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  1. Commendable repair work. Action Bronson, his pals and their "cookery show" is some quality viewing. I had to explain what exactly it was I was watching when Wuvvum came round with the LDV, in case he thought I was a gang banger.
  2. Yeah? Nice. Few more dragons next time though, I reckon.
  3. There was no escaping the horrible fact that the LDV Maxus had shat it's head/gasket. As I need a van everyday for work, I believed myself to be quite fucked. Not one to wallow in self pity, nor to blame anyone else for an old van to become incontinent, I had what can only be described as a "eureka!" moment! My brother rang me to ask "when are you going to move this fucking van off my land?" Aha! I bought a Peugeot expert last year and left it in his field! This would now become my daily transportation, with such issues as "it only blows hot air M8". Along with, " Yeah, all the gears are in there, just some need encouragement, they're a bit shy." Not to forget, "Oh, tyres aren't supposed to have wire and chord poking out?" An excellent start, to what can only be, a brilliant year, of scrap wrangling.
  4. Fucking HGF! I see no other reason for my expansion tank to be spewing bubbles.
  5. Hmm. The wording of the last interaction, screams something is not right.
  6. RX8. They are ridiculously cheap, almost disposable and a really good track car as standard.
  7. I have a similarly offensive exhaust on my PXR50. I love it!
  8. Go on then, P.M me what you want for the NSR. Cashmoneeebuyerzzz.cum
  9. I'm pretty sure this thread is the end of autoshite as I knew it. Goodbye from me
  10. One of the best threads on here. Always watching. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  11. If you remove the inlet manifold you will be shocked at the built up gunk in there. The egr causes it and ideally should be blanked off. I'd clean it with either brake cleaner or petrol. Then I'd remove the 2 bolts on the turbo wastegate actuator and put a couple of mm with of washers under it to space it out a bit then tighten again, should give a bit more boost and burn a bit cleaner. Check all pipes from the turbo to the intercooler/inlet manifold are tight and not leaking and see what happens then, there is a max fuel adjust screw on the pump, if it fails again then back it off a bit. Then turn it up again when you get home and add a bit more as the 2.5 isn't quick anyway and needs all the fuel it can get. I've had 4 of them and I've recently acquired a MK1 swb manual. It can be made to hustle along quite well with a couple of tweeks on the pump and tightening the wastegate up a bit.
  12. Any attempt to try and pull the wool over an inspector's eyes is going to piss them off. My tester is honest and fair and if he thought I was trying to trick him, or I tried to quote legislation to him, he may not look to pass and advise something he may have, before I started going "The Male Online" on him.
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