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  1. Oh and you know that cunt that has their car alarm going off for two hours in the morning. You sit there getting irritated and bemoaning idiots while having your breakfast. Turns out the cunt that was pissing me off was of course me. FFS I went out and checked, no lights flashing on either car and I locked and unlocked both remotely from the garden to check. Presumed it was further down the road but when I went back out the Rav4 was screaming it's tits off. It'd quite down with the key in the ignition and turned on but otherwise was having none of it until I'd disconnected the battery. Not only did I irritate the entire neghourhood including myself, I've not got something to fix as well. I appear to have managed to turn the alarm off now with it still starting and locking 'old skool' so that'll do till the weekend.
  2. This is getting more common I think. Making your way round a large roundabout you see someone starting to pull out. No problem as you lift off the accelerator you think, they're being a tad cheeky but they'll be gone by the time you are there. Nope you then have to hit the brakes as they managed to buy the only car built in the past hundred years that can't get itself over 20mph.
  3. A leaking roof is a reasonable grump. Being upset over your hair getting wet isn't.
  4. Given the way the previous posts had gone was anyone else expecting a different end to this story? Todays grump consists of why British people lose their shit about a bit of moisture. It's only fucking rain morons, your skin is waterproof you don't need to park two yards from a shops door in case you drown from a bit of drizzle.
  5. Crikey I get the fear when I see a warning light and I'm not on the hook for the cost of a newish car from the dealer if it goes tits up.
  6. The garage that MOTs my cars also does a 'courtesy valet' which has increased it's annual washings by one, bringing it up to a total of one. My grump is insurance as always. The bike insurance is up 1st Jan, thought I'd be organised and try on 1st december to get a decent quote. Got offered £108 but the date range only went up to 30th Dec. Given the cheapest quote was from my current insurer, well broker, Carole Gash, I thought I'd try that phone thing people talk about occasionally. Fuck that 30 mins of my life I wasted talking to an arsehole who was from some backwards part of the country with an accent so thick and questions so stupid I didn't have a lot of faith the quote would be accurate anyway. Offered 180, said no thanks, offered 140 and he had the temerity to be upset when I said nah I'll go online cheers. It took so long as they hadn't generated their renewal yet. Well of course not you wanted to shaft me you toss pots. Just got round to checking it now, obviously it's gone up to 146 online as it's now only a couple of weeks away. 40% takes the piss. It also gives great faith if you ever needed to contact them around a claim with such professional service. At least it's a garaged bike so I may well just sorn it for January and see when I can get the cheapest quote. Of course if I go down this route we will have a lovely mild Jan with a few opportunities to get out followed by three foot of snow for the whole of February and March. I don't fancy overlapping policies for 2 days as that quote is now fixed as it is so would count the no claims bonus that wouldn't technically be issued until after the start of the policy.
  7. I know I know. But the general public have proven time and time again they can't be trusted with nice things.
  8. This X 1000 If they can invent a car that can drive itself, why can't the car just lower the intensity of the brake lights if they're on while stationary and the parking sensors can detect something behind it? Of course once I'm in charge, I'll just ban all automatics, I get they are great and all that but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to mae to cut out this sort of nonsense.
  9. I'm in the 'oh bugger I need something today and it's instock' camp when it comes to using them. I really should pop in more often, if you weren't actually waiting for something just listening to the customers arguing with the staff would be quite entertaining. 'no we've never stocked windscreen wipers for an astra' ' I've no idea where you got that receipt from for a set two months ago but we have never sold them ' turns around pc monitor to prove his point before the poor punter heads off to Halfords / therapy.
  10. I got an email a couple of months ago telling me I had money in my dart account and it'd be lost / stolen by them if I didn't make a trip over asap or alternatively stick more money in it. Fuckers, the reason I haven't used it in ages is they're charging you for a horrible service, I actively avoid a part of England I quite like and used to go fishing down there and instead end up heading out to the east coast rather than knowing I'll be sacrificing an hour of my life to them at least.
  11. That does look swish, it's a shame you don't see more. I guess people in the UK either want the cheapest possible price or pcp from a dealer and go Japanese? They're the motoring equivalent of the squeezed middle.
  12. I can't see the photo on my mobile which is upsetting me more than it should, something to look forward to when I log in at home at least. I do like a kymco more then I should admit.
  13. I've just spent too long debating if I'm willing to pay twice as much to insure a R1 rather than an R6 given I'm several decades too late and the bikes didn't exist when the insurance did! The idea of being able to know what a bike would cost you to insure just by knowing it's cc does seem a rather nicer than having to bugger around on comparison sites for hours. As this is all before my time, how did the prices compare to insuring single bikes?
  14. Oooooh that NSR will be a rather nice way to bother the local b roads enroute to a coffee once it's had a t cut.
  15. I'm all for equal opportunities, but I can't believe visually impaired people are teaching their dogs to walk them out in the road as if they were a teenager on a mobile. That or I was being filmed for the latest hazard perception video.
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