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  1. In the undercover parking at the other half’s apartment, I saw this in the space next to hers The grill and way the cover sits around the front wings caught my eye, as well as the long bonnet. Asked her about it and said it’s been parked there undercover for as long as she’s been here (a few years) which got me interested. More so as could see the years of cobwebs around the wheels. Im respectful so as much as I wanted to lift the cover a bit for a peek I resisted, also it’s rural USA and I don’t fancy getting shot. But had an idea of what it could be... Yesterday it was clear so have a quick walk around and my suspicions were correct, as could make out the badge under the cover! I’m 99% sure it’s a early model of the 2000’s gen Maserati Quattroporte! Considering the fact this is rural Oregon, my guess is bought cheap, something broke and now it’s became a 2 tonne luxobarge paperweight as it’s too much to repair? Low cost, but liability much?
  2. Good evening USA, my choice of “mystery choice” for the rental paid off in price only. Cheapest option and you got a “compact or above”... Nissan Sentra, it’s a smaller Altima...which is what I had last time. Shame, as there was a nice white Cascada at the office. One can dream...
  3. After a production run of 6 years (yes really) the GM Cascada has been killed off by PSA... Sadly the Vauxhall Cascada was quietly dropped from the lines a few months ago, but its officially dead now. Its a car I have a real soft spot for, so Long Live the Cascada.
  4. I've oddly had a softspot for these... Never knew they were shed money now either! £850 gets you this diesel, with 8 months MOT. Bonus as its an actual colour, most of these ive seen are just silver... https://www.gumtree.com/p/smart/smart-forfour-pulse-cdi-95-s-a/1354708734
  5. I just found out that the Lada Niva is now called the 'lada 4x4'...and its still made to this day! Look threw the different spec's, I love* the 'Urban' spec ones which are made for the Chelsea Tractor wannabes.... https://www.lada.ru/en/cars/4x4/3dv/about.html The 'Bronto' spec ones look really nice and I feel would be on the lotto winners list for a few of us!
  6. We all know the Lada Niva, but i only just found out it was sold as a pick up as well... I want one, oh so very much! 100% a lotto win to buy a brand new one, although it seem's they stopped making this spec. (but the 3 and 5 door's are still being made!) Also it's pointing out that its no longer called the Niva, just called the 'Lada 4x4'.
  7. So after the Tank Museum escapades 2 weeks ago, the ol girls been back in use as...well generic reliable transport. To avoid any EML issues, I’ve just been staying below the speed that sets it off. So for updates, I’ve added some tat... The 2 window ones are self explanatory as for the white one on the fuel cap, It’s the entirety of the ‘Steamed Hams’ sketch from The Simpson’s... On a more serious note, I dropped by work today to touch up the arches on the N/S rear... As with the O/S, thankfully it was all surface rust. Only ‘bad’ bits was where they rolled in, which you can see from photos 2 & 3 I just folded out and removed and then added a dab of sealant around the inner arch. Also buffed off some of the surface rust on the N/S front and again painted. For a quick job, it really makes the car look better in my opinion. You only see it’s a rough arse job if you stop and look!
  8. They did have it out! We nice to see, along with the Challenger 1 and a Patton as the ‘‘newer’ stuff along with the WW2. Personally, seeing the Churchill and Matilda 2 was my favourite as they are two of my favourite tanks. They also had a Ha-Go which was fun to see in action too, especially when it stopped! The Tiger 1 is dam impressive too. I posted some photos in the Warshite thread. - Having left Wincanton at about 8:30am I arrived back at mine at roughly 7:45pm!(including dropping the parents off and unpacked) Longest brake the car got was about 25 minutes. Fair to say, I’m rather shattered...
  9. From one of the best service stations ever down in Gloucestershire with its own butchers and bakery’s. I’m now back in the North East of Scotland at this legend* of a place... The pipework for urinals in the men’s toilet runs into a gutter below it. Classy...
  10. So done a little experiment to find out what sets the EML off and we have came to the conclusion it’s speed related... Only comes on once you’ve been doing over a set speed for over 10 minutes. The lack of boost that seems to happen once the EML comes on then isn’t really an issue due to the fact your going fast already. So a pull off into a services, engine off then wait 5 mins minimum and then it’s fine. Will really need to throw a code reader on to see what it says.
  11. I drove all way from Aberdeen to Somerset in a Vauxhall just so I could... Look at another Vauxhall!
  12. Went from... ”TIME TO REMOVE THE SPEED LIMITERS!!!” of the M6 Toll... to “oh so English country village” We are somewhere in the Cotswolds? I can’t fault the car, taking the trip well. From Bahnn Storming the motorways to the narrow, twisty country roads.
  13. What is this? This is by far the most fancy motorway services I’ve been to! (Farmhouse, near Gloucester), Not the overpriced WHS and dodgy food court I’m used to...
  14. First stop of today... Fuck you Elon Musk. Im sure the Dirty Diesel qualifies for Tesla charging...
  15. Blackpool is only 15 miles west from where I am now, but that would mean I’d have to go to Blackpool... It’s grim, but it’s a good grim with character. The car that is, not Blackpool...
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