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  1. My T5 camper has approx 550k kms. It’s a 2.5 five cylinder auto and pulls like a train. CFD
  2. I’ve had a couple of these and my current 2001 2.5 auto (‘county’ model) is a keeper. I rotate different cars that I unfortunately own - both modern and classic, but I always love getting back into my P38. Yes, they can be a pain in the ass - but realistically mine has been very reliable. I’ve put just over 30k miles on mine now and while I’ve had a few issues, I’ve never had to have it recovered. I guess I’ve been slowly replacing worn out bits on mine over the years but the one thing they hate is being left idle. Use it and it generally goes better - in my experience at least
  3. Fab! Love all this stuff. I’d really like to see more of the P38 brochure? I love collecting old brochures and publications on anything to do with P38s. Thanks for sharing! (Let me know if you decide to sell it) CFD
  4. The series is still on target to be on the road for Christmas. But, you wouldn’t think it from the bleedin’ state of it at the moment. Bulkhead is removed, replacement on the way. Front left chassis leg welding today and then painting the rest of the chassis. Dashboard, interior, brakes and clutch will all be renewed. Hopefully then reassembly while restoring all the shitty rusty parts as I go. Fun is being had. CFD
  5. I “may” have posted this before but worth it again if I have. Blame the wine. Just took this pic recently in local village to me (Dublin). Slammed ‘73 Imp with my humble ‘90 (previously from this parish) in the background. For the record, the Pug is now on 15” steelies with nice tyres and has had further suspension work to improve d’ride.. Still going like a bomb and may have some exhaust work soon. CFD
  6. Dublin Spottage. A slammed IMP (1973 to be precise) and my 205 in d’background. Eminently shite in both cases no? CFD
  7. My series was delivered out of storage yesterday. I’d agreed to buy it a couple of years ago but with one thing or another it’s only now that I’m getting around to doing anything with it. It’s a 1973 Petrol 88”. A very nice man dropped it off to the workshop and I’ve been poking about on it since. Got it started and discovered that the brakes are shot and it has no clutch. The bulkhead needs repair but the chassis is in pretty good shape. This is a budget ‘get it roadworthy’ type restoration as the RRC is kinda swallowing up any spare change but that adds to the appeal of it. I’m not sure
  8. Lovely afternoon in the workshop. Galvanised RRC chassis has been painterated and awaits some small detailing.. CFD
  9. Shite camping with me mates in Donegal. Ex taxi VWT5 with over six hundred thousand kms on it is still going strong. CFD
  10. Well done on the sale. Looks like a lovely car. I missed on what it was that caught your eye? What’s the new arrival? CFD
  11. Fabulous. Love it. Carry on. CFD
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