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  1. I did have a look at them after your write up earlier and it does look good, might be a bit much to ride there, take instruction then ride back for me. So staying overnight somewhere means it'd cost a fair whack more. If I get the 'wheeeeee' part out of the way nearer by then I'd definitely look into them to get some actual tuition. Shame Caragena is so far away, a bikeshite trackday could be great fun.
  2. I really fancy dipping my toe into a track day, I'm pretty near Bedford autodrome which does the odd road bike track day where no one in the novice excuse could moan about being suprised by a rolling roadblock like myself. Has anyone ridden around there? The biggest issue is I'd need some leathers, but being 6ft 3 / 110kg finding some second hand might be an issue, and given they'd be worn only a couple of times new doesn't appeal.
  3. As DaveQ said, it's regulations. The rear tyre can't be the back of the bike so they have to hang some easy to remove plastic there and as a bonus get to make a few quid more by flogging the tail tidy at the same time. We're basically lucky in this country no one cares about the build regs after somethings been sold, not sure if in stricter counties that require TUV approval for mods they have to ride around with it as stock? Of course there is an argument that it's the same as HD getting round emissions by having their lumps in an even worse state of tune and everyone buying an 'aftermarket' upgrade that is already on the bike when they pick it up. It's a rubbish argument of course because I really can't see any real danger with the rear tyre being exposed other than a wet arse.
  4. I get these adverts as well. Random commuter motorcycle that's about a desirable as a dose of the clap for even half of what the tickets add up to. Obviously it's a business and if people are willing to piss away the money fair enough. Someone on here that is more into gambling would be able to work out how bad the (or good) the value is compared to the lottery. However I did dig into the terms and conditions and you can enter for free by sending in a postcard.... some of the stuff is close to autoshite enough to be worth a stamp surely.
  5. PM incoming, don't tell the better half I'm adding to old computer stuff 🤐
  6. Nah, it can smell a mark a mile off. It knows no matter what they'll get it on the road at some point so is just having as much fun with them as it can.
  7. At least there's no, 'it was only a couple of foot it'll probably be ok' dilemma. Given you're now smashing around on a fast Honda I expect a photo of a Marquez rep on this thread soon.
  8. I don't think you'll find anyone arguing with her on that. Even it's mother is resigned to it never getting married and leaving home.
  9. Ok, which of you was it? I feel for the bloke getting pulled given he was fully legal when there will have been dozens of audi's rolling past with number plates in the front windows while the drivers are watching youtube. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-49393998
  10. Snap, my VFR had it's mot today. The receptionist at the council mot centre was very nice (all the staff there are good, there's a reason I'm happy to ride half an hour to go there, rather than bugger around with local garages) and ran out to open the bay garage door so I could get inside out the rain rather than park up while it was sheeting it down. Overtrousers / Jacket and a big old fairing mean it really isn't bad to ride in the rain, just does lack the 'fun' factor of a proper dry razz. My only issue MOT wise was that the dipped beam bulb wasn't getting full power to start with so it was getting failed on that, until the end where he went to show me what was wrong and the bike decided it really didn't want to have to go back to Luton anytime soon and bucked it's ideas up. I did promise the bike that it owed me an MOT for the money thrown at it to get it back on the road before I thought about cosmetics, I'll have some decisions to make for winter around that.
  11. I chucked a kymco agility 50cc ped down a road in cambridge on a CBT and it was fine afterwards.... So I'd have no issues with one. If you need the 'mod' look what about the LML vespas as fiddled with by illustrious posters on this forum? That budget would get you a pick of decent second hand ones.
  12. I was playing football this morning in that there London. Thought as the weather was nice I should head down on the VFR. Fuck me you lot that ride all the time in London are certifiable, fair play to anyone that doesn't want to cry after doing that five times a week, one day was enough. 20mph speed cameras wherever there isn't a traffic light every twenty yards to stop you. The cooling fan has been on for longer today than in the previous 20 years of the bike I reckon. I wasn't even heading into central, but the roads are so much more crowded (at 9am on a Sat morning!) than even a few years ago it was properly joyless experience. I know they are great for traffic busting purposes but I'll stick to the enjoyment of the open road I think.
  13. There's been a bit of controversy this year over rides apparently drafting the camera bikes on the descents. If this sort of nefarious tactic appeals I'd definitely be looking for one of those abominations. The front fairing is so wide even I'd be able to cycle in its slipstream.
  14. Back to proper stuff as the RAV4 is currently sitting there awaiting another bit of tinkering but nothing vital at the moment. Onto the VFR. Details of some of the issues and vain attempts at fixing it are below on the moribund ask a shiter section https://autoshite.com/topic/35603-automotive-electrics-for-dummies-help-please/ After ignoring advice based on hoping I hadn't been sold rubbish second hand parts it turns out Dave was correct and it was the clocks that are were the main problem. They suffer from two issues, one is the plastic mounting lugs snap when they are removed which limits the number of second hand ones knocking about. The second is the tracks on the flexible PCB degrade. I'd had no luck trying to rejoin them on the first set I have, so this time around I got more technical. I had had thoughts of soldering a jumper wire over the obviously knackered bit, however as there wasn't much space and the track was completely gone I went for the following option instead. One branch is held down under a washer, the other by the connection on the bulb. I now have back lighting and more importantly the full beam warning works as it should. The right indicator warning light flashes as it should, the left one doesn't. Google suggests that's only an advisory so I can now book an MOT and see if I can get another 12 months to get the rest of it back in some sort of presentable shape. In the medium term I am tempted by an Ebay special replacement dash to solve the issues once and for all.
  15. Does anyone have any tips on what moustache wax to use? I'm concerningly tempted by this. With the usual issues of needing to somehow get an MOT and depending on how work falls that weekend. http://bikeshedfestival.com/ Seems good value and could be good fun to see custom bikes actually in use. If only I had a top box I could enter the VFR, I'll have to leave it to one of you guys to bring Autoshite some glory.
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