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  1. CaMIRO

    Balkan boost

    The unboosteds - Zastava Florida In L (2006) Your Sana, dropped by 20 mm, with a 100-horsepower 1.6-liter Peugeot engine and A/C. Zastava 101 Mediteran (1979) 3-door version of Fiat 128, unique to Zastava. Exported to the U.K. in the early '80s as the 311 (1.1 liter) and 313 (1.3 liter). Sachsenring Trabant (1989) Needs no introduction. The classic car scene is alive and well in Serbia, even though it remains very difficult to register a car as a classic, i.e.: for the summer. Belgrade classic car show (2014)
  2. CaMIRO

    Balkan boost

    Thanks. Yep, 1986 HF Turbo. 140 hp. The Renault has 125. The Lancia is rather quicker off the line, although the Renault gets its own back on the highway.
  3. CaMIRO

    Balkan boost

    "Soon" is a relative term. Never mind. Delta is running again.
  4. Yep. That's a pretty good summary. Great CIMOS photos, I hadn't seen those. http://www.cimos.si/index.php?page=zgodovina&item=87 http://www.nuancierds.fr/DT%20Slovenie.htm They built the 2CV, Ami, DS, and GS, while IMV/ REVOZ (Renault equivalent in Slovenia) did the R4, R16, R12, R18, R5. REVOZ these days is a subsidiary of Renault and builds the Twingo. http://www.revoz.si/en/index.cp2 http://www.revoz.si/en/inside.cp2?cid=50A1DC36-A564-8F6D-AAEF-BB43A84AB644&linkid=inside IMV also built Austins. http://www.aronline.co.uk/blogs/cars/bmc-cars/11001300/11001300-international-variations/around-the-world-yugoslavia/ TAS in Bosnia built the VW Beetle and Golfs I and II. There was a more recent attempt to restart assembly with Skoda Octavias, but as far as I know it is no longer in operation. Then, of course, Kragujevac in Serbia built Zastava/ Yugo cars from parts sourced across Yugoslavia.
  5. A bumper sticker, of sorts. All of us with '80s Renaults have felt this way at some time or other (perhaps even when they were newer). Fantastic thread, I'm in awe of your mechanical prowess. I wish I could do some of this stuff, but I have such a hard time finding parts ('84 R18 Turbo) that I suspect it wouldn't make much difference.
  6. I find that theme (and some of GM's '80s marketing in general) rather more grand than what you see now. Stuff like Heartbeat of America (Chevrolet) and The Great American Road Belongs to Buick used powerful imagery quite effectively. The irony, of course, is that they invested more in marketing minor differences than they did in creating differences between the actual products. Still, for a short while, like the Jaguar X-Type, it worked. Like a Rock (Chevy trucks) was pretty good, too, but that was cheating in the sense that the song was around before the products it was used to advertise. It's astounding to me that they hired an agency to produce what you might term "Oldsmobile music." From about 1984 through 1988 (or thereabouts), the Olds buyer was given a tape with that theme on it. Every so often, you come across someone on a forum asking whether anyone knows what it was. The story is always the same; their parents had an Olds and from the back seat the poster, now an adult, kept asking for the tape to be played back, over and over again. I've even seen someone admitting to tearing up when they heard it again, for the first time in twenty years. Quite poignant (made just before the car was junked, apparently): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5dEF11QZ7k The instrumental version is even better: The best bit is that, in the case of There is a Special Feel and The Great American Road, they did variations on the theme: jazz, slower, faster, Christmas, etc. Listen to the first three minutes of this: I find myself wanting to isolate and fix the (warped) audio (I've tried... sadly, no go).
  7. Forget the insipid "Not your father's Oldsmobile" ads. What you want is the "Special Feel" campaign from the mid-80s. Go on. Tell me it doesn't stick in your head.
  8. Indeedly! The last great Peugeot. Keep her running.
  9. CaMIRO

    Balkan boost

    Yep. Green fishnet Recaros. Will post more shots soon, once I get the exhaust sorted.
  10. While I'm at it, could someone offer some context for this ad? The choice of imagery always amazed me, given the circumstances.
  11. Hadn't seen this in a few years, always seems like I'm watching it for the first time. Thought someone else might appreciate seeing it again. http://www.veoh.com/list/c/MGROVER
  12. From what I know of Keith, he's a real enthusiast and worth helping out. About ten years ago, we corresponded regarding a piece I was writing on Triumph in the United States. I bought his Last Chance Saloon book on CD (recommended), and http://www.aronline.co.uk has to be the ultimate Austin/ Rover resource. I suppose I went a little off topic earlier, but it shouldn't be interpreted as disinterest. On the contrary, we need more writers and historians like Keith.
  13. That's great of you. I'll go down this weekend and see what they tell me.
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