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  2. Always look forward to your weekly updates - the tech detail is also a great and appreciated addition. Thank you.
  3. I've got to admit, some 20 years since selling mine and now I know what I've missed - smile on the face each time I get it out - have been cursing the forestry guys for tearing the road up with their huge contraptions because it left cliff garage-bound - but we're back in business now they flattened it out again. I've been looking at buying another myself, only the one runner right now and a donor that's beyond saving. There's a lot coming up for sale on blocket.se (our equivalent of eBay).....wonder how the wife would react!
  4. Yesterday I replaced the ABS ring on the drivers side hub, the old one had split due to rust causing intermittent traction control and ABS faults. No pics but a pain in the butt of a job. Today was more superficial improvements. Cliff edition, amongst other things, came with a Bose speaker system comprising an amplifier, (allegedly) upgraded speakers and a in-spare-wheel subwoofer. The sub was pathetic, when stationary you'd get something from it but not much. Non existent when moving with road and exhaust noise. I'd been fancying an upgrade for a while but kept putting things off. Finally I committed and bought a Pioneer TS-WX610A in wheel 200w active subwoofer with remote control. Now fitted! Not many pictures, in fact only the end result but you can imagine how much of the car has been apart today to get this fitted - needed 12v from the battery, aux from the back of the radio, remote control routing through to somewhere in the front - I chose centre console. I have to say I am super impressed with the sound quality and the difference is huge - no more high frequency only...! Will be putting him back on the road 1st June once I've stopped travelling so much and can make use of him!
  5. If I'm ever "lucky enough" to change it again, I'll give that a try. This time around at least I had the two silicone hoses to install at the same time. Did you manage to get a new rad as replacement or new-old?
  6. Awesome thread, now following! How the heck do you get the front secondary flow and return undone without bumper removal?
  7. Had some time down at the Cliff cave again today so I cracked on with a few jobs. First up was to brighten up the exhaust. My daughter has been complaining for a while that the standard steel system looks a mess and while I agree, and I'd like a stainless complete system, money doesn't permit right now. So a quick eBay hunt revealed this guy - now fitted! Before: After: Next up was some troubleshooting - for a while I had horrible lag issues on acceleration - to cut a long story short, almost by accident I figured out it was the TC system - when enabled, lag, when disabled, no lag. Suspect was the ABS sensor but apparently that wasn't the only problem... Split ABS ring on drivers side: Oddly worn and unlikely to be working properly any longer ABS sensors (both sides same but passenger side much worse): And to boot, broken holder on the passenger side. I'll order some new parts later today all round - for a future update... Then finally more on improving looks - worn drivers side bolster - has been bugging me since I bought the car... so I ordered a leather repair kit and have to say I'm well impressed with the results: Before: After: Final job was to repair the vinyl trim on the door card, in the sun it had started lifting at the top near the glass. Bit of heat gun action to stretch it then bonded back in place. No pics on this one....my bad. All small things but had a good afternoon and Cliffs looking better for the effort!
  8. It's been a while...but Did battle with Cliff today. When I bought him I didn't notice but the rad was leaking due to a prior front end. Poor sucky repair job on the cheap no doubt... After scouring breakers and a failed shipment from the UK (damaged in the post) I finally managed to get a replacement rocking horse poop v6 Calibra Rad with secondaries for the pump. This weekend it was time to swap it, bumper and steel bracket off: To get at the front connections that hook up the secondary pump. Much skin loss later, a wrestle or ten and a lot of choice words and the new (old) one is fitted and Cliff no longer dribbles at temperature: Even managed to correctly refit the cables on the back of the bracket so they don't rub against the fan, where the last careful "mechanic" left them [emoji849] I reckon the intention for swapping the rad is that you'll take either the engine out or remove the slam panel... bit of a squeeze. Now officially cream crackered and going for rest to recover and try to delete all memories of this "fun" day.
  9. Who knows what qualifies as "[email protected]" but if I were in the UK I'd be buying this... just needs a new timing belt and on a non interference engine - you're away! http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/172478911043?_mwBanner=1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Looks fantastic, even with that invalid chariot colour [emoji14] but I understand your low spirits, had to garage/off-road the Calibra last month. Winter has hit us here in Sweden already, mine is not restored to your standard so I definitely don't want the winter weather taking its toll! Look on the bright side, plenty of late spring and summer months trekking in it. Just keep it safe - saw on FB today that a Morris Minor had been swiped - seems the classics are the target these days...
  11. This actually looks usable - what do you burn in it and have you sleeved the exhaust pipe as it passes through the wall?
  12. My one and only claim to "fame" (??) was my Calibra redtop 2.0 16v - no idea what the top speed was, only know I managed to break the speedo cable after it went 1/2" beyond the 140mph limit... doh, the days of being young and stupid - but it was fun. Most notable was the stability of the car - amazing. Never been near that since - my Mitsubishi FTO was speed limited at around 112mph but it got there damn quick. And now I'm an old fart. End of story!
  13. Bet you were proud as punch and I bet the Cav wasn't short of attention either...
  14. I've said it before but I'll say it again - what a fantastic piece of work and the speed and care you've taken have made it *this* good - good job sir and good luck for tomorrow's MOT!!
  15. The coolant was the last service item left - almost clear there was some antifreeze in it but negligible. A drop, flush and refill was the order of the day but that wasn't enough in itself! So more mods today including a nice cleaned (by me) coolant header tank swap, new Roose coolant and induction hoses throughout and the K&N cold air induction kit that I won on EBay (second hand, couple of months old and a real bargain!). The hoses were the biggest pain with the engine bay and clearances being just huge* and the most fun* part was changing the connections to the heater matrix which are up in the depths of hell on the firewall behind the block... Done now! Waiting for new wheels to arrive and then I'll fit them and swap out the mud flaps for some genuine ones. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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