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  1. I'd personally opt for option 2, ultimately Renault were churning these engines out for 40+ years so parts aren't spectacularly hard to find and rebuilding them isn't rocket science. Der Franzose (at the pricier end of the market) do a set of pistons and liners and bearing shells, for instance, and there are probably numerous other suppliers if you shop around. For a secondhand engine your best bet is probably the Renault 4 Forum, someone should at least know where there's one available. It's also a useful fount of knowledge when it comes to working on these old heaps, there's not much the membership hasn't seen before.
  2. This miserable heap of shit is mine. It's a super rare and apparently desireable Hurricane special edition complete with turbocharged XUD power (the best engine for a BX, until it goes wrong at least). You can read my hideously out of date thread about it here. I've had it nearly four years and in that time the proportion of time it's spent on the road is small compared to the amount of time spent off the road with one major failure or another. It's not really the car's fault, one of its previous owners did all his own maintenance and servicing despite clearly being incompetent and subsequent owners didn't bother with maintenance and servicing at all. Still, it has a remarkably clean, non rotten bodyshell (which is why I persist with it) and one day I'll have fixed absolutely everything. It does look bloody cool, though. I am also a shareholder in the beige BX.
  3. This one is the one we need then: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/46030-INTERMOTOR-DISTRIBUTOR-CAP-CITROEN-FIAT-PEUGEOT-RENAULT-SEAT-TALBOT/202683484518?epid=248744646&hash=item2f30e08966:g:fEMAAOSwX8dbqjoj&frcectupt=true
  4. Good stuff. Does the dizzy cap look like this one?
  5. Right then... Strangeangel is probably correct about the strut return pipes being clogged, it usually tends to be the case if LHM isn't escaping in quantity. I'd give Chevronics a swerve for new return pipes and go to AEP instead, the quality is apparently good and the prices somewhat lower. Alternatively, if we wanted to maximise the budget we could renovate the old strut returns like so, I have plenty of appropriate silicone tubing on hand. I do also have a couple of random dizzy caps that may fit. There are genuine Citroen strut gaiters on eBay now for £17.50 plus £4 postage, if that's acceptable? I've tried finding others but nothing else comes up as cheaply (the part number's 95579468 if you want to have a go yourselves). Hopefully I should be free to attend the next working party.
  6. At Tuesday's NPH meet the beige BX's carburettor came up for discussion as it appears idling is something of an issue. Thanks to the power of the internet I can reveal that the carb is a Solex 30/30 Z2, for which parts are thankfully still available, as are whole carbs should we need them (albeit they're a bit pricey). Does anybody with knowledge of Solex carbs know why idling could be a problem? The carb itself has been well cleaned by Strangeangel so it's unlikely to be a blockage/dirt issue.
  7. I may be a bit late as I have to install my carburettor before heading down.
  8. Third anniversary would be 28th April, so whichever meet is closest to that.
  9. There's also a Dutch company that'll supply them for rather less money than Chevronics, or you can do what Pleiades the hydraulics specialists do and make your own with T-pieces and diesel leakoff pipe. The BX parts supply situation isn't the best but it's getting better, even in the couple of years I've had mine a lot of stuff has become available that previously wasn't. Anyway, I'm just happy that abandoned BXs like this one are being saved and given a new lease of life rather than going over the bridge. This one looks quite good beneath the grime. Good luck with the recommissioning.
  10. FFS Junkman, a whole post consisting of unoriginal reposted eBay links? HOW COULD YOU!
  11. Glossop police station was recently subject to night closure due to local authority cuts, with a few plod from the next town driving around as compensation. Naturally this unleashed a veritable crime wave on Glossop's mean streets, with at least three Audis being stolen in the space of a few months, around 10 items of garden furniture going missing and in one tragic case an old lady had her recycling bin tipped over. This caused local outrage of the torch and pitchforks variety and so the police station has recently returned to being a 24 hour operation. To show they're back in business the feds have to be everywhere in vast numbers, every night, just to let the denizens of Glossop know the authorities are taking care* of them again.
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