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  1. These are brilliant cars. Miss my old one. Well bought!
  2. Lovely day out to deliver a friend's Toyota Starlet to GrumpyCat of this parish. Nice drive to the South coast (forgotten the joys of a simple, small, no-frills car), friendly buyers and an easy transaction. Plus I got to cycle part of the journey home. Selling on here is the way forward. My second successful sale. Modest donation to AS funds incoming.
  3. The gear knob on this is worth 1/10th of the asking price, to GTI lickers
  4. It's a rare South African FRONtera, built in Jo'burg as a kit, by VW, on behalf of Vauxhall
  5. New-ish Audis in 'hire purchase' white, can do one.
  6. I expect it's to do with the overall cost of running the fleet. I seem to recall the Tories cut Ministerial drivers in 2010, and if the driving duties are now out-sourced then the trade-off may be that they don't get to choose the cars. In my experience of working on Whitehall, justifying costs would far outweigh any potential damage to perceptions, even where the Chancellor is concerned (perhaps more so).
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-D21-pick-up-/332028074337?roken=cUgayN
  8. The power bulge in its full glory, in that last shot
  9. Is that a CB radio bolted in to the footwell? Professional collectioneering!
  10. OK - cheeky threadbump because I've added photo's to the post at the top and a little detail about the full set of stamps in the service book. As you can see it has GR9 trimz. I'm told the jack, spare wheel etc. is all unused. There's a bit of local interest too, so hurry hurry!
  11. Thanks for all the comments. Will get on the case with some photos in the next 24 hours.
  12. Cheers for that ^^ I will try and sort photos and itemise what delightful extras* the S model beholds, soon. I'm guessing: 1. Rear wash/wipe 2. er...
  13. I'm afraid I don't yet know the specific model, but it is 3 door.
  14. How do you find your XC? I'm in the market for one, after running a lovely regular V70 for the past year. Any weak spots to look out for?
  15. I'm in Surrey, but happy to deliver subject to dates etc.
  16. I'm trying to help a recently-widowed friend sell her '99 Toyota Starlet. Photo's to follow. It's a real gem, nice electric blue colour like the one below and well maintained all its life. The couple in question are unfailingly scrupulous with upkeep and there's a fully stamped service book - Toyota main dealer to 2005, local garage thereafter. The MOT history is immaculate. Search T58DDY to see. Note that this plate is being transferred and a new number allocated this week (as shown in photos below). MOT till next August, tax to get you home. I want to raise as much as possible for my friend and I can see these are on Autotrader around the £500 mark. Would make a great reliable first car or runaround for someone. If I sell it through here at close to asking then I'll deliver for fuel and cheap train ticket home, plus make another good donation to the forum. Any interest?
  17. More murky exchanges between ice cream sales operatives: https://www.facebook.com/LADbible/videos/2731074270273079/?comment_id=663113460508985&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R2%22%7D
  18. Pretty much decided I hate our Bini. I put loads of effort in to finding the best one I could for my wife, on a budget, naturally. Turns out to be a rattly, crashing ride and however much I clean it, permanently filthy. Seems to bring out the worst in me and is a magnet for £99-a-month shit drivers. I'v never been tailgated or cut up as frequently as in this car (and I'm well used to driving small cars).
  19. Although no reason it couldn't be called out to Shitefest. Tell the strippers to sod off and then enjoy the vehicle.
  20. I live quite close to Redhill and it is probably one of the best places locally for buying chod. Lots of giffers living near by with povo spec Pugs and Rovers gently decaying on their drives. If you like an ale then worth walking out of the town centre for a few minutes, south down the A23 to The Garland pub.
  21. Edit: ^^ it was a Renault Scenic, not Picasso
  22. An elderly friend of mine ran a Picasso and swore by it (not at it), for ease of entry/egress and I think I recall it has a flattish floor, too.
  23. Saw Princess Anne is trending on twitter. Obviously my first thought was that perhaps the Reliant Scimitar is being relaunched. But apparently she's just poorly: https://mobile.twitter.com/search?q=Princess+anne+reliant
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