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  1. Now having just 2 cars on the drive meant I could get around to cleaning the driveway, it’s long over due. Also meant I could take the LS out to clean the discs and get things moving. I’ve been thinking it has a broken spring for a little while, but then remember the rear of my driveway is lopsided. But having it in the middle of the drive... Ruh-Ro! 😬 If I hadn’t just covered the drive in chemicals and water I’d have gotten it jacked up and checked. But a quick lookie is hazard a guess it was the front...fingers crossed! @rantingYoofhas told me how little* hassle the tears ar
  2. I'm not sure what's the best* thing about this... Seized Volvo engine? Rear axle needing work? Sills? The bodywork? All of the above? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk1-escort-2door/114450761686?hash=item1aa5cc07d6:g:EOcAAOSwe65fff7E
  3. On the E36 Stereotype bingo sheet, nearly a full house on the mod's. I did always say to @Supernaut that this would end up happening once it left here... Another reason for him to keep the 316 at all costs!
  4. Sadly not. I got annoyed with fuckwits offering £100 or less and then no doubt trying to haggle down once they viewed. A FB stalking showed nearly everyone who asked about it liked/followed several local breakers/scrap metal places too. but all needed it for ‘there own car‘ of course . One tried claimed they only wanted it for ‘a few bits’ and how ‘they only make £60 scrapping it after they got there bits’... In the end I took £100 from a scrappy down Edinburgh way, and free pickup. A price I was willing to let it go here for.
  5. And that's her gone. She was a good workhorse and did a great job taking me & the parents down to Bovington Take Museum last September as well as a good work hack. It shall be missed.
  6. Waiting for the Astra to get collected by the scrapman...they will have a HGV to collect it. I happen to live at the top of a Cul-De-Sac. The bin's get collected today too, and haven't yet been done so. Chances that they will arrive on the street, at the same time? Very heigh... To make matters worse? Half the houses on the street are parked out on the street due to getting external insulating/cladding fitted...and there are workvans for that kicking about. This'll be fun... 🤣
  7. The worst thing about that is they killed off the drop top Golf in favor of this, as well as killing off the manual Golf R. They even make an R model of the T-Rok..think a Golf R on stilts and generally a worse drive(But costing more) So let's go back to 2012 when VW was last a bit silly, the Golf R convertible! The AWD, Turbo 4-pot, manual droptop hatchback that cost £40k!
  8. Got annoyed of fuckwits while trying to sell the Astra. Getting offered £100 or less and I just know that if I said yes they'd try haggle down more as no doubt never read the ad. So decided to just scrap it for £100. No hassle and free uplift. Sorted. I was happy to take £100 from friends and fellow Shiters, but chancers and fuckwits can get in the sea. She will be missed that car, did a good service!
  9. I get the joys of trying to shift my Astra on Gumtree & facebook... Mhmm, a cheap spares or repairs car on them platforms...surely I wont come across any chancers, mouth breathers and general fuckwits. 😂
  10. 5... 2015 Abarth 2003 Astra Estate 2000 VW Golf Convertible 2000 Lexus LS400 1957 Morris Minor And I'm really trying to downsize, 2 of them should be gone by the end of this year and 1 will be replaced with something else. 2 of them are road legal(Ones on Borris MOT) and one is legal if I taxed and insured it. Feel free to guess on which ones. Self plug, The Astra and Golf can be found for sale here too...
  11. ITS JDM YO! All them mods are straight outta Tokyo, circa 2006. Its a time capsule really. Everyone loves period mods on cars...we are starting to see some of the Max power gen cars coming back to classic shows. Buy now before the price balloons! Come 2050 this will be prime at Concourse d'elegance... 🤣
  12. I've been after a Prius, and the MOT history is okay too...they still do Aberdeen - Exeter flights too I think. Chances it could do the trip on one tank of fuel? Or would that be the least of my worry's? 🤣
  13. Prices of E30's have been going up for a while, but this seems alot for so little? Fiver shy of £5k and you get... About 2/10th of an E30! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E30-Kids-Ride-On-Car-Totrod-Electric-Car/184451382062?hash=item2af228bb2e:g:oLAAAOSwmoNfYya9
  14. Late 2015 for me, found out when @Supernaut said about it and we went down to Crail on a cold & wet Sunday in the latter part of the year to meet a few of you. At the time my main two cars were "Little & Large"... Little being the Crappo... Large being the LS400... Ah, they were good times.
  15. Haha airgun go burr Good to see it did the trick.
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