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  1. Thanks Phil that makes sense, it's really interesting to get a perspective from over there.
  2. On a sort of related to oil note I thought they were into a lot of fast fit things? While watching Baseball there's always adverts for getting your Shocks changed every X miles (60,000 off the top of my head). Is that because as a sport it has an ageing fanbase who might still be stuck in these ideas? I mean a broken spring is a bridging offence to half of the cars over here let alone the idea of changing early as preventative maintenance. I guess being stuck in the middle of nowhere is less of a fun idea a country that is rather large, so early oil changes etc might be an easier sel
  3. It is rubbish when you are in a cafe and ask for a slice and they pick the crap one rather than the fat one on the other side you were eyeing up. This is what makes sense to me. I genuinely don't think you can easily go down the shite / bangernomics routes with anything remotely day / camper related. Nothing is that field is both usable and cheap enough to be throw away (at least in my mind). So going for something that will retain its value at least makes any work needed, welding etc... able to be viewed as running costs rather than just good money after bad.
  4. Cheers, that's useful info I'll have a good dig there. I imagine they wouldn't have sold as many as they did without being able to be set up to run happily. 3 wheels 😮, I suppose it looks better than a Niken.....
  5. I know we've had a few half threads on this subject, and jollyfkr had one for sale a while ago but.... Velosolexes.... My current commute is once a week 2 and a bit miles either way which I cycle quite happily, but my mind can't be helped from wondering how much more life affirming it would feel to turn up in a small cloud of 2 stoke on something with less brakes than the 20 year old MTB I currently use. Stevenage has many quirks and one is that mopeds are allowed on the cycle path network. So the lack of top speed is no issue, it is however mildly hilly. So what I did wonder
  6. Bikeshite dropping to page 5 isn't really on now is it. So to bring it back up, I've liberally covered the metal bits on the bike in ACF50 to make me feel less bad about going for short rides knowing that I won't bother to wash it when I get back. So on my first ride after doing that in the pissing rain I got half way along the shit covered country roads towards a farm shop I was going to, and noticed I'd lost lights, including the brake light and indicators. Now I know what you're thinking, but I fucking didn't. I'm so convinced anything that goes wrong on this bike is relate
  7. I had a Mk5 zetec s with the 1.6 engine in. It was great for the month I owned it. I presume it's the same engine in the Mk6 it certainly was in the more insurance friendly MK1.5 focus that replaced it. Unfortunately mine developed a fatal fault on its last drive. Where looking at the windscreen showed the sky at the bottom and the road at the top.... So overall I'm of no real help at all other than to say go for it, warm fiesta is always a good laugh.
  8. That back end does look much better. I can see why people go aftermarket for indicators on the front if they've dropped the bike but they're a bit like a carbon fiber sticker on the fuel cap of a corsa in my eyes. Which considering it's a nice bike seems a shame. I need to get back to searching for the unicorn of a second hand suit that would fit. I was monitoring stuff on Ebay last winter with the aim to look at a road bike track day but as I'm sure you've found out being taller than a spanish moto2 racer rules out 99% of suits. In my case I've got the added issue that 2020 hasn't been k
  9. Can't be all bad a tasty snack for lunch, along with a warm glow that you car isn't trying to send you on an expensive wild goose chase for noises. Which will last until 200 yards from home when having already eaten the onion the bastard thing will throw another clunk at you just because it can. I'd give the Qanon lot a lot more credit if they went after the real bad guys, sod the lizards running the world I want the gremlins buggering up machinery exposed first.
  10. Talking of zzr1100 and value for money, the place I got my VFR in had one in being sold by the bikes owner (ie not through the garage I can't think of the proper term). It went almost as quickly as any Triumph that ever makes it to their facebook page but that makes sense as it was a lot of bike for 850 quid! That being said it appears it had grim reaper stickers on each side of the tank so I'm not sure how much that knocks off the value of a bike...
  11. I know this is a bit 2019, but I thought riding a maxi scoot in London meant you were lucky if it was stolen when parked rather than with you on it? Or has it got better down there?
  12. That is a lovely steed indeed. I love the side curtains that look like they've been half inched off some poor old boy’s mobility scooter that he's parked outside Asda. Can you see enough through them to ride with them down or are they just to keep the interior dry when parked?
  13. That's brilliant, I'd fill it in with 'human, but at least mammal please'.
  14. What's a bank holiday weekend without a trip to the coast? Popped to Aldeburgh, had a lovely run down leaving before the traffic started. It was rammed there so no chance for the planned chips just picked up some bottles from the Adnams shop. You couldn't get the sea in shot where I parked so have a picture of a surprised tractor instead.
  15. What time are you able to get to the dealer for pick up? If you can get on the road early then a long day with lots of stops for food / drink / photos of your new pride and joy would be a nice adventure. Without the hassle of carrying a chain / finding a secure hotel car park. They are lovely looking for a 125 much better in my eyes than a grom.
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