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  1. Good lord, I'm in awe. It's difficult to pick a favourite from that lot. Your Clio is the spitting image of my other half's current wheels. I too have had pretty reliable service from Renaults (and the Renault engine in my Volvo 340), the only major problem I've had being the shit carb on my R4. They're much tougher cars than people think, what a shame they nuked their reputation with stuff like the Laguna II 20 years ago.
  2. Fuck, that's dedication right there. Congratulations on having the car back and condolonces for the loss of the contents of your wallet.
  3. I guess after 30-odd years of heat cycles and hard use the plastic bits become brittle over time, just one of those things really. At least it was just the throttle shaft and not one of the deep internal bits of the pump, it'll be easy work for a diesel specialist.
  4. That'll be the control lever shaft seal that's leaking, it's a common problem on VE pumps. Entirely possible to fix with the pump in situ like so. Change the pump cover seal whilst you're in there, everything you need is in this kit.
  5. Here's the Green Bastard, otherwise known as J191 KBK, a TZD Turbo Hurricane. Utterly shagged on purchase, slowly being rehabilitated with regular injections of new parts and money, seems reluctant to work if it can avoid it. Fundamentally it's a good car but has been owned by idiots for a large portion of its life. At this rate it may actually be on the road again soon.
  6. That's the whole charm of a diesel BX though, the things look like props from Blade Runner then the whole illusion is shattered when you start them up and they sound like tractors. Admittedly it's worse on the N/A ones as the turbos act as great noise suppressors and above 2,000rpm they sound almost sporting, rather than rattly. I'm still not sure why people struggle with Renaults, they're tough as fuck and I've never worked on one that's been anything but straightforward. Plenty of us drive them as reliable dailies, especially in GGG country. Something like a Superc
  7. You'd think if they were going to struggle with anything on a BX it wouldn't be a clutch. Or did they not like doing clutches generally? In fairness to M&M they weren't the worst, I presented them with a tricky problem and they said they hadn't seen a BX for years and therefore they couldn't be much help. I'm tempted to try them again at some point (now they've re-familiarised themselves with your BX) as any desire to do further serious jobs on my BX has completely evaporated over the last year or so and Manchester's Citroen specialists are seemingly all a bit strange.
  8. Plus it would be an engine out job every time a belt needed changing.
  9. I've been fairly lucky in that most garages round here outright refuse to even look at the BX, let alone put it through an MoT. When I first bought it it needed tracking and the reasons garages gave me when they refused to do it ranged from stupid to impressively elaborate. Luckily I found someone who learnt his trade fixing BX company cars 20+ years ago, although even he refuses to do another octopus. The one time I took it somewhere else for an MoT I ended up in a bizarre circular argument about the rear suspension cylinders, where they tried to argue that the LHM leaking out couldn't p
  10. It's definitely best it was replaced, I knew it wasn't pretty but I did think the whole thing still existed and would be capable of limping on until I manage to take the body off for full restoration. I'll give the MoT tester that one... My experience with MoT garages is much the same, if the tester's not particularly understanding of old cars things can become a pain in the arse quite quickly. I went to this garage because they'd done some decent work on the other half's ancient Clio and there was a Citroen Visa on one of the ramps, which led me to think they'd be sympathetic to elderly
  11. 'What's happening with the R4?', you probably haven't asked yourself recently. Just in case you were clamouring for an update, here you go. Early March saw the R4 brought into the workshop for its seemingly annual MoT-mandated welding session, this time on the chassis front crossmember (or Naepoleon's Hat as it's known due to its shape). Yet again it found itself in the company of a slightly rancid Morris Minor. This rancid Morris Minor, in fact, seen in happier times when it was used to collect the R4. It was brought in for a bit of remedial work and that's where
  12. Has the fuel heater down the back of the engine been blanked off yet? It's a well documented air ingress point and bypassing it shouldn't make any difference.
  13. Cheers, to be honest the work hasn't been that bad so far (thermostat aside). Certainly nothing like the battles I've had with a certain old Citroen. I can confirm mine has the same two indentations, which do indeed look like accident damage at first glance. My best guess is they're there to add extra strength to what would otherwise be a flat sheet of steel, but surely then they'd be a feature on both sides? I didn't find the rear brakes such a bad job on these - aside from the sheer number of springs - and taking off the rear hubnut is quite easy compared to anythi
  14. I'm truly envious, clearly the Bini was designed by rational, sane folk rather than a bunch of pissed up Italians. If it had been that easy I'd have done it months ago.
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