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  1. Three of us "slept" on a French motorway layby/parking/something of the sort in my 2010 Mazda 2 one late July night. I'm 6'4, my mate is 6', other one more average height. I reclined as much as I could in the driver's seat without crushing my friend in the back and leaned my head against the B pillar. Not much sleep was had and I have never experienced so much condensation on the inside of a car before or since. The smell was also something else. 1/10, would rather sleep on the grass.
  2. "Made in the United Kingdom" on that TRAKMILA, not even Avons carry that.
  3. W210 on an 11 plate? How?
  4. Media House, so just next door.
  5. I started a new job in October and the first thing that caught my eye is this very car standing outside the office to the side. Small world.
  6. LessThanEqual


    Mk1 Jazz was released in 2001, early ones can legally buy a pint. Bit more than a few years ago Though the current Mk3 jazz can be had in some nice colours, like that fluorescent jacket yellow and brick orange.
  7. Best of luck, my mate's miss is with hastings and they binned their 2012 V40 on a mini roundabout last week. They're a pain in the arse. Even managed to lose the car after it was towed away.
  8. There's a caddy in the moderns section.
  9. That Corolla is fit. Much want though the last time I saw a non modified UK model for sale it was £30k.
  10. I don't bother with snowfoam at all, makes no difference to just attacking it with a pressure washer. If it's really filthy I use diluted stardrops to help loosen the road slime. Works out cheaper than snowfoam too.
  11. Those scuffs look like paint transfer onto the car, they should mostly buff out with some decent abrasive polish.
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