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  1. Up to Euro4, last one made in 2010 AFAIK.
  2. 2/4 road legal (not started for two weeks, so unsure otherwise). One utterly fucked (a front wheel flew off the Cielo, put it back but no joy in traction department, so left in a yard some 60 kilometers away) and another one rusted to the point it would be suited for Fred Flintstone traction,but provided some fresh pez and a battery thrown in the mix, it would go under own power. On the same yard as the Cielo.
  3. None of them were electric. Radiator at the back for the green one, at the front for the red one.
  4. Entry level Renault Megane II was sold over here as "Renault Megane Manager". On the same note, entry level 407 was "407 Palladin". PS: there is a "Dacia Logan/Sandero/MCV/Duster Laureate". It's really posh, it has electric windows and air-conditioning
  5. Shouldn't the perspective be a bit oblique? I do remember we would have had points taken off for aligning the corners one on top of the other.
  6. Nope! The cat just hates you. I had to throw rugs and chairs because of cat piss, the cat in question was furious with me because of a week-long holyday in which it only had a visit a day from someone.
  7. "Boss, I need a raise. If you don't give me one I'll get me mum to sort it out" That would be a nice conversation to have with my employer
  8. In the ad it says "No reserve", but also it ended with "reserve not met".
  9. Hyundai Elantra has them. But then again, there are at least 2 ways of having rear brakes on a Hyundai Elantra XD: Just brake drums or this setup. I don't know if they ever did a "just brake disks on the rear" setup.
  10. TataBobu

    Shit Ideas

    In this case you have to do a Windows tune-up: reinitialise the sistem (stop the engione and start again).
  11. Are you sure it has the right grade of gearbox oil in it?
  12. TataBobu

    Daewoo Espero

    https://piese.radacini.ro/espero At least you'll be able to track down the OEM partnumber, and going from there find equivalents on any part seller's website. As you scroll down to the lowest part of the page, click on the blue rectangle on which VEZI MAI MULTE PRODUSE is written. It will load some more products in the list.
  13. Yes. That's what silica gel pellets are for. Content should be the same as you get in satchets inside shoe boxes, or cat litter.
  14. Suzuki Wagon R+: driver's side power window switch has to be worked the other way around (command UP to go down, command DOWN to go up). Nae bother. A bit of teritory marking (drips of oil from the valve cover seal), to be changed as soon as resource "time" is available. Jumps out of 3rd while engine braking. I guess I'll live with it.
  15. Wow! A battery tester in casing of imported steel, and it comes with a chuck too! And not a run-of-the-mill one, but one with copper components! Is it an SDS chuck? 😁
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