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  1. Arthur Foxhake likes this very much! Where are you taking it? My Hilux looks similar at the moment but it's only been on tarmac on the local country lanes. They've been carting maize and all the verges are cut up to fuck and spread all over the roads.
  2. The vultures are circling... What's happened man? You aren't too far away from me, in the grand scheme of things. I'd like you to fix it and keep it but, if it's fucking fucked mate, big time, tell me about it and where it is please. I may be able to smooth over some of the inconsistency with the arse of my new one.
  3. I saw a car advertised once that had second gear missing, the text said "never bothered me as I'm a 1st to 3rd kinda guy". Priceless.
  4. Sensible, I thought you'd say that.
  5. I know a man who'd buy that KMX in a heartbeat.
  6. Well, it's all painted inside and looks lovely now but, when I was out in it last year for a test weekend it threw a con-rod through the sump on the way back. It has been parked in disgrace ever since, basically, lost any enthusiasm for it. I'm still paying rent where it lives as I can't decide what to do with it. Engines are expensive and scarce and it still needs lots of other welding completing. I have an Abbey touring caravan that fits the whole family, a 6 berth Hobby caravan that is sited up and I've just purchased the Granvia so, inevitably, this will have to go unfortunately.
  7. That's how it sits now, not too much of a lift, only 40mm over standard height.
  8. I bought some standard, rear struts and springs for my Surf recently, only to decide afterwards I'd buy a full +40mm all round kit from Roughtrax. I have the springs and struts sat in my lock up doing nothing, if you'd like them for the cost of postage, I'd like to send them as they'll be there forever otherwise and I'll never do anything with them. Had the kit fitted today and the difference is epic, mine had sagged a fair bit and the struts were finished, it handles so much better now. I'll take some pictures when it's light tomorrow.
  9. How much ur MBX M8? Gives me the horn. I had an MTX 125 that was stolen years ago and loved it. A pal had the MBX, his was nicked too! If it is for sale, P.M me please.
  10. Be impressed. It did it and a bit on Sunday. In a more controlled environment, like a better private test track than mine, there is definitely a ton in that bike. I absolutely fucking love it. I'll be passing the Mito on in due course I think, can't see it getting ridden with this about.
  11. Excellent thread Mally, I enjoy all of the updates. Where will you be in Northampton in September? Not too far from me, I'd like to come and spectate. Be nice to meet you if you aren't too busy on the night.
  12. Husqvarna K770 350mm disc cutter. Expensive but, worth every penny as a bricklayer. Had my last one 6 years second hand. DeWalt DCF894HN impact wrench. Beast.
  13. So, the prize I won yesterday. So. What is it? It's a 1990 Cagiva Supercity 125. Same engine and gearbox as the Mito, in fact, this one has been slightly tickled and has a bigger carb than my Mito and some other bits to close up the squish band and raise compression. It goes very well indeed. Just had a complete rebuild/restoration, the previous owner showed me a picture album documenting it all and says he'll pass a copy on to me. Came with 2 original Cagiva
  14. Of on a collection mission today. Another Cagiva, not a Mito this time. Still 2 stroke, still 125cc. Hopefully it all checks out, if it does, it's going on my new trailer.
  15. The relay click could be the glow plugs. I've had issues with the trigger wire before on the same engine in the same car, in my case just tightening it worked.
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