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  1. My series was delivered out of storage yesterday. I’d agreed to buy it a couple of years ago but with one thing or another it’s only now that I’m getting around to doing anything with it. It’s a 1973 Petrol 88”. A very nice man dropped it off to the workshop and I’ve been poking about on it since. Got it started and discovered that the brakes are shot and it has no clutch. The bulkhead needs repair but the chassis is in pretty good shape. This is a budget ‘get it roadworthy’ type restoration as the RRC is kinda swallowing up any spare change but that adds to the appeal of it. I’m not sure
  2. Lovely afternoon in the workshop. Galvanised RRC chassis has been painterated and awaits some small detailing.. CFD
  3. Shite camping with me mates in Donegal. Ex taxi VWT5 with over six hundred thousand kms on it is still going strong. CFD
  4. Well done on the sale. Looks like a lovely car. I missed on what it was that caught your eye? What’s the new arrival? CFD
  5. Fabulous. Love it. Carry on. CFD
  6. Lame attempt at fitting some window tint to the rear door of the T5 in advance of going away camping with few pals tomorrow. Erm.. CFD
  7. My stupid bug. Can’t stop taking pictures of it.
  8. It’s not as if I’ve enough shite to be dealing with but I’ve decided that I’m going to start working getting this pile of poo roadworthy. Just in case we might get some sun for the summer and I can smoke about in it with no roof. Like an arse. CFD
  9. Very nice indeed. Well wear man and enjoy it! It seems to me that there will be a lot of staycations for the next long while, you’ve got the perfect getaway vehicle for holliers now! CFD
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