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  1. I'd second this, I took out a copy of the book with all the questions in from the old town library. But in reality I'd have passed whatever just not at 100% as anyone who has a driving licence should do. For every question about braking distances there are ten asking if you should flash your lights to get slow people out of the fast lane or what does a red triangle mean etc... So given the amount you can get wrong just a little swot up will sail you through that bit. I'm old so hadn't done the hazard perception for my car licence. That's well worth practicing online or on an app just to get you used to the mechanics of the video game which is all it is. Double check this but, but certainly a couple of years ago when I did mine, they only counted the first click after the hazard. So the tip was to click when you see the hazard then again a second later to make sure you registered you'd seen it if you happened to jump the gun if that makes sense.
  2. Last week we had an Ice Cream van stop outside for the first time in the 3 years we've lived here. Didn't have time to nab one then but stuck a tenner on the fridge in prep for next time. Since then not a sausage, even when it's just under the temperature of the sun, I'm worried I've been affected by the heat and it was actually just a mirage.
  3. Ugh, I better try and book one then. For a car it's not an issue as so many places but I don't look forward to my annual visit to Luton for my bike one. I'd happily of had a few more months of not seeing it. The staff at the council place there are great but one of the issues in a motorbike is there's no central locking to press as you go through interesting areas. There also a chance Bedfordshire may well follow Leicester looking at Bedford's latest results.
  4. I'm fingers crossed for it lasting another two months. The vfr is due at the end of August which is a crap time for a bike. I'd happily push it back to October where getting a slot won't be as hard and anything can be tackled over winter ready for next season. Perhaps as part of a phased approach they could offer 14 months for 12 (like you can preserve your date normally up to a month) to stagger the amounts a little when they do come to getting rid of it.
  5. That's what my phone has been promising for a few days. Until this afternoon and now just more of the same tomorrow. Currently making use of having a sprog so am sitting in the garden with my feet in their paddling pool. My only drinking on weekend hasn't survived the feeling of being done over having been promised a storm, but I'm not regretting this cold beer.
  6. I realise that I never update my thread so as I had a FTP thought it was time. Well the above fix held with a bit of modification to make it more permanent. So any need for a universal dash can be put back, probably until the same time as the remenenats of the fairing gives up and I have to try and fit aftermarket ones from a different bike.... So back to the FTP(ish) I might have over sold it. Headed out for a ride, nice shiny ex hairnet satnav mounted ready to point my way to adventure. Filled up at the local pay at pump, started up straightened the bars, and it cut out. Started again cut out as I tried to turn, noticed it was the whole dash bar the clock, bollox. Paddled over to a space and proceeded to wiggle the wire to see if there was a way to tape them that would at least get me back. A quick bit of wiggling and one of the wires came out the bottom of the ignition barrel. Well at least it's was obvious and was going to save me time over trying to chase a dodgy ground etc.... I managed to tape it back into the bottom of the switch which kept the power on as long as I didn't turn the bars far. A tad interesting as a ride back but beat pushing it for a mile. I love a faired bike when riding it whenever a bit cooler or raining and can't imagine putting up with a naked bike. Then whenever I have to take the nose sections off to get to any of it, I swear I'll never own a faired bike again. It's like trying to shove someones intestines in while you stitch them back up trying to get all the bits in and stuff lined up while you screw it on. Anyway I digress. Here is some shit soldering, everything now works as expected through the full range of motion, I just need some time to take it out for a run to check.
  7. Lots of places in the states have legalized without any real problems, given access to gones and killing each other seems to be a national sport if there was an issue we'd know about it. 12 years and counting of austerity and cuts to mental health services probably are having a bigger impact than a Snoop dog special Chronic mix. It's defacto legal these days as it is. Just like using a mobile phone while driving is given the police cant be arsed enforcing a simple law designed to make life safer. Legalize and tax it. Back in the past when I was at uni people who might have indulged didn't want to get caught doing so and at least attempted to be discreet. Now people are happy to walk down a high Street in the middle of the day toking away on the grimest smelling stuff around. Presumably it's for the same way as vapers modify their pacifiers to make massive steam clouds so everyone can see how cool they are. Edit to add I do have sympathy with those putting up with it. Lockdown has been bad for everyone in built up areas. From people who can't turn a fucking BBQ off when they're finished, to dog owners who aren't letting the fact the council are no longer picking up after them stop them from letting rex make footpaths more hazardous than a ww2 minefield.
  8. Hurrah for the Hertfordshire bikeshite massive. We should head out for a pootle around the lanes once the Bike Stop gets its coffee machine switched on again.
  9. Plenty of life left in it, you'll just have to restrict yourself to Facebook and gumtree where you'll still be in the top ten percent for legibility.
  10. A ka was my first insured in car. It was the same era didn't they have 3 bands of spec rather than names / letters to start with so ours was a ka 1 = boggo spec. Loads of space inside for 4 teenagers good handling and cheap insurance, helped by the massive bumpers and as a result of the engine choice. It wasn't fast but wasn't underpowered and was competent on the motorway. My first owned car was a 205 which had a lot more grip but seemed less fun to thrash because of it. My parents had it for a fair few years before chopping it in for an Aygo when the inevitable bubbles appeared, it would have been 12 years old at the time. Mot check suggests it then lasted till 2016 which suprises me massively. The Aygo is a proper step backwards, noisy tinny worse ride and handling and painful for any distance.
  11. Well if you have to get to Durham because you aren't feeling very well it's perfectly understandable that you'd do so as quickly as possible. Any pleb questioning if you need to do 200 to get there quickly is a traitor and should be hung....... For me it's the using his phone while driving that rankles me more than the speed. I also can't see anyone being caught, our entire road policing system relies on the number plate shown being connected to the person driving in some manner. If you choose to drive like that there is a small* chance you may not be playing by other rules so once the DVLA details don't match it'll be filled under too much work and ignored.
  12. Ah ignore, what I said about not trusting them then! Bikestop's website is struggling because it's trying to take 10% off everything and on certain browsers that disappears. If you fancy the deal then drop them a message I'm sure they'll sort you out. They're my local shop and as well as a cracking range do a decent coffee and are sound blokes just not always up with the internet (look at their instagram videos for examples!). Just replying to your PM.
  13. They seem to vary wildly on Ebay there was a 340lm one that sold recently for £65 including some mounting hardware and postage, but then older models going for more than that. What would you be happy with? It's probably worth you keeping as a back up for that sort of price to be honest. What site were the gloves on? I had one that did that before, it's a cunts trick and I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. If they aren't honest with their website pricing I imagine returns and other customer service could be 'interesting'.
  14. How much were you thinking of for it? In relation to those RST gloves, I have two pairs of RST gloves, I love my winter ones but the summer ones, despite being by far the comfiest of 20 odd pairs I tried on instore get uncomfortable on the bike. It's hard to describe but in a riding position after half an hour or so they put pressure and leave a mark on the top of the hand near the thumb where there is some extra covering on the outside.
  15. So Sat Nav options... I am shocking with a sense of directions, what I need is a way to follow a route found elsewhere with back on track should I get carried away or miss a turning, to make better use of time I have to go for a ride and not just end up following signposts to places I know on dull roads. I cba using a phone, it does my head in trying to use one in the car. All I want is to download a GPX I've found or created myself while day dreaming about riding and easily get it onto a device to then follow as required, I also want mapping software for getting directly to places ie not an etrex style unit. Is there any reason not to get a car based one that will be new enough to have live traffic etc.. which would make it dual use for the car and stick it in a waterproof case rigged up somehow? Second hand bike ones that are 'reasonable' priced are several generations older than a cheaper car based one, and still require shelling out for mounting kits or leads.
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