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  1. Sound delay is one of the main reasons I never go to the cinema. Unless you have a seat in the right place, the sound delay is terrible. Sitting on the extreme left, right or rear of the cinema ruins it for me. I am a miserable cunt though.
  2. Just seen this thread. Nice one, looks decent for what you paid. Only thing I've seen that is a worry on it, is the batteries need something to hold them to the floor. Other than that it looks ready to go. PM me in a couple of weeks when you're bored of it!
  3. I got one on my Cagiva Mito once, quite an experience. One of the local coppers was killed a few years back when he hit a pheasant on the A41, on his bike, lost control and ended up in the armco. P.C 3395 Kevin Flint. I can still remember his police number from my childhood dealings with him. Quite often motorbike related in those days as well. Had a couple of rides in his car to amersham station and he once caught me balls deep into my girlfriend in a car park. Quite embarrassing.
  4. You rode a shit bike, at the worst time of year. Don't give up on this one Jordan, it's so much better in summer. Spend the money, take the chance. You'll have the licence for life. You'll love it in summer.
  5. I worked with a bloke who did that line of work for a while. He's a carpenter now. He has some interesting stories. He decided to stop when his Mrs rang him and he was in the process of a situation most of us would consider quite odd but, he didn't see how strange it was, to be in the company of a dead person, in the middle of the woods at 3:00AM. I wouldn't fancy it.
  6. The one I bought from you did the same with the heater. I put a ford focus hedgehog in there I think, I'm sure it was a focus one and it was a direct replacement, I could be going mad mind you. Edit. It was a focus one but not sure about direct replacement, some wiring had to be cut and spade connectors crimped on. Pretty easy if you Google it.
  7. No PSA tat delivered to ley hill yet. Awaiting updates!
  8. Here's my son, ripping the engine out of one here.
  9. Can't get enough of this restoration. More please! Looking perfect mate.
  10. I had a KLX250. It was a proper trooper, took dogs abuse on Motocross tracks and was easy to ride, despite being a heavy bastard. I sold it to the farmer who owned the track at ashdown MX and bought a KXF250. Sold all my motocross bikes now.
  11. That's my old one. Didn't look anywhere near as rotten until some poking happened. This one will need some serious recommissioning if it's to see the road again.
  12. A joke so old, the meme has less pixels than its had years on the internet.
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