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  1. I'm pretty sure this thread is the end of autoshite as I knew it. Goodbye from me
  2. One of the best threads on here. Always watching. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  3. Been busy recently, cracking on with the refit now.
  4. Been busy recently, cracking on with the refit now.
  5. If you remove the inlet manifold you will be shocked at the built up gunk in there. The egr causes it and ideally should be blanked off. I'd clean it with either brake cleaner or petrol. Then I'd remove the 2 bolts on the turbo wastegate actuator and put a couple of mm with of washers under it to space it out a bit then tighten again, should give a bit more boost and burn a bit cleaner. Check all pipes from the turbo to the intercooler/inlet manifold are tight and not leaking and see what happens then, there is a max fuel adjust screw on the pump, if it fails again then back it off a bit. Then turn it up again when you get home and add a bit more as the 2.5 isn't quick anyway and needs all the fuel it can get. I've had 4 of them and I've recently acquired a MK1 swb manual. It can be made to hustle along quite well with a couple of tweeks on the pump and tightening the wastegate up a bit.
  6. Any attempt to try and pull the wool over an inspector's eyes is going to piss them off. My tester is honest and fair and if he thought I was trying to trick him, or I tried to quote legislation to him, he may not look to pass and advise something he may have, before I started going "The Male Online" on him.
  7. Piece of piss. All the connections are marked. Either + or -. If you make your own cables then you can't go wrong. As long as you have a crimper tool, it should work.
  8. Solar all fitted and working. I've got a dead battery attached to the leisure battery with jump leads, hopefully the sun will bring it back to life.
  9. As above. My welding is not bodywork standard after plenty of practice. I can weld up old shitters but I would not consider a restoration with my limited skills. Solemn, silent nod in your direction sir.
  10. This kitchen is taking some time. Small progress again but there is no room for error. I don't want any gaps in the stainless. Still a work in progress. More after the weekend.
  11. Hahahaha, don't even consider an RX8 in any flavour if you are worried about MPGs. At any sort of revolutions, they are drinking not only loads of petrol, but a fair bit of oil as well. They are also almost worthless, I'd happily have another one but people who haven't had one have a "thing " with them and they're a hard sell.
  12. Catering spec, stainless kitchen is go. Still needs some trim to cover the batten.
  13. Got my P.V panels. 3x120w panels. Got the controller, made the cables, just need some inline fuses and to fit them
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