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  1. Dunno if that Volvo breakers is still run by the same bloke but he was (in)famously grumpy.
  2. Thought I saw you today on the A34 but when I came home and checked the reg I see it was an almost identical van but K reg.
  3. I like the what the Americans would call "ram air" intake - I've never seen the bonnet of one of these up close (and on the underside) so I had imagined something less elaborate.
  4. Trivia - first MOT in Norn Iron is at 4 years - Eng Scot and Wales it's 3.
  5. Yeah I had a summer job there back in the stone age - a lot of the baggage vehicles (one was a Karrier Bantam) were unreg. - no tax (none needed) as they stayed 100% airside. Also true for some tractors that never left the farm - in the olden days at least. My mate bought a 1950s grey Fergie in the late seventies and it got a T suffix plate when he registered it as it was the first DVLA had heard of it. These days it'd have an age related plate, but that was how it worked then - you used to see 50s Chevies with an S or T suffix as that's when they were first UK registered.
  6. I got a front caliper for my 2003 X350 from Rockauto for a decent price - some brake and suspension parts are shared with Lincoln LS so can be had at decent prices from US suppliers. I have an X350 workshop manual saved as a pdf if you want it - just send me PM.
  7. Well yes if you plan on posting any more photos of that or if you plan on wrecking any more and posting pictures of the results.
  8. Right here mister - in my eyes - I can't unsee it now.
  9. That looks awful, like some wannabe pineapple dubber - what's next, NATO paint and a roof rack?
  10. There was a post about the EU yesterday (I'm sure I didn't make it up) - now pffffttt! it's vanished - what gives?
  11. They went through a phase with hydrolastic suspension in the 60's so maybe it was one of those she means.
  12. WTAF is going on with that car anyway?
  13. And some bloke's just turned up over on the blue having bought a 67 Rebel SST convertible.
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