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  1. The yellow Caterham-a-like above is possibly a Donkervoort.
  2. I still go on and read that superb thread from time to time if I want a laugh. Disturbing, but very very funny. As are some of the other Gold threads.
  3. That's why I used to enjoy it, you could say whatever you liked and get away with it!
  4. That was a proud moment, it proved that the site was providing a service to insurance companies allowing them to check up for uninsured Barries!
  5. Meant to comment on this the other day. If that git had done that to me, I'd be contacting the local banger racers i know and offering them a free car.
  6. This word needs to be used more often, I like it.
  7. Good news from the hospital this morning - I have been discharged from further neurology specialist appointments there and now everything can be done through my GP.
  8. Have done a couple of long motorway trips this week - my car's front end and windscreen is so covered in dead insects I can't see out of it!
  9. I have a real odd liking for those.
  10. That is definitely worthy of a Darwin award. I'd love to have seen the explosion when he touched it!
  11. Stuff like this reminds me of one reason why I work freelance. I would be unable to deal with bullshit like that without snapping and emptying the nearest cup of hot coffee over said manager's head.
  12. Driving home yesterday and was behind a couple of fairly slow lorries as I headed round a fairly large roundabout. Bloke in a new Mondeo comes steaming up behind me, nearly hits me up the arse, then absolutely HAS to get ahead of the slow lorries before leaving the roundabout (he could easily have waited and then overtaken on the next bit of dual carriageway but no, he was far too important for that) so cuts across a couple of lanes to dodge ahead of them. As he cuts ahead of the trucks he realises that he is going to run out of room and in taking avoiding action goes WALLOP into the kerb and nearly up onto the grass verge. I nearly crashed laughing!
  13. Probably go back to cloning people's credit cards. (Yes it happened to me and I am still pissed off about it several years later.)
  14. You've struck a chord there - I did my work exp. placement from high school in summer 2001 working in a warehouse, and they would only listen to Radio 1 too. Thanks to that week, I still know every word to Heaven Is A Halfpipe by OPM, and love it! Other songs I remember from that week... Bootylicious by Destiny's Child Butterfly by Crazytown The aforementioned DJ Pied Piper Let Me Blow Your Mind by Eve/Gwen Stefani 21 Seconds by So Solid Crew (bleurgh) Last Resort by Papa Roach Whoever covered/sampled Cold As Ice by Foreigner around that time
  15. Is that a commentary on how much bigger modern cars have become? The Rancho is to scale but the Bini is nearly the same size as the caravan it's parked next to datsuncog - whereabouts is that showroom? looks like a very intriguing place.
  16. Today I have been cheered up by YouTube star and all-round mad scientist Photonicinduction reappearing after nearly a year of not uploading anything. Certainly my favourite YT channel.
  17. M-plate Rover 100 Kensington, in turquoise. Got written off when a Merc pulled out of a car park exit in Wolverhampton city centre and I hit him over the front wheel. No visible damage to the Merc, the Rover's front end was folded in half.
  18. (Modern content, ignore if you want.) Fucking shit start to my week - my Focus has its annual service on Monday morning, local mobile mechanic arrives and can't get the bonnet open. "That's strange" I think, having only opened it to check fluids before a long journey last week. Turns out that something in the bonnet lock has busted, and he has to cut the front grille off the car to gain access to it! With my car now toothless he starts servicing it, and discovers that all four tyres have cracking in the treads - they are less than 18 months old, and are not a budget brand. Couple this with it also needing new brakes (which I was anticipating) and I was rather pissed off. New brakes were fitted and I set off to a job, and of course every pedestrian decides to allow me to test said new brakes by blindly walking out in front of me. I then get the news that a friend in America has been hit head-on by a drunk driver and is very smashed up in hospital. :'( Couple this with having my work schedule fucked around as usual so I cannot be in all the places I need to, and this week can just piss off.
  19. This guy trailered his Farina all the way from near Aberdeen to Stoke, did the parade lap, and then his clutch packed up on the grid for his heat and it never raced. Proper hard luck.
  20. I never thought I would be working at Silverstone but wishing I was at a Banger meeting at Stoke - having seen some pics on social media the lineup of rare cars looks unreal.
  21. This happened with my previous car - EVERY time I even vaguely mentioned I was thinking of replacing it something would go wrong with it. Then the day I dropped it off with its new owner, within a few hours I had an epileptic seizure (having had no previous ones or any history of similar problems) and had my driving licence taken away for a year. Yes that's right, my car got revenge on me for selling it by preventing me from driving anything else. As far as I know it is still on the road, so I'd better not say too much...
  22. Thinking about it, my interest in F1 has waned massively since he stepped down. It just...isn't the same without his voice, just like wildlife programmes that aren't narrated by David Attenborough just don't sound right.
  23. Bathroom saga update #3. Put new bolts on toilet seat and get it tightened up and safe. A few hours later, extractor fan stops working. I think there's only the window blind and the radiator left now for a full house of breakages in that room. *goes off to find out if anyone died in there in its history*
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