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  1. 1. To the moon and back, providing it's on a trailer. 2. Road ahead closed. Continue on foot.
  2. Rear parking sensors are active once reverse is engaged.
  3. Use a multimeter to find the break point in each interrupted wire, then paint it with silver ink. Available also in pen form, not sure if the pen will "write" on glass.
  4. I live outside London. In Bucharest.
  5. I had no idea this is how an '87 Transit looks like. Plus, an impressive list of fails.
  6. [anorak] 3 pot diesel was only fitted to Getz, Accent, Matrix, i10 and i20. [/anorak] Watch out for handbrake cable snapping, and handbrake drum-in-disk shenanigans. Other than that, I rate them as good cruisers. Only had petrol and sedan, none of that hatch (belive it or not, it's called Elantra GT) diesel thingy.
  7. Where does one perform such a foolish act? I'm asking for a friend...
  8. If you get a clear view of the VIN number, you could try here and see if it's legit registered in Romania. First two rows a valid e-mail address, third row - VIN number. You'll get an email in Romanian telling you if all papers are legit. If one of the rows reads Carte de Identitate a Vehiculului ACTIVĂ then the Romanian registration is legit. Here you can see an example of the information available. Not too much, they just started.
  9. OK, murder by filming it. Without the camera it would had been OK?
  10. Really? If I use a long rope to tie my bicycle to a fence I'm attempting murder on the wanna-be thief?
  11. Accelerator cable snapped on my Dacia in 2002, just when I was pulling out of a parking space, on a cold November evening, after a nice time in a pub. Bonnet up, flat screwdriver in hand and I tightened the idle speed screw on the carburetor all the way in. So it was 3000 rpm with no gear engaged, at every red light, and then just slowly pushing forward and slowing engine speed down as I was shifting 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I only once managed to change it in 4th, and it rewarded me with about 35 kmh (that's a bit over 20 of your mph) but engine almost stalling. Oh, and this is my second proud roadside bodge:
  12. Fuck! Is this a thing???? I wish I knew this in 2017, when I took a plane and hired a car for two days just to be rejected by JLR.
  13. 1. Fill bathtub or similar large vessel with water 2. Pump the sucker up 3. insert in said water to see where it releases bubbles Three possibilities: rim rusted so the glue didn't stick (re-glue it and it will do the same in a couple of month if used daily, or a couple of days if you don't use the car), a borked valve or a nail/crack. If it's a nail can't you source a kit like this for repair? Over here something similar starts at the equivalent of 3 quids.
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