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  1. Tunstall Reservoir looks really low at the moment. Next few days may help to fill it up a bit.
  2. I went to Odsal for the Stan Woods banger meeting last week. Top Tip is take your own food . There is only 1 food outlet open and it ran out just after the meeting started. Otherwise it was great to be back there after a long absence (23 years I think)
  3. Didnt the D1000 Ford have an additional chrome grill above the painted grill? Also appears to have 8 stud wheels so its more likely to be a D800. Father ran one for a while before he moved on to Bedfords
  4. Mally, If you can give me a couple of weeks I will have a word with some of the banger lads as some are now using the Yaris due to the shortage of Micras. Somebody I know must be able to tell me how to do them.
  5. Plenty of future "Scene Tax" to see here
  6. Great to finally meet up with Mark today and see the Exocet in the flesh. To be honest the pictures and build story on here do not do justice to the job that Mark has done on this car. The build quality and attention to detail is second to none. The cut down wiring loom (usually a mess on kit cars) is a work of art. Hope to see this out and about soon.
  7. Given that it will be rusted above the captive nut have you nor tried to tighten it so it goes right through and drops into the chassis rail. This worked for me on a sierra anti roll bar bolt.
  8. Yes some of the later ones had a cat and emission control crap fitted to the modified carb. Ironically if you stripped off all the electronics and removed the metering needle they went round the track like a stabbed rat. IIRC they had bigger chokes than the non cat ones. Ive still got a set in my lockup.
  9. My username may be a clue but I cant recall a single P11 that passed through our yard having a multi link system the same as a P10. We did have some oddballs though such as a very early H reg P10 with a 8v Bluebird engine and another two P10s which had dealer fitted weber conversions.
  10. No picture but spotted outside student house in Durham today Vauxhall Vivaro with the reg LO02 KEY Im assuming it was a locksmith as the useless buggers are always losing keys/getting locked out.
  11. When I make up cut down looms for bangers I use self amalgamating tape. Bit pricey but works well
  12. Do you have to make up the brake lines from scratch or can you get them ready made to length and shape?
  13. Mrs PD saw me using a pair of spring compressors one day. The next day she turned up with one of those foot operated things you can get at machine mart and demanded that I hand over the old ones which she slung in the boot of her car never to be seen again. Obviously she is a keeper. If any shitter wants to borrow it they are welcome. Im in Durham
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