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  1. Try this: idle the van when hot, for about 5 minutes. Then have a buddy really slam the accelerator while in neutral, and look for smoke. If it's there, you might need this little ones changed:
  2. Funny that, over here they won't test a car without insurance 😁
  3. Yes, that's it. Read it something like "chess tit" (make one word from the two, with the accent on the second) "Rouge Den" (again make one word out of the two) "Den".
  4. Go for it! try to find a 4x4 one, they're fun.
  5. I have been using for the last 8 years or so the same ELM327 bluetooth device, one that looks just like this one: https://img.staticbg.com/thumb/large/upload/2012/liangping/SKU082507%20(3).JPG with great success on cars around MY 2000. Always read the codes, most of the times it can delete it, and also nice shiny displaying of various sensors. Right now it sits permanently in my Wagon R, because the VSS is not cooperating, and when the ECU figures out that there's no vehicle speed data it throws a tantrum and stops actuating the idle air actuator, dropping my idle as low as 450 rpm. So ELM in OBD socket, phone on cradle, Torque app running and as soon as I detect the dropping idle check faults and delete them.
  6. And anti-cubist, regardless of the round shape of the object.
  7. The first time I've driven an U650 M and realised it has 2 brake pedals joint by a removable pin, so you could apply the brakes individually on the rear wheels it was a joy! Tractor handbrake-turn FTW!
  8. Good and bad news: I used the rubber mallet, had to break the ice formed on my car from the freezing rain we had last week. But the mallet is now broken.
  9. Rare enough! I've never seen a Subaru Libero transformed in VW before, I thought the japanese transformed mainly Suzukis.
  10. Yes, same time as R12. On a side note, 1969 was the year of the first PoSU visit to Romania Also this started life in 1969, according to wikipedia:
  11. http://forum.matiz-club.ro/viewtopic.php?t=2311 Click on Manual auto Matiz.pdf for the service manual (almost 1300 pages). What's the catch? It's in Romanian. Good luck!
  12. Shouldn't be "Der fecking foreigners"?
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