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  1. We dont need no moderation
    We dont need their forced control
    No deep sarcasm in a PM

  2. Did you tape it first Bus Wanker
  3. When people just wont say sorry when they clearly got something wrong
  4. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being blamed for damage you clearly didnt cause
  5. Krakle Kat Ford Capri This one suffered the most as it was a sea of White! and It seems I missed the lacquer off a few places Ooops missed a bit Plus a bit around the Grill Contrast can be seen here,the back of the bonnet that never saw UV Light against the shell that did Car came with a driver,I painted him up at the time but never put him in place as I thought he looked a little to business like to be driving a jacked up Custom Scene Capri? I think he was just carried over from the stocker Airfix Capri? Also I printed extra Numberplates not sure why but there still there All three kits made in Good old Blighty in 1980 to be included in the new for 81 Catalogue Just before Airfix went bust and got bought out by Palitoy The End!!!
  6. Night Prowler Ford Zodiac As you will see the black areas you cant tell the lacquer has yellowed But Sadly the white areas are a strange Hue Two Down One to Go
  7. I know im a couple of months late but just dug these old kits out and photographed them so I will share them now I will start with the best and steadily get worse Kansas Kruiser with added "K" Ill say a little bit about all three in this first post but theres so many photos I will split it into three posts I took very little notice of the destructions as they basically told you to paint all the interiors Black,the tyres Gloss Black,The Rear lights Gloss Red etc etc just dreadful! They also expected you to cut up the destructions sheet for the numberplates Blue dot matrix lettering on crap white paper! Nice!!!! So I made my own numberplates White Lettering on Black Backgrounds used a rear lense repair kit paint to paint the rear lenses for extra realism and consulted sales literature of the real cars for suitable interior colours And old Street Machine/Custom Car issues for rear axle detaiing etc. The one mistake I made was I buried the waterslides under clear enamel lacquer which 20+ years ago wasnt exactly UV Resistant It hasnt affected the Yellow Cortina but the white areas on the Zody and most of the Capri are now sadly and off white Duck Egg Yolk yellowy white hue But they were well made and are not broken and I have the boxes if a little faded and worn and all the Destructions,Moddlers Club coupons etc were kept So here goes first Cortina............................... Zodiac and Crapi to follow
  8. The moment you realise you can just ignore some people Priceless
  9. Joloke

    This is the

    Age of the train......................
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