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  1. UNICORN 2.0 Chevy Epica...PETROL, That's the inline 6 engine. Oh, and it's a manual. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-Chevrolet-Epica-2-0-LS-4dr-SALOON-Petrol-Manual/333926143411?hash=item4dbf8c95b3:g:wZcAAOSwV8BgVLAE
  2. So been looking at stuff stateside again, again up in North-West Oregon (because of reasons), So with my $5,000 budget here's my top picks from the area... Let's start with the obligatory Panther platform first, seeing how I always look for one... This time it's not a Crown Vic, but a 97 Lincoln Town Car. I like it, but do much prefer 3rd gen's looks. But this style has grown on me having seen a few in person! Not much to say, it looks clean inside & out and would no doubt give miles of trouble free and easy maintenance in the best of 90's Luxury*! Not bad for $4k! N
  3. A UK spec Subaru SVX... Gearbox is semi-fucked with no 4th gear, but being sold as a project...currently at £365, but below reserve (Which I'm guessing it much much higher!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-SVX-Project-Car/203298252804?hash=item2f55852804:g:FhgAAOSw~UJgRIrq
  4. I get too attached to my cars that this is the exact reason why I don't want to sell them at times. For example I know that the LS400 would end up as A- Slammed on its arse as a STANCED VIP LOOK, B- A Skidz car or C- Used as a donor car for the V8. It's that exact reason why I end up not selling stuff and they end up sitting on my drive with me going "I'll get round to it..." and it gets into a state of disrepair. Then in the end I end up selling it cheap and it still ends up going to the sort of people I never wanted it to. 🙃 Then the cycle continues
  5. The RAM 700... Thanks to FCA, the RAM brand got alot of Fiat based commercial stuff sold North America, see the Ram Promaster range for example. The 700 though, is sold in south & central America, and is just a Fiat Strada pickup with a RAM front end. I'm sure somewhere Dodge have plans to drop the Hellcat engine in it... 😆
  6. So having not been in a good mindset for over a year things are feeling on the up again, so I decided to have a looooong overdue look over of the LS400...Oh boy. For starters my fear of it having a broken rear spring is confirmed, I know that it's a pig of a job thanks to @rantingYoof having had one of his changed not long ago. The other bit is rust in the inner rear wheel arches, and the metal feels a bit too thin that I already know it's too far to save without some cutting and welding. And a wheel stud broke off. Thankfully, the wheel stud is piss easy to do it seems. The spring
  7. I'd love this! Always had a soft spot for the Mirage... I dunno what it is, they just feel a bit oddball and shite next to its rivals! Yet so honest. And the colour really tops this one off! Shame I'm not really in the position to get it otherwise i'd be all over!..."WBAC...how much for an Abarth 595?" https://www.gumtree.com/p/mitsubishi/mitsubishi-mirage-2013/1398236748
  8. At first glance, I though it was a TVR Chimaera that'd got a new front end... And I oddly like that. 🤣
  9. I'm in love*... Low mileage slush box, epic colour and interior is just oh so 'offt'. Add in the price of just £690. Mhmmm Yes please! https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10913329?cId=10846677&cId=10957912&cId=10683950&cId=10158394&cId=10995524&cId=11053772&cId=11086908&cId=10690040&cId=11039490&cId=10931277&cId=11070691&cId=10977640&cId=11046874&cId=11103554&cId=11039918&cId=11064436&cId=10913329&cId=10762098&cId=11071844&cId=10596769
  10. This, the Aznom Palladium, a 'Hyper-Limo'... Based on the ultra luxurious…Dodge Ram. I shit you not. What's even better is* they Twin-turbo the V8 to get 710hp. Now I'm no expert but Dodge do now offer the 707hp Hellcat engine in the ram range... https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-italian-cars/aznom-launches-710hp--hyper-limousine-/43508
  11. I bloody love the Roadpacer because of how much of a fail they were! Dam rare to find today as they sold as many as you'd expect (Under 1000 in 3 years), but I'd have one in my 'Garage of Fail' if I won the lotto (Next to the 'Iron Duke' Camaros)
  12. Emme 422T, sometimes hailed as the Brazilian Lotus... A company bought Lotus's leftover stock of 4-pot engines from the Esprit, then slapped them into a design that looked a little too much like the Volvo EEC concept. Despit all the Lotus badges I fail to find any evidence of lotus involvement other than the engines... It sold as well as you'd expect, due to lawsuits and the fact alot of parts would need to have imported from the Uk to brazil...
  13. I like cougars* but this? "Audi R8 Bodykit"...If you've never seen an Audi R8. Also...HOW MUCH!? https://www.gumtree.com/p/ford/ford-cougar-2.5-v6-extremely-rare-/1391188422 *I'll let you know if i'm on about the cars of not...
  14. Would be a great track car but parts would be an issue as would maintaining it, not like you could look on ebay or ECP's and get everything easy. I'm sure it could be road legal too for a hefty price The winner needs deep pockets. Be it for use as a track car, in a national championship or if they fancy a crack at BTCC 🤣
  15. Do you want a Chrysler 300C Estate? Just Hooooow badly would you like one? Would being LHD be a put off? Or the fact It's a little rough... Yup, just a little Surely thats the only issues right? I mean it is the Reliable Mercedes engine... Errrrr.... 10 people (so far) have bid it up to £1200 and its still not met its reserve. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2006-Chrysler-C300-Left-Hand-Drive-LHD-3-0-Diesel-V6-Mercedes-Engine-Export/324355715693?hash=item4b851b726d:g:UkAAAOSww0tfnWfM
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