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  1. This XJ is G.A.S.H Got to admire the front of the vendor though. I used to live near where these photos were taken. Pretty sure that isn't their driveway they've parked on for the photos... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/jaguar-xj6-3-3-1990-classic-modified-xj40-not-xj8-/272554505275
  2. I'm having a wobble about this, down the road from me. Surely this is one of those things that: 1. Looks worse* than it is 2. Can only go up* in value? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232233804363
  3. I've done this twice: once in a borrowed Caterham 7 at a corporate jolly at Brands Hatch. Obviously I thought I was Billy Big Bollocks and just ended up sliding all over the show, almost killing a load of office workers on their Christmas Party. Second time I was in my Grandmother's base Nova, had more fun tbh, and came 2nd or 3rd overall.
  4. Arrived in my XJ8, left in my Great Grandfathers Herald convertible...and on to honeymoon in that too. Love it.
  5. Been looking forward to this all week. When I next log in here, I hope to see an Omega in front of a Welsh sunset!
  6. Interesting thing with London chod is that: lots of giffers still live in London cos they're the only ones who can afford to (hence their old cars). Plus, you don't need anything fast, so may as well go classic. Finally, ££.
  7. I've been running a 56 Bini Convertible for Mrs T for a year now, having had a new one as a company car back in the day. Yes, they were pretty well built, but when shopping for a used one I noticed that they were almost all badly maintained 10+ years down the line. I know lots of cars are poorly maintained because finance/throw away culture etc etc. but Minis - and convertible versions - were consistently bad. I read somewhere else that because Minis were frequently sold with cheap 2-3 year maintenance deals the initial history is always good, but subsequent owners never picked up the intervals and they go downhill, quickly. I don't mind the shape, they're fun to drive, but the interiors haven't aged well IMO. Cheap plastics, rattly and never really captured that tardis thing about the original.
  8. Oh good, a roffle close to home. Put me down for 2 randoms please.
  9. "solicits smiles where ever she goes" Dirty slag
  10. The interview with Edwardes is amazing, in hindsight. These days, can you imagine a boss at JLR or Nissan Sunderland saying, or being allowed to say, that a factory was entirely unprofitable and that the Evoque/Juke is only there to help to reduce losses? Also, Norman Wisdom blatantly groping the female presenter while telling her 'the old ones are the best'.
  11. This thread brings back a lot of happy memories of my Grandparent's (mark 2?) Sherpa campervan. Must have been an early 80s model I think. I loved that thing, mainly because I couldn't get my head around the size of it (my parents ran a Metro at the time) and the fact I could sit in the back with no seatbelts - on the bench/bed/living area. I still have the tin of boiled sweets they used to carry around in that vehicle, but no photos of it to hand. Unlike the early campervans pictured in this thread, it seemed to be more of a van conversion, but very professional (branded) and possibly with a pop-up roof. Creamy/beige colour.
  12. Have you seen lots of stretched versions of normal cars? I read somewhere that the Chinese market insists on long wheelbase versions of relatively mundane saloons: Passat, 3 series etc. all have to be offered as 'L's over there.
  13. Walked on to a local-ish forecourt yesterday to look at a couple of non-shite 4x4s for Mrs T. Nice looking Volvo that I was interested in. Went up to the counter in the office. Notice sign about £95 admin fee on all sales. Heart sinks. 'I'm interested in the Volvo outside - can I take a look?' 'Did you call earlier?' 'Er, no, sorry' Queue a nice bit of theatre between *3* sales reps all circling and telling me how many calls they've already had about it... 'OK, no bother, we'll give it a miss then. Sounds like it's as good as sold.' I walk away. 'Oh no, no, I'll get the keys' etc. etc. Couldn't tell me anything about this particular car, the model, no offer to go and get the history, test drive. Walked away anyway. Is it really easier to add on admin fees and deliver patter, than simply do a straight deal?
  14. Wow, the Palomar was an amazing bike for a 15 year old. I'd have given my right testicle for one of them. And then not been able to ride it through soreness, I guess.
  15. I'm a trustee for the Mens Health Forum. We provide a free online service for anyone to talk with experts about stress, depression: https://www.menshealthforum.org.uk/beatstress.uk?gclid=CPG5kZTZltECFfgV0wodgvsN5A
  16. That Flying Squad film is a nice little bit of history. Good to see the villains in a BMW. Also, nice shot of a P6 and SD1 parked in sequence.
  17. Ford Probe OR (but only if Personal Line interior and black sills)
  18. More memorabilia for sale: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lonsdale-Car-Price-List-1983-YD41-Saloon-YD45-Estate-1-6-2-0-2-6-Engines-/252669265447?hash=item3ad4430627:g:DuoAAOSwOdpX1YNv
  19. "just fucked off with being robbed!!!" How about £1400 cash and I'll throw in an anger management class? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192050737450
  20. Epic collection thread in the making right there.
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