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  1. I did the tb and wp in my carina with a 4afe over the summer. Its handy alright / well if i can manage it it must be. Just give urself time. I picked up the belt pump and tensioner over time from ebay. Probably paid 30 quid for it all.
  2. I can remember when you could regularly see the rear end of escort vans as trailers. Have not seen many lately
  3. Speaking of Cork - i saw this on facebuke - in Mallow - hes seeking 500 yoyos for it
  4. Here's a story from the archives - retiring postman was able to take his van with him. When i was a kid, all the postvans were Renault 4s. None survived and by the look of this thing after doing less than 70k miles in 6 years in West Cork, its not surprising. A mate of mine's old man had a R4 id say in the mid to late 90s and it was in good nick, but none about these parts these days https://www.rte.ie/archives/2017/0315/859886-retired-postman-retains-van/ You will probably need subtitles, or just read the accompanying text - I'm only a couple of hours away from this place and I have no clue what the fella is saying.
  5. Diagnosed a weird problem on the Pajero Junior this morning. On the way to the test centre last week, the abs light came on. very odd, all i had done was change a rear brake bulb. When i was driving out from my fathers place he noticed the tail light went out when brake was pressed ad the brake light didn't come on. this was the replaced bulb. So i must have the wrong thing in there i bet - best get a new pair of the one that works (lights and brakes still all passed the test ). Any how, If i drive with the lights on press the brakes, the abs light comes on. It does not happen when the lights are off. Restarting the engine with no lights on will not throw up the abs light. So some voltage drop somewhere blah blah - i am very hopeful that new bulbs will solve this mess.
  6. Recently got rid of my old carina e 1996. Original clutch and i had replaced silencer but the cat was gone. That said it had over 230 thousand miles on it
  7. Heres me hole : im not the best welder in the world and would be nervous to the proximity to the fuel tank so im going to have to think about this one
  8. So a fail for the paj jnr _ theres a rust hole near the rear i had not seen. Its about 2 inchs wide. Patch it says the chap and be right as rain. Time to get the welder out i suppose 😃 All good otherwise.
  9. So a mini collection post here, as its a small vehicle, Paj Jnr need a few bits and I knew where they could be found. Off i go on the highway, about a ten min drive Then 4 wheels are two too many so we need leg powaaaaaaa, Nice day for it all the same About 30 mins later, whats that in the distance? its only another Paj Jnr. The fact it made it this far is quite a testament to its capabilities really. Its been beached for a while and fairly stripped but now there were still a few bits i could harvest. This air hose was one, mine was all split up. My thermometer is not reading and the hot cabin air flow is good, so i got that too, yet to fit it. Grabbed a few other bits and pieces. Really wanted a tailgate door card but it was gone. However a guy about 15 miles from me on my route to work is breaking one and hes got it lest. Will see what else he has. I am testing it tomorrow and to be honest of the stuff i can work on, there didnt seem much to do. There was a rattle from the from left that i presumed was droplinks or some suspension item. So jacked it up and looked around but nothing obvious. it turned out that that front skit pan/sump guard thing has a bolt in each corner and two were sheered off. So out with the drill and got thru the two of them and tapped new threads in them. also a little rubber washer on the underside to dampen any shock out of it. Didnt want to pull too hard on the new threads. Tailgate was not opening, i also harvested a door handle for it from the doner up in the hills but it was not required. Just fixed the bar thing back into its place. Was able to get to the brake light and replace a bulb. Thats pretty much all i can do with it. It has a test in the morning so we will see. Its got what i would consider a significant oil leak. going on so not sure will that count against it.
  10. not permanent 4x4 - rear wheel drive then low 4x4 and high 4x4. properly little off roader she is.
  11. Yes its 1100 - the junior The 660 was the mini and both were for the japanese market. They then did the 1800cc pinin which was sold everywhere else subsequently
  12. So since my corolla kinda died and i had the over heating carina e sent to africa and the townace van moved on also, I got this today. 1 months test and over 6 months tax on it. Located a 5 min walk from my house so no collection thread business. Its a Mitsubishi Pajero junior JDM and all that jazz. No rust as is generally the way here on old things. 1.1 pez, 4x4 works well. Stereo doesnt and it smells like a pack of dogs smoked a pack of cigs in it but there ya go. Tail gate wont open either and glove box catch is broken. I think literaly every thing else is working which is some going for 23 years and nearly 300000 km. Body work is very clean. There are are a couple near me bring broken right now so i hope to pick up what ever i need easily enough.
  13. Got his today. 1 months test and over 6 months tax on it. Located a 5 min walk from my house so no collection thread business. No rust as is generally the way here on old things. 1.1 pez, 4x4 works well. Stereo doesnt and it smells like a pack of dogs smoked a pack of cigs in it but there ya go. I will post a bit more about it in another thread but since it worked out at about at an extorsionate £225 after exchange rate is applied i figured it could be mentioned here
  14. My thinking exactly. Its a much maligned motor but at the end of the day its a diesel estate. Will always be someone who wants it.
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