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  1. Miss Primeradoner has a MX5 as a summer car and a Yaris as a winter beater. The Yaris replaced a P10 primera which is still in my unit awaiting either a mot or a H frame and door plate.
  2. Given that we have just had a LGBT thread deleted I think it would be a bad idea to out anybody even a poxy cat
  3. Try using Millers CVL in the fuel. I found it made a huge difference to the amount of advance I could run on my pinto race engine. I also used to use BP ultimate but that would be extravagant for a road car.
  4. Saw AUD 1 parked in Durham yesterday Surprisingly enough it was on a Audi
  5. The Mods definitely need to move this post. The return of xtriple shouldn't be in the grumpy thread
  6. Im sorry but I have to disagree with you. They crash really well and keep on going. If you dont believe me ask The Dreamers banger racing team.
  7. I would like to make a statement of intent here. If I win this I will be lovingly changing the engine for a trusty weber carbed GA16 lump. I will then kick all of the windows out and it will get ragged around Barford Raceway. If Mr gm has a problem with this he can cancel my tickets. If not I will have another 3
  8. Ok I was out of order but it really gets on my wick when people assume that banger racers are responsible for every theft of a classic ford. I was also pissed off because some low life targeted the wagons/vans that stayed overnight on Friday at the premier inn. They took loads of snap on gear/ power tools, stihl saws etc. I believe that Lee Clarke from Shite Knights yard lost quite a lot of stuff. Wonder who did that? Probably banger racers eh sierraman?
  9. Only if its a MK1 Granada or a MK 1,2 or 3 Cortina if you check the eligibility rules. Thats assuming you can read as you are obviously an uneducated opinionated prick
  10. Not factually correct. Nobody who wasn't offered a booking turned up but as the promoter reduced pit space by turning the area behind the main stand into a spectator car park and hence reducing the available pit space. As a result there wasnt enough pit space for all the cars that were offered a booking. We travelled 190 miles, arriving at 12.50 (over 2 hours before the meeting started) were told that the pits were full and that we couldnt race. Rather than stay and pay to watch we turned round and came home. Total farce which cost us over £100 in diesel.
  11. I will definitely have some lurking around my garage/yard If you need one PM me your address and I will stick it in the post
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