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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144666165750
  2. This is for sale on eBay right now! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325292686681
  3. Excuse the steet view screenshot, this one is a few miles from me. Holland county council hasn't existed since 1974 so older than that yet still maintained.
  4. 3M do sticky pads (not the foam ones) which once stuck on are very difficult to remove. They're the only thing which survived holding my dash cam in the middle of summer.
  5. I had this exact same idea a couple of months ago but never wrote a line of code because of the duplication issue. I thought of maybe comparing the first thumbnail up to a certain confidence threshold or something like that. Gr9 work.
  6. The Citro├źn/DS DS4 was sold until 2018 and that too has fixed rear windows.
  7. Aye that's the one. It had a Hub Nut sticker in the rear window. This looks like that green Cortina which was posted here a few years ago. Ace.
  8. Thought I was seeing things in Lincoln on Saturday night when I saw the back of this when out on the piss. Thankfully it turned up at Cadwell on Monday and my sanity was restored. Would love to know how you cram a GM V6 into a Matiz.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1992-Peugeot-205-1-9-Gentry-Limited-Edition-3dr-Auto-Petrol-MOT-53k-miles-/334415694160 Don't think I've ever seen a car this beige. Even the tints are beige (well okay brown).
  10. It happens sometimes, I distinctly remember seeing KU58 RWA for sale on the DVLA site a couple years ago, only that one and it's no longer available nor is it on a vehicle. Though that's in foreign so it's cheating a little.
  11. Polofied Ibiza, what an odd thing. Why did VAG bother when they had the 6N on the same platform?
  12. I dread to think how much the plate is worth. Also fuck iOS and its image rotation nonsense.
  13. That's the one. It's far more tidy than it was 2ish years ago. Windleys that is.
  14. Yes, basically the guy with the hat is a nutter and makes all sorts of crazy stuff. He made some sort of mental powered bike (?) powered Fiat 126p years ago that was popular on YouTube and now lives over here. It's been a while since I've seen the video though.
  15. Hah, I've seen a YouTube video about that very car. But it was on a different reg which is odd. And the video is in Polish.
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