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  1. Standing water deep enough to get the carpets wet ( not sure if through the doors or not) it was most unlike a French car and just kept going. MPG wise you should see 40mpg generally, less on short runs. I never worked out why the smaller lighter Rovers I had afterwards were worse economy wise.
  2. Good job I'm on the wrong side on the world, I have a soft spot for these cars. The new owner will be able to enjoy* Renault's infra red central locking (it needs starting within 30 seconds of being unlocked via the plip fob). Also if it has any running issues the idle air valve will want cleaning or coil packs replacing. These also wade rather well ...
  3. Will PM, will it result in an epic 2 island collection thread
  4. Good Job you're not trying to cycle... The red ways normally just vanish at bus stops on grid roads. Although those photos are practically art.
  5. Looking for quality* hire cars in Australia... Ohh a Fiat Punto is cheap, although not suitable for the outback (although the rental agreement says you can only use sealed roads anyway...), lets find out why not; using the modern medium of Facebook. Does this make any sense or am I missing something? It doesn't matter as I've now booked a Hyundai Accent / Similar with another company.
  6. It's a shame you'll be 6 months too late for my camper... autoshite.com/topic/35080-2000-toyota-estima-jdm-yo-camper-nz-wide-delivery-availible/ Also top chod around here, 10-25 year old japanese imports galore!
  7. How much would you pay for a 15 year old MPV? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Estima-Hybrid/382621251654?hash=item591600f846:g:RSEAAOSwQH5b4b~X It is hybrid though.
  8. My surprises are Land Rover Defender being in the 1980's list, which is impressive considering they weren't called a defender till 1990/1991, I presume it aggregates the data of Land Rover 110 and 90 ect... into the generic defender category, although it doesn't do the same for Land Rover and Land-Rover. More interestingly the presence of Mazda Bongo on1990's list shows what an impact Grey imports can have, presumably they've been in the UK less time and are worth more than you're ravage 90's car, so more are on the road.
  9. If it's still around in 5 to 6 months time I'll interested. GlWS
  10. Also I'm not in touch with current prices but with the galv chassis your price doesn't sound excessive, I'll be doing well if my chassis change (when it happens) comes in at less than £5k.
  11. The bulkhead situation has improved over the last year or 2, New galv ones are now available (from shielder chassis iirc) I got my defender just after the supply of cheap td5 bulkheads dried up. although the repairs from 2012 have held up well it's only a matter of time before it needs surgery again. I could pass spanners through the rust hole between the the vent and windscreen when I got it...
  12. Talk to TheShadow, presuming a scenic with seats out counts? http://autoshite.com/topic/34771-renner-collection/
  13. Another vote for the Picasso, 1 large heavy 2 seater sofa with foot rest fitted no problem in ours.
  14. I missed 380k but here's the JDM yo! Estima camper on 380300km around 236k miles and feeling it.
  15. Nice, top graphics, I've always been slightly disappointed mine doesn't have any.
  16. My '97 Megané went from a perfect underside in Autumn 2013 to completely rotten in both sills by Autumn 2014, Renault underseal seems good till it bubbles and is then too late.
  17. Vehicle wiring products are your friends for bullet connectors http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/section.php/72/1/non-insulated-terminals , although I've removed them from the rear of the Defender as 25 year + bullets are one of my many sources of bad earths and poor connections, and replaced with fresh insulated spades and terminal blocks. Probably overkill for an Invacar...
  18. I'm sure there was a quality* repairs thread somewhere, however this made me grin; a home made Holden Astra wing mirror.
  19. None in none out 110 in storage JDM yo 3.0V6 Toyota Estima camper new alternator, lambda sensor, service, ball joints + an engine mount 380k km still going strong.
  20. See also: Isuzu bighorn/trooper, Holden Jackaroo, Vauxhall Monterey ect ...
  21. The latest car mechanics had a clarification that it's age dependent for EML being a fail now, around 2004 depending on fuel type iirc
  22. This may be of use for some people, I use an EML-327 coupled with "ELMScan Toyota" on my 2000MY 3.0 V6 JDM YO Estima which uses a Jap standard rather than OBDII proper. Do we have a list of brands and the diagnostic apps that work well with them? or is this thread it?
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