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  1. It’s properly gubbed, the rubber around the bolt tube has disappeared and you get a silly amount of play. Jacked up the front and checked everything I could thing be making a clunking noise. We’ll see though, I’m not in a rush to sort it.
  2. So literally after I hit the 200k mark I started hearing a bad noise, so rather than investigate I just parked it up in the driveway and waited for better weather...that day was today! And I found... Yeah, maybe the bottom engine mount is just a little worn. Maybe.
  3. Toyota Century's, mk2's like this...are a kind of 'oooft' for me. I dabbled with getting one back in 2017...sadly* getting a mortgage won as it was the better long term idea in my eyes... I still cry myself to sleep over that decision....
  4. Gumtree time...and I really cant even...surely this is a piss take? if not its top of the hall of fame for WORST PHOTOS EVER... So here it is... Your taking a photo of a photo on a phone... BUT wait there MORE... Close up of the O/S/R of the car... It cant get worse? Oh...how..fuck? ...Im lost for words... THIS IS WHY ALIENS WONT EVER VISIT US! https://www.gumtree.com/p/vauxhall/selled-or-swap/1362981309
  5. Why. The. Actual Fuck. I Have so many questions about the train of though as to why such a thing exists other than "fucking dubbers"
  6. Alas, your correct. I’ve enough cars to deal with as it is, otherwise I’d genuinely be all over this.
  7. With a Years MOT till October, not too bad a history either. The forgotten Nissan Luxo SUV for a snippet over a grand? I bloody would! https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/nissan-murano-35-v6-x-tronic-cvt/1362253663?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  8. I was working today (My work is so kind as to give me my Christmas eve off nightshirt...as long as I dis Sunday as a dayshift) and while going across Aberdeen to collect parts I came across a 3dr Seat Leon... I honestly never knew Seat did a 3 dr of the current/last gen Leons! (All I've known have been 5-dr) I guess they are near enough hen's teeth! Considering how the only 3dr Golf's I've seen the past few years have been the R...and VW have killed that off and doing 5-dr only from now on...
  9. She made it... 200,000 miles! My Reaction as I quickly pulled over and took the photo to celebrate the moment... I may have intentionally been driving around a quiet housing estate that I was passing and waiting for the magic number to come, just to get a photo. I then treated it to a near full tank of Shell V-POWWAH diesel as a reward for its service. My life is that exciting.
  10. The Astra hit 200K today! Then give it a near enough full tank of Shell-V-POWWAHHH Diesel (Low waning was on for last 30 miles...) as a reward. Huzzah!
  11. *Tagged by SuperNaut*....*Reads thread* Mhmm..I started the year with a 2015 Abarth 595 I'm going to trade in when the fiance is up in early 2020, as well as an the E36 BMW 316... Then Golf Happened, put 316 up for sale, Supernaut bought it (Okay, Id bought his share of it out less than 6 months before)..Me and the other Half Gallivanted around North East Scotland as well and North East England in it. Then sadly it was used as just a general commuter car during the summer months, which for us so far north was crazy giving us temperatures as high as 20-degrees in September as... Enter the Disastra... Having had it less than 2 weeks and a service* (I drained the oil and filled it with generic HGV spec oil at work...) me and my parents took this ol girl all the way down to the Tank Museum in Somerset and back! And shes still working strong. I Should maybe her another service...once she hits 200K miles, which will be sometime by the end of the year along with the Shell-VPOOOOWAAAH diesel... Only" Dr Abarth or How I learned how I loved to stop Worrying and Love Italia" happened and my plan of giving the Abarth back to FAC changed when they made me an officer "I couldn't refuse..."...
  12. Maybe so...but seeing as they have an LS430 and the fact I've been out the loop for Lexus LS prices but, £7,495 for a 2003 LS430 that's LEFT HAND DRIVE example in the UK is a bit crazy no matter how good! (and there ebay has it for £500 less) Considering how one of the photos of the red Camry shows BIG scratches on the wing mirror, a Lexus LS400 or 430 for the same amount of money would be a better idea in my book. Seems white room without the white room...
  13. Ive less than 300 miles on the Astra until it hits 200K miles! I plan on treating her to a full tank of Shell V-POWWAH diesel to celebrate! Which funny enough she'll be due a tank roughly as 200 rolls along! I should hit that by the end of the year, one way or another!
  14. List is something like: - A modern (up to 3 years old) top of the line luxobarge. - 3rd gen Camaro IRON DUKE! (2.5 inline 4 putting out a whopping 90hp), although any strangled early 80's Yank will do. - An old, performance classic such as en E-type. - Big Yank pick up, preferably a Ram or Sierra. (Next trip stateside I may rent) - Big Yank SUV, Esclade or Yuckon. (Again, next trip ststeside I may rent!) - Smart Crossblade. Thats what all springs to mind right away.
  15. Small update... The other week I gave it a wash at work, industrial strength snow foam... And... Yes, it’s actually clean. The bodywork is just that good*. Also today I finally did... A much needed Skip run! Swallowed everything and more in 2 runs. I really must be getting to that age (or state of mind) where doing a skip run was somewhat exciting...
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