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  1. Went in a Visa

  2. Staples Corner April 2019
  3. Did this Visa have a working engine ? Nice to see it on the move
  4. Typical Audi driver meets Typical Citroen driver.
  5. Diesel swapping before Scrapped
  6. anyone near Exeter who can collect some small steel wheels & possibly get them closer to North London??
  7. hoping to be there with a french fancy
  8. I hate gate crashing on otrher post trains so I apart from the odd comment I intend to use " Gently passing by " as my points of interest.
  9. going to relist due to ebay timewaster
  10. Travelling through Tring today.
  11. Wife is a plastic Cockney it’s Four Bulls eyes to a Shiterrrr not Monkeys . At present running 6 motors & the Xantia is at the bottom of the list to keep. Probably regret it as it has a Bosch pump so is veggie. There that offsets the buying of the sensors. 2019 is Citroen year & I need to direct funds & time to other beauties.
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