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  1. Parking ticket from North Lincolnshire Council, had parked in a rather crowded street to attend a funeral wake and didn't notice I was half on double yellows.
  2. You have an anti-tailgater weapon? Awesome!
  3. I remember being late for work because of that once - arrived in the car park with a few minutes to spare before my shift and could see a single free space halfway down the line...drove down to it and went to turn into the space to be confronted by a motorbike. Had to find another car park and was late starting my shift.
  4. It'll have done it on purpose and then gone and sat somewhere out of reach while quietly laughing at you. Cats exist solely to piss humans off, yet know they can get away with it because we wuv them so much. Well not me, I can't stand the things.
  5. Today's... VICTOR! This has been sat outside my local vet's for at least 20 years - a shame I blurred the photo cos it really doesn't show how bad it is. Not many of these about now. Multiple Multiplas. Think these are all owned by the same guy. Love it. Note the Matiz too. Lopsided Transhit camper. Caught this pulling out of a parking space just in time. Didn't look as if it had moved for a while. Ohh yes. This house used to also have a 405 Mi16 but I haven't seen it in ages.
  6. Reminds me of when I was at college in my early 20s just after completing my degree (doing an NCTJ certificate) - there was a guy a few years older than the rest of us on the course, and no matter what the subject he just HAD to try and prove he knew better than anyone else, to the point that no one was learning anything. Eventually one day he got into a debate with someone else as usual and made a borderline racist remark at them - the girl he made the remark to got up and walked out of the room and I turned to him and went "Shut the hell up, NOW". I forget what happened afterwards but I don't think the class resumed for that day.
  7. Thanks for the info and thanks for the kind comments so far, the photos above are just from a couple of hours walking around my home town.
  8. Questions on Lada and Trabant appearing in the same episode/edition of The Chase. Bradley Walsh has been reading the forum!
  9. I thought it was a QX, or are they the same thing?
  10. Some more from today... Nissan Silvia with an Autech badge, presumably some sort of import. Lurking Merc. Still a few of these about. One and a half for the price of one - will keep an eye on the Capri for signs of progress. LT35 camper. When was the last time, etc. I thought these E2200s were rare? Bonus VW and Almera too. FX4 was seemingly being cut up. Talbot camper in very good condition. Shittyrover. 2CV-based kit car, so presumably a Lomax. Taken purely for its plate. I thought these were rare too!
  11. I once tried using a store discount card to remove ice from my windscreen but I only got 20% off.
  12. I had a spotted thread under the same title a few years ago but only had a basic Nokia phone with a terrible camera. Now I've got a proper camera phone, I thought I'd take up spotting again. Here's today's offerings... Mazda E2200 apparently, I thought initially it was a Hiace. Split screen Moggy. This place has had various Japanese tin outside over the years. Flat tyre and hadn't moved for some time by the look of it. Workhorse. Not many about nowadays. Is T-plate early for these? I accept that the pics aren't very good, but I don't pretend to be any good at taking photos.
  13. Pop quiz question based on a random fact I just remembered while reading that. In the late 1990s a Daewoo Nexia won a round of which European motorsport series?
  14. /\ I seem to remember seeing another video of that filmed from a different angle, which suggests it's a deliberate set-up.
  15. No, hard work by those who have businesses there and campaigners has actually had a positive effect!
  16. It would appear Birmingham Wheels Park is now not closing after all.
  17. This morning my dozy dad reverses his car into a car parked across the road from his driveway, which had been there all morning in plain sight and I'd even told him it was there before he got in the car. Go to a meeting to try and protest against the closure of Birmingham Wheels stock car stadium (where I began my commentary career) and despite loads of likes and checkins on social media only about 25 people turn up. It pisses down all day. Go to my regular pub quiz to find it's being changed from weekly to monthly. Quiz bloke doesn't turn up so tonight's is cancelled. Return home to the news that the appeals have lost and Wheels is closing down at the end of this month. Fucking shit day.
  18. I'm more interested in what appears to be a stretched Over 800 next to it!
  19. Pieman

    Ford timelord

    So I did a thing. (Can't remember who posted the link to Redbubble, but many thanks to whoever it was) (The design isn't as faded as it looks there, that's just the overly bright light in my kitchen!)
  20. Re the Debonair, this one got bangered in about 2004 or 05 at King's Lynn.
  21. Pieman

    Ford timelord

    Anyone know a good import agent?
  22. That Toyota Deliboy has to be the most oddly proportioned vehicle I've ever seen.
  23. You were there? Hope you could hear my commentary OK
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