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  1. Talking of zzr1100 and value for money, the place I got my VFR in had one in being sold by the bikes owner (ie not through the garage I can't think of the proper term). It went almost as quickly as any Triumph that ever makes it to their facebook page but that makes sense as it was a lot of bike for 850 quid! That being said it appears it had grim reaper stickers on each side of the tank so I'm not sure how much that knocks off the value of a bike...
  2. I know this is a bit 2019, but I thought riding a maxi scoot in London meant you were lucky if it was stolen when parked rather than with you on it? Or has it got better down there?
  3. That is a lovely steed indeed. I love the side curtains that look like they've been half inched off some poor old boy’s mobility scooter that he's parked outside Asda. Can you see enough through them to ride with them down or are they just to keep the interior dry when parked?
  4. That's brilliant, I'd fill it in with 'human, but at least mammal please'.
  5. What's a bank holiday weekend without a trip to the coast? Popped to Aldeburgh, had a lovely run down leaving before the traffic started. It was rammed there so no chance for the planned chips just picked up some bottles from the Adnams shop. You couldn't get the sea in shot where I parked so have a picture of a surprised tractor instead.
  6. What time are you able to get to the dealer for pick up? If you can get on the road early then a long day with lots of stops for food / drink / photos of your new pride and joy would be a nice adventure. Without the hassle of carrying a chain / finding a secure hotel car park. They are lovely looking for a 125 much better in my eyes than a grom.
  7. VFR passed it's annual poke and prod, while I survived my annual ride through central Luton (check back with me in 2 weeks to be sure on that one of course...) Didn't have an extended ride home due to it pissing down, but at least my Altbergs are as waterproof as advertised at least for the half hour of it chucking down which is good.
  8. The UK one is September, the mileage in normal years is between 120 - 600 I think so not quite on that scale, I did it I'd be looking at the 200 miles in 10 hours pootler version, more than that for me would be a nice day out just to see what different roads I'd end up down. More than that especially with time restraints just sounds like a grind. 1800km in 2 days, isn't that Iron Butt style? First things first the VFR needs to behave itself for its MOT on Wednesday, hopefully it won't catch Covid from the Luton testing centre ?
  9. Has anyone ever done the 'National Road Rally' I've done similar on a pushbike which were fun, it seems like a good excuse to plan a random route and have a date to make sure I go for a ride when the diary is clear of any events that I'd usually use an excuse. I'd only do one of the shorter options, for a general bimble.
  10. I'd second this, I took out a copy of the book with all the questions in from the old town library. But in reality I'd have passed whatever just not at 100% as anyone who has a driving licence should do. For every question about braking distances there are ten asking if you should flash your lights to get slow people out of the fast lane or what does a red triangle mean etc... So given the amount you can get wrong just a little swot up will sail you through that bit. I'm old so hadn't done the hazard perception for my car licence. That's well worth practicing online or on an app just
  11. Last week we had an Ice Cream van stop outside for the first time in the 3 years we've lived here. Didn't have time to nab one then but stuck a tenner on the fridge in prep for next time. Since then not a sausage, even when it's just under the temperature of the sun, I'm worried I've been affected by the heat and it was actually just a mirage.
  12. Ugh, I better try and book one then. For a car it's not an issue as so many places but I don't look forward to my annual visit to Luton for my bike one. I'd happily of had a few more months of not seeing it. The staff at the council place there are great but one of the issues in a motorbike is there's no central locking to press as you go through interesting areas. There also a chance Bedfordshire may well follow Leicester looking at Bedford's latest results.
  13. I'm fingers crossed for it lasting another two months. The vfr is due at the end of August which is a crap time for a bike. I'd happily push it back to October where getting a slot won't be as hard and anything can be tackled over winter ready for next season. Perhaps as part of a phased approach they could offer 14 months for 12 (like you can preserve your date normally up to a month) to stagger the amounts a little when they do come to getting rid of it.
  14. That's what my phone has been promising for a few days. Until this afternoon and now just more of the same tomorrow. Currently making use of having a sprog so am sitting in the garden with my feet in their paddling pool. My only drinking on weekend hasn't survived the feeling of being done over having been promised a storm, but I'm not regretting this cold beer.
  15. I realise that I never update my thread so as I had a FTP thought it was time. Well the above fix held with a bit of modification to make it more permanent. So any need for a universal dash can be put back, probably until the same time as the remenenats of the fairing gives up and I have to try and fit aftermarket ones from a different bike.... So back to the FTP(ish) I might have over sold it. Headed out for a ride, nice shiny ex hairnet satnav mounted ready to point my way to adventure. Filled up at the local pay at pump, started up straightened the bars, and it cut out. Started a
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