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  1. Anyone for a boat anchor? Sadly - mostly due to its previous ‘car enthusiast’ custodians, this is locked / rock solid and will go under the bench for a rebuild next year. The Lancia spare is being put to good use. CFD
  2. Properly pissed off with the engine being toast in the fiat. However, here’s one I prepared earlier! I’ve had this under the bench for some time and they are now rather hard to find. This is a rebuilt one from a Lancia Beta spider (so a 2.0) but I’ll use the head off the 124 as the distributor etc is in the right place. Manifold, carbs etc bold right on. An unusually fortuitous position to have this as it would have been a right pain in the arse as well as expensive to rebuild the old one.. CFD
  3. As promised (to myself that is!) Blast across the Wicklow mountains for an overpriced shite cup of coffee. Totally worth it. Flat. Out. CFD
  4. The fact that the weather is amazballs, I brought home the flat tracker from the workshop for a bit of early Sunday morning hooliganing.. CFD
  5. They are a bastard when the fluid leaks from them - someone told me that they boughterated the suspension concept from citroen, but I may have dreamed that or been drunk. Or am drunk. Anyway, nice update. Bloody love these cars. I’ve had quite a few but none over the last 3/4 years but remedied that recently with a W124 saloon. Keep up the good work @jaypee CFD
  6. Nice car that. Well wear. CFD
  7. Completely loving being back in a scruffy 90’s Mercedes. These cars are simply amazing and after owning every version over the last 20 years I’ve settled on a saloon as a keeper. This one sat for years unloved in a garden about 60 miles from my home. Went with a basic kit and got it started and drove it home.. every day I drive it, it gets better. CFD
  8. I really need to get my series back on track.. all welding done, painting and putting it back together now. (yes I did replace that shite bulkhead) Well done on the work on yours. I’m exceedingly jealous. CFD
  9. Further update on previous postage. The W124 recent acquisition. Last one I had, I had to sell it. I’ve had about 8 124s. I rather like this one. CFD
  10. There’s been one of these missing from my collection of crap for some time. I’ve had loads of them over the years, this one will be staying. They are starting to get scarce and rather expensive here too. Welcome to the lounge that is my W124. CFD
  11. Still up to me hole in Land Rover repairs and trying to get to the RRC restoration but in the meantime, got the Bonnie started today in anticipation of some better weather. CFD
  12. Get Disco 200tdi running and sort brakes? Check. CFD.
  13. Such a pain in the HOLE with the restrictions at the minute so I’m guessing we are all either unable to indulge in the passion for shite vehicles or simply lacking the motivation to do anything motoring related - currently a 5km limit here. However, had to bring my elderly dad for routine procedure today so decided to give the P38 a proper scrub. You need to be one brave bastard to depend on one of these to get you to a hospital on time. She started well and drove faultlessly all day. In fairness of all the shite cars I’ve owned over the years as dailies (and there has been a LOT) I especially fupping love this one. It brightens up an otherwise very dark January indeed.. CFD
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