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  1. Chris, you should know better! This is Black Beauty: 4.jpg by E Honda, on Flickr
  2. 1930h tonight, old single beds from upstairs still in the motor. A work mate also popped in to lend me this useful implement Just need to finish the shift and head up to Belfast to catch the 0730 boat.
  3. First thing this afternoon was to find out which car my spare toll tag is in. Went on the internet and checked the account. Tag was assigned to my black Volvo 343 and indeed it was, in its holder above the mirror. Change registration and clean a tiny bit of glass to make sure it stays stuck. Then proceeded round the local motor factors. Yesterday I tried to get a rear plate, but I was thwarted. Not by availability or stupid UK supplier rules, but a lack of toner in their printer. No big deal, they just got one whizzed up first thing from their other branch. Then another few yards up the road and fill up with some €1.36/litre diesel and get some more B&H and a belated forecourt shot. Then off to do some work.
  4. Just a quick recap.Last Saturday... After getting the divan bases all buttoned up I headed round to ASDA for some oil. Looked at the problem (location of filler cap meaning you have no hope of pouring oil straight from the can) and went back into the shop for reinforcements. Headed for the boat. Hassle free. Time for a late dinner. Made it into Belfast without sinkage - Sunday morning. Took the long way home to avoid tolls and got home at 4.30am to this on the wall next to my bed. Some kip later and then got a lift back to Dublin Airport to pick up the bike before going back into work.
  5. Well saw two plod around Dumfries. No interest. No silly questions at Cairnryan either.
  6. Place your bets now for either a tug from Police Scotland D&G division or an invasive customs inspection at Cairnryan...
  7. Oh and the V5C arrived in the post this morning. DVLA 11/10 would use again.
  8. Managed to flog some stuff on Gumtree and now getting ready for boat run one. Gaffer tape - check Damp proof membrane - check Screwfix gaffer tape - check One half of a 6ft wide divan base. +40cm to height. Fuck it lets shove the other half up there. (+80cm, checks ticket, no issue on height being 2.6m) Wrapped over, taped up rear (the tape is a bit shit btw 3/10) Hmm, think I'm going to rotate this so I can tape up the front end...
  9. I need the bike for work and the ferry is £52 one way and the petrol to get here about £30, plus having to take the screen off the RT. I need to bring other stuff in the back! I momentarily considered a detour to the M60, but remembered I despite needing a spare set of wheels for work (if the job overruns) while I do the clutch on the RT, I don't have any money left for a Townmate!
  10. Useful and as practical as it is, it's not going to Ireland - I'd be dry bummed for taxes as it is, and completely ridden raw from January. I may take a few Stena trips to regain my status and access to the "hairnet" plus lounge. Anyway. Priority this morning was to fix the washer jet that came a cropper in the Safari Park, so I nipped round to Michael Douglas's... Only found one other gear knob that was starting to split at the front anyway so just got the jets. He knows my face, so said I could just have them, but I insisted on leaving a quid for the tea boat. Might go back for some other bits like a motor for the roof glass, but I really shouldn't get distracted like this! Great place for older chod. http://www.mikedouglas.co.uk/
  11. I think I've overshot you Eddy. Just got in the gate (J44). I've got a couple of hours left in me, which isn't bad going for being up since noon yesterday. If I make some progress tomorrow I wouldn't mind popping out for a brew, just let me know what biccies to bring.
  12. Third slash of the day - Forton. Nae jobbies yet - ultimate trucker sphincter control. Only stopped cos I need some fuel. Gonna chuck just enough to get across the Lakes and fill up properly tomorrow.
  13. Annnnd... Many thanks for the coffee. Carlisle here we come.
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