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  1. Who are you using for the sign writing? Dom Davies?
  2. Wonder how many of them are still in use today?
  3. It belongs to Andrew Ward. He owns/ has an interest in a few pubs in Durham. Elm Tree, Angel, Holy Grale, Drunken Duck, Woodman, New Inn from memory
  4. None of the Samuel Smiths pubs in Durham take cards. Its cash or the door. I think that its probably because Humphry Smith is a dinosaur rather than a money launderer. They dont have TVs ,music or gaming machines either so its a win win win from me. Oh and you cant use your mobile phone or tablet inside the pub either. There is a sign on the bar that tells you this. I will grab a picture of the sign next time I am in. Oh hang on a minute!
  5. I think I do too. My Great Aunt used to pick up her pension there in the 1970s
  6. Its not a commer or a karrier . Its a Fordson . My father had one in the early 60s. I think that the cab was borrowed from the rootes group mind
  7. AFAIK it still belongs to the chap who used to supply most of the cars for Heartbeat, George Gently and other northern based dramas. At least he still had it the last time I was at his yard near Lanchester .
  8. Is Scarborough Autograss Hunmanby? Raced there once in the bangers and its a rough old track. Complete contrast to Scunthorpe which was my favourite track. Excellent track preparation and pretty much flat out on the rev limiter all the way. That was until we fitted modified Sunny Automatic ECUs to our Primeras. No rev limiter and on Nissans the engine is over the inside wheel so loads of grip compared to the Hondas. Happy days
  9. EV10RNA on an mini cuntryman in Durham today . Probably a diesel driven by Sharon
  10. Shame that. There was a yard about a mile away in Shotton with about 30 primeras in it . Bloke would have given you a parcel shelf FOC. Ask me how I know or my username might be a clue. They have all gone now . Eddy Wright Raceway saw most of them
  11. Yeah I knew that. Think that it was one of the Warlords who came up with it.
  12. Few banger racing ones. Frothy - Vauxhall Cresta Aircraft Carrier- Zephyr Zodiac Mk4? (last one ) Coke Bottle - 2 door Mk 1 Granada Trummy - Triumph 2000 Auntie - Rover P4 Landcrab - Morris 1800/2200 Donald - Nissan Bluebird Jellymould - Mk3 Granada Joey - P6 Rover Billy Blunder - Austin 1100/1300
  13. Tunstall Reservoir looks really low at the moment. Next few days may help to fill it up a bit.
  14. I went to Odsal for the Stan Woods banger meeting last week. Top Tip is take your own food . There is only 1 food outlet open and it ran out just after the meeting started. Otherwise it was great to be back there after a long absence (23 years I think)
  15. Didnt the D1000 Ford have an additional chrome grill above the painted grill? Also appears to have 8 stud wheels so its more likely to be a D800. Father ran one for a while before he moved on to Bedfords
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