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  1. rwd

    Austin Maestros

    Definitely not my thing but seen these today
  2. Fit a gauge just to be on the safe side.
  3. @Steve79 After seeing the Mercury today. I was very surprised this has to be the best car youve ever bought {and the most expensive 😂} That engine would sit nice in my Prefect
  4. In other words she is on the phone to the solicitors filing for a divorce right now.
  5. Never happen. Will end up a pile rust and you in your 70s saying I'll do it one day
  6. Free Mondeo MK1 estate That will be heading for the banger tracker as we speak
  7. rwd

    Hi mate,  Can I have your full postcode so I can get quote to have the Fiesta collected ?  Thanks

  8. Most of your cars 8 years ago needed a kick of some sort to get working ??
  9. £1.12 in the little petrol station on Bell Hill Road, St George yesterday
  10. Jeep Grand Cherokee on the A30 in Cornwall it was showing 5 mpg Doing a lot of mph (Steve79 remember my blue one)
  11. Blue one in the side road opposite Bendix. A guy in his 30s drives it. And a green one ive see a few time around Filton
  12. rwd

    Kitten kapers

    Steve79 Kittisaki Kitten + ZZR1100
  13. Don't forget about all the shit that's behide the gate at the bottom like the E30 BMW that's almost buried
  14. rwd

    Jago Geep

    Where abouts are you ?
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