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  1. An ambitious towbar you say? Picture taken over 30 years ago - yes I still own it and no, it doesn’t have a towbar anymore. I did use it for towing (once) and recall a ‘tank-slapper’ moment on the way to the dump with a small trailer when I was driving a little too ambitiously.. CFD
  2. These are fantastic cars. So few of them about now. Basically A8 standard in a smaller form. Well wear dude. Here’s mine CFD
  3. Proper shite cracker. Love it. CFD
  4. Painted the faded and almost paint less handles on the L322 today. Pleasing fiddly job with a good result. CFD
  5. Went to a local car show in me auld Fiat this afternoon. It was rather nice and did not rain. I’ve missed car shows. CFD
  6. I’ve put up a couple of hundred miles in the last couple of days and while you’d definitely know you were travelling in a small(ish) car, it behaved very well with three teenagers, a whippet, a lurcher and a fat old man driving at approx 70mph for most of it. I really want a kangoo or a berlingo like hubnuts as I’m missing my camper but these are cracking little cars. Oddly people do actually remark about it - generally asking if it’s electric!? The armadillo has behaved well so far and while my normal experience on new (to me) cars is apprehensive, this little shitbox is leaving me with smiles that normally are reserved for something a lot older and a lot more crap. Time will tell… CFD
  7. Very much enjoying this little oddball. Bringing it back to life and using it as an economical daily. My current favourite attributes (besides the way it looks) are the mega sunroof and the best sounding OEM stereo I’ve ever had in a car. I’ve taxed it so that must mean I’m going to keep it for a while…
  8. I’m about to take my teenage daughter and two of her mates on a hundred or so mile spin so time will tell about it being more than a shopping trolley. I actually really enjoyed driving about in it now that the weather is good and the roof is open. Bloody great stereo in it and I bought a Bluetooth thing off Amazon to get the phone connected to it. It’s a bit of a giggle for the minute and a quite different to all of the other shite that I use (currently three regular daily shitters - W124 saloon, L322 Vogue and this, the Armadillo) but time will tell.. CFD
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Yup, the whole alloy thing and the back story is very appealing to me. Audi lost their bollocks on them (apparently €7500 on every one they sold - which could be a myth but I’ve swallowed worse) and I agree that the 1.4i is the best donkey. While it’s not running properly yet, I will get to the bottom of it and have it right. CFD
  10. It’s been a while.. but, a new addition to the fleet has been achieved. It’s bordering on shite as people do point and laugh when driving by but I absolutely love it. It’s a 2003 1.4i petrol Audi A2 75bhp. Remarkably tidy following a good clean but more is needed. Small miles, 45k but failed emissions test on NCT here. Service kit has been ordered, throttle body was removed and cleaned. Like the rest of the car, it was rather dirty. These have a cool back story and I’ve wanted one for years. This particular car I’ve hoped would come my way and it finally did recently. Passenger door strap was broken, rear boot lid wouldn’t lock and sunroof was sticking. All sorted now. Still to do is sort glovebox door, missusfandango managed to break handle off that so now permanently locked. Deep scratch on rear passenger door, beyond my skilz so may have to spend to sort that. Wheels also need a refurb but I’ll have a go at them before making a bollix of that and sending them out too. Overall a wonderful / oddball piece of 20 year old shite that will hopefully stick around for a while. Who likes these? Any on here? CFD
  11. This is my ‘78 Triumph tracker. I’ve owned it for many years and have shared it here before. Just got over covid at the weekend and rode the balls off it on Saturday. Who doesn’t love a good ride at the weekend? CFD
  12. I’ve had one for quite a few years now. Its a 2.5 auto that I converted to a camper. It’s a bloody great yoke. I did about 5k last October in France faultlessly (bar a bolt I spotted was missing from the rear suspension which I was able to get sorted locally for free) They really are easy to live with but overpriced in my opinion. Reliability wise it’s been great, with generally build quality good and parts not too expensive. I’m actually in the process of selling mine to fund another project but I’d have another in a heartbeat- but unlikely to afford it! (pic in Juan Le Pins last year) CFD
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