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  1. I am not in your jurisdiction. I am currently in lockdown and am bored to the extent that I may start painting the dogs toenails. I do not need a Citroen, especially this piece of poo. It will cost me more to get it to Dublin than it’s worth. One ticket please. CFD
  2. It’s actually green, sorry the picture is shit. CFD
  3. Looking good dude. Yup, I’ve done that WD40 on the throttle on my ‘01 daily auto and it made a great difference. It’s nice when the easy jobs make a physical difference. I dragged this one out of my Dad’s driveway at the weekend - he’s been ‘looking after’ it for me for nearly a year! Looked like a sad bag of shit in his drive so I thought I’d worn out my welcome. Got it to the workshop and plan doing a few upgrades over the next few weeks while in ‘lockdown’ (Don’t worry, that grille is going in the bin pronto) CFD
  4. 100% agree mate. While my own tastes in shite has changed over the years, I’ve always been slightly outside of the vanilla choices. My daily at the minute is a one series and I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate it but it was only €400 and just needed an alternator so it’s fine as a daily shitter but I can’t wait to start using something closer to my shite tastes. Carry on! CFD
  5. Happy St Workshop Day from Dublin #isolation CFD
  6. Good man, you’re very kind. That is a very rusty RRC and a long term project but yeah I flippin love it. Believe me, I have lots of rusty heaps. Keep up the good work man, great progress on all your projects. CFD
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