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  1. Is the Simca 1100 van still available? I'd love that. PMing you
  2. Technical hitch, this may not occur now until tomorrow morning. Bear with.
  3. Hi Mike/daveb47, Currently pointing website at new ip address, presume the site will go down for a while as this goes through, maybe for 24 hours. I think we'll need to get the original BL colours back as well! Cheers, EL
  4. One thing though, on Friday I did twice hear a sort of split-second clatter in the engine area when I was driving it, thought I'd driven over a tin can or something, but handling unaffected. It must be linked. Another mate (Ex E36 owner) thought timing chain was jumping a tooth and was on tis way out, but apparently its definitely not that according to my mechanic mate.
  5. Loads of excellent comments and ideas, many thanks to everyone who has contributed. So in the evening of the day I posted this topic up, I got into the car to drive home from work, turned the key, and the engine fired up and was suddenly making a noticeably unhealthy noise, like a noisy fan breaking. It increased as I revved the engine. I knew I couldn’t drive it home like this so turned it off and waited til the next morning when it was light to try again, with a mate this time. Turned the key and now the engine won’t even move. Something really bad has happened. Suddenly my handlin
  6. Hi everyone, Not been on here for ages, lazily only using the A/S Facebook page. Have tons of recent spots, should dump a tonne of them on here too for folks not an FB to enjoy. Anyway advice needed, I’m at my wits end with my trusty 1996 BMW E36 328i. Have had it 3 months now, covered well over 2k in it, and I love it. Except for one thing. The wind. This car absolutely hates the wind on a straight stretch of open A road. To the point where if it’s windy then either an alternative route needs seeking, or the car must not exceed 45mph. At first I thought the problem was going to be
  7. if anyone's here come and say hi, have parked up in main field in gold Citroen.
  8. Hi seth, it was between Welwyn and Codicote in Hertfordshire where it's spent it's entire life pootling around the Herts area. is that where you might have seen it? Hi Bol, I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned. I'l be giving them a tweek at lunchtime.
  9. I had seen the car on and off for the last 3 years outside this house, and when I saw it on Monday with the price in the window I nearly had an accident, such was the emergency of my braking. Knocked on door, shown round car, quick test drive, and it was mine. It belonged to the father of the guy who was selling, and he was a retired fella himself. He passed away 8 years ago and the car had rarely been used since. He bought it new in 1979, so it's 1 elderly deceased owner car, 53,000 miles, fully documented with every MOT, no welding or accidents, zeibarted underneath and garaged from new (
  10. And a quick fleet shot for good measure.
  11. Loving the Mazda love fellas! It's so orange, even the seats are joining in.
  12. Yes I think the 01 treatment is long in the tooth nowadays. Plus could attract burning-cross types. Nope, she's staying 'as is'. Few more pics.....
  13. Hey you're right, I hadn't noticed that before. Front end of a Mazda back end of Volvo 343. It's roomy inside for a small car too. Mate at work suggests giving it the General Lee look with Confederate Flag but that's a hot political topic at the moment.
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