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  1. Love the old Commer TS3'sTheir two stroke diesel engines made a noise like no other vehicle before or since - like someone on speed hammering an anvil. How the drivers stood it for hours on end I don't know.I remember them ploughing up the M1 in the '60s as we overtook them in my dad's Anglia van ( about the only thing we overtook).All gone now along with the Fodens, ERFs, Atkinsons etc - all lorries now seem to be either Mercs, Scanias or Volvos - they are quite though.
  2. ... and fire eating, riding a unicycle and playing the penny whistle???
  3. Love the Commer breakdown lorry.....Why is it that juggling is a compulsory pastime with the travelling community???
  4. I've felt tempted to tell this bloke he's got the exchange rate wrong by making it at least 50 times more expensive than it should be.£270,000 for two ( Mustangs?) painted in crap candy colours with fake leopardskin seats and ruined by a crap customisation job?er...£2,700 each would be the going rate.I notice he don't sell much.I must bombard hm with "HI M8 HOW MUCH FOR CASH???" messages
  5. Tagora and Alfa Romeo/(Nissan) Arna?High water marks of shite surely with their own alcoves in the Shite Memorial section at St Pauls Cathedral where grateful shiters regularly place hypothetical flowers.Why Jeremey Clarkson mentioned the Arna in his sunday column only this week.Pah!
  6. Austin Rover Group surely. Looks utterly stunningWhoo - I feel a bit better now with ARG ( my Maxi was pure BL)
  7. One look at that BL steering wheel did it for me.That blue & black BL Logo!The shiney grained spokes that had seen gallons of Mr SheenThe steering wheel nut cover that's a different plastic to the rest of the wheel.The steering wheel cover.... The hours spent behind it trying to crank the motor into life.Come on ! Start! start you bugger!...... £$"%*&"[email protected]@@!It's brought it all back......
  8. Your brain is right !( well its's either a PB Velox or Cresta) I only remember this as my dad used to have one of the same colour - just think, it could have been a Delboy icon....
  9. Horrible - but they should be shot for this... http://www.delboyscushtyvanhire.co.uk/ Trivia quiz time - anyone remember the fine piece of tat that Delboy drove in the early episodes before he got the van.... Your starter for 10...
  10. You are not aware he did do North Wales in precisely that car?Whoops no!Ok I take it all back - top man.
  11. Exactly my experience when I bought a basket case Austin Healey 3000 for peanuts years ago. I only joined for the spare parts info and had a naive idea that chatting to people with the same interests would be worthwhile. But turning up at a pub meet really put me off. Driving up in my old ex PO Commer van went down like a bucket of sick and the rampent snobbery between the 3000 owners and the Sprite owners about whose car was a REAL Healey would have had me reaching for my Kalashnikov - if I had one. Left the pub sharpish and never ever participated in a club again. But I missed out on the Easter Egg rolling contest they held in Lewes the next week...
  12. Enjoying the BBC4 motoring season too.Saw Britains Best Drives with Richard Wilson yesterday.Only thing is I'm disappointed that when producers what to put a celebrity in an old classic motor and get them to do their stuff on the road the default choice is the VW split screen camper.Of course they never sleep in the thing much prefering a 5 star hotel with a pool and a decent wine cellar.If you're trying to revist motoring in 1959 a nice two tone Mk2 Zodiac would have gone down a treat - or possibly an A35 van conversion complete with dodgy loaded roofrack.But no - Media and advertising rules state "Retro Cool = Old VW Camper"
  13. Worst I had was "Get that heap of shit off the road" shouted by a black cab driver going in the opposite direction on a small backstreet.I would have u-turned and retaliated but,My Maxi took at least three goes to find reverseThe door bottoms were so frilly I would have lost half of them in a high speed u-turn.Full lock turns would have exposed the barely legal front tyres to the eyes of a wandering plod.I just carried on with a warm glow of pride.
  14. Triang

    Ebay tat

    You only had to tell a Police Wolseley 6/110 or Police Jag S Type ( in London anyway ) - Nothing else behind mattered.Also it was the relationship and distance ( and shape) of the sidelights and headlights that gave the game away quite easily - a Hillman Minx / Cortina / Jag / Zodiac all looked prettey distinctive.Now sidelights are combined with headlights is not so easy.
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