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  1. I'd like to get hold of a parts book as well. Apparently there were actual books for Nippas !
  2. Glad I could help. Ours has had new door handles. Apparently you can pick them up from any parts shop in Malaysia which is what the friend of one of the recent owners did. My son wants some nicer wheels, his Birthday and Christmas list now include JDM parts whatever they are ! 😉
  3. I've been trying to get hold of some CV boots. Perodua UK seem to work limited times and said they would find out for sure if they had any tomorrow. In case they don't I have been looking. Lots of listings seem to be incorrect so I ended up removing the driveshaft with the split inner boot and measured it. I've got some Bailcast stretchy boots to try. On one of my internet trawls I found this website that lists a lot of driveshaft sizes which might be of use. Probably other info on the main site although I haven't looked much yet. https://www.hicengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/DAIHATSU-CV-Drive-Axle-Shaft-Assembly.pdf
  4. Thanks for the replies, just showed them to my son who is pleased. For anyone interested this is the Perodua website http://www.peroduamyvi.co.uk/ If you don't get to talk to someone on the parts phone number leave a message and they get back to you. This is the Daihatsu forum manuals section, you need to sign up to download any you need but getting anything from anywhere else involves signing you life away and giving bank details ! http://en.daihatsu-club.net/manuals
  5. I had an interesting reply from Perodua UK today. I wasn't expecting it as I kept getting a voicemail message but was contacted by a very helpful lady who not only has new genuine CV boots in stock and can get pretty much anything available from the factory in Malaysia. Hopefully when she checks the stock tomorrow I can get some sent. If anyone is after any Perodua parts the number to ring is 01491 415230 She also told me of a guy who has some sort of delivery company who has 20 of them, so thats where they all have gone ! I also managed to get hold of a Mira workshop manual off the Daihatsu owners club which will be more than handy.
  6. I was surprised nothing came up from Malaysia until I realised they call it different names elsewhere. It's likely a boot from another model will fit, a stretchy one would probably be OK as well. I#d like to find an easy way to get hold of stuff in case I need something more tricky in the future. I'm old so insurance on a classic policy wasn't a huge amount. I would have shopped around a bit more but needed to arrange something on a Saturday afternoon for the next day but it probably wouldn't have been much cheaper elsewhere.
  7. I've had a bit of a dig round and it seems there might be a couple of sizes so I will have to have a measure up. I just noticed I took the after picture before I re-fitted the scuttle panel properly. The rubber was quite well stretched and was probably too much for the plastic rivits holding it in place so it's got some stainless bolts now. My son has a while to wait, he is only 10 years old but it will be fun to get him working on it and going to a few shows. He has seen the Mighty car Mods Mira so it's going to be a struggle trying to stop him wanting to fit wide wheels and a turbo. I caught him watching some old episodes this evening.
  8. I've tried various things to get my son off the computer/game console and not had a great deal of success. Unfortunately it's mostly my fault he spends so much time on there as I introduced him to Gran tourismo and Roadkill in the first place. He has a bit of a thing for Fiat Pandas but they are far more expensive than the £150 ones I have bought in the past so I have been looking for something else interesting. Mighty Car Mods have featured a few Kei cars on their show and these caught his eye. A chance spot of a Perodua Nipa on ebay really got him interested so I decided to have a look. Apart from a bit of surface rust around the edges and a split inner driveshaft boot it didn't look too bad and a quick drive was OK apart from a slightly squiffy steering wheel it wasn't too bad so we decided to buy it. On the way home we decided to stop off at a pub car show which is where the picture was taken from, sadly we weren't allowed in the main field, the guy directing the cars obviously had no idea, but wasn't a bad start. First car and a car show on the first day can't be bad ! The trip home was fun and included some overtaking which I wasn't expecting, I was pleased it wasn't us holding up the traffic. The most urgent job is to find a new CV boot. Local factors only have universal ones on offer and Perodua UK parts line haven't answered when I rang them up. I will have to do a bit more digging. Before a bit of a scrub. After.
  9. Not been to look on here for a while but this came up in a search. I used to have one of these. The plastic went brittle in the sun and after a few accidents it had to be scrapped. Mine had an Anglia dashboard fitted in a bespoke housing. I put some pictures from a catalogue on another site but photobucket ate them.
  10. Glad to hear you got it running OK. I bought the Cavalier the engine came from back in mid 90's and it was a pretty good car. Sold it to my brother in law and he didn't look after it and wrecked it. about the only thing worth saving was the engine and gearbox. I fitted it to an Astra estate we had and it did well for a few years but that went rusty. Nice to know the engine lives on back in a Cavalier again.
  11. Hi, although I joined up on here a while back I haven't really looked around yet. It sounds like you have been having a bit of a mare with the engine. I dare say all the differences are down to yours being an early one and my one being one of the last. Glad I left the flywheel bolts in the crank though, I only did that to stop any muck getting in ! Sorry if it sounded like I was making excuses. Where the car was parked can only be accessed by taking down a fence. I shouldn't do this really so I have to do it a bit quick so nobody notices. Having another car stuck on the drive in bits meant I couldn't get the hoist out. I just have too many cars although the Astra is now gone. I kept the any useful bits, found the mats I though had been sold and now need to do something with the F16 gearbox thats stuck in the way. Good luck with the swap though.
  12. To add to my long list of cars I have just bought this which really must qualify to be on here although not entirely sure. It was a trade in at a localish garage and I just had to have it as it was such a sad case. Not only did it come with a running fault and no brakes it also had a very hairy interior. If this sort of thing is allowed on here I will add some before and during the clean up photos for others amusement. Having read a bit more on here I don't think this is really the best place for this, it's one of those in-between cars. Not interesting enough to be on a model specific forum and too new to be interesting. I own other cars but they are all waiting to be fixed at the moment. My daily driver is a Volvo 940 and my next to do project is a Mini Scamp. My Triumph 2000 is waiting for some new wings and my 4x4 Transit needs a lot of welding before it will be drivable again. Too much stuff and not enough time, it will all get done eventually !
  13. Yes they have got EGR valves. Mine had a new one fitted a while before I bought it. I think it was hoped it would fix it. It's not just the valve itself that's the problem is the holes in the head and manifold that get clogged up. On Mk4's I think you need to fit a blanking plate with a hole in it. It's such a problem Vauxhall can do an EGR valve delete on the ECU so it won't keep going wrong. I'm considering getting mine done after spending hours cleaning the engine up before putting it back together. Having said that it's a lot better car then our old Mk3 Astra.
  14. I bought one locally, 1.6 8 valve though as a project. It had a running fault and would oil up one of the plugs, fine if you replaced it and good enough to get an MOT which is what the previous owner did. I bought it hoping it might just be valve guide oil seals but a compression test revealed low compression on one cylinder so one engine rebuild later and lots of aggro fixing an oil leak it now takes my other half to work everyday. I have been told these engine suffer from bore wear and just oil themselves up although in my case the low compression was due to it munching something and putting a score in the bore.
  15. Hi, just joined on here and spotted your thread. Well done for getting the Astra back on the road. I have had a bit of an Astra habit over the last few years. I bought an estate that needed an engine. I ended up fitting the old 1.6 big block out of our old Cav Mk2. The roof on this ended up going very rusty so I bought a low miles Arctic to replace it. This has been a nice car but the windscreen surround has been butchered by a fitter at some point and is very rusty. I'm currently looking at this as it's full of water, not sure if it's the screen or if it's coming in through the heater. It's been parked up for a few months and the steering wheel had turned a nasty shade of green ! I need to get the interior stripped out so I can see where the water is getting in.
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