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  1. I see the chip shortage drived up prices in motornation, too: BEDFORD CF1 WHITBY MORRISON ICE CREAM VAN 1980, 1dr van, 125k miles, very good condition £35,350 (visit) I have a nice french pair of red cars now: 205 1.9 GTi and 309 1.9 GTi. I'm trying to get the 205 to class C9, but it slips right trough to B1.
  2. Yes, it's related to Dacia Logan (so a cheaper and older Clio), but with different engines. From 2025 will share the same platform.
  3. A niece. Usually they are called "nieces"
  4. Maybe to get away from the wife and kids for an hour or so?
  5. "By starting talking about religion after knocking on this door you enter a contract that will result in you paying me my consultant going rate, which is 300 pounds/hour". It might work.
  6. Same place, 55-60 years later: https://www.google.ro/maps/@44.4471185,26.0970935,3a,75y,171.09h,94.5t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjpx0slV4nmWCEEe7xqnQQQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  7. Taunus 17M was the name used for 4 generation of Granada predecessors: first was 17M P2 ('56 - '60, round headlights), second (the one in the middle in the black and white photo) is a Taunus 17M P3 ('60 - '64, almost rugby ball shaped headlights), then was Taunus 17M P5 ('64 - '67, squareish headlight) and last Taunus 17M P7 (similar with P5, the bodywork even more square, and headlights almost level with the front grille, '67 - '71)
  8. Looks like a yellow Fiat/Seat 850. PUG is a 304. In the BW photo I see a P3 Taunus estate, and a beetle behind it. No idea what the first car is.
  9. That Pizza Hut is actually a combo, there's a KFC under it. Or at least it was in 2004.
  10. The solenoid might not throw the pinion far enough to engage the crown wheel, hence the whirrrrr
  11. The white fuses should be 10 A, and you should have 4 fuses for headlights. This, unfortunately. But you could straight swap the rubbish fusebox it has for any generic one, with some lenghts of wire. Maybe this image will shed some light on the wiring: True. Speedometer is mechanical. In regards with the latest mishap, I'm afraid your pressure plate is past it's best. It usually happens suddenly. To check if this is the problem, and not a bent gearchange fork, try to start it while having selected 2nd, and put your foot down: if it's just like a failing clutch disk (lots of slipping), but on top of that you can't change gears with the engine started, it's the plate. To adjust the clutch cable you can work at the end linked to teh gearbox, if I remember correctly it should be an open-ended 10 mm spanner. There are two types of clutches on those: 180 and 200 millimeters clutch disk diameter. Don't know which one you have, if it's 1289 cubic centimeters it should be the 180, but I think you can use whichever. Anyhow, the code for the 180 mm one from LuK is 618017106 EDIT: Mr. Pastry is right, nobody took the gearbox out for a clutch job on those when doing it in a backyard. Always bonnet out, and then engine out. Usually done with the help of two or three neighbours. Here you have a way better manual than the one you have (looks dodgy, but if you wait with that page opened for a full minute there will be a "download file" button, which will reward you with a 64 MB pdf of a 400 page book) : https://vdocuments.net/download/automobile-dacia-diagnosticare-intretinere-reparatie The problem is you'd have to learn Romanian
  12. Yes, I knew this type of Dacia exists. Looks like the 1307 (based on the regular pick-up) and the 1309. It's not. The rear door is square, as is the rear door glass. All romanian Dacia pick-ups have the rear door rounded for the wheel, as you can see here: http://www.automobileromanesti.ro/Dacia/Dacia_Pick-Up/ The site where the picture is from is a right mine full of obscure shite.
  13. Was Fiat 850 sold over there?
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