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  1. Buy now, wait 2 years, ?????, Profit!
  2. I was talking of the Golf R convertible, he never knew they existed until he saw an article on PH's today. I had a soft spot for them, until I found out they were FWD and DSG box only...the idea of a AWD manual Golf convertible tickled me for the lols! Anyways, he hit me back with a car I never knew...the Audi S3 convertible! Now, these are AWD, but doesn't tickle me in the same was as the idea of a Golf R convertible did, or even the B7 RS4 Convertible. Not sure why. Still love that it's a thing(or was?). Extra points for anyone that bought it in Yellow!
  3. The BMW 2 series Grand Coupe... Showing here in M235i spec. Saw one in the same spec as above in person yesterday, me and a mate were stumped at first as we had no idea it existed. I though it was a new 1 Series Saloon at first (Even though it's not been sold here) but when it parked up saw it was the Grand Coupe. It's an interesting one, being a niche of a niche of a niche...Its the 'Coupe' of the 2 Series Active Tourer MPV, which is the FWD model of the BMW family, but been put in the 2 series range, which also has the RWD coupe, which is based off the 1 Series. Yes, you understand that? 🤣
  4. Cheapest SC430 I can recall seeing, not the cleanest body wise but wouldn't put me off... MOT till September as well, FSH with Lexus too apparently. Once upon a time, I'd have been snapping that up, alas changed times for me. Yours for £3250
  5. Woh! Thats cool! I knew that the A108 was made & sold in Brazil as the Willys Interlagos Berlinette, and could even get it as a convertible... Wander if there's any other Alpine's from around the world?
  6. It's funny, as they also tarted it up as an Audi... And VW ... They then also raided the parts bin to throw the Audi grill onto the Forester body...
  7. Only know of this thanks to Autocar on Facebook bringing it to my attention... The 2022 Mazda 2! Yes,It's a rebadged Yaris! As some of you will know, this sort of badge engineering is fairly common in Japan, Daihatsu have a Camry & Mazda have a Jimny to name 2, if we get fully into K cars then it's common place. Im amazed to see Toyota trying it over here, but it's working alreday with Suzuki and the Corolla Estate & Rav4 in there range! It also neatly goes fully circle, because Toyota did sell a rebadged Mazda 2 saloon under the Scion range a while back!
  8. I'll speak to the owner of it next time we are on the same shift at work, it's on a personal reg (why I blanked it in the photo). Curious to find out more now.
  9. It is. Renault offer it for sale here, and the one in the photo is one I saw this morning.
  10. Slight porkie here, it turns out I did know of this car, just forgot about it until seeing one this morning in the metal... The Renault Ankara... I'm getting vibes of Volvo S60 Cross Country from it due to ride height. (Hardly any taller than my 500 tho) I've a feeling this will be a rather rare sight here in the UK, simply because it's not from Ze Germans and it's in an alreday small niche market. I also won't lie, I actually don't hate it like I though would.
  11. I'm 90% sure that was for sale a month or two ago, for around £1800 - £2k (Just listed badly) with a short MOT and needing good clean. I really like this, but not £3250 amount of like!
  12. Whos crazy enough? Mazda Montrose coupe in as good condition as it looks. Er... 🤣 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125003127372?hash=item1d1ac45a4c:g:3oMAAOSwBMFhkWNG
  13. According to FB , it's been 4 years since myself, @Supernaut & @rantingYoof have met for the NEC Classic motors show! As proof, here me hitting 70mph** in (at the time, and the rest) on that Northern stretch of the M6 in @Supernaut's Mondeo! 🤣
  14. One I've read about, but not 100% if true...is the MG6's boot lamp used AR group lens, complete with the logos. Anyone able to confirm this?
  15. Bristol has already been said, but how about the Blenheim 4S using Audi A4 estate tail lights... Which is god-awful!
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