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  1. I notice the button that takes you to a previously quoted post is quite hard to see (used nyphor's post here just as an example, it's not relevant specifically).
  2. Snipes

    Truck Shite

    Why do the military move the headlights down into the bumper?
  3. Snipes

    Stance hilarity

    It's probably corner. Traction and grip under braking probably not so great.
  4. I can't bring myself to imagine the conversation that would be telling an insurance company that my car has alloys that it may or may not have had from new!
  5. Yeah I thought it looked vaguely Nissan. CA20E is the same engine as our injected bluebirds. The other engine, KA24, is an earlier 8v that eventually gained 16 valves and went into things like Navaras and US 200SX (240SX over there).
  6. Snipes

    Stance hilarity

    The wording is black and white but applying the law is a different matter.
  7. Don't fancy rescuing a certain 1.4 that's been sleeping in Swadlincote eh?
  8. Just remind us. Didn't you try to sell this before it was modidied but nobody wanted it?
  9. Snipes

    Home made pick ups.

    I think I like the 6 wheel fiesta. I mean it's hidious, but I still like it.....
  10. I think you nailed it with the brown MK2 granny estate with the funny face. I like the racey commodore too. Is that a V8 Supercar or a touring car?
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1993-K-TOYOTA-CARINA-E-2-0-GLI-FULL-MOT-FSH-17-STAMPS-DRIVES-BEAUTIFUL-BARGAIN-/312617461715 Pure sex. MOT history suggest previous owners have been a little negligent with wear and tear items but no talk of rust at all.
  12. Snipes

    Stance hilarity

    As someone who worked in the trade working quite heavily on modified cars and suspension who decides what is "clearly over the top"? A lowered MX5 with a degree and a half of neg camber front and rear is very heavily different to what Mazda would specify but is undoubtedly much improved for hard driving - I happen to like them and dislike stance queens but legally they both are highly dubious.
  13. Snipes

    Stance hilarity

    I agree they're possibly ill-advised but are the mods actually illegal in the UK? I'm not convinced. This does remind me of that geezer who was made to suffer when he souped up his OMG PCP Astra VXR, put in for warranty worm which was refused due to the modifications. His instinctive response was "who reads the small print?" People who aren't idiots, that's who.
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