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  1. Romanian automotive industry in the '80s had some dreams which unfortunately were not carried over into production. Dreams that sound crazy, like "let's take an Oltcit and put it on Aro10 running gear". This is an official development from the ARO factory, done in 1988, after the one in 1985 (Dacia break on ARO running gear) was not approved for production because the supreme leader's wife found it strange. Behold the one and only Aro 16:
  2. Here, let me tempt you: https://www.olx.ua/transport/legkovye-avtomobili/zaz/
  3. Solenoids! Sorry, can't be more specific, don't have access right now. The one in the middle might be boost pressure control, but I'm not sure.
  4. Not quite there yet, but close: mine was mad at her mother today, and instead of complaining to me about it she yelled at me about it just as I would have been her mother. I'm in the deep end because of repeated requests to tone it down, which were interpreted by her as "shut up". It escalated from there and now I'm the villain. She and her mother are good now, but I'm the one who's messing her mind.
  5. Suzuki is acting up. I can drive it all day, and nothing looks wrong. As soon as I stop and start the engine again (while hot), oil pressure light comes on and hardly if ever goes out again. I guess it's a pressure switch problem, or a wiring problem. I hate not having proper pressure checking tools to be 100% sure it's just that.
  6. I've been looking at this site when I had my red 2105, they seem to have a fuel cap with key for a lot less: https://www.lada.shop/en/2108-1103010-20.html Never bought anything from them, as I live one and a half hours away from a big Bulgarian city, and I bought my spare parts from there.
  7. Yes, I've also learned that the (same) hard way about autodoc.ro in my case. It took two weeks for a pair of shock absorbers and the wrong handbrake cables. Found out I've got the wrong ones with the car dismantled, they were for the drum variant, not disks.
  8. Do you have an electric oven? 😁
  9. My current Dacia. Flintstones floor, crooked rear axle (as in 4 tire marks), and flooding the sparkplugs for cylinders 2 and 3. Should I aso mention rusting everything else?
  10. The ones I use go from full to warning light, and then to full again. The other ones have what's left in them. The one I hate most is the Cielo, which broke down with the LPG tank full, and half a tank of petrol. Once I had a car that "forgot" to put on the warning light, it was burned-out due to so many times being on. And that's the last time I've got stranded by the side of the road, actually right in the way of trolley-buses, on the corner of an intersection.
  11. Go for it! At 1145 pounds for the simple variant of a tooth implant it has to be cheaper than flying here, getting accommodations and the work done.
  12. Step right this way sir. I don't know how to translate every operation into English, but here you can take a look at the prices in a small cabinet in Bucuresti: http://www.stomatologie-sector6.ro/tarife.html What I can fathom out of all that's there, one filling would set you back at most about 40 pounds, and a tooth (have implant, will crown it) would set you back at most about 150 pounds. The most expensive full set of teeth (keep on the nightsand in a glass of water type) would be at most about 300 and some of your queen's pictures.
  13. WFH since March, my wife is also at home with the wee lass. Our arrangement is this: all meals together, she sets-up lunch and I set up dinner. Cooking is different, usually after dinner. For the picky ones that would remark I've said nothing about breakfast: mine is the breakfast of champions, a vegan one. A coffee and three cigarettes.
  14. Yes. It's close to three years since I took apart a Marantz double deck to change the belts. It's still opened, belts next to it. And also about three years since I bought an amplifier kit of AliExpress, which is still to get inside a box, next to the transformer I bough an year ago to power it up. Should I mention reinstalling windows on a machine, and taking apart a laptop to change it's supply port?
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