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  1. I've had it.  I'm in Aberdeenshire - not born and bred here - but the used cars for here - the selection is just utter shit.  Maybe cos interesting stuff rots away cos of the Council dumping tons of salt on the roads and the farmer fuckers add to it with a billlion tons of mud from their bastarding oversized tonkas.
    Honestly,, take out 4x4 carp and german rubbish, it leaves 5% of stuff on gumtree.  I look with envy at you lot down south with lovely pickings of old shite.   Zero old citroen, peugeot, fiat, alfa.  Nothing.   Have a VW, Audi or some such white good. Ugh.
    Stella and red wine not helping with this post, but anyone else rival up here for lack of interesting cars for sale???

    They are about , have a rummage about Persley , plenty of Fiats , Fords , Pugs , Citroens etc , it’s just a matter of getting to them before their breakdown.

  2. curiosity got the better of me so I shoved it into my special tool
    comes back as an iveco Ford Cargo 0709 if that means anything? (keep in mind this is a 3rd party tool so this part might be a bit wonky!)
    and here's the keeper details, 0 colour changes it says, but in the MOT checker it comes back as orange! (but otherwise I find the keeper count is always pretty accurate)
    curiously its body type is "specially fitted van" I have not seen that body type before now!

    Looks like a mobile library or mobile bank

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