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  1. Or how about this! It's outstanding! MONEYSHOT Not bad for under £1,500! https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202203183697846?sort=relevance&postcode=ab419rx&include-delivery-option=on&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&year-to=2001&radius=1500&body-type=Saloon&advertising-location=at_cars&page=64
  2. Piss-at anyone? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202206096639502?include-delivery-option=on&radius=1500&year-to=2001&sort=relevance&postcode=ab419rx&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&body-type=Saloon&advertising-location=at_cars&page=64
  3. I'm no stranger to spaceship Civics, my dad has had one for 3 years now, but handles the trip well. Bonus photo of the car in Sandford Gloucestershire Wells.
  4. Ah, feels good to road trip again... Not doing bad for time, somewhere in the Midlands of now having left North of Abrrdeen at 6:30 this morning and had a few stops.
  5. One of the LED side indicators booked, and after playing around A look on ebay would have been around £13 or so for replacements. Or around £15 for a set off original lens. Turns out original A-class's and 2000's gen Vito's use the same lens, So with that in mind and some free time today I nipped last the scrappy when in town and had a look, to my susprise, tucked in the far corner was a Vito! So from tinted LED'S.... To original Merc units... All for the pricely sun of bugger all, and £2.30-odd for a new set of Bulbs. Tidy! On top of that, last night at work I removed the odd sunstrip on the roof, which covered part of the panoramic roof that you couldn't see out of... And in sunlight after a quick clean... Looks 10 times better and cleaner without it. I've also ordered some extra things, which should arrive soon*.
  6. A Smart car can (indirectly) be used to jump start an LS400... On another LS400 related note, would anyone be interested in an LS400 as a restoration project?
  7. Hope this hasn't been posted? Up on Copart at the moment. https://www.copart.co.uk/lot/40418962/clean-title-1979-morr-marina-l-whitburn
  8. A Smart can Green Lane just as good as the Landy boys can... 🤣
  9. Turns out the Smart is good for Green Laning... 🤣 Context: @Supernaut is back up this part of the world for a few days, so popped on by for a shot of the car as well as one of my BBQ's I always throw when the sun is out. I took it for a burn with him, then recalled you could access the old railway line, which is now a walk-cycle path. Literally just went on, took some photos with creative angling. I did the same with the Cappuccino on the same path, and it's always tempting to drive along it in a smoll car. Only issue would be getting to the other end at my hometown, as it's got a full size gate across it there.
  10. So it's been over a month since I got the Smart, here's a quick overview. 😀 Sadly, the SmartMachine I have access to doesn't cover cars as I though it may have, so the clutch adjuster issue is still there, but like the brakes I've grown to know how to get around it. When to change gear, etc to minimize the impact it has. The front fog lights weren't working, as well as the screen wash not working as well, so this was a front end off job. The screenwash was thankfully an easy fix, the motor was working and the bottle full but would be a 25-75 chance of water coming out. Checked and cleaned the hoses, all okay. The problem was the wash bottle itself with the filler neck being the main issue...the angle it was sitting caused it to 'fill' up, then when i'd drive, what little water in the neck would land in the bottle. Couple that with a bit of crap in the bottle and that was the issues. So Flushed out the bottle and then cable tied the neck to a more fixed position, sorted! The foglights was a simple case of not being plugged in. The next week... This time was my nearside headlight wasn't working, which considering I'm a nightshift worker I rather need! Expected it to be a bulb, but sadly wasn't. Really not 100% sure the issue as it kind of solved itself the same night as I drove home. My guess is maybe wiring got wet due to me playing about with the screen wash the week before. After checking fuses, wires, etc I did give the wires a good hose down with brake cleaner and then contact cleaner on the plugs. The same night I also re-secured some of the stuff under the bonnet, headlights, etc..and by that I mean I added new cable ties as most of what's under the front is secured with them! 😂 Talking of cable ties... The grill is secured by a clip & two cable ties, I only have access to black one's, which stand out like a sore thumb on the silver grill, so rather than get some grey or silver ones I just painted the grill black. I wasn't too sure about it, as it's a gloss black and a bit too shiny at first, but it's grown on me now. It was only after this photo that I realized the badge on the front is off center. This takes me to the start of this week, where I finally got round to giving it a basic service... As expected, piss easy to do. Also really seemed to run smoother after as well. Bonus of the service sticker I added... Yup, cool as fuck innit. So overall thoughts? I love it still, much more relaxing to drive than the Abarth, but also really makes you think and plan for hills. My oversight is the fact that the car is maybe only a tiny tiny bit more economic than the Abarth to use every day for work...who'd though that using car made for the city on mainly clear duel carriageways wouldn't be a great idea? 🤣 But I'm happy, taking it on the more rural roads is a massive laugh plus I can tick off having owned one now! I could maybe foresee a Mk2 in the future...if the 1.0 they have is better on the dueler that is!
  11. @Supernaut sent me a link to this yesterday, it seem's a barge pole job to me... It's been street parked in the industrial estate I work in, for over a week now (In Dyce, not Westhill), photo I took last night at around 11:30PM when heading back from a part collection for work. The Gumtree photos are even taken from the same street i's parked in. Down from it is a pair of shonky MX5's in true 'Drift Yo Stance' spec, also street parked. It also failed it's last MOT initially on rust on the rear as well... Granted, it was 9 days and 50 miles later it passed, but still an advisory on rear subframe being corroded, but doesn't fill me with confidence.
  12. Think someone already posted an Unmolested Corolla AE85 the other week, but here's another... And the money shot of the 1.5 SOHC I'm amazed that any existed that haven't been made into 86's still exist! And why an 85 is a Euro millions car for me! (Along side an 86...and yes it would be in that weeb spec) https://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/TOYOTA/COROLLA_LEVIN/700056156230211119001/index.html It equates to about £17,700! I recall even 6 years ago you'd get an immaculate AE86 for that price...
  13. Got around to finally giving the Smart a quick wash, seeing how the soap dispenser was working... Drive in enough to get the soap to launch at me, get covered then reverse back. Then use a brush on a stick to mop it about before jet washing it all off. Great thing to be doing at 4am...
  14. Filling out the Scottish Census, this is a question... I don't want the Scottish Gov to judge me, a single person household, for the amount of cars I have! 🤣
  15. I am happy to say, it was a Smart idea! @The Moog described the car perfectly in the advert, and im very pleased with it! And to boot got to experience the power of an i3 first hand. Again, massive thanks for that! 😄 So the two main issues as noted, is the brakes needing bled and the clutch needing adjusted. The good news is the clutch can be adjusted by use of a Mercedes Star machine, and thankfully I have access to one so should be able to have that delt with. Likewise the brakes should be an easy fix as well. As of now, this is my driveway.. The Up! Isn't mine, but my lodger (renting out the spare room to a mate)...the neighbours will no doubt be thrilled about me having another car in my drive! 😂
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