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  1. The Rovers golden, I heard it the other week, great song!
  2. Number 7. At least it's telling more truth than the OE manual for once... And tips on filling land rover swivels...
  3. Thanks for the replies, I'll invest in a policy to get me off the auto route and to a garage, after that I'll have to borrow the services of some French speaking car savvy distant relations to translate!
  4. Time for a thread resurrection... I'm just looking buying EuroRescue for an upcoming trip to the continent, does anyone have any 1st hand experiences of using them? The car in question is the 12 plate TDCI fiesta so my tool kit will consist of factory spare wheel, jack, locking wheel nut key and my 1/2" breaker bar. Many Thanks
  5. Well things have happend since 2017, the 25 was replaced by a Volvo XC70, possibly the best car I've ever owned I then sold this to go to move to New Zealand and live in a 3.0 V6 Toyota Estima... Since returning to the UK I now run two silver fords, nothing much to comment on them, they are boring and easy to loose in carparks. Meanwhile the 110 has been in storage, last week a friend trailered it up for me so now it's time for MOT prep, and service over the next month or two, although I don't think it should be anything too serious.
  6. Supply and demand of used backpacker wagons unfortunately, don't buy in Auckland in November and then sell in Dunedin in April... In any year without Covid there are many desperate backpackers trying to sell in the autumn and they'll probably take your worst/best/only offer...
  7. If only you were 14 months earlier and all this could have been yours for $1500 now WoF less but probably in Dunedin somewhere. Also the top of mount Cargill is GR9 for photos.
  8. An Isle of Man registered Holden Commodore in a Buckinghamshire Sainsbury's... Sadly no photo
  9. MK2.5's can as well I spent yesterday Vactaning the rust on mine.
  10. I think the fullback (at least in the UK) was an L200/Triton with a fiat badge.
  11. I don't know how good they are but sill sections can be found on eBay from the seller of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-ZR-Rover-200-BRM-25-Half-Length-Sills-Repair-Panel-LH/283634095015?hash=item4209e8d3a7:g:pyQAAOSwKhpdmLBL
  12. Postage is only £1:40 so a donation to the forum/Charity of your choice will be more than sufficient. If you PM me your address I'll get them posted, although it may be after lockdown...
  13. I think I've got some brand new brake caliper side pins if you or anyone else wants them.
  14. I can confirm that the back seats of the coupé version can be used by a fully grown adult on a long journey from Dartmoor to Oxford, not that comfortable but survivable. I have a soft spot for these having owned the hatchback. Photos are about 6months before it went the scrap man (terminal rot : ( )
  15. My condolences on the bus journey, fortunately I only ever did that journey by plane or in the velour comfort of the Estima, 9/10 collection thread only improvements would a photo of the shag point long drop and an enormous ice-cream from Hampden.
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