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  1. Top work. I imagine people steer well clear when they see that massive flag on the bonnet (and realise it's a £25 Fiasco)
  2. Not that I'm aware of. But I'm pretty ruthless with the spam filters
  3. I signed up to quidco.com, used their comparison tool and ended up with elephant.co.uk. Saved £100 on my V70 policy, plus £25 cash back
  4. Also, are they modified bog seats fitted to the front seats of that P6?
  5. Epic collection thread, though
  6. Well, here's hoping it will sell on here. It did the first time, but then it broke. Fixed now.
  7. Thread bump, 'cause this is now for sale again. See updated first post!
  8. Ugh. BMW X5 with personalised plates and braying brat kids. Seems almost impossible for owners to park these discreetly, which seems amazing given how boring the car looks.
  9. Love these. On my (soon-to-be-sold) second. Note yours is a pretty high spec with split folding rear seat and front fogs. Luxury!
  10. Hmmm. Sarf London? I could actually pick this up on my way home from work and ride the final 30-odd miles. Would make a good collection thread
  11. Strange how an e-type hearse ends up looking like a Scimitar. Also, is that the ghost of the surprised-looking fella's Grandmother, in the background?
  12. There's low mileage, then there's simply 'hasn't been used and needs recommissioning'. Surely all the rubber hoses and brakes?
  13. Careful not to chuck it in with the soup or whatever your first meal is on the hob.
  14. Been out and about trying to buy a Mini convertible for Mrs T. Looked at six cars in total and probably spent the same amount as our budget on fuel. Two observations: 1. Does no-one keep a service history, or bother servicing, any more? And by FSH I mean stamps and invoices. Not, as two garages tried to show me, a sheaf of crumpled RAC breakdown reports, and in one car, an on board service indicator proudly flashing away that the car was due a service -20,000 miles ago! 2. Do garages not do deals any longer? One example ticked all the boxes, but the fact it had four bald (but at least matching) tyres. When I say bald, I mean not legal, too. Price: £2850 I offer £2650 cash, expecting to have to come up a bit, meet in the middle. Their best deal? £2850
  15. If not the battery, then I'd: remove the aftermarket alarm, assuming it's been in there a long time and might be past its best check the wiring in and out of the ignition switch and fuse box - I had a similar experience with a failing ignition barrel on an old Triumph years ago. The wires were gently deteriorating, dropping in and out and causing havoc. Relatively simple fix too. If neither of those ideas helps then 1, 14 and 20 please
  16. Sold To @bramz7 Will try and remember to do a drop-off thread next weekend, though he isn't far from me so it won't be full of drama (I hope).
  17. It's probably not hard to do, but I think requires pulling a substantial chunk of dashboard out, in order to replace some fiddly bits of plastic. I set it to max heat for Winter defrosting duties, and now realise that's less helpful in Spring!
  18. Deja vu...I advertised this a few weeks back and had a buyer within minutes. Then the alternator packed up. I've swapped in a replacement, and fitted a new alternator belt at the same time. Same info as below. I *really* want this to go to a good home. ..... I'm selling my 1993 205 diesel. I'm desperate for it to go to a good home and ideally a shiter. This place feels like the right home for such a wonderfully basic and cheap car. This is the second I've owned, and they have helped lift me from the badlands of how-new-is-your-reg and how-many-extras, to the sunlit lanes of shitedom. I'm only selling Patrice (as he's affectionately known), because I have other chod to worry about. I paid a bit over the odds for him two years ago, when we needed a cheap-to-insure commuter. However, I was taken by how clean the car was (and still is), and lots of evidence of regular maintenance. 150k on the clock. He comes with some provenance as well: a sticker I found under the dashboard saying he was built in Dieppe, 4.30 on a Friday afternoon...hmmm. The good bits: MOT to end of SeptemberNew battery and starter motor last yearFully stamped biffer record book and receipts for the various bits I've done (including an oil change about 7k miles ago)Two new front tyres with about 2k miles on themRemaining tyres good, including the spareVegetarianEverything works* Bad bits: Original Pug radio/cassette doesn't workClonking noise from front o/s - suspect bush or damper (but passed latest MOT like this)The heater fan can be turned up/down but the temperature knob has fallen off, meaning the heater, when it's on, is stuck to maximum heat. Brittle French plastic means this is a tricky fix. I'm not going to lie.Latest MOT advised tyres (done), rear brake pipes and front discs. However, I suspect these will go at least another year depending on mileage.It's a very basic Pug. There are zero extras, apart from the sunroof and a passenger door mirror. And I suspect these were after-market. I've completed regular round trips of 100 miles + and it bumbles along the main roads and motorway at 65mph, no problem. I've calculated a true 56mpg. Patrice has been garaged most of his life, including with me. I need £300 for it. And, I'm so confident in the car, and keen for it to go to a new home, that I'll deliver for the cost of fuel and a return train ticket. (I'll do a thread too, obvs). Will consider p/x for something interesting but no BEST PRICE 2NITE M8
  19. Recall seeing lots of these in Curitiba, Brazil when I was there in '99. For weeks I thought someone was going round the city nicking the letter 'f' from all of them.
  20. Just spotted this - can I take the other 205 manual and Pug diesel manual if still available? Let me know your PayPal details and how much, so I can send you postage money.
  21. This is a brilliant series of blog posts from a US motoring journalist about three months spent undercover, as a salesman. It may not be the UK, but the stark realities of salesman life are brought to life - fascinating: http://www.edmunds.com/car-buying/confessions-of-a-car-salesman-pg2.html
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