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  1. Funnily enough, I have recently attended a couple of drift meetings at the Ty Croes circuit here on Anglesey. This has given me the idea of building an Austin Maxi for drifting purposes. I may have to go as far as to completely swap the chassis for the Nissan S specification one, once that's done, it would be a simple matter of removing items such as the wood dashboard to save weight. Then I'll be the new Vin Diesel (with the emphasis on the Diesel!) Then, the new film would follow; "The Fast and the Furious, Longbridge Drift"
  2. Old Fart? Could it be Ronnie Pickering, as he seems to think we should all know him!
  3. I certainly remember Deals on Wheels, where ordinary folk filmed themselves making a complete dog's dinner of selling their cars. One woman couldn't wait to offer the buyer money off her Vauxhall Nova, bringing on the wrath of Mike Brewer at its full force 10 best! and who could forget that tool who didn't shut the bonnet of his E-Type properly, allowing it to fly open on the test drive, tearing the front valance air intake to bits and knocking a small fortune off its value! Don't even get me started on Classic Car Rescue, with Bernie and Mawwiooooo!
  4. I was thinking things over whilst trying to get to sleep the other night (which didn't go down well with the boss as I was on a night shift at the time!) and was trying to remember some of the cars my teachers had back in the day. I was in secondary school from '81 to '86, and the top car at the time had to belong to Mr Gwyn, the young science teacher. All the girls fancied him as he looked like Nick Kershaw, mullet and all! Anyway, he had a V reg Lotus Elite auto in white with a black vinyl roof, classy. The pop-up lights could never decide if they were half open or half closed, a bit like Salman Rushdie's eyelids! Another teacher had a Series 1 Jaguar XJ6 2.8, there was a Mk III Cortina 2000E, a Mk III Cortina GXL, a Volvo 144 GL, with leather seats, and a Triumph Herald estate in black to name but a few. What did your teachers drive? (two weeks' detention for the least impressive list!)
  5. Happy birthday. I turned 45 in March. No grey hairs (coz I'm as bald as a coot!) Nearest I got was an automatic, i.e. clutch-less manual, 1969 VW Beetle owned from 1997 to 1999. Have a look at The Adventures of Don Quick on You Tube, a space age comedy/drama from 1970 starring Ian Hendry and Ronald Lacey (the melting Nazi from Indiana Jones and The Lost Ark). So cool, and a stunning digital title sequence and theme music.
  6. Started her up earlier on, started first time, and took her for a burn up and down the estate. Still running strong. Forgot to mention, also comes with two keys. Driving a Japanese car quickly gives an enormous sense of delight (unless you take out a cyclist and a petrol pump in the process that is!)
  7. The Royale is a saloon, or what's left of it is! Thanks for the info ref. Daf/Volvo man. My parents-in-law had a Volvo 340 DL auto. once, it was quite good fun in a strange kind of way as when you drove it the revs went up and down but no actual gear-changes happened. There's a fantastic car/bike museum on Anglesey where they have an amazing range of cars, from Escort XR3's back to Austin 10's. Well worth a visit and they host car groups, possibly good place for a meet? It's called "Tacla Taid" in Welsh, which rather amusingly means Grandad's Tackle in English!
  8. I live in North Wales, Anglesey to be precise. Is that Aston a DB5 by any chance? if so, that guy is sitting on a goldmine as he could indeed get silly money for it, even in that condition and he obviously isn't going to restore it himself. There is a rather tempting abandoned Volvo 44 on someone's drive locally to me, and I have a garage, I'm so tempted to pop over and make them an offer. Belt drive auto transmission, what could possibly go wrong? I also know someone who has a gorgeous pale blue Vauxhall Royale saloon in their garage, owned by their late grandfather from new. It hasn't turned a wheel in at least ten years to my knowledge. I suspect they'd want silly money for it though. The grandson says he's going to restore it, but pulled it out of the garage and left it on the drive all last winter before putting back in the garage. The previously unmarked bumpers got covered in rust as the house is near the sea. Maybe he is getting the car into a worse condition so as he'll have more to do when he comes to restoring it!
  9. It seems that the Suzuki Baleno is a difficult car to sell, as there's another one on the forum that's been up for a while. I may have to consider the alternative i.e. remove the (remote controlled!) stereo and weigh her in for scrap, but I am loathe to do this as there is essentially nothing wrong with the car. No reasonable offer will be refused. This is last chance saloon to give this saloon a last chance!
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Problems are a possible slight blow in the exhaust, but it has always sounded like that. It has an almost Impreza'ish sound to it (slight overstatement there perhaps!). It will need front tyres in the next few thousand miles, but they're still better than the ones on the Astra estate diesel that's replaced the Baleno. There is a slight mark where I took off a faded/ugly Cymru (i.e. Wales) sticker off the boot-lid that seemed to have been welded on! Some T-Cut or paint restorer should help, speaking of which, someone has rubbed a bit hard (ooh missus!) on the front wing and gone through the paint in a small section. Had a new timing belt kit & tensioner fitted (at a Ford main dealer for some reason) at 83k, now on 94k so we're OK there. Any further questions, please ask.
  11. Evening all Having been an avid follower of all things Autoshite for some time, I am, in my first post, not only testing the water but am jumping in at the deep end with wild abandon and putting a piece of top class chod up for sale. Details are; Suzuki Baleno 1.6 GLX 4 door saloon 1999 on an S plate Met. burgundy 5-speed manual Power steering 4 x elec. windows (and yes, they all work!) Twin airbags Fancy JVC CD player, with remote control (why? the stereo itself is only a foot away!) 94,000 miles MOT to Feb '16 Exceptionally clean for age (back seat looks like it's never been sat in etc.) Offers in region of £325 (car is in North Wales and I would be happy to assist with collection, meet at a rail station of your choice etc.) Images attached Cheers
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