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  1. Thanks for the suggestions lads. Fucking van has seriously pissed me off as it's still fucking leaking..
  2. Yup, so muggins got a tranny a while back.. all was good but the bugger started dripping a while back. Finally got the time to do a filter and oil change today (naturally the wind decided to show up for the first time in weeks) but i'm not sure that's gonna solve it as i've a feeling with my luck that it's the sump seal or something plugged into it.. Anyway as you'd expect it's been marking it's territory - the usual "I'm a pain in the arse old oily motor and i proudly belong to your neighbour" type of territorial marking.. So now the oil and filter are done i need to clean up after
  3. I've had a few renaults with Aisin Warner boxes, although those ones didn't claim to be sealed they also suffer with the dreaded thud in reverse. I think one had started slipping a bit too if memory serves.. Anyway a fresh fluid change usually sorts out the thud and from memory my slippage went away too. Don't bother dipsticking it, just get two 5L bottles of water from the supermarket. Empty them, empty the gearbox of fluid into one, fill the other with new fluid to the same level (then add 1-3mm for the odd bits you might of lost - if you want) and then pour the new stuff in. You only need t
  4. The ex let me have her micra for scrap value. I've done whats needed to it and got a new MOT on it. Advertised for £850 on facebook marketplace knowing full well i'll get beaten down on the price and figured if i can get £650 i'd be happy. So far just 3 enquiries, one said he'd take it and never showed. Then i realised.. with the lack of newly qualified drivers these days there's probably a surplus. My old (and completely shot) Honda CRV shifted in 18 hours - for double what i thought i'd get but that was in October last year.
  5. You win Rustys prize for being legend of the week.. lol Picked up a -ac belt today, fitted and car is now tickety boo. cheers for that suggestion
  6. Hi guys I did try the astra forums with this but not much joy there yet.. it's old enough to be in the bangernomics range so thought i'd try here.. The astra is sounding like a cross between an angle grinder and the bell on a push bike. Seems to be the clutch on the compressor for the air con - if i touch it with my finger i can sort of silence the sucker but the moment i let go it continues. It's a 1.8 16v auto elite - 2004. No idea of the horses - can't seem to find that anywhere in the docs.. odd. Anyway i've tried searching for a replacement clutch.. all i keep finding
  7. Hi all.. Er indoors had an MOT failure yesterday... most of it is electricals (misaligned headlights, air bag warning light etc etc) but it also has a knackered coil spring which i'm half way through replacing - flaming storm isn't helping as i've had to pack up due to rain.. Anyway i've been struggling with the drop link. The threaded part that goes into the shock absorber has a hex hole in it. Not normally a problem - i've done loads of these previously however the micra has decided to be a pain in the arse type of car and the hex has rounded out. I've tried bigger piece allen key pieces
  8. Hi all, Astra sometimes cuts out with 1/8 still showing on the gauge and about 30 miles on the fuel guestimator. When I say cuts out I mean it just won't bloody start despite coughing and spluttering. Did a google, it's a known fault where the thing doesn't recalculate properly and vauxhall quoted £410 for a replacement dash with upgraded software. Other than keeping the tank fuller than usual, is there any other hack / bodge to make this situation better? - I can live with it but it just gets a bit annoying! Ta, Rusty
  9. So because YOU deemed them not to dazzle or affect others, its ok to use them deliberately breaking the law which was designed to prevent injury? Selfish wanker.
  10. You don't find them dazzling but everyone is different. Some people do find them falling dazzling and I happen to be one of them. Its illegal to use them in normal visibility for a reason.. EDIT: Corrected auto predict spelling mistake.
  11. I think you may be right however as they also have a dubious past over their tax affairs I think it would tip me over the danger level mentally..
  12. So I was coming home tonight.. one foglight abuser after another has the stupid things turned on. I've become so frustrated lately that i flash them the full beams and then flash the foglights at them repeatedly. It doesn't seem to have any effect but i keep thinking eventually people will get a grip of their stupidity. So coming up the road towards what is technically home, there is a car parked on my side of the road facing me with headlights and foglights turned on right in front of me dazzling me. I stopped about 15 foot away from it, full beam and foggies on back. The driver pulled out
  13. They were popular in the 80s, pretty much every van had one. Maybe even in the 70s.. I wasn't around then to know though.. Then at the end of the 80s and definitely in the 90s the humble van air vent that spins round on the roof seemed to completely vanish. Recently round my way I'm seeing a lot more of them though on new vans. Even the (ex?) missus one day asked me what they were and how new were they! So whats with them vanishing and now making a reappearance?
  14. LOL!!! I'll have to remember that one. I'm not really much of a ph1 man when it comes to safranes but i must admit i'm slightly tempted as i'm not so keen on the astra even though its 2004
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