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  1. Do you have to make up the brake lines from scratch or can you get them ready made to length and shape?
  2. Mrs PD saw me using a pair of spring compressors one day. The next day she turned up with one of those foot operated things you can get at machine mart and demanded that I hand over the old ones which she slung in the boot of her car never to be seen again. Obviously she is a keeper. If any shitter wants to borrow it they are welcome. Im in Durham
  3. Woke up early this morning and couldnt get back to sleep. Normally a grump but I decided to go for a walk along the river Wear On my way back I saw movement in the water It was only a bloody otter. Stood and watched it for ages. So pleased to see something like this only about 500 metres from Durham City centre,
  4. Are you sure you wont find another? Wanna bet?
  5. Rev Limiter delete is a five minute job. Take off dizzy cap, rotor arm and remove the cover underneath (2 or 3 screws from memory) You will see a disc that below that spins with the dizzy. It has a small square cut out which activates the rev limiter. Cover the cut out with tape reassemble and thats it. You can now hit the fence at Barford Raceway even harder now in my experience. Make sure you use thin tape and press it down as flat and neatly as possible or you may find the car develops a misfire or even refuses to start. We might have a rev counter instrument panel somewhere in the workshop. I will have a look next time I am there. Its yours for the cost of postage if I have one.
  6. Look forward to the updates again Mally. Dom Davies is a complete legend. He regularly travels up to the North East on Megabus, sign-writes and airbrushes 2 cars and back home the same day. He is finally getting some recognition nationally for the quality of his work.
  7. Is that really what type9 gearboxes fetch? I really need to clear my unit out. There are a few in there including a couple of P100 type9s which were always worth even more.
  8. I sent money yesterday by paypal so dont know whats happened. I will try again. Sorry people
  9. Hadnt seen a Sapporo for years (until yesterday) There was one raced at Standlake Arena heavy metal classic meeting.
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