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  1. I might pop along if it's fairly early on Saturday as it's local for me. I have been meaning to give it a look
  2. I will have a ticket, 23 if available
  3. 23rdian


    Thanks for the reply. Its actually leaking. I had a quick look a few months back and can see it running down the back of the block. It's been like this for 3+ years I just top it up. The heater seems pretty good as long as there is enough water in there.I will order a themostat and hope for the best I think.
  4. 23rdian


    Evening folks, Just after a few opinions on the following. Had the Skoda Fellatio parked up for a week or so. On driving it down the road after just a few minutes the temp very quickly went to just under red. Pulled over, gingerly checked the water level (it leaks). It was a bit low but there was some in. By the time I turned it back on again, the temp had dropped to normal and I drove it around at bit and it was fine. Parked it up for a few hours, so engine again was cold. Did exactly the same again. This is about 5 minutes from cold, just before the heater is felt, when it does it seems to come on fine and stay on. The temp returns to normal levels. Am I right in thinking this is the stat taking too long to open? Surely not OMFGHGF? If not, will driving it like this for a few days be the result?
  5. Rather lovely but a touch too far away for me
  6. This place is amazing. Glad it went to a good home. These are great cars apart from they should have used the paint off the Mk2s. Still have Kiltoxs ex 1.8 auto (cheers mate its still going well) If I had the space would liked yours too. Future classic IMO
  7. I really like these. Good reviews of them on YouTube. Bit like an american Jag, Would drive 8/10
  8. BUMP. GLWS. I hope someone off here buys it. No drive space or I would have this for sure.
  9. I'm guessing this doesn't have sliding door on the side? Or do they all have at least one?
  10. Can't imagine there too much fuckery on the 1.2 engine/older designed Clio? I'm in. Number 23 please...
  11. I am interested in the proviso that no one above buys it and you could drop it off near Birmingham on your way down? Serious buyer
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