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  1. This isn't aimed at you at all, just a little rant on general! I personally always wear gloves, from learnt experience on the push bike hands are a shit part of the body to lose skin off. However... I'm against compulsion. Letting some touch screen enabled beemer's insurance company off the fact he was busy curating his Duran Duran playlist just as someone's gloves weren't ec 1234567 approved doesn't sit well with me. They give you a good lecture on your CBT about gear, it's not like there are people riding about who don't know about it so leave em be is my view. Much mo
  2. So, having gone almost a year without a 4 wheeled conveyance of my own I couldn't risk that ticking over to a full year and my Autoshite membership being revoked. The end of lockdown and the little one going up to 5 days at pre school meant a second car for the household was needed* as something to just trundle up and down to the local village an Aygo / C1 was the obvious choice. So when James put his C70 Convertible up in the for sale section it made perfect sense, who doesn't buy a 2.4 litre turbo drop top as a run around? A quick insurance quote showed it'd be less than a score m
  3. Being able to use e10 isn't the same as it being good long term for all applications in my not very educated mind. I'd still rather avoid as much ethanol as possible for any vehicle that isn't being used enough to be topped up regularly with fresh fuel. I'm happy to be educated as to why not of course. Based on my prejudices I try and use Esso super the VFR especially over winter when we can end up with a cold snap that garages it for over a month, as they still say outside of a few areas it's still ethanol free. What is was interesting with that checker is actually Honda say yes bu
  4. Ah ok, that makes sense thank you.
  5. That is the offending example. I didn't realise it's been doing the rounds for that long. Although the mot history is relatively clean for a car of it's age clean, there is an advisory from a couple of years ago which might flag up why. Advisory notice item(s) Damage to offside front floor It isn't on the most recent mot so may have been fixed, it is certainly where I'd be digging if I do go and see it. I managed to find an address for the 'company' and it doesn't match the location of the pictures of cars they have for sale which I don't find reassuring. I'm not su
  6. As the home thread for the Saab lickers on here... There's a Yellow 900 2.3se Convertible in the next town over from me. This seems the ideal thread for people to tell me that a 23 years old sub grand convertible from a backstreet garage is obviously going to be complete shed that would have been scrapped years ago if it was a tin top and as such I shouldn't bother trying to make time to go and see it with the inevitable risk of falling in love with the idea and instant regret. The mot history does look ok...
  7. Did it come with the standard aftermarket upgrade of a claw hammer under the seat? It's a shame I'd be paranoid just riding that anywhere south of the watford gap because they have always come across as the ideal extra urban commuter. What are they like on the motorway in crap weather? I'm sure it's just my own inbuilt scooter phobia that makes me presume they'd feel a tad shifty.
  8. Thanks Phil that makes sense, it's really interesting to get a perspective from over there.
  9. On a sort of related to oil note I thought they were into a lot of fast fit things? While watching Baseball there's always adverts for getting your Shocks changed every X miles (60,000 off the top of my head). Is that because as a sport it has an ageing fanbase who might still be stuck in these ideas? I mean a broken spring is a bridging offence to half of the cars over here let alone the idea of changing early as preventative maintenance. I guess being stuck in the middle of nowhere is less of a fun idea a country that is rather large, so early oil changes etc might be an easier sel
  10. It is rubbish when you are in a cafe and ask for a slice and they pick the crap one rather than the fat one on the other side you were eyeing up. This is what makes sense to me. I genuinely don't think you can easily go down the shite / bangernomics routes with anything remotely day / camper related. Nothing is that field is both usable and cheap enough to be throw away (at least in my mind). So going for something that will retain its value at least makes any work needed, welding etc... able to be viewed as running costs rather than just good money after bad.
  11. Cheers, that's useful info I'll have a good dig there. I imagine they wouldn't have sold as many as they did without being able to be set up to run happily. 3 wheels 😮, I suppose it looks better than a Niken.....
  12. I know we've had a few half threads on this subject, and jollyfkr had one for sale a while ago but.... Velosolexes.... My current commute is once a week 2 and a bit miles either way which I cycle quite happily, but my mind can't be helped from wondering how much more life affirming it would feel to turn up in a small cloud of 2 stoke on something with less brakes than the 20 year old MTB I currently use. Stevenage has many quirks and one is that mopeds are allowed on the cycle path network. So the lack of top speed is no issue, it is however mildly hilly. So what I did wonder
  13. Bikeshite dropping to page 5 isn't really on now is it. So to bring it back up, I've liberally covered the metal bits on the bike in ACF50 to make me feel less bad about going for short rides knowing that I won't bother to wash it when I get back. So on my first ride after doing that in the pissing rain I got half way along the shit covered country roads towards a farm shop I was going to, and noticed I'd lost lights, including the brake light and indicators. Now I know what you're thinking, but I fucking didn't. I'm so convinced anything that goes wrong on this bike is relate
  14. I had a Mk5 zetec s with the 1.6 engine in. It was great for the month I owned it. I presume it's the same engine in the Mk6 it certainly was in the more insurance friendly MK1.5 focus that replaced it. Unfortunately mine developed a fatal fault on its last drive. Where looking at the windscreen showed the sky at the bottom and the road at the top.... So overall I'm of no real help at all other than to say go for it, warm fiesta is always a good laugh.
  15. That back end does look much better. I can see why people go aftermarket for indicators on the front if they've dropped the bike but they're a bit like a carbon fiber sticker on the fuel cap of a corsa in my eyes. Which considering it's a nice bike seems a shame. I need to get back to searching for the unicorn of a second hand suit that would fit. I was monitoring stuff on Ebay last winter with the aim to look at a road bike track day but as I'm sure you've found out being taller than a spanish moto2 racer rules out 99% of suits. In my case I've got the added issue that 2020 hasn't been k
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