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  1. I'm fairly new on here, but I think I totally understand where most folk on here are coming from - you my friend it seems do not, you seem not to have that affection for the underdog, the unloved and unkempt, the thrills and spills of driving a vehicle which could ruin your day at any given moment.


    This place is not for everyone it seems, although a love for old Brits must mean there is hope for you yet!


    the thrills and spills of driving something that some knuckle dragger has bodged up with filler n old biscuit tins, that when you brake pulls you crazily to one side or another, that when you accelerate pulls you to one side or the other, that the heater doesn't work anymore, that fuses have been replaced by tinfoil, that seatbelt mountings are held in with a big dollop of fibreglass, yes i must admit I'm not getting it am i. makes me want to go and get said cars and have the kudos of doing so just on those merits alone.


    cmon for fucks sake, buying a car thats a worthless lump of dogshit and spending money on buying more fucked parts to go on it just to put up pics on a random website, so that 10 or so guys can justify why they do the same.


    some people on here cry that they are hard up, their circumstances are tough, they've no money, life is hard etc etc, then time after time piss away there hard earned cash on some heap that is dead, time after time after time, your either kidding yourselves, your not that hard up, or for the reason i really think, is that some people are attention whores, cos lets face it, if you bought a nicer example of whatever shed you want, chances are its not going to go wrong all the time and that limits your excuse to post thread after thread of look at me look at me i smell of wee.


    so in fairness we need more old shite, but not old shit.

  2. As nice as that L spec is, it's a bit decadent and common in comparison to GLORIOUS POV SPEC CAR.  It's also silver, which is super boring.


    take the wheel trims off, spray the grill with some matt black, take the steel wheels off and hammer them with a sledge hammer, kerb it a few times and it will drive just like they did in the good old days, jobs a good un.

  3. no I'm a lover of old british tat, but surely autoshite should be about driving the best examples of old shit they can find, the thing i find with most people who run old knackers, is the fact they buy the very worst cared for example of a car thats had no money spent on it, buy it, try to run it on buttons, then when it goes wrong which is most of the time, they then say the usual "fucking piece of shit", don't know why everybody raves on about vw, mines a piece of shit, maybe if people didn't buy the biggest bag of bollox they could find, and actually bought a better cared for example then they might get some enjoyment of driving said old shitbox, but i just find it weird that some guys on here buy absolute fucked heaps for half what a nice one is, then spend the same again on heap to get it fairly drivable only to still be left with a drivable fucked shitbox, worth fuck all, then after 10 minutes of attention on here sell it for fuck all, and go and buy another shed and do it all over again cos their bored with the car they have had for ten minutes.


    this is a great site and it would be better if the quality of old shit was brought up a bit to include nicer examples more than the usual fucked old 205s run on veg oil which no one gives a fuck about anymore, id like to see someone find a nice 205 dizzler, and actually put some actual deasel in the damn thing, and get it so its worth looking at, all these battered old shitboxes on here i see in asda in my town and generally they are driven by people who the biggest fucknuggets you'd never want to meet.


    lately its more scrapyard challenge than old shite, i can understand some guys don't have much spare cash, but when you invest in some of the crocks of shit I've seen posted on here, do you ever wonder why you've got no money.

  4. a grand, A GRAND, for some shonky old heap, the sierra was never cool or anything other than the cossie , even the 4i was never that rated, why you would want to spend a grand on a battered fcuked heap of a four door is plain lunacy, plenty of better 80s cars about for half that in a1 condition for sale, i do not understand the ford fanboy tax that gets slapped on cars that were an absolute piece of shit within a few years of  coming out.


    I've seen really tidy late 80s early 90s low mile cars with decent spec n engines get shunned for peanuts, and then this battered worthless bucket comes up, and people put the rose tinted glasses on and get moist over a ton n a bit lump of chewed bubblegum, that isn't worth a wank, and guaranteed to make you an outcast in your community.

  5. 48.1-English-Electric-Lightning-BAC-TSR-


    for me its these 2, in particular the lightning being my favorite fighter jet of all time, a plane that although flawed in its armament capabilities, and short range, is the greatest plane we ever invented, with a climb rate that makes a modern typhoon look like slug in comparison, if you want to make a getaway fast or be somewhere really quickly, this is your weapon of choice, the tsr 2 was going to be our supersonic nuclear strike bomber, but was stabbed in the back by the government of the day due to i think, us getting approval for a loan from the old eec and the yanks having a say in it, and they would only help us to get the loan we needed at the time if we scrapped the tsr 2 project, bastards.


    with this plane we would have been the dominating super power of the day, years ahead of the yanks, and decades ahead of the russkies, this was a plane that on only one of its 2 afterburners, left the lightning( on both afterburners) for dead, which in turn the lightning on both afterburners could leave concorde for absolute dead on acceleration, so it shows you how quick that plane was. 

  6. exactly why I'm glad I'm into old rover shiiite, my 800 isn't worth the amount a tatty drivers door for a mk1 mex is, so no chance anyone gonna nick it<fuckin hope not anyway>, everybody was glad when their rusty old ford shit skyrocketed in value and now they are paying the price, cos every thieving bastard is now nicking anything of any interest or even little interest(cortinas for fucks sake) who would ever have thought that cortinas would be worth thousands as rusty puddind up old dogs.


    when people ask me about the 800, i don't say ooh yeah it was this and this, i say its a fuckin heap and i can't afford anything else, i don't want the value going up on it.

  7. I know both of the cars posted by 'Rusty Pelican' - both lovely examples indeed.


    Here's my 1970 Sunbeam Stiletto, running a 998cc. Goes like a rocket, and zero overheating issues, even with the rear rad position retained.


    I've owned this car for over 20 years.



    attachicon.gifNEC Stiletto 2013.jpg




    attachicon.gifnational2010 037b.JPG

    Right reality check guys, can a moderator move this to the cars and girls thread and then dinglem can add more pics of his misses in front of his hillman slug, and hopefully some "tastier" pics of said misses in front of said slug.

  8. guy is a prize plonker, 6900 has gotta be made up surely, trouble is you buy a 328i sport for a grand in this condition and get nearly as much fun, nearly 7k for an old shonky handling fucked about with em free, the only experience your going to get is driving a fairly quick but really old and tired old car, with lots of miles and maintained by the sort of people who run them on 316i money.

  9. Well a friend of mine has an Arrow series Humber Sceptre


    It drives really nicely, easily the equal if not better than most saloons of the same era. Lovely gear change and pokey engine. Handles well too.


    However it isn't worth much and is still seen as crap in the eyes of the general public


    Almost the epitome of Autoshite I think....


    What do you have Mr midnite?



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