth be told, neither of us really knew whether Emma would be with us a year later, so I was delighted to be able to see the luck of absolute dismay on her face when I pulled up outside hers earlier.

    She wasn't all that happier about sitting inside either!

    The next stop was 60 miles away from Emma's in Kettering;  the complete lack of "in car entertainment" giving opportunity for reflection on the bASe's birthday.  How much things have changed in just the space of a year...  how the car is still absolutely fantastic at being a car... how the dent in the driver's door still makes my teeth itch.  You know the score.
    Kettering arrived with ease, and it was another 3 hours work before the short journey from the office to the homestead of ALFNUMBERS, who'd offered to give the car the once over.  What I didn't realise is
    1) Alf used to inspect vehicles for a living
    2) He doesn't actually have a face, or indeed any features.  He is just a head and torso, permanently beached on her majesty's highway.


    Not meaning to put words into his mouth, but he seemed pretty impressed with the old girl.  The steering rack is pretty much toast, and we're probably in for a telling off on one of the rear brake pipes.  Other than that, hot to trot.  The plan (as much as there is one) is to get a full head kit, put on the new belt and perhaps attend to one or two other things whilst the car is in his expert care.  I've even come away with OEM parts yo!

    There was a lot to like about today.  Emma meeting "Emma" for the first time, Alf's wife's tea,  Alf's neighbour coming over to talk about the car (confirmed Maestro licker by all accounts), and the journey home.
    Oh. The journey home.
    If you ever get a chance to do the B645 at either sunrise or sunset, do it.  It's my favourite road, and here's why.

    Guys.  Thanks so much for being part of the last year.  Friends and memories have been made - here's to the next 12 months, and here's to the two ladies called Emma.

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    Landy Mann reacted to spartacus in Rover 214 roffle prize now for roffle! £200 12 months MOT   
    Depending on your interest in the event at the time, some of you may remember I won this fine example of British engineering about a month ago.
    Since then I've given it a good clean, re-built the front brakes, freeing off stuck slider pins, fixed some interior squeeks, sourced a radio code and a few other small jobs.
    It had MOT until June but it looked so good I thought it might pass another...
    I was right, I threw a pair of wiper blades on and it passed with no advisories.
    Unfortunately I've got nowhere to keep it, too many cars already and not enough money! I'm hoping that having fettled this it may be of interest to a fellow shitter.
    As the title says, I'm thinking about £200 but I'm open to offers, as I have no real clue as to its worth.



    Bonus virtual points available for amusing/sarcastic/abusive titles for the picture with my shadow.
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Rusty_Rocket in Landy Mann's July 20 UPDATE: Return of the 110   
    In the last couple of months the 25 has had new front pads and a new brake calliper, A full service and been greenlaning. Since doing the coolant rail it hasn't lost any coolant! Although it does need a wash...

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Dirk Diggler in Landy Mann's July 20 UPDATE: Return of the 110   
    In the last couple of months the 25 has had new front pads and a new brake calliper, A full service and been greenlaning. Since doing the coolant rail it hasn't lost any coolant! Although it does need a wash...

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Lacquer Peel in Landy Mann's July 20 UPDATE: Return of the 110   
    In the last couple of months the 25 has had new front pads and a new brake calliper, A full service and been greenlaning. Since doing the coolant rail it hasn't lost any coolant! Although it does need a wash...

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Lacquer Peel in Landy Mann's July 20 UPDATE: Return of the 110   
    Following the the MOT pass at in November it was time to change the coolant rail due to the massive coolant leak. (this write up is about a month late).
    First job was to find a nice cold frosty morning.

    Then get the old coolant rail out and provide a sacrifice for the ongoing integrity of the head gasket.

    Then fit the new coolant rail

    Top up and bleed the cooling system and check the coolant temperature while eating a celebratory pasty.

    Then I went and found the sort of thing I'll be driving in 10 years time...

    In all other respects the 25 is performing perfectly reliably with no problems. Roll on 2017!
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    Landy Mann reacted to dollywobbler in The Mighty Sherpa (LDV etc)   
    Autoshite was treated to some spectacular LDV quality* at Cannock Motor Auctions yesterday. Made up for the lack of shite cars.

    I also got to drive Lankytim's Pilot!

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