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    Landy Mann got a reaction from TooManyPeopleMovers in Airtrek Adventures - Indecisive young man buys shite car in New Zealand   
    If only you were 14 months earlier and all this could have been yours for $1500 now WoF less but probably in Dunedin somewhere. Also the top of mount Cargill is GR9 for photos.

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Tim_E in Airtrek Adventures - Indecisive young man buys shite car in New Zealand   
    If only you were 14 months earlier and all this could have been yours for $1500 now WoF less but probably in Dunedin somewhere. Also the top of mount Cargill is GR9 for photos.

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    Landy Mann reacted to dome in Domes shonky autos-XJ40 snagging continues...   
    So, as I said in the News24 thread a new purchase has been agreed. The plan was, and still is for an Opel Manta to replace the Locost. Because of my hatred for welding and rusty bodywork/dodgy”restorations” the goal is to go to the continent and rescue a Manta coupe of some sort, spec unimportant, ideally white and solid. Obviously that’s not happening this year though so it can wait.
    Meanwhile since getting a dog a couple of years ago I’d walked past a very unloved looking Jaguar XJ6 whilst walking round the village. Speaking to a chap  knew who stayed next door I was told the chap was getting on and couldn’t look after it. Oh and there’s another one in the garage!
    I kept in touch but other things distracted me. I was desperate to know what was in the garage though!
    Things finally aligned so I went along on Saturday for a look.
    First the X300.

    This has sat outside since getting driven home from its last MOT 3 years ago. It has been started regulary though and ran and sounded fine when I was there. Sitting outside hasn’t been kind to the paint though-lots of lacquer peel and some crustiness appearing round the arches. The interior was lovely though and it seemed willing to live again. Plan is to get it home this weekend, give it a damn good clean and check the obvious stuff and chuck it in for an MOT.
    Underside. Hmm. We'll see. I'm not touching it til the tester has had a prod. It seemed solid from the rusty bits i prodded though. it has been welded before according to the MOT history which may be ominous

    Then it was time to see what was lurking inside the garage...

    Oooooh! Hello!

    TWR steering wheel, because Racecar. Or because the previous owner specced it for better access apparently....

    Steel wheels and trims FTW!

    This was apparently parked up 18 years ago after developing a leak from the transmission cooler. Although the chap told me he'd bypassed the cooler with a rubber pipe. Apparently on around 70k miles. 
    So, there we are. Plan is to get the X300 home soon and clean it up. Then we'll see what the MOT man has to say before I spend any money on it. Hopefully it can see the road again though. It'll hopefully get sold on once i've smoked around in it a bit and got it working properly to allow me to devote my attention to the XJ40-that's the one I really want to see alive again. I've said I'd split any profits from it with the owner as part of the deal.
    The XJ40 i'll need to go into full resuscitation mode-drain fuel, oil down bores, new battery etc and see if it'll start. Ideally I'd do that where it is and drive it the half mile home home but that might* be ambitious. 
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    Landy Mann reacted to Stanky in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I bought my first house on Monday! After 15 years of renting a dismal variety of hovels, and spending the last 7 months with my well meaning but very OCD in-laws we got the keys to the new place last monday.
    Cue 2 days of moving all of my worldly posessions in, sorting it all then compiling a lengthy list of all the things we need to buy (washing line, dining chairs, microwave etc) to fill in the gaps. However, most importantly, this

    As well as a drive that will fit 3 cars on easily, I have my very own double garage! Its currently filled with about a million cardboard boxes and all sorts of moving tat and needs a good sort out, but this is literally the main reason I bought this place (as well as to house my family) - its exactly what I wanted. The days of tinkering with cars on a sloping drive in either the baking sun or pissing rain are gone. I have celebrated by buying myself a halfords tool cab and top box, 2 bigdug workbenches to go where the rickety shelving unit in the back right of the garage are currently, a nice new SGS alu trolley jack, and the @Skizzer-lift from CJ autos to properly kit it out.
    The kids are still asleep and I've actually got a bit of time to type this up before I hit up screwfix for a load of DIY stuff, the shops for a food shop that will make the EU stockpiled meat and grain mountains look like molehills and then argos for a bedframe for my eldest as the crack-den 'mattress on the floor surrounded by piles of toys and clothes' look isn't in vogue any more I'm told.
    Now I just have to pay for it all for the next 30 years...
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    Landy Mann reacted to Parky in Found while counting paper clips and pencil-necking.   
    I’m not on the bins but I feel this has just enough cachet to qualify for a rag and bone style singalong.  Ready?

    Any old Orion, any old Orion
    Any any any old Orion
    You look neat, sitting in the heat
    that rear panel will give your Mig welder a treat
    You need a rigger booted man with a HIAB van
    And some ratchet straps to tie on
    I wouldn’t give you tuppence for your old skool tax ORION! ORION!
    (spoons solo to fade)


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    Landy Mann reacted to 808 Estate in On a Mission - Hilux Surf   

    Behold the mighty beast
    Bask in the gloriousness of the Hilux.

    And you can GTF if you think I am doing a Woolard on that bumper.

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    Landy Mann reacted to reb in *actual progress klaxon* 205 Jr 2.0 HDI Build   
    You're not wrong there. The issue I'm coming across is that the systems are all designed to be assembled quickly on a production line, it's all very modular and clever, but the modules are all a bit too integrated with eachother to really repurpose without going a bit too far modifying them. Thankfully my aspie brain is quite good at churning over problems as a background task so I can think over the system while I'm going about other things.
    I have to admit I started to go down the M-HDI route in my head, as in replacing the common rail system with a mechanical Bosch pump. Alas that'd get rather expensive and complicated for what's meant to be a cheap way to stuff more go into an old car.
    I'm reading The Truth by Terry Pratchett right now, there's a moment of realisation the main character has that he's doing things because they're the things he's ended up doing. Young men in sheds have shaped the world more than any king or ruler ever could. I had a point, but I forgot it. Oh well.
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    Landy Mann reacted to STUNO in Collection in the Southern Isles   
    During the "ye shall not leave home" weeks of late I had a bit of a revelation. Myself  and I were not really becoming one with the Citroen BX19 GT I had bought late last year. It needed quite a lot of small jobs done on it that I did not feel competent to carry out, so of course bought another car.
    This time I opted for an old giffers car to suit a 72 yo to get to the supermarket once a week. So I bought a 2001 Nissan Maxima with a lovely 3 litre V6 to tootle along in. It was a bit used and had had a young lady driver who was not always bothered if she hit something. It had also done 254000KM. Of course bought sight unseen ! The price was right too.
    Next problem. It was 200 km away , and as lockdown rules said "NO UNNECESSARY TRAVEL OR JAIL may happen" . So waited a couple of weeks and rules were a bit relaxed but still no unnecessary travel. Then rang Jon of this parish to go get it, but he had other commitments and could not go, My neighbour said he would love a good long trip so on Friday morning we set off, knowing that we could be stopped at any time.
    Passed a few Police vehicles on the way but they had no interest in us,  Roads were nearly completely empty so had a good run from Tokoroa to Thames up the Thames Valley. Then across the Coromandel Peninsular to the town of Tairua. 
    And there was the Maxima, just as described . It had been sitting for weeks under a tree so was a bit messy (birds etc)  Met the seller and went to the car which started instantly and settled down to an almost silent idle.  Then we were away, all of 300 metres to the gas station shot as empty is not a good start for a long trip. Then away, up into the steep winding road back to Thames, no rattles or creaks and groans, no noise from suspension and the temp gauge sat rock steady. Engine ran perfectly and had plenty of power and the auto transmission worked exactly as it should.
    At Thames we turned left and headed for Paeroa to sample their McDonalds. Cheeseburger, fries and some Lemon and Paeroa to drink and we were away again to Te Aroha, Matamata-(Hobbiton) and then toTokoroa.  The Maxima proved to be a very good car, Cruise control and a/c were both working well so the me is very pleased .
    The Citroen took 2 days to sell and will be collected next weekend.
    And now a few photos
    The traffic

    Up over the Peninsular

    hills everywhere

    The money shot


    And one for the Dollywobbler

    That's it .. P.S. Not a JDM second hand car, sold new in NZ, That means handbooks etc are an English !!!
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Sir Chocolate Teapot in Running my little fleet in a burocratic nightmare.   
    MK2.5's can as well
    I spent yesterday Vactaning the rust on mine.




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    Landy Mann reacted to Slowsilver in Early Mondeo Saloon Saved From The Scrapman.   
    For as long as I can remember I have been aware of a dead K-prefix Mondeo saloon languishing on the drive of a house about two streets away from here. It had obviously been sat there for many years without moving. I kept meaning to drop a note through the door enquiring about it, but as always I never got round to it.
    Until now.
    With Bob the Renault 6 currently on hold pending a possible sale after lockdown and the Maxi mothballed due to lack of places to take it to I was getting bored, so last Friday I did just that. Things moved on very rapidly from there.
    Timeline: Saturday morning.
    I received a phone call  from the owner's daughter, who informed me that her father had owned the car since it was 18 months old and cherished it for years, doing about 2 or 3 thousand miles a year in it until 2013, when it failed the MoT:
    Date tested 17 September 2013
    Mileage 70,926 miles
    Reason(s) for failure
    Service brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7) Brakes imbalanced across an axle (3.7.B.5b) He was told by the local garage he used that it would cost about £1000 to fix even if they could get the parts, which they said was doubtful. How can inefficient and unbalanced rear brakes cost that much to fix? And can Mondeo parts be unobtainium already? Maybe I will find out in due course.
    Anyway, he decided that was more than the car was worth but, being very attached to it, he simply parked it on the drive and left it there.
    Apparently he died about 3 years ago but his wife couldn't bear to see it go, so there it stayed until now.
    Coincidentally his wife died a few weeks ago, so I hope my approach didn't seem like grave robbing. Their daughter was planning to have the car taken away for scrap, so I was intending to offer her scrap value for it and see if it could be saved. However, she was so pleased at the prospect of her dad's beloved motor being revived that, without me making an offer, she immediately offered it to me for the princely sum of zero pounds. She also agreed that quicksilver and myself could work on it where it sat until such time as we could move it. She said that she would endeavour to find the V5 and the keys.
    Timeline: Saturday afternoon.
    Checking the registration online showed it to be a 2.0i Ghia, built in Belgium in May 1993 and registered in the UK on 15th June 1993. K prefix registrations ran from August 1992 to July 1993 but the Mondeo was not launched in the UK until 22nd March 1993, so had been in production less than three months, making this a very early Mark 1. Has been on SORN since September 2013.
    Let's go and see what we have.
    It's walking distance so that counts as exercise doesn't it ?.
    Didn't even know if it was a manual or an automatic. Turns out it's a 5-speed manual.
    Apart from flat tyres it doesn't look to bad from a distance.

    But what about the blind side next to the fence. Fortunately it had been parked far enough away to see it.

    Urgh! It's green instead of blue.

    Back of the roof has bloomed badly, but laquer doesn't appear to have peeled.
    We took a cordless tyre inflator so the first job was to attempt to pump the tyres up. We weren't very hopeful as it had been sitting here for 7 years. The two nearside tyres had 0psi in them, the offside front had about 7psi in it and the offside rear had about 12psi in it.
    They were all pumped up to a nominal 30psi and appeared to stay up.
    Timeline: Sunday afternoon.
    Let's take a bucket of soapy water round and give it a quick swill.
    Three tyres still up. Nearside rear flat again. 75% success rate. Not bad. Pumped the flat one back up again.
    Throw bucket of water over car and apply sponge and nylon brush.
    While washing it we noticed bubbles issuing from from a tiny pinhole in the bottom of the sidewall of the nearside rear tyre.
    That will be why it went flat again then. It looks like there may have been a thorn or a sharp piece of stone on the drive next to the bottom of the tyre and when it went completely flat the weight of the car pushed it through the sidewall. 

    That's looking better.
    Not much more we can do without the keys as it's all locked up.
    Timeline: Monday morning.
    Another phone call from the daughter. She is at the house and has found the V5 and one key. Also handbook and service record. Thinks there may be another key somewhere. We wander round there and do the necessary paper work. It is now offically ours!
    Timeline: Monday afternoon.
    Send off new keeper slip and SORN declaration.
    This time we have to take the Zafira full of tools in an attempt to get it moving.
    It has been left with the handbrake on and the front discs look well rusty, so I  bet the brakes have seized on.
    Takes 2 hands to lift the handbrake lever, then 2 hands to press the button and release the ratchet.
    Rock the car gently and, wonder of wonders, all four wheels appear to rotate. First hurdle overcome.
    Don't want to bore you guys but some of you might like to know our technique for attempting to revive a long-dead engine, honed at various Field of Dreams chod-tinkerings.
    Check oil and water levels. Oil  looks pretty clean so probably serviced not long before it was laid up.
    Remove spark plugs. These all look in good condition.
    Pour a spoonful of engine oil into each cylinder just to give some extra bore lubrication on initial turn over.
    Engine compartment is so cramped that can't see an easy way to try and turn the engine with a spanner, so drop a long screwdriver into one of the spark plug holes so that it rests on top the piston, engage fourth gear and attempt to push the car down the drive, which fortunately has a reasonable downward slope. Watch the screwdriver and, sure enough, we see it rising. The engine isn't seized, thank goodness we don't have another Bob on our hands.
    Because the owner's other car was parked alongside we could not get the Zafira in to jump the battery so we connected up one of the two knackered old batteries we had brought round. Didn't want to risk connecting across a totally dead battery and shorting out the other one, so left the positive terminal connected to the original battery but disconnected the earth wires from the original battery and connected the negative jump lead to the isolated leads, thus removing the original battery from the system. Doing it this way ensures that the positive connections are still kept clear of any metalwork that could cause a short and the negative connection is earthed anyway, so doesn't matter if that touches any other metal. Turned on the ignition and, lo and behold, we have assorted dashboard warning lights.
    Hit the starter. Click. We were right, this battery is knackered.
    Try the other one. Whirr, whirr, the engine spins over. Let it spin until the oil pressure light goes out.
    Clean the plugs with a wire brush (not that they appeared to need it) and replace them. Reconnect the HT leads, making sure they are in the right order. Chug, chug, chug. Engine reluctantly turns over but not fast enough to fire.
    Remember we have a the tiny but powerful Chinese jump pack in the glove box of the Zafira, so this is deployed. Chug, chug, cough, splutter, BLOODY HELL IT'S ONLY RUNNING!
    Remove jump pack and it is still running on the alternator output.
    Leave it running while we check the condition of the spare wheel. Full size alloy, not one of these horrible space-saver things. Appears to have some air in it. Pump it up and fit it to the nearside rear. Try driving it up and down the drive to test the brakes. As we expected they were not great, but worked well enough to stop it eventually. Unfortunately the handbrake would also stop the car but the ratchet would not re-engage so having freed off the brakes it now insisted on rolling down the drive. So we took a deep breath and, leaving everything behind, we set off for home.
    No collection thread as the distance involved was about 500 yards, but target achieved with no problems, except for the power-assisted steering, which apparently now isn't. Have a cup of tea then walk back round to pile all the detritus back into the Zafira and drive it home.

    Gone. Mossy piece of tarmac blinking in the sunlight for the first time in 7 years.

    In its new home. Bob is not impressed by this non-French interloper and turns his back on it.
    Let's see what we have.

    Nicely mouldy steering wheel. Oh look, footwell lights. I say, how posh, did I mention it's a Ghia.

    Illuminated vanity mirrors. Can this get any posher?

    Optional giffer pack included.

    Lots of damp and mouldy boot trim now basking in the sunshine.
    So, what is the overall assessment.
    On cursory inspection it appears to have zero rot on the bodywork or the underside.
    Haven't tried everything yet. A few of the lights don't work (hopefully just bulbs or mouldy connections). Nor do the screenwashers.
    The two main problems seem to be the non-working power steering and the ABS warning light being on. But haven't had time for in-depth investigations yet, so here's hoping an MoT can be passed eventually. No rush, it is a lockdown project after all.
    By now I am sure you are all bored to death so I will stop rambling.
    Bloody hell these threads take a long time to compile.
    Stay tuned for more developments. Or not.

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from tommotech in Slow Sevel Van - VU Français & MG Express Fettling April 2020   
    I don't know how good they are but sill sections can be found on eBay from the seller of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-ZR-Rover-200-BRM-25-Half-Length-Sills-Repair-Panel-LH/283634095015?hash=item4209e8d3a7:g:pyQAAOSwKhpdmLBL
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    Landy Mann reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    BUMP 4 A REAL THREAD Y0!!!! (Little in-joke there for our older members)

    I bet you thought you'd seen the last of this eyesore on here. Well BAD LUCK as I still have it and its not going anywhere just yet (actually perhaps thats not a surprise)
    I ended up not touching it for about 8 months after getting demoralised at how long it was taking to get anywhere with it. I think I've had it 2 years now and have not even got the bastard through its MOT! I am in my mid-40's, in decent health, I have an alright wage coming in from my 9-to-5 job and no kids so I reckoned I should be able to dedicate a bit of time to this thing. But after doing all the more important shit that you have to do as a grown up (working, commuting, shopping, cleaning, looking after your house, pets, partner etc) I was getting like 2 hours on a sunday if I was lucky and I figured it was going to take me till I was 90 to finish the friggin thing, by which time I would not be strong enough to turn the steering wheel (and old Perkins diesels would have been long banished from the roads anyway). So I just left it on the drive for 8 months with a wheel off. Didn't even shift the muthaload of magazines and brochures stored in the back (they're still there). Remember the days when i was stressing about it being an eyesore on the drive? Long time ago that.
    Now though I am on LOCKDOWN and just maybe I will have a bit more time to piss about with this old heap. I have actually been on it today for an hour painting some bits under the cab so lets see if we get some decent time in on it over the easter weekend. The omens are good so far and I'm feeling hopeful.
    Lets see where i got up to before I chucked all my tools down in disgust.
    So, I did actually get the whole cab floor welded up. Check it:

    I chopped great sheets out the floor and stitched new bits in carefully. i have to say it turned out quite nice. Gave it a couple of coats of red oxide and a couple more of that blue Tractol paint. 

    I was trying to do a nice job. Made a new metal plate to screw down the bellows round the handbrake mech and some lad on the dodge forum 3D printed me a new placca square thing to go in the top of the bellows. Looks neat right?

    The nice thick layer of paint seems to have made good job of the whole thing, certainly no sign of any rust coming back through yet, and thats not for a lack of water ingress (more on that later)
    Look at all that under the cab!!! Like a flippin patchwork quilt man. Theers a mix here of my efforts and those of Al Bundy. Not the neatest in the world but its all nice and strong and I think it should last alright. Ive got a tin of Dinitrol Schulz stuff that I am gonna lash over all this red oxide paint.

    Remember this transmission cover? I spent ages carefully welding it up (it was MEGA rotten) then went to fit it and it was a mile out. Ended up chopping it about a load more before i could get it bolted in. Eventually it nipped up so I removed it and threw £60 at having it sandblasted and powder coated!!!! Talk about rolling out the flippin barrel. Still, it will look nice for a short while before i stick some sound deadening pads on then put the scratty old rubber cab floor mat over the top of it.

    Remember me smashing that replacement screen like a massive ham-fisted dickhead? Well i had a stroke of luck when i found a bloke breaking a Dodge 50 near my work in Stafford. He charged me £50 for the screen out of that, but I had to pay up front!!! (wise strategy to be fair). I learned my lesson last time so this time I cut it out with a Stanley knife and got it out and home no problem. As you can see I have carefully stored it down the side of my house. I was sure that those big storms we had a few weeks back would have a bad ending for this screen but it has survived unscathed thankfully. Its in fine condition unlike mine so I will get a pro to fit this for me.
    So thats about where I am up to. The next job I really ought to have a look at is the rotten scuttle.

    Rainwater pisses in through it all over my new cab floor, so it needs sorting before I put the floor mats etc back in. But accessing it is a BIG DEAL. You have to remove the steering column, clocks, dashboard, heater box, brake servo/master cylinder/pipes, half the wiring loom and the wiper motor. Basically the bits they put on first when building the cab. Obvs when you remove the master cylinder you are then obliged to bleed the brakes on reassembly, and I expect the chances of that going smoothly without any broken bleed nipples is about 0% so I expect a further consequence of tackling this will be that the rear cylinders end up coming off and being sent to Past Parts for a rebuild. So basically a lot of spannering.
    The scuttle itself is quite a complex bit of metalwork. I'm not sure where I'm gonna chop and stitch, i suppose I won't know till I get it all accessible. I do have this which may or may not prove helpful:

    I chopped the scuttle out of that yellow/white cab I bought for spares. Its got rust problems:

    But its nowt like as bad as mine. Maybe it will be able to donate some repair sections, I hope so.
    So I have a 4-day weekend coming up and am thankfully unable to spend it going round IKEA and friggin garden centres so my plan is to wade right on into this job and see how it goes. If I get a decent few hours on it for maybe 3 of the days I reckon I could have it more or less sorted. Then surely to god I will have finished welding this rotten old thing (famous last words)
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from EmmStarlet in Collekshun by proxy 1996 Toyota Starlet   
    My condolences on the bus journey, fortunately I only ever did that journey by plane or in the velour comfort of the Estima, 9/10 collection thread only improvements would a photo of the shag point long drop and an enormous ice-cream from Hampden.
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from tommotech in Slow Sevel Van - VU Français & MG Express Fettling April 2020   
    Postage is only £1:40 so a donation to the forum/Charity of your choice will be more than sufficient. If you PM me your address I'll get them posted, although it may be after lockdown...

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from tommotech in Slow Sevel Van - VU Français & MG Express Fettling April 2020   
    I think I've got some brand new brake caliper side pins if you or anyone else wants them.
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Sir Snipes in Kiltox’s YouTube Shenanigans - 26/08/20 - I’m back!   
    I can confirm that the back seats of the coupé version can be used by a fully grown adult on a long journey from Dartmoor to Oxford, not that comfortable but survivable. I have a soft spot for these having owned the hatchback.

    Photos are about 6months before it went the scrap man (terminal rot : ( )

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Kiltox in Kiltox’s YouTube Shenanigans - 26/08/20 - I’m back!   
    I can confirm that the back seats of the coupé version can be used by a fully grown adult on a long journey from Dartmoor to Oxford, not that comfortable but survivable. I have a soft spot for these having owned the hatchback.

    Photos are about 6months before it went the scrap man (terminal rot : ( )

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from richardthestag in Sandy the Landy 109 project - bulkhead update   
    Very nice, rust is to be expected, everywhere all the time...
    Good progress, it puts mine to shame...
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    Landy Mann reacted to martc in The "WTF is that?" thread   
    Looks like Hotblack Desiato is back in town (after taking a year out being dead for tax reasons).
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from smellypoo in '98 Megane Mk1 1.6 RXE - 33k miles - 12 Months MOT! louiepj = WINNER!   
    Good job I'm on the wrong side on the world, I have a soft spot for these cars. The new owner will be able to enjoy* Renault's infra red central locking (it needs starting within 30 seconds of being unlocked via the plip fob). Also if it has any running issues the idle air valve will want cleaning or coil packs replacing. 
     These also wade rather well ...
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    Landy Mann got a reaction from richardthestag in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    An honest for sale ad

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Amishtat in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    An honest for sale ad

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from STUNO in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    An honest for sale ad

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from GrumpiusMaximus in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    An honest for sale ad

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    Landy Mann got a reaction from Tamworthbay in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    An honest for sale ad

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