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  1. Big work on the kangoo this evening. This: To this :
  2. yes its the mild weather and very light winter road treatment here - rusty cars not such a big issue at all. I think i did find why the stop and brake lights came on for me recently. seems this cable was not seated and was rubbing on the tyre. its not rubbed through but it has done a nice bit of wearing. I'm guessing its abs sensor cable. needs replacing or would a bit of shrink wrap sort it out?
  3. Trying to find oil leak on kangoo was taking a look at the drive shaft theres a telltale clicking of cv joint from nearside when turning i believe these can be a problem that can result in a leak when the go bad It looks a little wet but not a whole lot
  4. Went searching for that leak this morning. Cant really see where its out of but its at least lodging on this thing. Gearbox related you think?
  5. Kangoo has a leak. But its not engine oil. Its one of the hydraulics. I gave it a spin around some lanes yesterday and got a stop warning along with the handbrake light so im thinking its brake fluid. Its stopping fine and the light went off again so i better investigate it. Also its difficult to start first time the last few days. I pumped the tyres today. Thats all i have done to it so far
  6. Well at least in my possession yes short runs and for the last few months at the garage i got it from id say yes also short runs. I will take a look in the expansion bottle tomoro. Not so sure what i am looking for but if it looks and smells coolanty i might be ok.
  7. Finally got around to looking around the kangoo. Heres the sight that greated me under the oil cap. Im guessing head gasket might be a problem. Its a 1.2 pez so same as clio engine. Think code is D4F or something along those lines. Are these engines known for HGF? About 110000 miles on the clock. 2006 reg Edit : seems its common enough on this engine due to poor oil breathing setup and long filler neck. Advice is to clean it off and carry on. Will do that so
  8. My toyota townace. Lovely little van very interesting and rare thing. 4x4. I picked it up as a non runner and did a few bits to jt and we had a few adventures in it. The Kids loved it too.
  9. Kangoo still in service as a workhorse. This is the 3rd load shes gonna dispatch. Removed one for the old man who is cocooning right now. Its old garden stuff in there so nice and light. Bone dry. If i lived more rural i would be sticking a match to it. The garden waste that is, not the Renault
  10. P138B seems to be glow plugs - I can see in the partial service history they have been changed about 100,000 km ago so could well be a bad one in there. I will get the multimeter out and stick it on them later to see what it tells me
  11. The v50 being the most modern thing i have ever owned (2006) reported to me yesterday that a headlamp bulb was blown. Two results followed. 1. I had one in stock and i changed it easily and quickly. 2. I found my odb2 scanner. Plugged it in a got faults on it even though no lights on dash. Those were : Current Fault Log ------------------ P0341: Camshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1 or Single Sensor) P138B: Unknown code - More information may be available on the web Since the thing is sluggish and lacking power especially when climbing any but of an incline i wonder if these are related. I will begin the research once the red wine has had enought time to breath
  12. It is. I am in Ireland so probably a few differences. Otherwise we are pretty well locked down
  13. Put the kangoo to work today. A load of timber to the waste depot. She performed well. Pulled fine for a 1.2 pez. I hear the click of a cv joint when turning right so that might be in my future. Otherwise quite happy with her
  14. So have some stuff i want to get cleared from end of the garden this weekend so borrowed a trailer using my newly aquired Kangoo. "Where did that come from?" Hey once i get the garden cleared this weekend i should be ok 🤗
  15. Yesterday i changed a rear seized caliper on the wifes golf. I had left it since i noticed it seized when chaging pads but now we were down to the metal so had to go at it. Had a casualty during the change too. The caliper brake pipe / when turning the nut to remove it twisted the pipe and snapped. A mate of mine is in a local dealership (closed but servicing emergency vehicles so can partially operate) so his mechanic made one up for me with the flagging tool. Fitted last night and 40 min test drive this morning, jumping on the brakes all the time she performed well. I checked the joints for leaks when home and all dry so i am confident enough to send her off in it again this morning. Told her take it easy, listen out for noise on the ten mile drive to work, stereo off, and if any warning lights come up pull in and call me. While at my mates garage, he asked if I was still interested in a 2006 Kangoo I had inquired about a few months back. He had been using it as a van as they had none at the time, but were now done with it. No test since September, 1.2 16v petrol (think its the D4F from same as a clio), roof bars, tow bar, body pretty clean, interior is so sparse that hard to tell but everything seems to work, drivers bolster is torn, clutch is fairly heavy (i had a 1.5 diesel one of these for a while and i remember the same thing so might just be a thing with them) - i think it said 171000 kms on it, i literally just took it and drove it the 2 mins to my house, parked it up the road so my other half didn't see it. will unveil at the weekend My mate would not take anything for the brake pipe so i felt obliged to take the kangoo off him - thats what i am going to say to herself anyway
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