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  1. I concur with the sentiments here. Ive got an early Mk2 Focus on a March 05 plate, and it is surprisingly solid, doesn't rattle, feels reasonably well put together if quite crude in places. I looked at a few Mk2.5 models when looking for my one, and the interior and fabrics felt cheaper, and the lighter grey lower dashboard plastics definitely feel a bit more grim. Ive heard the facelift is quieter and has more sound deadening, but the interior seems to have been cheapened from my experience. Don't get me wrong, the interior of my car is not the last word in quality, but for a nearly 18 year old car it's sturdy, inoffensive; and for a car that's main use has been that of a van, held up pretty well. Getting into a friends mk4 Focus, quality was not great. The doors are very light (I suppose this is a fuel efficiency thing, and I know weight doesn't equal safety etc.) the fabrics downright cheap, and the plastics did not feel particularly well put together or high quality. Its a shame as I am now quite fond of the Focus, but the quality has definitely taken a dive. I have experience of sitting in a Focus Vignale in a car supermarket, and Jesus that was nasty. Whether it was just an abused example I'm not sure, but it was just a turd wrapped in glitter, cheap feeling, squeaky, nasty car. Its a real shame, as I want to like them more, but I guess in the desire to be ever more profitable and cars needing more and more equipment as standard, something has to give.
  2. This is red according to the DVLA...
  3. So as I lay awake last night, thinking deep about life, a question not even google could answer came to me - What was the last car on sale that came with a manual 4 speed gearbox? Surely the Corsa B, Peugeot 106 and Suzuki Alto were all contenders, but does anyone know what it actually was? I feel as though there has been discussion on this before, but I can’t seem to find anything!
  4. Another quality Facebook conversion, featuring a sturdy rollover bar and the finest* rosewood plastique cladding, for that easy to clean load space.
  5. I’m not sure if this is tat or top taste to be honest…. Enter the Peugeot 206 Carbeque! A snip at just £200. I can’t help thinking it would be more realistic if they’d chopped up a Mk2 Zafira 🔥
  6. Had a quick search on the forum and found no mention of this - the Daewoo Nubira Hatchback.
  7. I had a Corsa C back in 2010 as my first car. Mine was only a 1.0 but it wasn't great. Positives Large wing mirrors made manoeuvring easy peasy Good Speakers (on the 6 speaker models at least) Cheap insurance I found the seats quite comfortable, but this is a very individual thing Space inside wasn't too bad, and the interiors are reasonably good quality Secure handling, but not much fun Negatives Wiper motor stopped working Water came into the footwells through the bulk head - you can repair this inside the car by sticking your head up where the bulkhead is and going wild with silicone Electric power steering has little feel and there is quite a bit of play in the straight ahead position Gear change was notchy If the steering wheel and seat height doesn't adjust check you can get comfortable if you are tall Bodyroll was atrocious, and so was the ride which was quite hard even on 14inch wheels O2 sensors can go, heat matrixes can go, window regulators can become slow Original gear linkages are plastic and WILL go I believe the electric power steering can prove unreliable On 3 door models the mechanism to fold the seats forward can become stiff CV boot linkages are a weak point As someone said above, the instrument cluster can prove unreliable. Mine stopped working on a roundabout but a swift punch got it working again. Personally I wouldn't have another, and I don't see as many as similar aged fiestas, but if you can get a cheap one I dare say all the common problems will have been fixed by now and it should make for cheap motoring.
  8. This is an interesting one and has really got me thinking 🤔 For me, I think good ergonomics and a large glass area definitely make for a much more relaxing driving experience - more relaxed = less stressed and angry driving. Less stress is a lot better for other people on the road as well, as it means I'm less likely to get out the car in a rage and drop a log on the windscreen of some oik in a Juke after they've cut me up. If I can get my legs under the steering wheel, the pedals aren't offset and the steering wheel is directly in front of me that's a great start. Im always surprised when getting into cars such as the W204 and W205 C-Class how terrible the driving positions are, (offset pedals and steering wheel) which isn't immediately obvious and isn't always realised until you've been on a long journey and its too late and you hobble out the car like you've been hit by a mobility scooter. I'm also surprised how confined the two mentioned above feel - sitting in a car that feels like a coffin without great outward visibility subconsciously stresses me out - I did read once ages ago that as the wild animals we have developed from, we don't realise how much light actually can affect our mood. For me - lots of light and visibility makes for a much more pleasant driving experience - I'm a real fan of the Zenith windscreen on the Mk2 C3 and it makes driving it a bit more pleasant than it might be otherwise. I Also gives a much larger surface area to do a bit of gulling on a Friday night in the local nature reserve car park. (Google that at your own risk you have been warned 😂). Pedal weighting and control response - I know someone previously wrote about cable slack and how it can make a car a proper pain to drive smoothly when driving slowly and I wholeheartedly agree. This pedal slack combined with the supercharged power delivery of a W202 I've driven recently made it a proper pain in the arse to drive slowly. Having to press the pedal just before you anticipate you will need a bit of throttle, combined with a not entirely smooth gear change and not much power until the supercharger kicks in made it a pain to drive around town. It's like trying to walk a dog using a spring as a lead, it all seems sedate and then out of nowhere BANG you are being dragged along like a toddlers soggy teddy. A well weighted clutch with a progressive bite and a slick gearshift mated to progressive brakes and throttle make for a nice harmonious drive. Seats and body roll - A comfortable seat is worth its weight in gold. The seats in my Mk2 focus aren't very soft, the squab isn't very long and side support is minimal but actually I've found them very comfortable over long distances. Being the lean mean pulling machine that I am I quite like a seat with massive bolsters to make me feel like I'm being gently cradled by Rik Waller - all cuddled up and nicely padded; but I know many people with hips and torsos more substantial than my curtain pole frame find them a pain. I saw a video on the Mk1 focus development the other day, and a lot of what they said in it rings true about a car that's nice to drive. I think it's on youtube, if you are into that kind of stuff its worth a watch.
  9. What about this little beauty? 🤩 Courtesy of Facebook marketplace.
  10. I know Fifth Gear and a few others have looked into this exact problem. I don’t think the airbags are as much of a problem as rust/the rest of the structure. An decent test done by Folksam: Rusty Golf and Rusty Mazda 6 https://youtu.be/H5ohDlU0Dwc
  11. <a href='http://i.imgur.com/VAZPz7l'title=''><img src='http://i.imgur.com/VAZPz7l.jpg' alt='' title='Hosted by imgur.com' /></a> Ok not quite eBay, but surely someone on here wants to save this beauty? If I was in the position to buy it I would but unfortunately have no space! http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201510177917959?page=1&onesearchad=used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew&postcode=le182dt&radius=1500&search-target=usedcars&sort=atcustom&model=121&quicksearch=true&make=mazda&logcode=p
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