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  1. Very nice, you won't regret it one bit. I just looked at the DAS course as paying to razz around on bikes. When you think what people pay for twenty mins driving a cage on an 'experience day' you can almost convince yourself it's cheap.
  2. Do you pro rata it for weight or surface area? I definitely agree, I imagine any of the original 11 International spec that are still around are triggers broom examples as any race car in a museum is likely to be. But my thinking was like for art work where the studio of a famous artist may produce as good a picture but for the real money collectors want the 'real deal'
  3. I was one of those guilty of that! but am still shaky as per the bikeshite thread as my steed is currently reacting to the prospect of carrying a tent all that distance by electrocuting me. I've just ordered a new loom so fingers crossed that'll fix it, otherwise I'm out, which would guarantee you lot good weather at least ūüė™
  4. A lovely 4th gen 97 VFR with just a few careful owners before a non careful one in myself. 35k miles although showing more as replacement clocks have been fitted. It's currently suited to the odd coloured panel thread as it had a minor disagreement with a HGV. As such one panel is orange. Runs and rides happily, new front tyre, has stainless headers fitted which is their usual issue. Cosmetic problems other than the colour and general poor condition of the fairings, are the odd missing bit of fairing trim and the odd screw / fixing that isn't in place. A couple of zip ties are helping in that respect. The only real issue is the electrical problems, they're on the ask a shiter thread, basically there's some issue in the main loom from what I can tell. I really should just buy another loom but I'm just depressed with the amount I've already spent on it, if I'd known how much damage I'd done to it I'd have just scrapped it what was going to just be a panel has turned into three panels, fairing mounting bracket headlights etc.... I was hoping to deal with the electrical issues after the summer but it's now kyboshed my shitefest chance. The problem is what I've pissed away on it means I'll probably end up keeping it as I'm too far in for what it's worth. Offers involving swaps with a working bike with a little bit of cash the other way definitely welcome.
  5. Fuck off VFR. To electrocute your rider makes you a tosser. Anyone want a running project bike? It's definitely small and nimble to swap for an unloved hyosung....
  6. I've just received my accommodation through the post. Unfortunately it's less of the doggs danglies. £14 quids worth of Ebay special hiking tent for short enough poles that it fits in my tail bag (well it did in the bag it came in, since a trial run I can't get it back in but I'm sure it'll squeeze in.) I'm hoping it won't be too windy, the poles look like they have the structural integrity of a match stick. So on top of a second hand tank bag so I can carry a spare pare of undercrackers as well as a tent I'm now financially involved so need to put my name down. 29 - Lost not Found - Saturday night
  7. Looking at the saddle, it's obvious it is at such an odd angle, due to the previous owner wasn't strong enough to hold on when it hit the powerband. Be careful be Womble.
  8. In my opinion I'd be more surprised if they did. You don't catch that with an ANPR or Speed Camera so unless you wiped out a line of nuns waiting at a bus stop I can't see them ever having an issue. People just don't as a rule get pulled now as there are no officers about to do so. What's caught them out is they've gone to a real country with citizens who acknowledge the rule of law and accept with the consequences if they break them. As well as having real live police officers who may actually do their job every now and then. They are no different to 'lads' going abroad on a piss up and finding out that not every country just accepts their town centers being a piss and sick strewn warzone on a weekend. Good on the German police is what I say, in one hit they've done more to take dangerous cars of uk roads than our plod will do all year.
  9. To be fair in the advert it says POA so they've probably just put a ludicrous figure there to draw attention to it. Although I'm sure they won't be upset if someone pays that! My issue would be its still only built to factory specification, for anything silly priced surely only properly original would do?
  10. Time for a motorbike surely? Especially in this weather. Even if you don't ever filter in moving traffic just rolling past the stationary queues will make you feel more relaxed than buddah on his hols to Amsterdam. But on a serious note yes traffic can get to fuck, rush hour is now 7am till 9:30am with a minor low spot around 10 am. Before it starts ramping up around lunch which rolls into school run then office traffic. Weekends are usually worse as every moron decides they really need to spend a nice day driving around various car parks shopping at the same places with the same stock as last week. Once the shops close the post pub lunch traffic is dicey at best. Sunday morning before the shops open is about the only time you can actually enjoy being on the road.
  11. It's all this unfortunately. We've been watching Joe Lycet's recent show which is basically a comedy with watchdog thrown in. The big difference to watchdog isn't however the jokes, it's just now no company even pretends to care. Especially when the biggest earners are just creaming profits off as the middleman so never actually get their hands dirty.
  12. Sleeping in a wooden box you say.
  13. Not at all, only because it doesn't compute as something anyone sane would do. So my mind can't comprehend how many hours of physio let alone PTSD therapy I'd need afterwards! That being said I imagine the roads might have been more fun than slogging down the m4.
  14. I'm a maybe for the Sat night only based entirely around the forecast at the time as I'm proper fair weather like that! As I'd be heading down by bike hopefully I can still be squeezed in somewhere but if there is a definite shiter who needs a space I wouldn't claim it before them.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnJEeHND_lQ The local law won't know what's hit em.
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