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  1. G-Wagons, its amazing how they went from being an actual utility vehicle to Blingtastic LA millionaires ride of Choice. So it's no wander the older ones have been getting unfitted to look more like Kanye West's new G65 AMG. And I bloody love/hate them...this being a good example of a well done*... According to the Ad, its had new front & rear lights, LED & Halo style, you can see the stupid dark tint and the big sporty alloys to give it all that Bling factor. Don't forget the touchscreen inside and the...er...original 30 year old cloth seats. It also comes with no MOT and CORROSION everywhere! Live the Beverly Hills dream* for £10.5k... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MERCEDES-G-WAGON-1990-SWB-230GE/363065336705?hash=item5488616381:g:NMoAAOSwtsBfJpGB
  2. Been trying to thin down the amount of cars I have, the Golf and Astra are definitely going. The Abarth has been a 'will I-Wont I' affair still, I hardly use it at what it's best at (B-Road blasts, etc) and the fuel economy is rather bad for commuting on the A90/AWPR to the point where the LS400 would be just as economic! So I decided to try WBAC for a valuation, and being honest about its condition, and they are offering me much more than I paid to buy it outright! I'm tempted to try and see what other places would give (Arnold clark, etc) and take it from there. 🤔
  3. I’ve taken a shine to Hybrids and EV’s over the last few years, so to carry in from the CityStormer Golf the other day I bring you this... The Cadillac ELR! It’s a essentially a coupe of the Chevy Volt/Vauxhall’s Ampera. It sold rather badly with shy of 3000 sold in 3 years. Personally rather like it, having that oh-so-angular Cadillac styling rather well!
  4. This... It looks like a generic ‘special edition’ Mk3 Golf yes? Well it’s not, it has 0 cylinders. It’s an EV, limited run of next to bigger all, about 23hp and could just touch 60! Only found out as Grampian Transport Museum just got the example pictured!
  5. Selling a car before you put it to general sale to someone you worked with for 2 months, is as much of a ball ache as selling to general public. Allegedly because I offered it to another ex-workmate cheaper 10 months ago. Things change. It was't fully running and I was employed. It now works, I'm now unemployed... Offering for much less than national price for one of it's condition, call it a case of "I no's whats i gots" but screw that...
  6. It looked 20 times better after a wash inside and out, and it’s a lovely thing to be in (other than the engine judder). While at mine cleaning it I did offer some trims... The original ones from the 316 looked snazzy, but one of them is too broken to fit. Boo.
  7. Am I trying to hit a sales target? No, that would imply it was for sale. If it was I'd have used the thread I made for when it was up for sale/roffle last year. I'm just posting as its a somewhat AS worthy car I have and now using again. Sure it's not a rare classic I've saved from the scrapper, or an in depth thread about a nut and bolt rebuild. Its just a post about how I've somewhat fallen for it again. I did manage to sort out one of the biggest niggles I've had with the car today, the drivers side window, its never worked! Finally took the door apart to have a look, all it took was some contact spray on the plug/pins of the regulator and its as good as new! As well as that I buffed down some of the rusty patch's again, making them alot smoother than before. Just need a paintbrush to apply the aqua-steel next. Next is another small niggle, a rubber hose for part of the oil breather which the original has deteriorated. It runs fine, but get the nice smell of oil after a long run. A trip to B&Q is needed it seems. The good news is, I did manage to give it a proper run today at speed, roof and windows down! A mix of duel carriageway and town driving and feels fine. I must have looked a right pleb to others, but I felt I looked cool in my mind... 😂
  8. It’s a beautiful thing it was! The seller was a top guy and had a few other gems too (A W123 Estate) he was kind enough to show! Ilooking forward to lending a hand when needed.
  9. Bump Bump Bump. 🥳 An update nearly 8 months since the last. So I'm now back driving this, to help enjoy the sun weather a bit more (lock down and unemployment blues got me down). But the cars been sat at my parents since last September, partly because I got the Astra. But also as it was gave me a big problem. On my way to work it just cut out on me on a duel carriageway. After safely pulling to the side as far as i could I tried starting again it would't start, so hi-vis on and out the car to stand on the embankment, thankfully it was a clean sunny day and on a bit of road with good visibility, not far off a roundabout. After 15 mins I got a chance to run in the car and quickly try again and fired up first time. Drove a mile down the road to an emergency lay-by to have a look to see if anything could be, to which all looked fine. I carried on to work and then gave it a better look over, over a pit during my tea brake. I even made it home and had no problems. With this having happened, not wanting it to possibly happen again and the fact I was a few days away from getting the Astra, I borrowed my dads spare car (his Vectra) and left the Golf at the parents. I was going to have a proper check, but life is a cruel thing full of ups and downs (The start of many downs for me) so i sadly never got round to it. So its been at the parents, under a cover and getting started up and driven round the estate every do often, always without a fail. Anyways, the other month my dad got hold of a code reader and used it on the Golf to see if it would show anything. It throws up a fault relating to one of the fuel relays! (Funnly enough, one of the guys i worked with who like his Golfs did say that could be it!). So having sourced and fitted one it was time to see if anything has worked, which I guess I'll have no idea unless it does konk-out again. Only one way to find out of course, and that's to drive it! I'm to thank my dad again as since he just sold his Vectra he changed the policy to be for the Golf, and put me on it as well. So fingers crossed! It's been great to be getting wind in your hair (there's alot of that, thanks Covid) driving on a clear sunny day again! 😎 I should point out, the photos were taken last April, Just threw them in to pad out the text and have nice photos!
  10. Who, why, what? Its a Ford Falcon based limo-cum-hearse with a Roll's Royce front end.... With good reason. 9k will get you this monstrosity.
  11. The actual fuck? That means mine must be worth about £3000... 🤣
  12. My guess is it'd be like the time a guy in the USA took a R32 Skyline GTR to his local Nissan Dealership for a service. They just treated it like any other car. Would be fun to see it getting a service next to a Ka+, Kuga and a Fiesta though in the garage though for the sheer size of it!
  13. I think this is actually amazing and Love it! It's a Delta HF Turbo, with interesting convertible conversion by H.R Owen. No actual price, just auction guide price at £3k - 5k. And its not been on the road for a few years. And the photos seem to be scanned photos from a good while ago. Still, I like it! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1231941
  14. I'm thinking the idea with the tow eyes/straps, etc is more of an issue for wannabe drifters, who can end up at all sorts of funny angles. I can't see it being a problem for any of us as don't think anyone is feeling they are the next Chris Harris. @Cheezey I'd say I'm more an maybe for the actually taking part in track action, depends on if employed and such by then. if not, I'll gladly be a visitor (if any of us Aberdeen lot would be kind enough for a lift, if allowed with new lockdown rules, etc)
  15. All the rules and safety stuff is on the website. https://www.driftlanduk.com/?P=rules Worth a look, as there’s a bit there about tow-straps that the BMW drivers WILL need to take note to. As well as the stuff for drop tops. Better reading now than turning up and getting shooed away.
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