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  1. I think you should be getting a Renault (Dacia) Duster as well. I did discover that you can buy a brand new fiat Tipo saloon in the UK still...
  2. Small estates are underrated, I looks like we might not get the next Dacia Logan MCV... Either
  3. On the subject of reversing lights I was running a 21w bulb in a side light until I switched to LED's (could never work out why they were different brightness... Until I discovered the other was 5w...) Providing the bulb holder is a decent make it could be ok, I did have some blue box rear lights that melted.
  4. Very nice, I expect it's similar to drive (although with a lower seating position) to my old V6 JDM Estima (same platform IIRCC), if so it'll very relaxing to to drive, near identical velour too.
  5. After seeing the latest mailbox video, I took a look though my motor manual, 31st edition from August 1941 including wartime modifications
  6. I can't find the link but I'm sure there was an article or Saab forum thread detailing the effort to road register and TuV the escaped estates. It wasn't easy lots of paperwork involved.
  7. What brand/type have you used? I have an asbestos garage that leaks in places (unless it's a long term down pour I can keep things dry with some buckets and spare plastic roofing sheet diverting the big leaks into one two buckets (and importantly off the workbench)). New roof next year (maybe)
  8. Out plastic trolley helped in many a move to and from uni, I think it got kept for the C4 grand Picasso that replaced it
  9. Just done a WOF check on my former backpacker wagon, it lives on for another year! Must be touching 400k km by now!
  10. The Rovers golden, I heard it the other week, great song!
  11. Number 7. At least it's telling more truth than the OE manual for once... And tips on filling land rover swivels...
  12. Thanks for the replies, I'll invest in a policy to get me off the auto route and to a garage, after that I'll have to borrow the services of some French speaking car savvy distant relations to translate!
  13. Time for a thread resurrection... I'm just looking buying EuroRescue for an upcoming trip to the continent, does anyone have any 1st hand experiences of using them? The car in question is the 12 plate TDCI fiesta so my tool kit will consist of factory spare wheel, jack, locking wheel nut key and my 1/2" breaker bar. Many Thanks
  14. Well things have happend since 2017, the 25 was replaced by a Volvo XC70, possibly the best car I've ever owned I then sold this to go to move to New Zealand and live in a 3.0 V6 Toyota Estima... Since returning to the UK I now run two silver fords, nothing much to comment on them, they are boring and easy to loose in carparks. Meanwhile the 110 has been in storage, last week a friend trailered it up for me so now it's time for MOT prep, and service over the next month or two, although I don't think it should be anything too serious.
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