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  1. Evening shiters. It’s been a while as I’ve been moving house and blah blah blah.. Anyway, this lad is a good friend of mine and he’s very passionate about the kind of crap we all like - but he’s rather talented in many ways. If you are a fan of resto videos and like classic British stuff, this is for you. If not, the very fact that you are reading this means this is for you also.. Enjoy! CFD
  2. Above are in order of sequence - Day following arrival (immense excitement) Getting approval (mission successful) Hiding (fuckity) CFD
  3. Holy thread revival.. After an incredibly long delay, I finally managed to collect this little beauty. I had a few false starts and flights booked blah blah but despite me doing a LOT of fucking around, AlsoMike displayed nothing but utter contempt. Actually that's not true at all. He was a pure gent and had great patience when I changed arrangements and was very helpful when car was getting collected - so thanks man. I've put a few miles on the little firecracker and it really is a lot of fun - yes, it needs a few bits but it will be going into storage until March of next year (outside of the Republic, of course officer..) when I will officially import it into our great state at a cost of two hundred of them euro.. If i went in today, it would cost me sevenhundredandfuckingtwenty euro. So, you can see why I've, cough* rented a storage for the little Pug in the cough* north. So thanks again autoshite. You've once again complicated my life just that little bit more.. I wouldn't have it any other way CFD
  4. Jaysus this was a quick sell out. I'm barred from buying any more tickets - I'm saving up for the taxi / flight / train / bus / drive / ferry / drive to collect my lovely 205 on the mainland. Very soon.. CFD
  5. Thanks man - and thanks everyone! Much appreciated. I'll send you a PM over the next day or so. CFD
  6. It's been a very crap car week as a sale fell through on another car that I was selling for a mate to a forum member on here. I was gutted and felt really bad for the buyer - the seller just changed their mind. It my birthday on Monday - I'm erm.. Flying to Italy tomorrow so it's going to be a week and a bit before I can collect. Unless I can sort something beforehand. Jaysus, I'm really chuffed. Wanted one of these for ages. I'm going to be in trouble though!! Woo Hoo!!! CFD
  7. Absolutely delighted. Right so, this is going to be fun. CFD
  8. Ballsack. So, after some very nice communication with a forum member here, who was going to great lengths to purchase aforementioned Citroen CX, the owner of the car is having second thoughts. Sincere apologies lads, this is very embarrassing.. CFD
  9. Well boughterated. These are fantastic cars, as would be explained and described if I had diligently continued my thread on mine. Either way, well wear man. Love it. CFD
  10. Due to a Very long day and much white spirit consumed on arrival home, I've been rather tardy in replying to PMs but have done so now. Apologies ladies. A CX isn't everyone's cup of cha but once hooked, it's hard to ever again see a mode of transport in any other guise. Citroensexuals will know what I mean. Thanks for the interest. CFD
  11. Made a bit of a bollocks of it but got there in the end. I blame the vodka. Fingers crossed. Two tickets purchaserated. CFD
  12. I've a '79 CX that is for sale. It's got that weird Semi Auto box, which is actually rather nice tbf. It's €3k and in Dublin. That's bottom dollar. If interested, PM me CFD
  13. I'm not even in the same country and to get it here would be far more than it's worth so, two randoms please. CFD
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